October 6th, 2011 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “setting”

  1. a setting is a background, an atmosphere, a feeling, a home, a tribe, a place. A place setting is a place at a table where someone may eat or not eat or feel comfortable or not feel comfortable. A comfortable setting is where one is at ease or is the ease false security. A secure setting enables the user to feel safe providing personal and private information and yet not all secure settings are as secure as they feel. In other words, while setting up this comment on settings, I’ve discovered that when you set things out, settings are both more ambiguous and more ambivalent than one would have suspected. A setting can be sad or glad, in Chad or bad, it can “be had” or even make one mad. A setting can glimmer or shimmer, let things simmer. It can roil, boil, coil. It can be soiled, oiled, toiled or despoiled. A setting can be clean or messy, pristine or dressy, classy or sassy, rich or poor, rough and hard at the core. A setting can be divulgent or indulgent, repugnant or in-a-tent. A setting is what you make, A setting makes you. A setting makes me. A setting makes we three sailors, tailors, jailers, gaolers, detailers, etc.
    The end.

    By Margot on 10.06.2011

  2. I want to see a sun rise, maybe somewhere far away
    Some far away land where no one can find me
    follow me

    so I can finally relax, and ease myself back to originality

    By June on 10.06.2011

  3. Setting . I think of nature…the setting of where I am. Currently it’s raining. I always say I hate the rain because it messes up my hair..but actually I really love the rain. I love the smell right before it rains. And I love the smell of wet pavement. Winter’s coming really fast. And then it will snow! I love weather. I’m tired of the heat. This peaceful winter setting is cozy.

    By caitlin on 10.06.2011

  4. being in a place, at a time when then and there you are you being you exactly where you are. it is the star they have not yet found, and your last birthday all raped up in a nice little bundle of hear and now.

    By jezzy on 10.06.2011

  5. The setting sun
    It shone like an orange-red bulb
    Just as the light passed away
    I saw her smile at me with that smile
    That could light the sky

    By David Saleeba URL on 10.06.2011

  6. The mood of a story out of a movie or a book. The atmosphere you want to create in your own home as you welcome guests. It is the space you’ve created so that others want to stay awhile.

    By Marcy on 10.06.2011

  7. Facts cannot exist without a context, nothing can exist without a setting. Somewhere something is taking place and the location can make all the difference. Location, location, location. The time is ticking away. When and where shall we end up when the time is gone?

    By Haley URL on 10.06.2011

  8. The setting around us control everything; around you, around me, around him. It is the vital component to someones emotion. Let’s say, if I’m in a coffee shop smelling the wild scents of drug caffein, won’t I feel content reading my novel and surrounded by a bunch of hippies, whom also enjoy the same thing as me? I would think so. The setting enhances your mood terrifically.

    By danny on 10.06.2011

  9. i was in the schools hallway. he was about to enter the bathroom and I said goodbye because i had to go. instead of him proceeding to the bathroom he hugged me and then there was a pause. a long, pause. then we kissed. our first kiss. I love him and but that was one of the only two times we have kissed.

    By Itzel on 10.06.2011

  10. Every story has a setting. It explains where the story takes place, and often gives a certain mood to the story. You can learn a lot about the main character from how they act in their environment and what they know because of where they are from. Setting is where the action starts, takes place, and finishes.

    By betsy on 10.06.2011

  11. the setting was a forest. it was dark. witches were coming out of nowhere. the high pitched laughter was heard above everything. he smiled. i felt a chill. the moon was shining. omgomogmgomogmgomgomgomgomgogmogmomgogmogmo

    By Caleigh Cassidy on 10.06.2011

  12. the setting for the scene was a beach setting, with girls, boys and old men and women with their sons and daughters were watching the boys and girls.(which are theirs’)

    By golden brumby URL on 10.06.2011

  13. if words were wisdoms setting would stand out among the elite. Setting is where you are, what you do and why you exist as you are. I don’t know another phrase or word that describes so fundamental an attribute as setting does. Before an action arises a setting must exist.

    By abby on 10.06.2011

  14. The setting was dull as the man bent down on one knee and began his loving speech to the woman. Why pick this place? Why here? It’s not special. I’ts not pretty. I’m not even positive it’s safe.

    By Drew Ramsey on 10.06.2011

  15. computer, set, 7, sett-ing, gnittes, set, get, net, sent, sing, tte-sing, changes, organize, manage, purple, liliac,

    By meme on 10.06.2011

  16. The setting has changed from the last time I saw Meghan. We are now on her turf. She holds my destiny firmly in her grasp, and I am so off my game that I cannot control the outcome of this meeting.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 10.06.2011

  17. The forest was dark, cold. Amy walked down the small winding path, making sure not to trip on any fallen logs or tree branches. She came to a clearing and sat down. Amy pulled out a book and turned to a random page. She began to read as the

    By Maxine Burns URL on 10.06.2011

  18. When I think about the word setting, I think about what I’ve learned in school. I never really liked setting because usually I would get lost in the story and not know where I am.

