May 1st, 2012 | 412 Entries

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412 Entries for “separate”

  1. For I am I. And you are you. And I am You. And you are ME.
    It’s true.
    No Man is an island……

    By Isabella on 05.01.2012

  2. In the beginning, they had never wanted to be separate. Had missed each other with a desperate ache whenever Martin was away. Had curled tightly together every night. Had kissed and touched every change they got.

    Then they had grown together, had become comfortable and easy and warm together, and were able to be apart and separate. They loved each other fully and completely – they didn’t need each other close by to know that.

    By Chess Ka URL on 05.01.2012

  3. Aluminum and dripping wet casacos line these eyelids. Are you okay? Are you alright? It’s a rainy day but you haven’t lost the potential to become human. Like me. This is so cruel, separating curtains to drizzle and honey. I haven’t caught any in this cup of tea (you can stammer again how many it takes to dilute three beers). I am seizing, choking on your jacket clang at least my tongue is safe.

    By elaine URL on 05.01.2012

  4. The division was adequate
    a rough split that weighted neither side
    an agreed amount, a proximate
    Of fairness. You cut and i choose
    so no one can lose, as long as
    your hand is steady in the steam
    from our last supper

    By gsk URL on 05.01.2012

  5. Separation is loss, because whatever it is, whether two people, whites and yolks, ideas or cheese, it is parts of a whole being taken from each other.

    It is destruction, of whatever came before, of the whole, of a moment, of an entity.

    It is change, the modification of the whole, the refining of a recipe, the selection of parts which work and parts which don’t.

    It is creation, the appearance of many where before there was one, not two makes one, but one makes two, it is new beginnings, new possibilities, new variables.

    It is life, and the sum of all its parts.

    By Jessie on 05.01.2012

  6. Astor didn’t know what to do with himself.

    Even taking away the debilitating grief, even taking away the fact that the slightest of movements, the simplest of tasks, could lock him up with painful recollection at any moment, he simply couldn’t figure out what he’d filled so many hours with before Tobias had come along.

    He couldn’t remember how to be separate.

    By Julia A. URL on 05.01.2012

  7. Why eat separate meals–breakfast, lunch, dinner–when you can munch continuously through the day? Okay. Wow. I am really so hungry. Pizza. I’d die for one right now.

    By al on 05.01.2012

  8. She glares at him from across the room. She’s so tempted to walk right over, to spill her heart out to him, to tell him everything that’s been passing through her mind over the past month or so. But he’s so oblivious, he doesn’t even remember she exists. He laughs with his friends and pretends everything’s fine, but what he doesn’t know is the turmoil he’s put her through. All the shit he’s caused her.

    By Lucy on 05.01.2012

  9. I feel spearate

    By kathryn URL on 05.01.2012

  10. Even though miles and miles, multiple continents and oceans separate them, they will never really and truly be without the other. Their love could span much more than a little bit of material space that’s currently between them. And it’s not as if they’d never see each other again. They’ll be together before they know it and it’ll be as if no time has passed at all.

    By CNou91 URL on 05.01.2012

  11. When they were separate, they were weak. Without the bond, there was nothing to stop a stray arrow or skilled sword from killing them. When they stood back to back, though…

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.01.2012

  12. Its hard to separate yourself from the ones you love and felt so much for. I fell in love and to be separated broke me in small ways, but in the long run i know I’ll get over it. I just hope he does too.

    By Kris URL on 05.01.2012

  13. Separation was always hard, and repetition didn’t make it any easier. Olivia stood staring up at the big brown door of her school, a school for troubled kids. Was Olivia troubled? Well, after last week there was almost no question about that. Last week, when the latest separation had occurred.

    By janette anstett URL on 05.01.2012

  14. Things remain separate for us. We never viewed our ideas firmly enough so we could help each other out, it all just . . . crumbled. Separated. Diminished. I guess this is how we must remain. Sorry, dad. We must remain separate.

    By Liz Solstice URL on 05.01.2012

  15. divided. other. not together. (two faced zebra)

    By Jazz on 05.01.2012

  16. She made a move to separate the three of us and we scattered like a bunch of horses running wild. No way were we going to the store this afternoon, we wanted to stay home and play.

    By jeanelaine URL on 05.01.2012

  17. To withdraw yourself apart.
    To be set apart willingly or not.
    To be put in a box without Mickey Mouse.
    Being eluded from your so-called ‘home’.
    Another place other than which you have known.

    By mimi URL on 05.01.2012

  18. when u unplug the power cable from the xbox power port… They separate from one another.

    By Jack URL on 05.01.2012

  19. i dont now what that is lol jk well i want another word plzz hehe well can i get another word plzz how many times was this again … forgot well im going to wright more just dont now what to wright ill see now well give i was just kidding its when there are 2 things that are not together anymore ….. like your parents they are separate lol i am kidding…

    By mahe on 05.01.2012

  20. ok i just did this hello….. fix this plzzz or the same thing gets asked again in one day?

