May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. the girls separated only after the air had turned cold, the sky breaking apart in a sudden clash of rain, ripped past them in the harsh wind. They stood still.

    By Sierra Warrick on 05.02.2012

  2. Separate from you feels like being alone.
    Even surrounded by a crowd.
    Separate from you feels empty,
    Joyless, and cold.
    Separate from you…

    By Aleshia Harris on 05.02.2012

  3. Being separate from Josh is the only thing that scares me in him going into the Marines. I don’t like it. Not because I’m afraid I’ll cheat, or I’m afraid he will (he won’t have time!), but just the fact that I won’t be able to see him for quite a long time. It bothers me because I want to see him everyday.

    By Miranda on 05.02.2012

  4. SEPARATE. The phone vibrates in my pocket and I fish it out. A name flashes across the screen, the caller’s name, your name. I make a mental note to remember to delete your contact information soon, because as a number without a name, at least it’d be harder for memories, feelings, or anything to come rushing back.

    He looks at me across the table and smiles.

    “Not going to take it?”

    “No.” I smile. “She can call me later.”

    Not very long after he left, I took a taxi back home, letting the driver wind through the longest route possible, and I sat in the back seat and looked out of the window, watching streetlights flash past, thinking of nothing, feeling nothing.

    By Roschen on 05.02.2012

  5. separate… i’m separated from the city i love, istanbul. i’m separated from many loved ones. am i alone? not really. i have a home here too. my home to be exact. the place i made mine. so am i really separated? from someone, from something?

    By yasemin on 05.02.2012

  6. separate lives does not interest me. Being with a friend or life partner and being together is what makes the world tick. Work on togetherness and fight not to separate

    By Yolanda on 05.02.2012

  7. If a place where the ground is cracked, if a place where you can’t look back.

    By Mouse on 05.02.2012

  8. People separate, things change, but unfortunately, that is life. Life is unfair and you don’t always get what you want. Especially when it comes to love, but always stay true to who you are.

    By Morgan on 05.02.2012

  9. I think I need to separate the two. I am not totally sure. It seems almost impossible; they have be conjoined for a number of years. However, I see it as a challenge. Despite the obvious problems with morality, the two must be separated.

    By Matt on 05.02.2012

  10. You can’t keep them together. They don’t mix, like oil and water. They repel one another, push and twist and dance.

    By Mouse on 05.02.2012

  11. She separated her chores into to-do-todays and to-do-tomorrows, and then promptly realized how fun those were to say aloud, which naturally detracted from the amount of time she had to do to-do-todays, but alas, such was the way of ADHD.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.02.2012

  12. Separate mean to be divided from something.
    To have to go to a different place.
    To be away from people you love.
    To go to new places you’ve never been before.
    To leave home.
    To go to college.

    By KevieLui on 05.02.2012

  13. When people grow up, they go in their separate roads. Some people grow up and get married. When they get married they would want to raise a family, so they also get a job. The family would want to raise enough money for a living. Some people grow up to get a job and get a big house. They would want to have a good living, so after they get their big house and raise a lot of money, they also get married to raise a family their own.

    By Natalie Fung URL on 05.02.2012

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    By Natalie Fung URL on 05.02.2012

  15. She would rather have a threesome with Chyme and Andalucia, turn Angela into a vampire, and burn down Nameless than tell anyone she had separation anxiety.

    By Ninja URL on 05.02.2012

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    By Natalie Fung URL on 05.02.2012

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    By Isabella URL on 05.02.2012

  18. When i play with legos i connect them. But when I’m done i have to separate them. I only separate them when i have visitors coming to make more room, when I can’t fit any more legos on my shelf or I just want to restart the whole thing again. It can be

    By Kayla on 05.02.2012

  19. We lived in separate rooms, it felt like in a separate house. Our lives were separate and I felt so lost and lonely. I stood up, bringing the blankets with me. I opened the door and traveled down the hall to the door. I knocked once letting her know I was here and I entered. There she was under a single blanket, curled up all alone, and I knew right then I made the right decision. My twin, Gloria, and I have been together since birth. It’s heartbreaking being away from her because we are tied, emotionally, physically, mentally. We share a heart.

    By umbazachika URL on 05.02.2012

  20. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep the different versions of you that I have known over the years separate in my head. Something carelessly unrestrained in your laugh, while deeper and much more refined with age, reminds me of when we were five years old, climbing trees during recess and making up stories for the other’s amusement. The next moment you’re practically an adult, serious, responsible, offering me a ride so I don’t have to walk home in the dark.

    I never can quite seem to keep up.

    The variations of you that I have known for every single year of our shared time blend together into a confusing swirl, cracking a joke that your fourteen year old equivalent would like, then saying something caustic that reminds me of your sixth grade self, reverting to a kindergartener’s shyness, then bringing me back to the present, to the newest you. The one I know the least well since our required parting of ways.

    But I’ll have plenty of time to catch up. You are, after all, my best friend.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.02.2012

  21. We were separated by the sea. By the cold glare of the sun on our skin as we drifted aimlessly at sea. I wondered what he wanted from me. Was he my friend? My love? I was not sure anymore. We drifted. At some point, the boat stopped. We left the ship and ate lunch. The salad would not touch my fork. I dropped

    By bella on 05.02.2012

  22. The lines thinned and blurred into they became puffs of smoke before my feet, and they separated into two clear parts – from which I could not make out but a reflection of my eyes.

