April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. My feelings for you are so severe that every time I think about you being with anyone else I get a physical pain in the center of my chest. I can’t imagine my life without you and yet I cant seem to get up the courage to talk to you about it. My feelings for you are so severe that if you don’t feel the same way, they might just kill me. I just worry that I have fallen for a boy who doesn’t want me back.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 04.13.2011

  2. the weather here is severe. not clear. drear. i think gotta get out. go to the mall. think tall. not small. good buy good bye

    By Tankstand on 04.13.2011

  3. Life is just like… a fucking apple that some day will be gone. So, do your best and forget the rest. is cheaper than valium!

    By Zitlali Ramírez Cuan on 04.13.2011

  4. She sat there, defiant, bun pointed towards the ground. People were afraid of her, especially the children; most thought she was bitter with life. But it was not so. The woman inside had a tenderness that caressed each object and person she perceived.

    By Paul on 04.13.2011

  5. Her crinkled brow tightened as the compliment escaped the strangers mouth. There is no room here amongst the worry lines and tight lips to receive very much of anything. She is accustomed to brevity; she is a crisp wind cutting across the edge of a steep hill. She knows no soft meadow.

    By Laura Mary URL on 04.13.2011

  6. I feel like my parents are so strict on me. I have to do perfect for nearly everything, mostly because my parents never had that opportunity and because my brothers disappointed them over and over again. Because I’m the only girl, I automatically have to be the best one in the family and it’s not fair.

    By Maria URL on 04.13.2011

  7. First thing that comes to mind is a sever thunderstorm; when I’m are scared, but I know that no matter how loud the thunder shatters the sound bearier.. I will alway be safe. No matter how hard the rain drops pound on the window sill it can’t get me wet through the glass. No matter how dark it may get when the lights go out I will always have a candle to help me see. And no matter how long the storm lasts, I know it can’t last forever.

    By Sabrina on 04.13.2011

  8. The rain was severe that evening, as I made my way home across the pockmarked highway bridge from an afternoon of errands. The errands were frustrating–only half of anything can ever get accomplished, and whatever was accomplished happened in a haze of grey weather and frustration with the world. April is supposed to be a happy time, but not this one. Again.

    By maritov URL on 04.13.2011

  9. The punishment was severe, we all knew that. We needed to set a standard, and the unfortunate boy in front of us was the one to do it. The severity of the punishment would show the rest of the boys that no would ever get away with what he had done ever again. His death would prove useful, in the end.

    By kait on 04.13.2011

  10. The wind blew in from the east, penetrating my ample clothing like metal spears through a hide shield. The expedition was only to last a few weeks at most, but now, going on it’s sixth month, I was beginning to believe we would never find what we’d been so diligently searching for. But the cold, the cold persevered beyond many of my colleague’s ambitions and, I’m beginning to think, mine.

    By zachmichelini URL on 04.13.2011

  11. The severe set of
    her eyebrows
    and the stern line of
    her jaw
    and the
    hardness in
    her eyes
    all lightened with
    the quirk of her smile.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.13.2011

  12. Words can’t describe how severe the pain worsens, day after day. No one sees beyond the fading smile, beyond these chestnut eyes. Your sorrows, your worries. Your words are searing knives thrust into my sides, leaving me gasping for breath long after I’m pierced. It grows as scars that were left to heal burst into gaping wounds. But this pain, this pain urges me awake at night to soothe your soft-voiced pleas for freedom, and swear to myself that I’ll become stronger. Strong enough to shoulder your worries. Strong enough to restrain my trembling hands as I turn the jagged edge upon myself. ~Strong enough to keep you safe and happy. Yet, it is the deafening silence that tears my heart in two, burning what remains in a quiet crimson flare. The stifling flames emanate feelings of lost trust… of nothing left to say.

    By Wayward Light URL on 04.13.2011

  13. her father was an extremely severe person.
    “you slammed the door? stand there and quietly open and close it 200 times, and maybe you will learn not to slam a door anymore.”

    By clm123 URL on 04.13.2011

  14. For the past week , and some day – I have had severe pain. It’s unlike any other pain, and if you haven’t had this time or ‘ severe pain ‘ you have no idea what it could possibly feel like. I hope that tomorrow , the pain will finally fade. I am so sick of this , and I forgot what feeling good even feels like. :( I just want everything to be better. Please God let things be good tomorrow.

    By Janessa on 04.13.2011

  15. His look was so severe. His cheekbones protruding like the butt of the “s” and the tail of the “e”. Pointing at you, making you guess. Boring into you; there was no end.

    By Allana Rivera URL on 04.13.2011

  16. bloody hell! what am I supposed to write about this in 60 seconds especially if I type darned slow! What’s the point of this anyway? I keep looking at the time bar…and it’s getting over…aaah!

    By Tanya on 04.13.2011

  17. her stomach pains were severe.
    they were not of natural causes,
    but rather of a vain obsession
    with distaste of the image she saw in front of the mirror.
    the sever pains came from the stress
    she constantly put on her body.
    how many minutes, hours, days,
    until the severe pain stops?

