May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. The shimmering sunlight shone amazingly through the autumn leaves, casting shadows on the newly paved, rain filled roadway. Sad, but Inspired, William canceled his last appointment, setting off to enjoy the passing storm.

    All of a sudden he found himself.


    Where, meeting his wife for the first time, goes back; remembering, crying, praying. They had to separate…it was over.

    additional short stories in 54 words or less

    By URL on 05.03.2012

  2. Jeremy felt panic bubble up inside of him.

    He had just been with Jordi, how could he have gotten away so quickly? And in a place like this.

    He ducked low into the dirt and crawled down the alleyway, holding his breath against the smell.

    What if Jordi had been captured?

    This was bad.

    By yuui URL on 05.03.2012

  3. To be, or to do?
    The cause, or the effect?

    I did, now I am.

    By Barber URL on 05.03.2012

  4. I have this thing, I dunno. You could call it some kind of social phobia I suppose.

    I just… I keep my internet life separate from my ‘real’ life. I just feel like… my friends wouldn’t really care about the things I really like, like writing and comics and art. They’re all sort of… science-y type people. They wouldn’t understand.

    Is it selfish of me to hide so much of myself from them?

    They are my friends after all.

    By Hufflebeans on 05.03.2012

  5. The two halves cup the jellies, clear and yellow. It slips between each shell, separating yolk from white-that-isn’t-white.

    By kate on 05.03.2012

  6. living, living, living …..

    By moacir URL on 05.03.2012

  7. We are separate people. With two different divergent lives. But we are in love. And we cannot be together. Instead, we settle for a close friendship, watched closely by those around us. Should we slip into infidelity they would all say we told you so.

    By Lee on 05.03.2012

  8. Everything is better now that you aren’t here. I can think on my own. I understand my own thoughts. I don’t need your interpretation. But sometimes when it is late and I am alone, I wonder if you’ll ever come back again.

    By J Elizabeth Reed on 05.03.2012

  9. I feel alone. Not a friend in the world. As if I’ve been separated frome all other forms of life, I’m alone.

    By Zachary Williams on 05.03.2012

  10. My parents were married for 15 years before I was born, but when I finally came into the world, for some reason, they grew separate. They divorced four years after I was born, and they now both think very differently. Every issue in life, they both have completely different opinions. They are totally separate from one another.

    By Hannah on 05.03.2012

  11. I’m a history hog so when I hear separate I see blacks and whites in the slave time…..Blacks have to ride in the back of the bus and if the bus was full they would have to stand. Black and whites have different dinners, bathrooms, and even drinking fountains. Blacks had to go to pure black schools until the Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka Kansas, which over turned Plessy vs Ferguson which meant separate but equal. Martin lunter king Jr was the leader of a nonviolent peace walk, The walk on Washington, Where he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. There were many civil rights groups in this time after African Americans go there right to vote the women and younger men tired women civil rights groups worked very hard for what we have today. And most the women in this county are not happy with what they have.

    By cheyandrea on 05.03.2012

  12. When my mom gets on to me and my sister for arguing she tells us to separate, but it never works because we still argue with each other.

    By Paige Jackson on 05.03.2012

  13. My friend and I were once a great pair,
    but now we’re living a life of despair.
    It seems that we have grown separate,
    and because of this I am so desperate.

    By Hannah on 05.03.2012

  14. A great seperation of sea is filled with monsters of all kind that eat children

    By Trystan URL on 05.03.2012

  15. My parents are separated. They haven’t lived with each other for at least 16 years. They work out their differences for the sake of their kids.

    By jeff on 05.03.2012

  16. There are separate kinds of animals and bugs I like juice

    By Steven URL on 05.03.2012

  17. My parents are separated. They haven’t lived with each other for at least 16 years. They work out their differences for the sake of their kids.