    By Sophia URL on 05.02.2012

  23. You are separate, always. You can touch, maybe feel, maybe rub off on, but never merge. You are separate, always.

    By Marie on 05.02.2012

  24. I crawled into the depths of your heart, and hoped to God that you wouldn’t find me. I hid in the shadows, fed on your love, and swam through the thorns to find your soul. All I found was pitch darkness, and the nothingness beneath my feet. You fooled me, carved your name on my chest, clawed your fingers down my thighs, claimed what was offered and walked away from it. What use was there to try and find something that was never there to begin with.

    By みか★ちゃん URL on 05.02.2012

  25. Separate people, separate lives bought together under a rice coloured sky in a heat and humidity where things ferment faster than elsewhere. No expectations, no promise but the potential for two tracks to merge invites fanciful thoughts.
    Separate personalities, a Gemini, inner and outer self, social and a loner, a God and a Devil. Who’ve I got today?

    By MB on 05.02.2012

  26. Apart from you, separated by the seas and continents
    Dumb luck, blind fate
    That your soul, compliments

    By Aaron Jefferson on 05.02.2012

  27. Separate? How ironic. That’s what I feel from my best friends right now. Hailey and Max/Serena and Gabe. Just because they have boyfriends doesn’t mean that they have the damn right to ignore the rest of us and blow us off for them. We were here before and we meant a lot more than they did. Screw them for blowing us off ALL THE TIME! And for not making time for us anymore cause they’re so damn busy with them. Chicks before dicks. I hope you realized you lost some great friends; we tried, but you just didn’t, too bad I guess…

    By Susan Suarez URL on 05.02.2012

  28. separate but together…. the miles stretched almost endlessly between us. But something kept us connected. Some stretched string, a metal wire. Somehow we survived, we made it through. The seemingly infinite distance didn’t conquer us, shatter us. Id like to think the string was love…

    By kc on 05.02.2012

  29. we must stay separate. I can’t explain. It’s a long story. It’s actually a short story but I really can’t bring myself to spilling it to you. Everything happened so fast and now it’s got to go away so fast. Separate we’ll be, and apart we’ll stay.

    By Abra URL on 05.02.2012

  30. She could put her life into two parts. Before and after the incident. Before was a much happier time in her memory. After is…scary.

    By Marlene on 05.02.2012

  31. We all go separate ways at one point or another.
    Sometimes it’s with a break up.
    When your heart is torn into millions of bite sized pieces and left in the dust, and you feel like you just can’t go on, it’s a good thing to separate yourself from other individuals.
    Inner troubles like that can really fuck a girl up.

    By BoomBoom on 05.02.2012

  32. I wish I could separate myself from you, like the inside of an egg sliding out of its shell after breaking it in half. I’d rid myself of the thoughts and become something new. I just want to find a piece of myself that can still be protected and maintained, but it’s people like you that make it nearly impossible to trust again. Let me go

    By Silvana URL on 05.02.2012

  33. Technology has benefits but also downfalls. The biggest downfall in my opinion is that technology can separate good friends because of the ability to talk over the internet instead of face to face. I believe that today people are much more separated from each other and from their communities.

    By Paloma on 05.02.2012

  34. I can’t imagine. What if my theory of my parents secretly divorced and only staying together for ours and appearances’ sake was real? What if my brother doesn’t do what he says he does? What if my sister really IS in a relationship with another female? I don’t want this family to separate due to issues only kept to ourselves. Sure, I fucking hate it when my family never lets me finish and go about assuming the most ridiculous actions that I’ve done that even I wouldn’t DARE doing. Sure, they are basically a pain in the arse but they’re family. We just… have to stick together. Thick or thin, we should be there for each other. Even though caring is not an advantage, family IS what we always have in the end. (Sorry it’s not Sherlock-related!)

    By smoothmovebro on 05.03.2012

  35. It’s hard knowing that you have to separate from the things you love most to follow your goals, dreams or ambitions.

    By Jessica URL on 05.03.2012

  36. Lives and love lost across too many miles of space, too many seconds of time, it hurts.

    By og_nam on 05.03.2012

  37. Even the hairs on my arm felt like separate creates flowing and drifting around me. The thought of landing was a concern, but free fall liberating. There was nothing I could do, but the journey was estatic and life changing.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.03.2012

  38. now i am seperated from my sweet heart. He also likes to be with me,. We are always having real relationship in our heart.

    By laxmi on 05.03.2012

  39. I tried to separate the plates from my hands but they were fused together by the sheer lack of heat in the corridor. The sun was rising and I could feel my skin starting to boil. Would I make it? Separated from comrades, out here facing down an entity that turned plains to ash once a day, alone.

    By Eric Harrell on 05.03.2012

  40. I needed to keep work and home life seprate. Why couldn’t he handle that? We were a couple, but also seprate, and at the moment work is the only place I felt like I had my own identy

    By kirsty booth URL on 05.03.2012