    By clm123 URL on 04.13.2011

  18. It was cold out, and there was no where to go. I no longer had a home, the idea of shelter was far away and blurry. The rain kept pouring and even though I tried to ignore it, it wouldn’t go away

    By Hope Campbell on 04.13.2011

  19. to a very high extreme. i tend to act too severe when my pride or ego is attacked. i cannot control my emotions at times and they control me and my reactions. my brain needs to slow down and respond. take time to breathe and just be ok with what has happened and look only to what can be done now…

    By Bad Influence URL on 04.13.2011

  20. It wasn’t that she was afraid of what the punishment would be — they’d be severe, she knew it — she was afraid of what people would think of her afterwards. What if they thought she was stupid? Worse, what if they thought she was…not evil, evil wasn’t the right word. That she was horrible? That would be even worse. No, she wasn’t afraid of the punishment, but she was afraid of the consequences.

    By Emma Hugbear URL on 04.13.2011

  21. you are severe
    in the ways you passify
    lets talk instead of watch tv
    lets be
    instead of being something were not

    i wish on all of the lucky things
    like dandelions
    and meteors barreling through the atmosphere
    that you can be the person i need you to be

    wishing only works when you mean it

    By Tescia Schell URL on 04.13.2011

  22. I’ve been having severe anxiety attacks since I quit smoking pot and, personally, I think that says two things; first, I have been self medicating for a while and, second, pot must be damn good medicine.

    By A frand on 04.13.2011

  23. Your punishment is severe. No friends, no phones, no internet. Now just go up to your room and think about what you’ve done. I don’t want to hear another word from you the rest of the night. And don’t even think about coming down for dinner, cause you’re not getting any tonight.

    By karolisha URL on 04.13.2011

  24. I have never seen anyone look like that before. Her face was drawn into the severest lines possible, mouth tight, eyes cold, jaw clenched. I knew that I was the one who had caused her to look like this. In that moment, I hated myself. But I knew it had to be done.

    By Deb Dunlevy URL on 04.13.2011

  25. His whole appearance was severe, to tell the truth. The curve of his face, the part in his hair. His cold, black, unfeeling eyes. You knew that his soul would be the same: heartless, and unhelpful.
    All of this came to me while I dangled over the edge, him not lifting a finger in assistance

    By Meg URL on 04.13.2011

  26. How severe are we talking here, Jimmy?

    Well, it looked pretty bad from where I was standing Uncle Joe.

    Hmm. Well, I guess we’d better go take a look. Do you think you could show me where you saw these hikers?

    Oh, yes sir. It was just off the trail.

    By Chad Blackman URL on 04.13.2011

  27. i often wonder what the most severe consequence of an action could be. what is the worst thing i could do, and how unremittingly severe would the outcome be? can i do shit and get away with it? i hope not.

    By Emil on 04.13.2011

  28. I don’t like this word. I’ve never liked it. It never comes with anything good – always bad – severe weather, severe look, severe punishment. And too close to sever – ouch. How about severe love? Maybe? One can dream of a new use, I guess…

    By Chimes of Freedom URL on 04.13.2011

  29. The severity of the wound meant they knew she hadn’t long left, but in a moment, the group saw something beautiful. As her body began to drain of energy, and her breath slowed, they saw a faint smile pass by her eyes

    By URL on 04.13.2011

  30. The knife was dripping with blood, it grinded along the blade, the drips hit the ground like bricks; echoing throughout the disused factory building

    By URL on 04.13.2011

  31. severe reminds me of several medical conditions such as heart attacks. this sounds kind of depressing. no this sounds SEVERELY depressing. severe. severus snape. HARRY POTTER PUPPET PALS! sever heart aches. heart aches for Ed.

    By ashley on 04.13.2011

  32. achey bones broken bones illness injury cancer crying hospital beds weak blood bandaid cut scrape mark fall sprain hurt pain sore family sadness love

    By Kelly on 04.13.2011

  33. There’s nothing more severe than being made to write something compelling and worthwhile in sixty seconds. Well, I guess if you held a gun to their head it would be different, but there’s no gun. Just me, a computer, a screen and the word “severe”. Nothing ever so severe about that. I mean, it’s just a word.

    By Tabitha Smith on 04.13.2011

  34. the severe pain shot through me as i was stabbed repeatedly. All I could think about was how much I was going to miss my family, when I died. It was inevitable. I was a done for.

    By Janis on 04.13.2011

  35. What I am afraid my head problem is. What I think it is. What I fear this numbing is in my face. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.

    By Brooke URL on 04.13.2011

  36. severe reminds me of seven. seven is a number. numbers go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 la la la…lalalala reminds me of songs…I’m getting off topic. some severe things are the stunami in japan, the earthquake in haiti, the storm in 2007 in Astoria Oregon. Other sever things are cuts, wounds, bruises, illnesses, diseases, accidents, malfunctions, complications, situations, danger, and most importantly, people.

    By Julia Strecker on 04.13.2011

  37. severe, what can this adjective modify? it modifies pain, injury, etc. the word may be highly subjective, but it represents something to grieve about.

    By Kaorita on 04.13.2011

  38. severe is the feelings I feel when people tell me that there is nothing I can do to make them change the way they feel about me. at least 5 different guys have told me that, and only one of them is my boyfriend. That only inspires me to do something severe, and try and change that. Except…it just ends up hurting.

    By Savanna URL on 04.13.2011

  39. Here’s your plate, sir. I’m at your service. Gonna be here all night. Right here just for you. It’s just you and me and I’m right here to serve your needs. Serve. Service. Servitude. Be free.

    By smr URL on 04.13.2011

  40. done did it again, opps, stop. Start. You cant begin that which never ends. Dont know. . I believe in a thing called love. Powerful. Love can change . Love is power.

    By adam on 04.13.2011