November 19th, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “science”

  1. Science is the knowledge of human kind which can be right or wrong. Science is lower than faith because faith is a divine matter than doesn’t accept wrong.

    By Mohamed Ghuloom URL on 11.19.2010

  2. The sci­ence of it was too com­plex for Miller to under­stand. Nev­er­the­less, he did his best to com­pre­hend just what was going on in the sta­tion. If he did not fig­ure some­thing out soon enough, the whole build­ing would go up in flames — and so would the peo­ple in it.

    By Daniel Chan URL on 11.19.2010

  3. Science is a form of study. It usually conflicts with religion. In fact, some religious figures actually denounce science and scientific studies, claiming they interfere with God and God’s plans for the world. However, this is irrational because science has been used to cure many diseases.

    By Matthew Goldman on 11.19.2010

  4. illiterate. mind blowing and life ruining. the loss of mystery is the loss of humanity. science must try to stop ruining mystery if it is to help and perpetuate the greatness and potential of human minds. necessary but terrible. science must not be taken to seriously as with so many other things.

    By Victoria Gries on 11.19.2010

  5. Science is amazing! It can be used to explain anything. Just the other day in chemistry I learned about hybrid orbitals. This is a way of representing how electrons flow around in molecules.

    By Cameron Backes on 11.19.2010

  6. There is nothing science can tell me that I don’t already understand. It’s just that I don’t really need an explanation for the fullness of my heart, the bass in its beat, or the tremble in my fingers when they color in his jawline with their nails.

    November 19th, 2010. 6:33pm.

    By Christine URL on 11.19.2010

  7. science like physics class. my calculating errors slay me and it changes how i see the world. i cannot decide whether or not it’s a good thing, but it makes things more interesting.

    By Selena URL on 11.19.2010

  8. Science interferes with my spiritual beliefs in that it wants to debunk things which cannot necessarily be seen. Science is helpful in many ways, but also, is constantly changing and because of that, it is difficult to believe the latest research when it is routinely challenged later on down the line.

    I do think science is interesting because it allows us to understand our world more completely.

    By Lauren on 11.19.2010

  9. Sooner or later it will all come to an end. I’m talking about the feeling among many that “science” can answer all the earth’s ills. However, I fear that it will take many many more serious efforts from us all before that time will come. May God speed the return of his Son, and remove from us the prideful hearts that boast in man.

    By Peter Leonard URL on 11.19.2010

  10. I dont’t like sience class. It’s okay at times but usually its boring. well not boring but kind of bland . Just not my subject I guess, but I do like some parts of it. Especially labs.

    By Isabel on 11.19.2010

  11. Science is life changing and annoying. It messes up religions and is extremely boring in school… I am not writing anything else. THE END.

    By Me!!! URL on 11.19.2010

  12. it was pure science. so simple and obvious the universe was constructed of it and in the end destroyed by it. all life on our, ours truly, our planet had ceased to exist and split in two.

    By Lyddie J URL on 11.19.2010

  13. science is a pretty cool thing. it’s when people observe things and do stuff and things like that but i can’t concentrate on writing this becasue people are talking hahahahahah scienceeeeeeeee. yeeah. i like science. other things are cool too. like movies and tv shows. they use science to make those.

    By Doug Smith on 11.19.2010

  14. Third grade science. Mrs. Littlefield. We learned about the solar system. My favorite planet has always been Saturn since Mrs. Littlefield’s class. We also made tornadoes in soda bottles. My favorite project was a volcano made from clay.

    By Em on 11.19.2010

  15. Understanding the building blocks of who you are, will not give you an identity. Knowing how your body functions on a molecular level will not, if fact, make you complete. Understanding chemistry does not mean you understand your life. Building blocks are not for me.

    By Megan on 11.19.2010

  16. so science is the light of the future, but i don’t think is “all” the light there is. We should look inside, like “why” we searched science in the first place…

    It’s about horizons, it’s about growing.

    By nuitei URL on 11.19.2010

  17. Physics does not count it is all math. Biology is clearly the best science. The things science can accomplish now are incredible, even if debatable. Stem cell research, cloning, and such. Say what you will but it is all still incredible.

    By Claire on 11.19.2010

  18. Science is the driving force of the universe. It is what makes men men. It is also a very, very fun thing to do, typically with robots!

    By Sam on 11.19.2010

  19. IT’S THE WAY OF THINGS…IT’S SCIENCE!!! I’ve always been at war with science. It’s boring and seems unimportant. However, that’s not true. There is so much beauty in science. Science, along with math, language and art are all connected. I just wish I would have realized this when I still had to take science courses.

    By Faith on 11.19.2010

  20. Science is a wonderful thing and I wish I understood more of the mysterious formulas and charts on which so many of the scientificos who run the world base their decisions and effect our lives.

