April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. I got an $88 parking ticket for parking in a tow zone starting at 7a.
    It was 7:10a. A little severe, don’t you think.

    By Al on 04.13.2011

  2. With hair like that I was amazed she could think. The skin on her temples was pulled so taut there was no chance of even a tiny wrinkle showing. Perhaps it was her way of having a cheap facelift. Whatever. It didn’t make her look approachable that was for sure. Or attractive. Though I don’t think that was a concern she entertained.

    By Ali on 04.13.2011

  3. cutting in depth un escaping un controllable truth. nothing else. it is inward and outward and screaming your insides to the outside. from your toes and finger nails and every fibre of your frame is melting and freezing in unison.

    By Julia on 04.13.2011

  4. Winds on the bridge, caution. I swerve to the next lane, ca’thelp it, my car’s not in control the wind is. Thank god that there isn’t anyone in the next lane.
    severe lie mcgonagall’s bun.
    severe like a bad break up. heart burm hurt. an ache in your chest that one go away, won’t leave. it hurts.

    By kayti32 URL on 04.13.2011

  5. The looks of those who know I’ve failed, my own thoughts as I discover the failure within myself. The promise I make to myself that tomorrow I will be better, try harder. The realization that with each passing moment I slip farther down the chasm of complacency, landing in the murky depths of despondency and despair.

    By Jacob on 04.13.2011

  6. i really, really don’t know what to write. except for the fact when i hear the word severe i automatically think punishment. a severe punishment. whenever i do something wrong, that’s what i fear. so i guess severe makes me fear and gives me the shutters and chills.

    By julia on 04.13.2011

  7. The severe winds whipped her face as she headed down the road, leaves tumbling across the asphalt. A storm was apparent, though she kept going towards her grandfathers barn, where hot mashed potatoes and crisp, icy lettuce would be sitting on the table. Her grandfather would wait, on the screened-in porch for her, tapping his worn fingers on the doorframe.

    By Francesca Hodge on 04.13.2011

  8. It bled. Oh how it bled. I watched as a bracelet of red formed around my wrist. The cut was so smooth, so clean- I myself was surprised that I was able to make it. I held my breath and cut again. This time, it hurt more. It hurt more then the last. I felt the pain. Each droplet that dripped on to the clean marble floor stained the tile. Mom would be mad, but it wasn’t like I’d be around to see it. The cuts started to bleed more and I started feeling light headed. Who knew a simple cut could be so severe?

    By Carly on 04.13.2011

  9. I think of a storm. Like a severe storm warning you know? Harsh. Sharp. Or severe burns. Those would hurt. Agh! That gauze. Stinging. Rough.

    By Emmie on 04.13.2011

  10. I can’t grasp the severity of the situation. I can’t tell whether it’s just an mediocre feeling or if it actually carries some weight. But I can’t just ask her… Can I?

    By Ben S. URL on 04.13.2011

  11. i think my inability to come up with anything interesting/intelligent to say these past few days on oneword is most definitely related to the severe pain in the ass which is my master’s thesis.

    By Anastasia URL on 04.13.2011

  12. the storm rushed the shore, the village was swept under, the screams were filled with the taste of salt, the fires of the lamps extinguished in a hiss, the island was cleansed, and the dark god laughed

    By Mr.Writesabit URL on 04.13.2011

  13. severe. are the consequences that you never think about. the ones that you ignore, neglect…push to the furthest part of your mind. shutting down your memory. severe are the painful moments in life that you dont want to face. The people that hurt you and you refuse to let them back in dont think about what severe truly means.

    By Roxio on 04.13.2011

  14. Punishment. We, as teenagers, are always punished too severely. Fake tans. Girls always get ridiculous fake tans. Sports. They push us too hard, too often. Weather. It’s never just normal!

    By sarah on 04.13.2011

  15. i am not a severe person, i like kindness and things that are gentle. some severity is unnesessary…yep.

    By Emily Larson on 04.13.2011

  16. plop plop. the limbs fall down on the floor in a murder’s game of pick up sticks. Each limb its own being now. He wipes his tools and clunks the bags up the stairs and continues watching the game.

    By StatiKink URL on 04.13.2011

  17. “DAVE!!!…what the &%@*!?

    “Easy Ted, easy. Man, you are the most strait-laced, tight-lipped, unbending, unrelenting producer I’ve ever known. You forgettin’ who I am? You need to relax man…you’ve already suffered a severe lay off.”

    “Come on Dave, gimmy a break.”

    “Hey, hey, hey, one break….

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.13.2011

  18. she put the words in my mouth
    the kind of speak and oranges
    we are beets
    raging against the time
    seconds pulling at our skirts
    and trousers
    the irish boys who call me too present
    i am too aware of my own
    and cannot eat chocolate
    but believe that I do

    By Amy Leigh Cutler URL on 04.13.2011

  19. the cold, possibly. And something harsh. Like punishment. Jail? The kid from 19 minutes. He was subjected to bullying and sure he killed other people – which is wrong – but what happened to him was wrong too. He should have received help. Well, I haven’t finished the book. But his life was severe.

    By Lily on 04.13.2011

  20. Your haircut is severe. Your judgement is severe. Your love is severe, if you could call it love.
    And sometimes that’s not okay with me.

    By Clare on 04.13.2011

  21. The heat was so dry that she had suffered severe burns along her lips and fingertips. Everything was chapped and cracking, and she wasn’t sure if she was drying up or bleeding out. She wondered if this was what cacti felt like, or maybe desert lizards who looked like they were coming out of their skins.

