May 26th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “shattered”

  1. She looked up and saw everything she had worked for, shattered and crushed. There were buttons hiding in the corner and glimpses of glass strewn about. There was only so much time she had until the art opening; the opening that her career depended on. She glanced quickly at the clock; the hands were closely inching toward the 12. She had one hour, until more than just her art project would shatter.

    By N URL on 05.26.2013

  2. All the nights
    All the dreams
    All the love I had
    Is Shattered

    They are shattered like glass
    like broken bones
    It hurts
    Like Heaven and like Hell

    By Brooke McKinney on 05.26.2013

  3. Oh, a rich, loaded and scrumptious word that usually applies to glass and hearts. Should it be any other way?

    By nytrist URL on 05.26.2013

  4. The space between letters, building words, shatters the concept of singularity. When in and of itself space is singular.

    By Jairo Robles on 05.26.2013

  5. The glass shattered, fragments flying all around the room. The security team dived to cover the president, everybody else just dived for cover. Only Francesca, oblivious to the world since John had left her, remained in her seat as bullets whizzed past her head.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.26.2013

  6. “I have missed you,” she said. “That doesn’t mean I feel shattered and a shell of my former self. I don’t mope around weeping and miserable when you are not here. In fact, I quite like the missing sensation, it gives me a frisson when I think of you, even to the point that I like you more when you are not here.”

    By Meredyth URL on 05.26.2013

  7. I’m shattered emotionally. Drained and numb. Confused to the point of no return.

    By lou on 05.26.2013

  8. the wind shattered my hair into a bug.
    the wind was just as much as i tihnk i could get at arbys.
    so my cat followed me and we had a rainbow party in the n.
    fruity loops shatter atoms if they are big atoms. no such thing
    cat ma

    By blegh URL on 05.26.2013

  9. One time I got a brand new big screen TV. It was awesome, and then my drunken neighbor shattered it. I hate that guy.

    By Nothing URL on 05.26.2013

  10. like a window. Like my heart after a boy. Like my trust when dad screams. Like a mirror after my fist. Like my self esteem on a daily basis

    By Caitlin on 05.26.2013

  11. I am shattered. I am broken. I am scared. I have been broken into a million pieces and I just can’t piece myself together anymore. It’s horrible and threatening I’m going to cry. I’m freaking out, piece me back together! Please, I’m begging you.

    By Jamie on 05.26.2013

  12. In the last sec the bottle slips through his fingers. In what seems like a year the little blue bottle hits the ground and shatters along with all their hopes, dreams, and most of all there life. he stares with shame into her hopefull eyes and she knows its over. A the poison quickly enters there blood they drift into a trans both numb mentally while feeling every shatter muscle bone and tissue in the body. What have I done he says we ended it ended it all she says and as they give each other one last full embrace they die leaving nothing behind but shattered bottle shattered bones and shattered dreams

    By Alexvwyatt on 05.26.2013

  13. this is me at the end of every week

    By Dan on 05.26.2013

  14. The formation of the hero
    has begun, pray it is not shattered:
    Your realization of that part of you
    which has not yet come into existence
    but is still in the process of becoming
    that also grows in the hopes of strangers
    whom you will never meet
    but will share a heart with,
    one that will beat across the world.

    By drew URL on 05.26.2013

  15. My heart. He doesn’t even know. I want to tell him that he’s torn it. It’s shattered. But what can he do about it? Why should he care? He owes me nothing. We’ve nothing special together. It’s all in my head and that’s where it’ll stay.

    By Lydia on 05.26.2013

  16. just driven back from London out to the woods where I live. Only a one hundred mile drive but it’s enough. It is currently 3:37 in the morning. I am pooped.

    By memotone URL on 05.26.2013

  17. The crimson glass shattered into a million pieces as the young girl just stood there and watched.
    She felt no pain, though it was her heart that had broken. There, separate from her own body, the one thing that had kept her alive for the past decade, broken.
    A strangled cry forced its way out of her mouth, and she fell to the floor.

    By Celine Wu URL on 05.26.2013

  18. As much as I try to find love I cannot. My life seems shattered when it comes to men and the possibility of finding one whom will dearly love me.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.26.2013

  19. This is a novel in our bookroom for the grade 9 ELA course. It’s by Eric Walters. I haven’t read it yet, but the blurb makes it sound very thought-provoking. I’ve suggested that one of my partner teachers assign it as one of the possible novel study options for our 9s as of tomorrow.
    I’m not sure if she’s going to do it, but I hope so.

    By MissI on 05.26.2013

  20. When the window shattered, nobody heard it. They weren’t around. This was strange, for surely something had to have shattered the window – windows don’t just do that on their own. But maybe this was a special window. Maybe this was one that wanted to be heard. It probably had had something to say for quite a while but because it was, well, a window, it had no means of saying it.

    By Kai URL on 05.26.2013

  21. In an instant, the mood of the evening changed,
    The once docile rabbi in the corner of the room,
    Who had spent the whole night drinking screwdriver instead of studying his scriptures,
    Erupted in a ‘drunked’ slur filled with hate and misunderstandings.
    This has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with one’s sense of self-worth.
    When men live for nothing but themselves,
    When they drown themselves in despair nightly,
    Vesuvius opens.

