October 6th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “setting”

  1. The place where you remain. You always have a setting and it can change, quite often. Though perhaps your greatest setting isn’t exactly the things around you, but the people. Your mother, standing off to the side, watching you take your first steps as an adult. Your father, trying not to beat the shit out of that boy who wants to take you out on that date.

    By Mari on 10.06.2011

  2. Who would settle for less when there’s more to be had? He wondered, staring blankly at the blank board. He watched his marker trace the words on the board.

    “Interesting thought.”

    His marker dropped to the floor at professor Mark’s words. He hadn’t known anyone was listening.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 10.06.2011

  3. places,
    sets things in space and time
    to let oyu know what is going on
    things that order something
    the setting of a videogames
    how something is working

    By genevieve on 10.06.2011

  4. Setting down my memories, locking them safe. In a vault so far away, not even I can reach it again. So far away from your burning gaze. They are but a vile tapestry, a dead rose petal- drawing itself closer to death.

    By leah URL on 10.06.2011

  5. The perfect setting of the sun colored the sky with orange and pink. Everything looked surreal. I held her hand, and she squeezed. We lingered in that moment, knowing that we will soon be separated sisters of different eras. She is makeshift serenity and I am dashed adventures. The sun was the only thing that connected us.

    By circinus URL on 10.06.2011

  6. The setting of a story. The setting of life. Every moment we have, has it’s own unique setting. Two moments could be in the same general area but each particular setting is going to be just a little bit different. Life is all about settings and how they make a moment so much more than it really is. Take a minute to look at the setting around you—embrace it.

    By Teeps on 10.06.2011

  7. The setting for our love story was perfect. A crisp, clear fall day in a small town. The sun was shining brightly and the leaves made a beautiful mosaic against the sky. It was perfect.

    By BackpocketBeliever URL on 10.06.2011

  8. The table was set in opulence for a feast. Warm candles, gold and jewels, silk and linen. The guests arrived, waited, but no food came.

    By Pru URL on 10.06.2011

  9. this is the setting of the sun, where your kids will grow to witness beauty. a beautiful place with every shade of brown is beautiful. A desert to you may sound hot and dull, but to me its my home, my every think. Albuqueruqe, NM

    By Brian on 10.06.2011

  10. once upon a time, in a far far land, dating back to 1958…. when the moon was shining high and there was that peaceful moment of silence. above the treetops, where no one could see…. it felt almost sereal.

    By zainib URL on 10.06.2011

  11. as I am setting my glass down, she leans over and kisses the back of my neck
    no matter what we go through, I am always happy to be next to her each night

    By B. Green URL on 10.06.2011

  12. He was setting the book on the night stand. He had finished reading the chapter he intended, and it was now time to sleep. Oh, no one would know! So he picked it up again and set his eyes on the pages once more.

    By Biny on 10.06.2011

  13. The setting was may 1941. You sat there with a smirk on your face and looking my way, while tilting your army hat. When I saw you my heart stopped. I sat down to talk to you, and you spilled out everything I had been waiting to hear in poetic terms, I love you.

    By Lily on 10.06.2011

  14. The ocean was calm that night. You could hear the distant splashes of the sea animals and the calling of birds. Mary and Jake were sitting on a blanket under the stars, wishing the night would never end. It was their night. And they wished for it to never go away. They needed this moment to forget about it all.

    By Nikki Cupps on 10.06.2011

  15. Settings are more than a time and place. Settings make a story. Settings… are there enough places at the table? Is one empty. Is the castle under siege but the sun doesn’t seem to care? Is the home dilapidated from outside but something completely else once you step in. Are there charred wallpaper walls, or just a damp garden?
    What’s your setting?

    By Ammi URL on 10.06.2011

  16. I was sitting in a room with a thick grey carpet, upon the walls there were large oil paintings with beautiful renessaince settings illuminated w/ golden spotlights and surrounded by deep dark mohogany wood.

    By Christina on 10.06.2011

  17. What is a setting? What is my context? I am my context. All that I am is right here, where it always was and will be, but never will. I know where I am, but I wish I knew more. My setting is so unsettled. College. Friends. Lovers gone. Friends broken. My setting is moving away from me. And I’m leaving it.

    By Larissa Osterbaan on 10.06.2011

  18. Setting is a person Place or thing . It shows you were a story has token place . You might think that a setting it more than once in a story because there’s slot of places but no . Tje seething has to be in the main spot . E
    Example : Janie went home the to school after that to bed then to the park then home. See in that story I had about like what 3 to 4 places where Janie went . But even though think about were Janie was the most . So most of the time she was home because after school she came home then to the pArk then came home . So you see it’s just like a repettion . So that’s what a setting Is .

    By Secret on 10.06.2011

  19. I got kissclose, peering into her pupils, watching them expand like the setting of night into the shadows of my head that made its bed across her beauty.

    By drew URL on 10.06.2011

  20. I am setting my dog down. Yes, don’t argue. I am. He’s mine and I can do whatever I please with him. He may not have feet, but he wouldn’t exist without a body, therefore he can lie on the floor. He won’t mind if he sleeps on the floor tonight. What’s so wrong with that? He’s a dog. If not, he can sleep on your bed.

    By Kimberly Winarski on 10.06.2011

  21. The silt is
    not a covering.
    Holes poke through,
    and the movement
    of small creatures conveys
    the destruction
    that lays dormant

    By Abby URL on 10.06.2011

  22. Forks, Knives and places eyes sit barely above the table
    Cinomon, Pumpkin love waft the air
    Full of energy, and spice

    By Shannon on 10.06.2011

  23. My feet are placed where I’m meant to begin,
    the time is set – the clock ticking.
    It’s all up to me now.
    The end only determined
    by how I move forward.

