December 21st, 2012 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “scatter”

  1. scatter brain, when I think of you, us. the world and my emotions are scattered from your leaving.
    I hope the scatter will be swept up together and brought together, and hopefully this will include us.

    Your warm embrace scatters my soul, mind and being to the point of wholeness.
    We scattered from each other.

  2. scattered is lost and messy. nice to say. clean to say. lonely? but not really.

    by alice on 12.22.2012
  3. The leaves scattered, like thoughts from a mind in the face of danger, over the cement and under a car. Mixed with the leaves and hidden among them was the not that Leah had meant to give to Jordan. It was gone now but it was just as well for Jordan was gone as well.

    by Anna on 12.22.2012
  4. Scatter.
    c a



    by Ben on 12.22.2012
  5. the flowers sacttered over the field like sand pebbles in the wind. No one cared no one saw the beauty before them. now the time had come.

    by Ken Friedkin on 12.22.2012
  6. She scattered the pieces of the brain on the floor. They were of no use to her now. Now that she had turned into a robot, she was a much smarter person.

    by Hannah on 12.22.2012
  7. Scatter is a type of graph thing, if you have a big scatter then blah omg i don’t know what to write, scatter is a cool word when you are ordering someone. it sounds like a military operation. help. scatter!

    by Bea on 12.22.2012
  8. The shells from the shotgun flew with great force in a scatter pattern faster than the eye can comprehend. Before he even heard the noise his chest was full of metal pellets and his vision had already begun to fade.

    by drollpenguin on 12.22.2012
  9. My life, really. Very organized chaos. Sort of double sided. The scattered part of which I like to get away from. I like to leave it for a more intimate, structured side of my life. The scattered part is not bad, really, but it often upsets me to the point of tears. And I can never tell what kind of tears they are, exactly.

    by Amanda on 12.22.2012
  10. Chris Brown is by far the most talented person to ever walk this planet

    by Justin Damon Budnik on 12.22.2012
  11. It didn’t matter if she scattered her thoughts on the ground – they’d all shatter from the sheer clatter and chatter.

  12. Scatter the sparkles mate
    Your highness is leaving
    Dainty toes don’t touch ground
    Is what he’s believing
    Is it possible sir
    To separate your head
    From your most royal arse
    Or would you fall quite dead
    Bloated by your own farce

  13. Scattering images fall together under the night sky. Who was I? Who will I be? I see all the pieces but what in the puzzle do I see? Scattered dreams among scattered leaves and thieves who wish to see me bleed

    by sereal on 12.22.2012
  14. I’m so scatter brained. My room is a mess. I can’t find anything. I have no organization. And today is Christmas with my Granny, which isn’t going to help. Family drama and all that. I still have school shit I have to finish up, which is totally messes up because I should be on vacation.

    by Kayla Smith on 12.22.2012
  15. your children are far-flung
    meeting every need
    in every continent
    every country
    every city but their own
    and your knees are scabbed
    from being pushed
    one (three hundred thirty three)
    two (forty seven)
    three (three)
    many times, by men paler
    and taller
    and more vicious than you
    and your hair matted with dust
    because you forgot
    that you were worth caring for
    you’re sweaty and tired
    in the unending summer
    but there are lights in your eyes
    and windows
    come nighttime
    because it’s hard to make you
    anything other than happy.

    manila, my darling,
    iniirog kita.
    no place on this earth can ever
    the sunshine of your days
    or the sweetness of your people.

  16. The permutation of the conversation into several streams of slowly flowing words
    Slowly pilfering themselves away until all that remains is a dry silence

  17. Things are lying around. Like bits and pieces of our lives. Together they should form a complete being. But it doesn’t seem like much. Only one person holds the key to making it full.

    by Cath on 12.22.2012
  18. The rain scattered all through the town. The dreary sky looked down upon the people as they busied themselves around in the same way they do evey day. It was a kind of rhythm, a symphony if you will. They went through the same places with the same conversations, and they liked it. Everyday, they droned on, each day almost exactly the same as the last.

    by Morgan on 12.22.2012
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    by Nonames on 12.22.2012
  20. a brain is a very scattered place. like a rollercoaster, it has twists and turns and ups and downs. thoughts move and change every second of every day.

    by angelina on 12.22.2012
  21. run hide do what you must dont let yourself be seen.

  22. leaves, hopes, dust, sound. we scatter things that matter to us, or things we want to get away. i scatter leaves like i scatter my cries, and they float away with none the wiser.

  23. scatter, makes me think of my best friend. scatterbrained child! hardly a child, but scatterbrained all the same. Scatters parts of her life everywhere and anywhere, leaving everyone who meets her in possession of something, some part of her…

    by Purvi on 12.22.2012
  24. sometimes thoughts scatter across a page. and sometimes they scatter across my mind. my thoughts scatter across the sky until i cant see them any more. until nobody understand them and until they are no longer scattered. they are dust particles in the light and seasonings on the earth.

    by cmc on 12.22.2012
  25. genious

    by jonathan Esguerra on 12.22.2012
  26. Scattering of people.
    Scattering of leaves.
    Smattering of ideas.
    Splattering of paint.
    Platform of civility.
    Formation of life.

    by Mike on 12.22.2012
  27. They lay there, scattered all around the floor. To look upon them is to see the only proof that last night really happened. He gazed upon the empty wine bottles, the spilled popcorn, the pillows and blankets. And by looking just a little closer near the fireplace, he noticed the pink lace that she left behind.

  28. WHAT DOES THIS WORD MEANS?? My English is bad and I feel bad.

    by sashka on 12.22.2012
  29. to lay all over the place in tiny fragments

    by yoloman on 12.22.2012
  30. as you roam through the street, in the twinkle of the snow as they drift and flutter, dotting through the street lamp as it floods in circular spots above, they scatter before you. as you approach each new sheet of wonder that floats and drizzles and flutters there before you, they part to let you wander through. and the few flakes that don’t see you coming? well they stick and cling to you, struck by the suddenness of your coming, by the suddenness of your approach.

  31. I don’t know what scatter means….
    it’s like “go away” or “go cook something”. It remindes me of a cat. The “shoo”-ing of a cat. Is that good?

    by Sophie on 12.22.2012
  32. The room was a mess, clothes scattered everywhere. the piles of books nearly reached the ceiling, there were notebooks and pens everywhere. And yer, she had never been in a frame of mind when she had felt more creative.

    by Elizabet on 12.22.2012
  33. Scattering leaves in the breeze
    Around in the wind and through the trees
    Sweeping around my toes and knees
    Colours that excite and please
    A chilly wind, a freeze.

    by Lisa on 12.22.2012
  34. nothing to say about scatter. but i did tried to scatter bricks in a 3d software called maya for my assignment haha.

    by Ayai on 12.22.2012
  35. scatter my heart strings

    by Bronte Cowley on 12.22.2012
  36. Their feathers scatter in the wind. The drops of blood remain. Those fallen from grace have never felt more alone, but at the same time never more free. Free from a perfect but cold world. Free to make their own choices and to live by their own code.