    By Siege URL on 05.26.2013

  22. I was shattered when I saw my father with another woman. How could he betray his own family like that? I thought they were in love, I thought that they were happy. I was wrong. Dead wrong. What should I do? Should I tell my mother? Should I tell my brothers? Or should I talk to my father? I don’t know what to do.

    By Katie on 05.26.2013

  23. shattered. is how i felt when i saw you again with her. she stood there looking like she knew you. like she knew who you were. shattered. that is how i felt when you told me you loved me. you loved me. you LOVED me.

    and i loved you.
    shattered. it is.

    By elena on 05.26.2013

  24. my heart. everything that i have ever loved, ever wanted. my mind has always felt shattered. my heart, always shattered. things in my life have always come, but when they are gone, they leave with a smash. and there they are. shattered like a piece of glass, rugged and sharp. like a knife.

    By Jeanelle Summers URL on 05.26.2013

  25. All of my expectations shattered then and there. The place was huge; dark-stoned and multi-marbled. There were statues arranged all around the entryway, most weeping. I tried not to notice the cobwebs clinging stubbornly to every surface.
    I spread my arms grandly. “This is our new home!”

    By WearyWater URL on 05.26.2013

  26. happens to your favourite objects only

    By zachary on 05.26.2013

  27. I feel shattered, I cannot understand why my love has left, and been replaced by angst!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 05.26.2013

  28. A soul shattering silence is widening it’s gaping mouth, swallowing me whole. What a puddle. A crackling puddle.

    By Danaé on 05.26.2013

  29. Shattered glass. It reflects light beautifully you know. Makes great photography.
    I had taken pics once. When i was with YOU. such small moments I remember, its not even funny.

    By Isha on 05.26.2013

  30. Oh, so I just write right here. Um, so, shattered? Rolling Stones Song, mixtape, concert, Tara, my friend Tara, her adventures, my adventures, Prague, Prague, Nazis in Prague. h

    By Melissa on 05.26.2013

  31. Shattered glass everywhere…similiar to my heart.
    Why does my heart forget so quickly and forgive so easily.
    My hearts now knows only pain!

    By RaShelle URL on 05.26.2013

  32. my heart is shattered,
    she is gone.
    she had been mine
    for so long.
    all good things
    must come to an end,
    but i never thought
    i’d lose my best friend.
    through thirteen years
    her soul adhered
    to mine own;
    now i can’t stand
    to be alone.
    her great brown eyes
    haunt my dreams.
    my soul is ripping
    at its seams.
    but i lay her down,
    and closed her eyes,
    kissed her on the cheek,
    and said goodbye.
    her soft face
    was hardened in death,
    as I buried her,
    covered in sweat.
    but still she haunts
    my daily life,
    i see her in
    the corner of my eye.
    (she is smiling,
    and wagging her tail,
    and she says, I miss you
    but I’m happier here)

    By cosmic URL on 05.26.2013

  33. broken glass lined the streets, causing the blacktop to glisten as the light from the streetlamps caught the shattered glass and twinkled like stars against the night sky. I remembered it as the night with two skies.

    By Zac Sweeney on 05.26.2013

  34. She looked out the window, and as her son looked back at her, that vision shattered. She was wrenched back to the painful truth… he would never wake up again.

    By Taylor Maoman URL on 05.26.2013

  35. Shattered memories and shattered glass fights some shit Im watching arrested development and I already got this word

    By Jack on 05.26.2013

  36. Shattered memories plague my mind I want to hold her hand but she doesn’t like me in that way anymore, why did I have to be stupid. What changed her view on me at least we are still friends I always have the shattered memories.

    By Jack URL on 05.26.2013

  37. I’m shattered and broken. It’s been a year since I found out and I couldn’t eat or sleep for a week.

    Or at least, I WISHED I couldn’t eat or sleep for a week. Why does he still have so much power over me?

    That spell is over, dear. I was silly enough to deserve your silly self.

    Tick tock.

    Three years.

    By Isadore on 05.26.2013

  38. It was shattered.
    Our hopes
    Our Dreams…
    I don’t know why he left
    He just did.
    And now it’s not the same.
    It could never be the same.

    By Miss Sunshine. on 05.26.2013

  39. Splinter
    I looked for you, and I found you
    Not mine, but mine, and all the same there, there [where I can see you]
    I’m smiling
    I do like you the way you are
    Straight [accepting]
    I kind of like that I know you love me, for me, for cool airy me, love without shivers
    I know I’ll have you, familiar, pretty [in my world, for pretty means more where I come from]
    Your freckles never stagnate
    We’re too soft, in love of a calm, friendly sort
    To shatter
    I’m glad there’s paint enough, to shape us together in this world

    By Saudade URL on 05.26.2013

  40. He looked around where he had fallen. Shattered glass covered the concrete around him, and he felt the lacerations in his hands. There was a sickening throb at the back of his head, and black spots danced in his vision from the music of the night club he has just been forcably removed from- through a window.

    That was not okay.

    His eyes sparked red, but it faded so fast that no one noticed it; even Cass thought she had imagined it, and she new what Tyler was. He and Jason would settle this dispute later. He couldn’t let Cass get hurt because of him. Not again. Jason would pay; it was his turn to lose Cass.

    By Sarah URL on 05.26.2013