    By Logan workman on 05.03.2012

  18. They had to separate the two boys from each other since they were behaving so badly.

    By Earthly URL on 05.03.2012

  19. Separate, but equal. Separate, but together. We are separate beings, but it’s all I can do to breathe without you here. You are my other half. You are the breathe that fills my lungs, and keeps me striving to become someone, something else. The one who makes me believe that good things can happen, and that I am strong.

    By Emily on 05.03.2012

  20. To separate is to take apart or make it so something can’t stay together anymore. We had to separate the logs to make fire wood.

    By Laurie URL on 05.03.2012

  21. Lots of people separate after a long time of discomfort.

    By aiyana URL on 05.03.2012

  22. The kindergarden teacher had to separate the little kids that were fighting with each other.

    By umberto URL on 05.03.2012

  23. Her hand felt the like the one that pulled away. Now they sat, separate, but the air between them was still shared. He couldn’t take his eyes off whatever was in front of him, even though all he could see was her. No more would they be able to carry on this way. Only that space of air, no matter how long it would drag on, would always be there between them.

    By Derek Switters on 05.03.2012

  24. roses have left
    i feel blue
    separated by the wind
    where are you

    By randompicklez789 on 05.03.2012

  25. roses are red
    violets of blue
    seperate a house and
    be a house

    By Kayley Jonhson on 05.03.2012

  26. Things are separate in distance
    but never with heart
    I live hundreds of miles from you
    But I will always love you
    dont ever think I wont
    because we are apart
    because I love you from the bottom of my heart

    its dedicated to my cousin rachel

    By Hollie Mae on 05.03.2012

  27. We are two beings, with different lives.
    We choose when to live, and we choose when to die.
    We are not together, or joined at the hip.
    Two different people we are separate.

    By kayla on 05.03.2012

  28. apart
    big gap between
    you are apart from me
    don’t get the red and the blue mixed up

    By courtney on 05.03.2012

  29. I’m not sure why more marriages don’t end in simple separation. That delicate balance has very obviously ruptured. Why are you still going at it? Trying is simply making things worse. It’s time to go your separate ways and move on.

    Just be happy.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 05.03.2012

  30. I cannot find you
    I can’t even try
    When I can’t see you
    I always seem to cry

    It’s just sad when you are away
    I just wish that you would have stayed.
    Why did you go and leave me?
    I only dream you’ll return.

    By AlishaRothrockLovesEmos on 05.03.2012

  31. i felt a seprate feeling i gotta feeling whoo hoo cuz tonights gonna be a good night toniights gonna be a good night feel up my cup mazzole toff look at her dancing just take it all

    By randompicklez789 on 05.03.2012

  32. Roses are red
    Violets and blue
    I’m so sad
    Because I’m not with you

    By Brittany Lyons on 05.03.2012

  33. Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Don’t be sad.
    Just because I left you.

    By Kendall Barton on 05.03.2012

  34. we can not separate,
    even if you run away,
    cause this is our fate.

    By Triston on 05.03.2012

  35. To put apart
    I will separate the fighting boys.
    You have to separate things that don’t go together.
    You separate colors, flavors, players, money, businesses, and other things.
    You must separate things that don’t go together.
    The root -ate means to do with.
    The prefix para- means beside so set beside.

    By Brandon Nelson URL on 05.03.2012

  36. separate
    we are separate
    but we are not
    because we are all was together

    By allisha on 05.03.2012

  37. Two things that are apart. When somone wants to be seperated from somone else. I always want to be seperated from my brothers. Being seperated is like being forced to be apart from somthing or somone.

    By Dominick Goecken URL on 05.03.2012

  38. To put apart.
    You have to separate things that dont match.
    In The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta were separated in the arena.
    You can separate colors,toys,symbals,etc.

    By Aubrey URL on 05.03.2012

  39. We were always together,
    until you finally left,
    I hardly talk to anyone,
    Or even get any rest,
    you said you’d never leave me,
    you would stay forever,
    I don’t want to be separate from you,
    Now or ever!

    By Darien Hammans on 05.03.2012

  40. I like to separate my food.

    By connor URL on 05.03.2012