February 28th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “sentenced”

  1. Death wasn’t something he was ever scared of. If anything, the very act of living terrified him. He could do so much, influence so many with a single action, a single word, or even the lack of action. No, it wasn’t dying he was scared of, though he did fear how his death would affect others. But standing here as the judge gave his verdict, he realized just how much he wanted to live.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 02.28.2013

  2. Segregated, shut off, closed off. It’s something society tells us we have to do, but we shouldn’t have it. It’s enforced, it’s wrong. We don’t talk like that, so why should we write like it?

    By Harriet on 02.28.2013

  3. The court sentenced Dora the Explorer to five years in therapy for being annoying, because her songs were SO annoying, she went into musical classes and therapy to learn GOOD songs (Shows Dora in therapy and music lessons). They then banned her movies and T.V. shows! Hooray!
    This is a happy day for society.
    I am Carmen Clancy, reporting live for Happy Time news in the court room, back to you John.
    (HA! I wish…)

    By Saren-Dipety URL on 02.28.2013

  4. for me sentenced is when there are no more options when in reality someone told you your faith that you can not change the course of your ways of life and your expectations could be incredibly wrong because you have no more options.

    By daniela on 02.28.2013

  5. the day i was sentenced to life in prison was the best day of my entire life. i felt the most whole in the moment where someone saw me as i did. a monster. not a project to fix, not a troubled white kid, not a loner but a man with fingers stained in preteen blood. recognistion filled me like dinner, wrapped around me like a hug, it wasn’t my fault now that it was.

    By Jane on 02.28.2013

  6. Sentenced for life it feels, to be in this place with someone who wants no one. The pain goes from dull, to sharp, to endless throbbing, to numbness, to new dawning of hope..

    A brief reprieve to make me believe again for a week, a few precious days, a few hours until the truth is revealed again. Again. Duped. Tricked. Cast aside with a sneer because I again let a sliver of light into my eyes and heart and dared let you see.

    Your obligation ‘met’ means the silent empty world resets, and my sentence resumes with deeper sadness from the reminder of what joy there could be if you had ever really cared.

    By JDwrites URL on 02.28.2013

  7. Is this what I’m sentenced to? Constantly looking over my shoulder, suspicious. Watching, waiting… Always the rabbit, gasping for air.

    By Violeta Violeta URL on 02.28.2013

  8. He was sentenced to death. The man had been accused of stabbing his wife with a fruit knife. As the greying judge leered down to look at him, the criminal looked up at him with beautifully round eyes that seemed to stare into the judge’s soul. The judge bellowed in a clear voice, “Are you trying to seduce me?” The criminal was taken aback, surprise evident in his face as he made a donut-hole mouth. The jury was looking on with surprise and anger as they did not like the yaoiz.

    By Albert on 02.28.2013

  9. She was sentenced to a life of hard grammar. She was forced to sleep surrounded by whispers of passive voices, awaking hours later to her first ration of commas, which doled out three times a day along with a half dozen contractions to help her through the mandated matches of formal conversation; sometimes, they even allotted her a semicolon to lengthen thoughts.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 02.28.2013

  10. I was sentenced to death, Can you believe it? My own people sentenced me to death. I didn’t even do anything wrong. Well yeah, I might have killed someone… but it was for the villages good. Now I am going to be stoned. And not in the way I would like.

    By Sam URL on 02.28.2013

  11. He was about to die. He knew it, he just could not face it. But he had to, and that was all right.

    By Hayley on 02.28.2013

  12. Clenching my eyes shut for a few seconds I wearily open my eyes only to be blinded by light. A quiet groan of pain leaves my cracked lips. Feeling a light brush against my wrist I attempt to open my eyes again and find that the room has been bathed in a graceful darkness. A man in white stands before me, hand lightly pressed against the bandages around my wrists that are still stained a red brown. He looks down at me and smiles.
    “welcome back”

    By Ali URL on 02.28.2013

  13. They sentenced her to life and let him get away. Why? He is just as guilty.

    By teeda URL on 02.28.2013

  14. He was sentenced to three years in prison, and a fine of $10,000. That was the best his lawyer could do, in this world where lawyers themselves cost a fortune. He shook his head at the unfairness of the new society, he had only stolen a loaf of bread. Just to feed his family.

    By Kristina URL on 02.28.2013

  15. The judge sentenced me for a crime I didn’t commit, not because she believed I did it, but because she couldn’t prove I did the crimes I really did commit. To think, a little boy’s fairytale could be more desirable than truth. What an odd justice system…

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.28.2013

  16. yaptıklarından pişmandı ama bu ceza onun için hayattan kurtulmak için bir ödül gibiydi. sadece onu kabullenmesi biraz zaman aldı. geri kalan kendiliğinden geldi. artık ödemesi gereken borçlar yoktu, sadece tüketmesi gereken bir hayat vardı.

    By Alev on 02.28.2013

  17. he was sentenced to death. his family in the audience cried out, but not in surprise. they had too much evidence against him, and they all knew he would be found guilty, but that did not ease their pain.