    By mahe on 05.01.2012

  21. i want to separate muy life from my work. I know it isn´t something esay to do, but I will try once and once.

    By Evangelina URL on 05.01.2012

  22. The world seems to have stopped rotating when I am separate from You. No light shines upon the world, and the birds cease their sensational singing. Nothing is right in the world when I am separate from You. I need Your arms to enfold me.

    By Grace Baker URL on 05.01.2012

  23. You can’t imagine the way it feels when we’re not together. Or maybe you can. Either way, it’s nothing like being with you. When I’m with you, happiness reigns supreme over every other emotion. Nothing matters. My attention is not fleeting, and neither is yours. When we’re apart though, separate, all I can think about is the chasm. The chasm that keeps me from touching you, holding you, kissing you. And all I can do is think about how much you love me to keep me plowing through. If not for that powerful feeling, I would already be gone.

    By McKenna on 05.01.2012

  24. i feel i need to separate certain things apart from each other.

    By a on 05.01.2012

  25. They were separated now, separated by miles and miles of ocean. Serafina settled her elbow on the balcony of the complex, staring out at the ocean below her.
    “All of your stress isn’t good for the baby,” Eloise commented from behind her. Serafina pushed back a strand of near-white hair. “What’s wrong, Serafina?”
    “I miss him,” murmured Serafina, hating herself for admitting it. “I wish this was never happening. I wish that he could be beside me in this…but instead, he’s miles away. And I’m hiding from the world.”

    By Elsie Shu URL on 05.01.2012

  26. To separate is to divide. To part, to leave, and to miss. Separation is dreary, but can bring out the best in people too. You don’t realize something’s importance until you miss it. Separation, sad? No- It brings us closer to loved ones.

    By Ai-Think URL on 05.01.2012

  27. friends trips families food fairly fraction

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.01.2012

  28. I took it in my hands and pulled it apart slowly the ozzing yellow slim stringed across. The green and red bit fell in a blob. I hate eating pre-packaged sandwiches.

    By morgan on 05.01.2012

  29. I hate being separate from you. Your heart, your soul, so far away from mine. Why do we have to keep this up? I know, you don’t love me the way I love you. You never had. But why does it feel so damn good? I guess I just love the pain.

    By Maddy on 05.01.2012

  30. Rac | ism.

    By Grace on 05.01.2012

  31. The time had come to finally separate. To explore the world without each others hand. To see beyond the love we had. To live a life without each other. Was I even remotely ready? No. Did I want to? No. But if it meant to give him a chance at happiness.. without the pain and suffering I had brought to such a beautiful man, then separate we shall be.

    By Anya URL on 05.01.2012

  32. They are two completely different men, so how can I be so in love with them both? One is blonde and one is brown, but the differences go so much deeper than that. One is so gentle in all the right ways, and the other is a no nonsense, no sugar-coating, no bullshit kind of tough that I just can get enough. I love them so much I sometimes wish that they were one. But they are two separate people, and some day, some way, I will have to choose.

    By LifeisaVerb87 URL on 05.01.2012

  33. I’m no longer trying to separate the person I was then from the person I am now. I’m not as freelance, open, and joking anymore, but it’s for my own defense and protection. After all, the scars on my knuckles are a reminder of what happens when I think I can trust people.

    By agloe on 05.01.2012

  34. She fiddled with the napkin….pretended to read her coaster….went to the bathroom four times…ordered more appetizers….attempted to engage the bartender in an argument….ordered more cake…refilled her coffee mug repeatedly…went searching for some sugar…played three games of pool…made a few phone calls…put money in the jukebox that would allow them to dance…ordered fries…sent them back because they weren’t cooked enough…all this to avoid the inevitable question…
    “Would you like to pay for this together or separate?”

    By Pam Heighway URL on 05.01.2012

  35. we had to separate the boys and girls. Ms O’Donnell said we were to chatty, so we had to be put into separate

    By jasmined on 05.01.2012

  36. We played a game separately. It was extremely great because when we worked separately it made the game better.

    By ellag on 05.01.2012

  37. To separate a group of things is to put them apart. Ms. Odonell decided to separate our class up, and put us in different seats.

    By Elly on 05.01.2012

  38. separate: being away from something; apart from something

    e.g. I was put in a separate cell from my friend.

    By Kayley on 05.01.2012

  39. My parents were seperating. Some say divorce, some say splitting, some say breaking up. I say seperating – because they almost literally were. My parents, when they were married, were so close. They would go almost nowhere without each other.

    By Jessica Armstrong on 05.01.2012

  40. My parents were separating. Some say divorce, some say splitting, some say breaking up. I say separating – because they almost literally were. My parents, when they were married, were so close. They would go almost nowhere without each other.

    By Jessica Armstrong on 05.01.2012