    By ellarose on 10.06.2011

  24. I got kissclose in between the commas of her blink, stopping at the periods of her pupils to peer in, and watched them expand like the setting of night into the shadows of my head that tucked in her beauty before sleep.

    By drew URL on 10.06.2011

  25. The stage was set. He had planned and planned for the perfect setting for Glenda. She was a perky, yet beautiful women. The kind of women Marshall decided to make his forever. When the doorbell rung, Marshall took one last look at the dining room setting he worked so hard to perfect, and it was perfect, everything in place. Marshall delighted went to open the door. Glenda, on time as usual danced on her tippy toes in anticipation of the plans Marshall had made for their six month anniversary, as lovers. Glenda really liked Marshall and decided to go all the way tonight.
    Mashall openned the door, ushered Glenda into the living room and locked the door. Glenda didn’t notice Marshall push what appeared to be a towel along the bottom of door to muffle any loud sounds coming from his apartment. As Glenda turned to bestow a teasing kiss on Marhall’s lips, Marshall bashed poor Glenda in the face with a hatchet Blood flew everywhere destroying Marshall’s table setting of knives, cleavers and hooks.

    By precious1026 URL on 10.06.2011

  26. A beautiful setting is what I need right now. I could set my book there and it could be a bestseller. Or a beautiful setting for a play yes than the play would do well, many people would buy tickets

    By Izzy URL on 10.06.2011

  27. a time. a place. a year. a date. a tree. a house. a country. a state. it never decides until you do. you decide your setting. you decide where you want to go and who you want to be….be the choice…choose your setting <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.06.2011

  28. I closed the hand that was extended to me.smiling at the old wrinkled face.”no”i spoke the sun setting.”you need this.for with this you can build a nation.Hope will never die and you’ll grow strong.All you need is to get started ..and this..this will help you pay for your dream.”

    By Tina on 10.06.2011

  29. The setting is my living room, where a small boy plays while awaiting his dinner. Man on the phone, slider door shuts. Hungry boy eats chips while his spaghetti sauce thaws. Friends for dinner and we always cook late. Phone rings, will people ever stop bothering me?

    By Drea on 10.06.2011

  30. He planned a perfectly romantic setting. I followed a trail of rose petals to the bedroom, on the bed were rose petals in the shape of a heart. All around the bed were lit candles, and I vaguely heard our song in the background. I knew he had been planning a special night for just us for when the chance arose; and he sure did plan It perfectly. He walked into the room looking nervous but amazing; his vulnerability was alluring. Slowly he walked to me and gently kissed me and said, “this is where we belong, in each others arms. Tonight is the first night of many, and I want you to know that I love you more than the earth itself….”

    By foost URL on 10.06.2011

  31. never doubt the passing owl.
    The faded face leaving wisdom holding a rose.
    The setting was the same,the night dark and endless.
    never forgive a flying dove ,
    Its clouded wings picking a soul

    By Tina on 10.06.2011

  32. a setting is where life takes place. my setting is a small hamlet right next to a big city and looks at it like a big brother. my setting is a gorgeous home with an amazing, strong mother and a cat who loves me even though she likes to bite me. life is my setting and it is beautiful. i’m in love with my setting.

    By Samm on 10.06.2011

  33. setting is a thing that is also known as a place. It can be full of color, life, and so on and so forth. I like to make my settings dark and creepy, it gives the reader sort of an edgy feeling and puts them on edge. It also brings out the characters.

    By Kaleb on 10.06.2011

  34. the setting of the story has the power. it can change it from poor to rich. from wall street to east hastings street. from a turkey and stuffing thanksgiving to a soup kitchen thanksgiving. where you live. where you survive. where you start can change everything. your carachters move around it. everything makes sense when the setting is complex like you. make the setting complex, and complicate yourself.

    By G. on 10.06.2011

  35. I am setting myself down. Face to face with my computer, trying to pretend it is you. But a screen can’t be touched and I just feel so melancholy. A phone call allows me to close my eyes a pretend you are here, but this… doesn’t. I am afraid to Skype. My bandwidth is an excuse.

    By Heather on 10.06.2011

  36. Dirk shouted at the cast members. “This is awful! You are ruining everything!” He pointed at the backdrop and the props on the stage. “Carlos has built something beautiful here and you are pissing on it with your horrible acting! You need to BE the characters, become ONE with the scenery here! You are all doing it a terrible injustice!” He stomped off the stage and back into the audience chairs.

    “Again from the top! And don’t insult me this time!” he yelled. The children toddled back to their places and put the paper plate masks back over their faces. Little Sarah was the first to start, and said in her slightly quavering voice, “We are the four food groups…”

    By Stacey W. URL on 10.06.2011

  37. What exactly is being shown of the scenery. that is my immediate thought. Paint a picture in your head of what you think the perfect day looks like. Where are you and what the hell are you doing? It slowly changes. That is exactly what you want.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 10.06.2011

  38. As a teacher, setting is and important and fun thing to teach my students. It’s interesting watching them try to come up with wacky settings. An island. School.

    By Lisa M. URL on 10.06.2011

  39. Setting, place, and time. Here, now, and today. Life is happening all around us, constantly changing, yet alarmingly the same. There’s only one more question to answer. Where do I fit in it all?

    By Melissa URL on 10.06.2011

  40. It was the perfect setting. The sky was dark, cloudy. There was a cold wind, and a slight drizzle in the air. It must have been close to freezing with the wind chill. The shadows spread out into the night, seeking their prey under the command of their master, who stood in the shadows just a few feet away from the unsuspecting citizens.

    By Evangeline Night URL on 10.06.2011