    But then the sky turned white, and she couldn’t remember her own name.

    By Nagi URL on 04.13.2011

  22. The sun was blazing hot all day long, and the winds were calm as they gently blew dust from the road into the man’s eyes. Work was tough today, and the sweat of the day was still lingering on his rough skin. Across the sun drenched fields, the clouds turned dark and billowy, and slowly rolled over one another.

    By Jake URL on 04.13.2011

  23. the rule thwacking down, pain, agony, but not the physical, the mental anguish, disapointment, bearing down from stern gazes and penetrating, agonizing beyond mere neurons,, so hard to endure. worse. So much worse.

    By Matt on 04.13.2011

  24. The look in her eye was severe, cold, callous, and harsh. Her irises were eerily illuminated in the growing and ebbing half light of the cars as they passed by on the rain soaked highway. Folding her arms, she stared unblinkingly at me and said in a monotonous voice, “Is that what you really think? You think you can just return to your normal life before? That the world will just turn into rainbows and sparkles at your command?”

    “What? N-no, I wasn’t saying that! I-!” Why was she being like this? What happened to the sweet carefree girl I had seen before? Looking at the person standing before me now and contrasting it with the smiling image from that very morning, I had a hard time imagining those two were the same people. Which one was the real her? Which one was a farce?

    “Then what did you mean, Thomas?! Tell me!!” She stomped her foot and grew closer to me. How pathetic was it that I actually winced at her approach? Twice as tall I was to her, and yet I felt afraid, shaking and shivering in the icy rain as it soaked through my clothes. It was hard to admit, but I knew it to be true. After everything that had happened that day, I was more scared than I had been in my life.

    And, knowing that what she said was true, that my life would never be the same again after everything…. That I could never go home, walk the same streets to and from school, or see the ones I loved and cared about….

    It absolutely…. positively… horrified me beyond reason.

    By Cantabile URL on 04.13.2011

  25. Somebody save from the public school system. Their cafeteria food is haunting me! It’s fake! It’s fake! It’s all the stuff that make our attention span shorter! So why are they giving it to us? When there’s nothing else to eat? Why not just give us a salad that doesn’t look like trampled grass? Why not let us be healthy?

    By Rachel Grace URL on 04.13.2011

  26. severe congestion is the leading cause of chrononuematic lung affliction and can lead to the caring of elderly people on a regular basis. these conditions call for severe measures and don’t leave any room for mistakes.

    By Hunter Bishop on 04.13.2011

  27. severe is the line in my father’s brow when i have said something that tugs at the place in his stomach where disappointment exists.

    By Kiersten Lopez on 04.13.2011

  28. It was severe.
    She was smiling, but her thoughts were racing.
    You could tell by her posture, that she was upset.
    Severely upset.
    I watched as she placed the vase down upon the table.
    And I watched as she fell to the floor, tears streaming down her face.
    She began to cry.

    By Kira Gustafson URL on 04.13.2011

  29. i’ve already written about this word, so i’m not sure why it keeps popping up. it only reinforces the fact that it now reminds me of things that are ruined, things that are rotten, and things that are stormy.

    By wen URL on 04.13.2011

  30. that fact that i don’t know what to right is severely troubling. like how is my mind so blank that it spits out useless words devoid of meaning

    By charlotte on 04.13.2011

  31. I know a man who’s last name is severe. Funny thing is he is very mellow. Quite mild. Even tempered. He keeps a real even keel. Very agreeable.

    By Mandible Jones URL on 04.13.2011

  32. severe

    emotions flying high
    not knowing what to do
    i feel so overwhelmed and i kinda like it
    no i mean i hate it
    i filp flop from high to low and i dont care

    By Nicole Meilicke on 04.13.2011

  33. They tell me it shouldn’t have been such a bg deal. They tell me this after the fact. If I had a cold I should have mentioned that, they add. Why would I tell my divorce lawyer about my runny nose?

    I shuddered at the thought, pulled on the rest of my jacket and went to work. I lit a cigarette awkwardly in the car and pulled up slowly. Even rubbing the sleep out of my eyes was suddenly a full fledged task.

    By dovi URL on 04.13.2011

  34. The earth is severe in all it’s moods. More severe than any of it’s inhabitants and yet we are the ones that feel that we make the decisions. The earth is an angry, breathtaking, violent place and there is not one thing we can do to stop it.

    By Resuscitate URL on 04.13.2011

  35. Sounding horrible
    Even worse than first thought
    Very bad indeed
    Ending the dream she once had
    Reverting back to old habits
    Earning her nothing but regret

    By Amy URL on 04.13.2011

  36. scary, and permenent. badly on love. severe damage. strongly feeling about something.major event. desperatley feeling something

    By nicole on 04.13.2011

  37. the severe looking clouds loomed past the green pastures, ominously making their way over to the farmhouse. they screamed as the wind picked up and dumped torrents of rain on the land, bringing the newly-planted seeds with it as it flowed into the already overflowing river.

    By rosie URL on 04.13.2011

  38. I want a man so severe he makes me scream in romantic pornographic agony. I exist, so he should too. So he should.

    By Toughnight URL on 04.13.2011

  39. Cold judgement
    steel without velvet
    the crushing presence that closes

    By Lucy W URL on 04.13.2011

  40. steel without velvet
    stone without water
    branch without leaf
    no softening influence
    no beauty
    but sometimes, the clean cold lines
    are a comfort
    at least you know how it’s going to

    By angelofmercy URL on 04.13.2011