April 13th, 2011 | 490 Entries

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490 Entries for “severe”

  1. Severe is when u get hurt really bad and have to get staples

    By Caitlin Cordova on 04.13.2011

  2. The most severe situation I have ever seen was when a teacher openly condemned a kid to death in his own class for scratching the desk too hard with a rusty nickel. I would have interceded on the behalf of the punk, but I decided that it would be best to watch and bet upon the outcome. Moral of the story: bet on 65 seconds, that is the length of time a human can live without their spleen.

    By Benjamin on 04.13.2011

  3. I am not sure the severity of the situation. All i know is what I hear on the radio. It has been 3 weeks since the infection and I still have enough food and other supplies to last another 2 weeks or so. I am preparing for what is ahead of me

    By CT URL on 04.13.2011

  4. Tt was the pain that awakened me. The blood was pouring from where my hand had been. The bloody stump had soaked the sheets and the only thing my mind could grasp was the pain and not the mystery of the theft.

    By Andrew on 04.13.2011

  5. i have severe delusions of grandeur. I think I’m the top of the world, the best in my class, a vip. In reality, I’m nothing. A small, green pea in a vat of vegan salad. I’m insignificant, patheri

    By Olga on 04.13.2011

  6. death is severe. its intense insane cray obscene i hate life kill me death die die death
    what is death
    what happens after death
    how do you die
    how will i die?
    how will you die?
    when will the world end?

    By Alice on 04.13.2011

  7. the cold air that cut my coat in half. I never wanted to be inside all summer long but this wind has me running from the hills into the town. Take off these skis and put me into slippers. My hands can’t grab, but i want to put them around you.

    By Tim Bonner on 04.13.2011

  8. i didn’t know the punishment would be so severe. i didn’t know you could have an infestation of words like rodents, i didn’t know they were worth hoarding, i didn’t know you would. your house burned like a library.

    By robyn URL on 04.13.2011

  9. her hair in its bun with the high collar and the lace. not nice new lace like on my sisters dress, but the old stiff lace. and her frown that wasn’t strong enough to offend.

    By Lil on 04.13.2011

  10. very extreme pain beyond limits that you need more than simple emotion to overcome it’s hard strong

    By Nicole Stevenson URL on 04.13.2011

  11. it stormed like no other. The roofs were ripped right off peoples homes, walls, and everything else. The town sustained horrible casualties, and the town needed a hero. That hero’s name was The Writer. :)

    By The Writer URL on 04.13.2011

  12. why is my word the same as CJ’s? that’s not fair, i wanted a new word. I’m not severe, I think that has to do with that teacher from that movie…Anne of Green Gabels? Or was it something else? Little hosue on the Prairie? That wasn’t it. But I have her image in my head. She has a bun and a constipated look on her face. Why can’t I type? Is that part of the test too? When will a minute be up? I think this is a

    By Andrea on 04.13.2011

  13. Her hands were sharp and claw-like, sticking out like rakes from her lacy ruffles sleeves. Her nose, more bird-like than human, sat above a pair of stern, thin lips the colors of prunes. Her hair was tied back in a tight, high knot, giving her the all over impression of a harsh school mistress.

    By Marty URL on 04.13.2011

  14. Her reaction to his lies and deception could be considered severe.

    By Care URL on 04.13.2011

  15. as she waited the glue came unstuck in the ferrule of the old umbrella she was waving feebly over her head against the hail shower – an old man with white whiskers was watching and shuffled over towards the slim opportunity for shelter – they huddled briefly before he left–smiling

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 04.13.2011

  16. bugüne kadar eline kalem almamış olması kadar ciddi bir salaklık olamazdı. keni kendine habire içinden konuşan, hatta deli olduğundan sık sık şüphelenen bu kadın, yazmaktan ciddi bir şekilde korkuyordu. ciddi olan her şeyden korkuyor muydu bilinemez. kendini ciddiye almaktan korkuyordu ama.

    By zeynep on 04.13.2011

  17. it’s sort of a harsh word. why do people have to be severely punished? why not just punished. if only the world could just eliminate severe circumstances and the word wouldn’t have to exist. that’d be nice.