    By t bowman on 02.28.2013

  18. Sentenced
    Whether it’s for long or short
    Remember there’s always an end

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca URL on 02.28.2013

  19. well. if someone is sentenced, it means some words were put in place. in order. doesn’t it?

    By tis me! on 02.28.2013

  20. I’ve been sentenced to this country where everything is expensive, except gas. I guess its ironic. I can’t buy clothes but once a year when they give me permission to travel. How can this be? How can it be that I have been sentenced to this type of life, careful of everything. I must have been a wreck long ago in some past life, I won’t be a wreck now. I can’t be.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 02.28.2013

  21. I think we were sentenced
    the moment air touched our skin
    to love everything on the horizon

    By smnthbll on 02.28.2013

  22. as a poet am I always sentenced
    to my own little private prison
    or am I never sentenced
    forever free
    because I only seem to speak
    in fragments
    or run-on



    By Jessie Erikson on 02.28.2013

  23. I would like to be sentenced for LIFE. To live a full life, a happy life…for it to mandated with no hope of return. That all I do from this day forward was about being happy and making others happy too. For life…..

    By Amy Munns URL on 02.28.2013

  24. a guy was sentanced to death, but he didn’t do anything wrong. he got sentanced to death for not pushing his chair back into the desk. the man had a terrible lawyer who was actually the guy who the judge’s wife was sleeping with, so the judge sentanced him to death as well.

    By lala on 02.28.2013

  25. I am sentenced to a mad house. This house is covered in snow. Where you ask? The location no one must know. It is indeed cruelty, a hardship to bear. The halls are full of demons, beware. They are around every corner and lurk on every stair. I can feel their hot breath tickling the stale air. If only I could find a way out, but the way to the exit is shadowed in doubt. This labyrinth has its hold on me, preventing me from what I’m supposed to be. This misery wasn’t what I had hoped to see, but life’s not always serendipity.

    By untamedimagination URL on 02.28.2013

  26. the sentencing took place in a well lit room. The lanterns on the walls filled the air with their light. However, all Alissa could think of was the flames inside them.

    By Chase URL on 02.28.2013

  27. The gavel came down hard, echoing through the chamber. I was sweating, either from the sweltering Texas heat, or because my life was hanging in the balance in this tiny court of law. Maybe both. Can it be both?

    By Chris Clow URL on 02.28.2013

  28. She was sentencend to death for being so beautiful. Her sentence was to be everyone’s desire, but never actually belong to anyone. She loathed her beauty, even though many envied her for it. She desired to be happy and have someone to call her own, but instead she was sentenced to eternal loneliness

    By Melissa on 02.28.2013

  29. She knew she deserved it for what she did. But she thought life with no parole was a little harsh for someone who had only witnessed. That’s what you get for not standing up for yourself, life with no parole.

    By Grace URL on 02.28.2013

  30. Sentenced to be a writer. Whatever the transgression, whatever the evidence of guilt, he was now condemned to a life without parole to execute himself in and through his poetry.

    By dominguez URL on 02.28.2013

  31. sentences are in paragraphs
    sentenced for a crime
    sentenced is in the past
    how to form sentences

    By kh on 02.28.2013

  32. i had an uncle who was in jail, for a long time, when he got out he was killed by a woman. it blows my mind that he surrvived prison and a woman killed him?

    By Bailey on 02.28.2013

  33. i had an uncle who was in jail, for a long time, when he got out he was killed by a woman. it blows my mind that he survived prison and a woman killed him? after all those years. i know he didnt do what they said he did. i believe him. always will

    By Bailey on 02.28.2013

  34. And so he was sentenced to death by the power of the jealous King Ashe. To find oneself staring death in the face posed no threat to this man.

    By Kenny H. URL on 02.28.2013

  35. sentence. i don’t let sentences

    By clara on 02.28.2013

  36. The crow cheered
    And the crowd cheered
    And the steel glistened dully:
    Blood is such a viscous fluid
    When it gathers in volume.

    By Kairn URL on 02.28.2013

  37. i still cannot understand this society. where a rapist, being lucky, is sentenced about 3 to 5 years while a copyright pirate is sentenced at least 7 years. what kind of a cruel world is this where abuse, physical and psychological, which is irreparable is less important than the theft of some stupid milliondollar movie?

    By helene URL on 02.28.2013

  38. He didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t be happening. He wasn’t guilty how could this happen for god sake be wasn’t even there he was being framed and his family wasn’t happy

    By MiaParker URL on 02.28.2013

  39. she was inncoent. At least she swore she was. the judge sentenced her to 12 years in state penitentiary. How am I supposed to live without her for that long? How will i cope? her supernatural being swept into my life and changed it forever. She’ll get out, i know that some building won’t be enough to contain her.

    By Mejia on 02.28.2013

  40. there was quite a queer look about her, she was afncy dressed and short sentenced, not much would ever come out of those red velvet lips nor did she ever intend such a thing to occur, she was just grateful that she was upon us, the living, how could she have ever though such an occurance plausible !

    By louis on 02.28.2013