February 28th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “sentenced”

  1. We are all sentenced to die. Every one of us is going to have that happen to us. Someday. Not today. I think. But it is an ever-present thought deep inside us. Shouldn’t that thought encourage us to make the most of whatever time is gifted to us?

    By Sheila on 02.28.2013

  2. the murderer was sentenced at the courthouse today. his family, and the victims family showed up for it. Tensions were high, as expected, and the room was very quite, which did not help much.

    By Nick b. on 02.28.2013

  3. I sentenced him to death,

    but he didn’t know it, and continued to plead innocent.


    Innocent, like the children he orphaned. Like the wives he widowed.


    By Shimbo URL on 02.28.2013

  4. sentenced to live with the knowledge that she abandoned her childhood, Katie put every note ofher being towards loving what she had now

    By skylarkin on 02.28.2013

  5. He was sentenced to thirteen years in prison!!! Thirteen freaking years for raping and molesting his 4 year old granddaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sentenced her to a lifetime of therapy and who know what else. I hope he never sets foot as a free man again.

    By klsqtrs URL on 02.28.2013

  6. He walked down the platform and glanced alongside at the faces watching him – eyes bright with greed. This is just a show to them, he thinks. He stops at the rope and they tie the noose around his neck. He sighs with relief when they put the black bag over his head. He couldn’t stand their stares anymore.

    By Kayla URL on 02.28.2013

  7. to death/ put on time/ruled/ judged/spoken/done/ reduced/ over

    By sandra URL on 02.28.2013

  8. I. am. sentenced.
    Ia ms entenced.
    Iam sentenced.
    Iams enten ced.


    By olivia carkulis on 02.28.2013

  9. sentenced without trial,
    they lived in their
    taking the joy
    of holding their lover’s
    if only in a dream,
    to take away the

    By all4imagination URL on 02.28.2013

  10. Sentenced to a life of misery, to be a self-pitiful wreck, a lifeless mystery.
    His soul locked away, the lifeless day to day, the hope now gone, all melted away.
    He won’t feel inside, afraid of his pride, so he keeps hiding behind.

    By Archori URL on 02.28.2013

  11. I was sentenced.

    No, I didn’t commit a crime, nor did I appear in court. It wasn’t at all what you think.

    Someone wrote a newspaper article about me. I was “sentenced” in that article, in many different sentences.

    By chipschap URL on 02.28.2013

  12. Sometimes I have trouble writing proper sentenced stories. I just write down what’s in my head and they’re usually just random words. Although, right now it seems pretty sentenced. Kind of ironic I guess. But hey, that’s me.

    By Anggie on 02.28.2013

  13. She was sentenced to a life that which she no longer had ownership of. The things that she cherished and the things that she adored could no longer be handled by her own tangled up heart. The belief that she could do more with her life than what had been done was long gone. She has to take back what she knows from the very begining and realize that she was loved once, but never more. As this is the last thing

    By Brianne Kiso on 02.28.2013

  14. Doubt could fill any mind with one who’s been sentenced to a life of anxiety and loss of hope. Perhaps now would be the time that the angel of mercy could fixate upon someone so meak and someone so humble for the time being. Claire knew that what she wanted most in this world was to be a parent, but barings of child prosperity ring adiment and non existent.

    By Brianne Kiso on 02.28.2013

  15. she was sentenced, since the moment she left the woods, the wolfs knew she wasn’t going to last. She left yesterday

    By sweat on 02.28.2013

  16. Sentenced. Sentenced. That is all that he could think about. The sweat dripped off of his leather cheek as he stood there, looking helplessly out the window, contemplating his next move. No sooner did he feel the pressure did he arch back, and leap through the glass, breaking his arm in two places. He had to get out of there.

    By Brianne K. URL on 02.28.2013

  17. This was the end, as he stood at the scaffold I was forced back to when he was first sentenced. My mind refused to go there. From the onlookers i blew him a kiss and he wink at me, it was his self assured look that made me quit crying, he didn’t look like a man ready to die

    By Abby on 02.28.2013

  18. Sentenced to a lifetime of joy and love. You. Me. All of us.

    By Alex on 02.28.2013

  19. He turned a last time and looked at the automatic gate closing behind him. Just like a movie, he thought.
    The big, grey building of the prison stood up against the bright, blue sky. He took in a deep breath and let his gaze wander. Everything outside seemed so colorful: the scrawny, timid grass cropping up near the sidewalk. The cars, the trees, the leaves. Even the few people who were unlucky enough to live in that sad neighborhhod. Everything seemed bright and joyful in comparison to the monotonous greyness of the prison.
    Two years had passed since he had been sentenced to jail for grand theft. Two years of nightmares. Two years of Hell.
    He had paid for his mistakes. And now, he was free.
    He breathed in again the already hot air of the summer morning and smiled. It smelled like freedom.