    By Francesca on 04.13.2011

  18. this is severe.

    By alejandro URL on 04.13.2011

  19. It’s a tone of voice, a feeling so intense you can taste it, and the headache I had yesterday.

    By Vintage Zombie URL on 04.13.2011

  20. weve got severe thoderstorms cmeing our way he is in severe condition

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 04.13.2011

  21. Stinging, pouring, dying tonight. You trash through the pillows with all your might and you stab at the ashes of the breathless girl that beside your lays withering in her precious curls. She’s gone and you’re sweating, because this was all your fault. Punishment too severe for creeping in to your thoughts.

    By Nezzy URL on 04.13.2011

  22. when i am severe i am serious when i am sever i make sure that i try hard.

    By Michael URL on 04.13.2011

  23. Ouch. It hurt. A lot. Like a knife slicing my skin. Sharp. It seemed a bit severe… I hadn’t meant to hurt her. Really. But it was too late. It hit me hard and I fell…

    By anya URL on 04.13.2011

  24. Her face is heavly lined and greyish. SHe is nothing like the mother she used to be. Things are flying through the kitchen.
    its like star trek in here.

    By sophie on 04.13.2011

  25. I have no idea what severe means.

    By twiztid URL on 04.13.2011

  26. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word severe is pain, or some kind of injury. My friend is having severe kidney problems. Hope she gets better soon!

    By Shae!? :D URL on 04.13.2011

  27. it a cind of a injury i dont know waht it is

    By eman URL on 04.13.2011

  28. In the rush of the battle the enemy had gotten behind us. They were about to attack when they made a mistake. They started up a hill we all knew to avoid. This severe mistake lead to their end.

    By Tikian URL on 04.13.2011

  29. The storm was severe; it blew up the entirety of the trees, roots and all. The town was in utter chaos. Lives were ending as the storm crashed down in wave after wave, over the all but silent town.

    By Kaylee on 04.13.2011

  30. severe is bad or to a high extent.

    By kaylob URL on 04.13.2011

  31. a look in my eyes – a look period
    consequenses, punishment-change
    Ususally that is my MO – severe
    when my life is upsidedown –
    I make a change – one that is sever – drastic and not always correct
    however one thing that I value about myself is that I have the nerve to at least make a change

    By katrin URL on 04.13.2011

  32. The difference between what we used to be and the way you look at me now. You went from being my friend and grateful for me, to being cold, indifferent and severe.

    By Scarlet URL on 04.13.2011

  33. severe is what you become after some goodbyes, within a crowded station, your mouth full of rice.

    By kleftpovlich URL on 04.13.2011

  34. A severe man raised his mallet and brought it down on the microscopic community that had formed on his breakfast plate. You filthy little swine, building infrastructure i my

    By rodeododo on 04.13.2011

  35. severe is the reaction I get from my wife when I fuck up. Severe is the winter desolation that VA has in place when it’s colder then ten degrees. Severe is the ass whoopin I will gladly lay upon any hater that gets in my way. Severe are the angles that define Cruella deville’s face. Severe is severe.

    By Mark Levine on 04.13.2011

  36. I am going to get SEVERE depression if I don’t get this blasted proposal written soon! Not literally, but there will be something severe going on and it won’t be pleasant. Writer’s block! UGH! This is somewhat helpful. I guess I should just do like Ann Lamott says and write a terrible first draft and then get to editing!

    By genizahguard URL on 04.13.2011

  37. Something bad that happens when there’s an accident. Not good

    By Stefania Pena on 04.13.2011

  38. His arm is gushing, the pain is unbearable, and his symptpms are quite severe. I run faster to get to him, but it is too late. He vanishes into the air before I can say good bye.

    By Mayra URL on 04.13.2011

  39. the conditioning we have become accustomed to in regard to the essence we treat our planet, our people, ourselves

    By gregory URL on 04.13.2011

  40. usually when i have a severe head ache the world stops. i have to stop everything i am motionless.. nothing can be done because of the head ache. why does it take over???? why am i so controlled by what seems to be insignificant in others? my mind has a mind of its own.

    By Katie on 04.13.2011