    By Patrick URL on 10.06.2011

  19. From four rooms away, I knew she was setting the table — it was all CLANK, CLINK, CLANK, THUD times four. She was being helpful because it was my family we were hosting, but noisy as hell because she was pissed. It was going to be a long night.

    By Marian writes URL on 10.06.2011

  20. the setting is all wrong. I never do well in crowds, where I feel like I’m suffocating and being pushed inward by all sort of opposing pressures. Just take me somewhere where we can talk alone.

    By Allures URL on 10.06.2011

  21. The setting is the same as in every story. A house, a neighborhood, a typical night. But behind these doors is something sinister. What lurks here is pure evil in the form of a man. It is frightening to those who reside within, but the outside world would never have a clue.

    By Sandra URL on 10.06.2011

  22. Place setting. Table setting. Setting the table. Setting it down. The setting in a story. The setting in a movie. Scenes. Environment. Comfort space. I don’t really have anything else to say about this particular word…

    By Marie on 10.06.2011

  23. the sun was setting on another great day. in a cabin in the woods with steaks on the grill we were getting ready for the perfect evening.

    By More Everything URL on 10.06.2011

  24. “The setting for this table just isn’t right, Marlene”. The harsh blonde curls on top of her head trembled as Donna shook her head

    By Pat URL on 10.06.2011

  25. the visual soundtrack to your life

    By Jay on 10.06.2011

  26. It sits on me
    Heavy like a bird
    I wish I could fly
    to another setting
    please, sun,
    help with the setting.

    By Taylorly URL on 10.06.2011

  27. A schematic. A decided upon format. A dinner placement. A particular design for any object, person or place.

    By precious1026 URL on 10.06.2011

  28. The stage is set. The curtain’s up. The crowd stares at the setting with amazed bewilderment. The orchestra finishes it’s final notes and the spotlight is on me. Everything has been set up and prepared for this moment. It is my chance to dazzle my spectators.

    Oh how I hate thee, stage fright.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.06.2011

  29. The setting for the scence was perfect, finally.
    “Action” the director called, onto the stage walked the innocent girl pretending to be unaware of what ould happen to her next. Out jumped our killer who stabbed her from behind… except it hadn’t gone as planned. The knife was real. It was no special effect, Edmund’s movie had started to become real.

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.06.2011

  30. there is a table of women knitting what looks like cute little winter gloves while they chat in a happily manner sounding like gleeful birds happy to be awake and happy to awake anyone with in earshot..chirpping ” life is beautiful life is beautiful wake up and see feeel”..this a snippet of my current setting.

    By ajloopy URL on 10.06.2011

  31. It was a quiet setting. It was a place that they could just speak freely, and get to know each other one on one. She was surprised he was so eloquent and thoughtful. He was surprised she was so rash and daring. But each one complimented each other. They were two pieces of the same puzzle that perfectly fit. It was so easy, just like breathing. Effortless.

    By Anon URL on 10.06.2011

  32. A place where something takes place. Preferably something interesting or dramatic. Settings can be ugly, beautiful, scary, or even just plain old weird. I like to imagine a setting in which I have everything I could possibly want in this world.

    By Caitlin on 10.06.2011

  33. I was the first one to wake up, but the others were there two, and they began to raise their heads slowly. Maddie was holding hands with Areana, and Carson had his arms wrapped around Lydia firmly. I looked at Ben was staring up at the sky blankly, blood dribbling from the corner of his mouth. The sky was a uniform purple above us. We were on a large grey hill, and everywhere was soft grey grass. There was no breeze. In my hand was the manila envelope with the unbroken red seal. I looked up and met Carson’s eyes. He new. They all did. Wordlessly I cracked the wax. It echoed in the empty air.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 10.06.2011

  34. Setting the table is easy, but setting can also mean the setting in a movie, or a book. In a book or a movie, setting means where something happens.

    By Cheez-it on 10.06.2011

  35. The setting is where the story takes place for example a town. I don’t know what else to type

    By alex on 10.06.2011

  36. Scenery. A beautiful place, no lines or anything just a beautiful picture. A backround in a play the most lovely thing, a forest, or beach, or treetop. A little house on the edge of a cliff with a chimney and windows and bricks that calls out your name, calls to you, “I’m lovely!”

    By Hayley Tate on 10.06.2011

  37. Setting is a word that is used often. Although we don’t rightly know it. It might be talking about the setting of a volleyball, or the setting of some unrealistic fantasy story that totally originated and was created in my mind. It might be talking about some crazy alternate reality that some person created for a place to escape, or it might simply be talking about a place. You decide.

    By Jordan URL on 10.06.2011

  38. It was a dark setting. The cloud was a dark shade of grey and the crows hawked while they sat on the long, pointy tree braces, reaching out to grab at the air, only to catch nothing. It was a dark setting for a dark day, in which something very dark happened….very dark…..

    By emma URL on 10.06.2011

  39. Setting is a place that something happens. It is normally a park, or a room, or something like that. It is awesome! Whenever I read a book without a setting, it makes me confused, and angry.

    By cheezitcrazy URL on 10.06.2011

  40. The setting of my life’s story would be Paris, France! Someday, I’m gonna really go there! :)

    By Cindy URL on 10.06.2011