    By Monica URL on 02.28.2013

  20. I’ve sentenced myself to a cell of books. Lectures are bricks and tutorials are lashings. How I am discouraged, demotivated and defeated amongst so many great minds. I am fraction lost, a meagre voice in a choir. This embitterment represented here are my laments from my cyber tomb harrowed by vocalized fears. A prisoner of a room, of duty and shame. Worried of insanity, of instability, of not finishing.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 02.28.2013

  21. He was sentenced a life of pain by the diagnosis he had been given. He watched the doctor’s lips as he uttered each word. His ears had not heard another word after the doctor stated he had arthritis the crippling kind. Wishing he could turn back the clock and have missed the missed appointment he sat mesmerized by the light in back of the doctor’s.

    By Norene on 02.28.2013

  22. Sentenced to silence. Covered in cloth. Tongue-tied by tyranny. Sharp, dark eyes behind the veil, shining.

    By Selfpoise on 02.28.2013

  23. Like finishing a sentence, confident
    composed not uncertain or vulnerable
    A complete thought not to be revisited
    no comparing
    no judging, ever once it is done
    to begin

    By Mary on 02.28.2013

  24. D is for Damien who wore a black coat

    By penny dreadful URL on 02.28.2013

  25. Sentenced to an unquantified number of years in a small penthouse with no windows, no doors, and a flatscreen television with all of the voices playing outside her head. She cradled her own rolled up blanket like something from an unyielding womb was nestled inside it – the child she had not wanted, could never want, and would get rid of because she didn’t want it. But in this world, it was murder. Sacrilege. Dishonor.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.28.2013

  26. to think about tribulations and trials singing in the deep voices of mankind who for one should not be lead by cowardice masters of sickness fleed your own kind feed your madnss niceness is bravery no need

    By Kristine on 02.28.2013

  27. to what? I can’t even remember what the crimes were. No idea what they actually caught us for in the end. It doesn’t matter. I should check how long the sentence is; get an idea of how bad it was.

    By Alastair on 02.28.2013

  28. why would you sentence someone to death! you like to write sentences and it’s really fun and I love to type in sentences and sentenced is not always really fun but I really really love to type. Now you’ve been SENTENCED!!! LOL I’m so funny

    By Alana URL on 02.28.2013

  29. When the murderer was arrested and sentenced to prison for life, his friends, family, enemies , and friends and family to the victims were there. He never expected to actually be caught and be arrested. He always wanted to be free!

    By Alana URL on 02.28.2013

  30. instead of focussing to them, and coming up with a truly attentive punance, most people are punished their entire life by having to wait on somebody or for something to happen before they could rise to action once again.

    By berenique URL on 02.28.2013

  31. Sentenced to life. Sentenced to death. Isn’t everyone?

    By bri on 02.28.2013

  32. He was sentenced to a life alone, and was brought to this by events beyond his control. He was helpless to control his circumstances, doomed to dwell in the past forever and to think about a future that would never be.

    By Chelsea URL on 02.28.2013

  33. To death of course, Electric chair will make you suffer and you’ll face the consequences. You shall be dead within a matter of seconds. execution will be slow

    By weoifw on 02.28.2013

  34. have i been sentenced
    since contraception – xx
    to live a life
    hating my body?

    By sarah marie URL on 02.28.2013

  35. He lied on the floor of the 2×2 room waiting
    for the man in the suit to say the word

    By A. on 02.28.2013

  36. Why would I have sentenced anyone, to anything. No one is guilty. We all have our motives, right? I’m not any worse of a person than you are, right? Every crime is a crime, they’re all the same. We’re all the same. Why would I have sentenced anyone, to anything. No one is guilty.

    By Aubrey URL on 02.28.2013

  37. Sentenced to two months in the San Joaquin County prison for trespassing into to the Macy’s women’s department at 3:00 AM on a school night, Principal Montpierre found the newly remodeled facility, with its neon-colored walls and ubiquitous Apple TV screens, a nice change of scenery from the narrow, dimly lit halls of East Diablo Middle School. During the days Montpierre would watch reruns of painting specials and infant kitsch. And at night he’d dream of a swelte, faceless Macy’s mannequin just inches from his reach. He’d dream of the Southwestern landscapes he’d paint on her pitch-blank visage.

    By Neelvar on 02.28.2013

  38. Sentenced.
    It comes from “Sententia”, Latin.
    Evicted, doomed.

    Failure, a complete, total failure.

    Or maybe just a solid opinion, judgement. Wisdom.

    By Bianca on 02.28.2013

  39. I don’t know why I am doing this. I don’t have any reason to do so. I was told to write about this word. It’s almost as if I was sentenced to do this as a punishment for something I cannot remember. It’s not that bad though because I like to write. This is fun.

    By Eric URL on 02.28.2013

  40. She waited there, in the cold room; seated with an empty chair across the lonely table. Her fingernails were chewed down to the pink, yet she continued to tug and pull and clip them with her front teeth. The inquisition was over and she had confessed everything. She was at their mercy, which she assumed didn’t exist. Now it was just a waiting game to discover how harsh her punishment would be. The morning after prom brought a cool grayness to the previous day’s vibrant warmth.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 02.28.2013