    By Bryant on 11.19.2010

  21. Twelve angry men went into a room. Decided to go into the next room. And tried to invent the greatest thing in the world. When they couldn’t do that, they invented science. It’s a conspiracy to get nerdy men laid.

    By Henry Balanon URL on 11.19.2010

  22. Science is really fun. You can learn about the world around you, which is very interesting. It’s quite possibly the best thing ever. Without science, we wouldn’t know about many things. Health. Technology. The world around us. We wouldn’t understand ourselves! How sad is that?

    Science is the basis for everything in life. Coupled with math, it is probably the best thing ever. If you don’t fail.

    By Dominic on 11.19.2010

  23. The science of partying is an art…

    Okay, not really, but I’m so stoked for tonight’s celebration that PARTY is all I can think about!

    By Jhosy URL on 11.19.2010

  24. the science of the world is long and tautry thing. we try to thing of things from our perspective but are never sure what our true perspective is. when one thinks of science they think of a pool of knolage, when it is the act of searching for knolage.

    By russell robinson on 11.19.2010

  25. she cried hard until snot ran out of her nose and her cheeks were wet with tears,”look at me,she said almost with a chuckle,”afterall,it ain’t rocket science-look at me-i am worse off without you…

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.19.2010

  26. Mad science, serious science, the unmanageable urge to know why, how, when, where. Science is the apple and the prayer.

    By jillinski URL on 11.19.2010

  27. the class that I enjoy the most. It’s 6th period, with only 17 kids in it. maybe even less. the teacher lets us go wild. everyone talks, it’s like a family. but something inside stops me. I can’t talk, I can’t enjoy it. this feeling? I think I know what it is. Pride.

    By anon on 11.19.2010

  28. Science is moving. Forward, even. The other day I was told that scientists can now contain anti-matter. Do we know what that means? Probably not, yet. But we can now study the other half of the universe. Infinite.

    By Patrick Russell on 11.19.2010

  29. I stood at the edge of the cliff thinking about the science of gravity and I cried wishing I could see my dead grandfather again. The depth of his scientific knowledge propelled me through college.

    By tim on 11.19.2010

  30. The chemistry that never was quite right. The force that kept us apart. The equation that never kept us balanced. The science that failed us. But there’s still hope. The stars we dreamt under, the sun that kept us warm, the rain we danced in, helps us know that life goes on. The good and bad keep us strong.

    By Ella on 11.19.2010

  31. Science is what we make of it. She likes to think she is a scientist, but she is not. So sad, it is.

    By Verena on 11.19.2010

  32. Science is something very odd. It is the study of many things, like cheese, lizards, and ketchup. Science can be fun and boring at the same time, yet be interesting regardless who you are. Sorry, I’ve gotta go I gotta eat cheese now.

    By Cheese on 11.19.2010

  33. The science of it all. The science of love, of romance. Is it exact as science? Or is in fact science exact at all? Not according to my scientist son. It is all open to interpretation, everything in the universe. If only we could sometimes interpret things the same as our loved ones.

    By Freya on 11.19.2010

  34. Oh, science. How you have given me the world. Earthquakes and headaches, they all go to you. My worst fears and my biggest successes can be attributed to the way that you work the world. I can’t remember an experience that hasn’t in some way connected to you. You are beautiful.

    A love letter to science.

    By Emmy on 11.19.2010

  35. i just ad science and we made videos and mine was really werid. it may go on youtube which would be cool, and i hope mine does. Well it’s a nerdy you tube called school tube. wtf is this anyways?????? i found it on stumbleupon…. ok this is w idk what to wirte……

    By courtenay Roche on 11.19.2010

  36. chemistry. biology. astrology. i like stars and telescopes. and the periodic table. i do not like biology. it’s hard. and lab is terrible. especially if you get stuck with a lab partner who smells like cigarettes. and is a midget. why doesn’t science teach us why people are midgets? maybe it does. kristin is not good at science but she is good at math….but if that is true, why is she not acing stats? i wonder if stats has anything to do with science. i like psychology. it’s the science of the brain.

    By AKEC on 11.19.2010

  37. science.
    I love it, it’s such a great topic.
    organisms smaller the a cell. phototsynthesis. fuck, just everything. I love it. wish i had more of it though.

    By nina on 11.19.2010

  38. Did science finally destroy us? What could wipe out every animal and human, leaving nothing behind — even bones? Except of course, for me.

    A thought tried to finagle its way into my mind. I blanched at even considering it; did I somehow have things backward?

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.19.2010

  39. It was what people thought was real, but was it. Proven was a statement to be scrutinized, and science liked things proven.

    By Bob LeMent on 11.19.2010

  40. Science is like what makes human kind go forward. It’s understanding the laws of nature and of God. It’s understanding who we are, why we’re here and how we’ve gotten here. Science amazes me cause it’s not about making things, it’s about discovering.

    By Lucas Delfin on 11.19.2010