January 9th, 2012 | 259 Entries

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259 Entries for “savage”

  1. The weather was cold that winter, with savage winds licking at my coat every time I left the house. I’d been so stressed that winter that I hadn’t even realized the cold, but it just made everything that much worse.

    By Ashley URL on 01.09.2012

  2. The savage moods swing back and forth. I sit and stare at walls while inside a storm tears apart my soul, eating at my heart, disabling my brain.

    By Disorderly URL on 01.09.2012

  3. i am a savage in my heart
    a fearsome, fierce and feral beast
    yet outwardly i am soft
    i am gentle
    filled with love and laziness
    not at all the savage that my soul sings about

    By Domiknitrix URL on 01.09.2012

  4. Savage people are always so dirty, it seems. They never are ever really clean. Not in my mind anyway. I think cannibalistic people out in the forests who just lurk in the shadows waiting for a straggler to lose his way all together.

    By Laura Garcia URL on 01.09.2012

  5. bear
    not fun

    By ipek on 01.09.2012

  6. savage animals are very dangerous for people. they are lion etc.. I am fraid of it.

    By ipek on 01.09.2012

  7. the savage beast that has been feasting on your misery growls and you slowly lift your head. Because you have to. Because there’s nothing else you can do. You must do it. You must get up…

    You can’t, though…

    It’s savage, whatever it is inside you that makes you go and go and go because all you want to do is stop. But it won’t let you.

    So you heave yourself up laborously and stumble back and forth before you carry on.

    By Elin on 01.09.2012

  8. It’s savage the way some people are treated. What is amazing to me is that people can be inhumane to each other. I hope that we can learn from all of this and be better with each other.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 01.09.2012

  9. He tore through the package like a savage beast rips into his prey. It had to be the one with the kite. His kite. His own that he would fly without sharing with anyone. His own string, his bright beautiful butterfly.

    By Elisha Boggs on 01.09.2012

  10. The savage gallops through the rocky crevice at inhuman speed. His bare feet are callous to the rocky floor, and the only thing on his mind is the blood he smells somewhere up ahead.

    By dan URL on 01.09.2012

  11. the woods were wild; the darkness seethed in our blood and set us alight. no matter how hard we clung to one another to ward off fears of those screeching, bloodcurdling howls, our bodies eventually ran out of breath. in the end, all that was left was the aching knowledge that we ourselves had become the only truly dangerous beasts of the forest.

    By molly alexandra URL on 01.09.2012

  12. How does one define savage? Today, for me, it’s about doctors who prescribe medications without letting their patients know the side effects that will result in the long term taking of the medication. Signed, a Prednisone victim.

    By SusanA URL on 01.09.2012

  13. man, beast honest real raw savage is primal and real and you don’t think and you act because you are forced to the brink of something – survival, food, life, death. helping someone you love. you turn to your most basic instincts and truths and the real truth of who you are and what your capable of comes out.

    By Jenny on 01.09.2012

  14. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They weren’t monsters. They were anything BUT savage. They looked strange and were definitely not human, but does that really guarantee anything? I watched as they communicated and played. The bigger ones seemed to care for the smaller. They were just like animals, maybe more.

    By Rachel N. E. URL on 01.09.2012

  15. I crawled frantically across the blood-streaked floor trying desperately to get away from my incapacitated captors. I heard one of them groan and turned my head just in time to see him start to roll over. I wildly tried to regain my footing but my legs were still weak from the savagery of brutal torture they had inflicted upon me.

    By Nikki on 01.09.2012

  16. This is a loaded word when used to describe people. I work with Aboriginal people who have been labeled as “savages” at points in recent history. We need to look at people as people and not label them with negative qualities.

    By Kathryn on 01.09.2012

  17. He jumped to the ground, flattening himself as the savage-looking person leaped at him. Mark squeezed his eyes shut for a few moments before reaching quietly for the edge of his cloak. ANy second now. Three. Two. One. With a savage-like ferocity, Mark flipped over, slashing with the cloak that had now hardened into a knife. Mission. Accomplished.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 01.09.2012

  18. I remember an episode of Gilligan’s Island…There were some headhunters that had canoed to the island. They all ended getting captured except Gilligan. Gilligan saved the day for them. He climbed a totem pole and the head fell off. There was Gilligan with his eyes blinking and they thought he was an ancient God. Scared them to death and they left the island! I loved Gilligan!

    By Cindy on 01.09.2012

  19. This word can mean a unnatural situation. It can refer to a person who does not meet the standards of a certain culture. savage can also mean to be raw or untamed

    By Terry on 01.09.2012

  20. Fear is a savage beast that resides in your heart. It feeds on all the doubts and lies and tears and pain you harbor inside, fattening itself so that one day, it may destroy you completely. Don’t hold on to its poisoned fangs; look up and see how tomorrow arrives as it tints the sky a lovely hue. You are the only one who can banish the monster inside you. Bandage your wounds; move on. Trust yourself.

    By Airiz URL on 01.09.2012

  21. Digging my toes into the clay beneath my feet I ready myself
    I brush my hand upon my face in elegant strokes, accenting here, twisting there;
    changing the expression on my face to that of a warrior.

    I snarl and rasp and wheeze and gnash my teeth in preparation.

    Fists fly and spin me round, heightening my fury, my frenzy, and my fervor.

    As I prepare for battle, my tribe tightens its grip on the ropes and chains holding me back. As I untangle my wild-man hair it is too late, I’ve slipped free.

    I flee to the woods to ensue the oncoming slaughter and battle.

    Only one will come out alive. Only I will survive.

    Only I
    will fight.

    By Jason URL on 01.09.2012

  22. Soothe the savage beast. That’s what she told me when she saw the wild look in my eyes. Breathe. As I breathe, I see the amazing green that is the color of her eyes, and I focus on that.

    By Leah on 01.09.2012

  23. ‘It’s a savage attack’ is the first thing that comes to mind. Stereotypical dogs, slated by the press. Demonised groups.Yet to consider the two sylables seperately, the one word, ‘sav-age’ can be viewed as ‘sav’ from savoir the French verb ‘to know’ and ‘age’.
    A new definition could be, ‘wisdom coming of age’ !! mmm! I quite like that

    By marlibar URL on 01.09.2012

  24. desperation. frustration. retribution.
    or, it could be the opposite.
    innocent. primitive. instinct.
    both are means of survival.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 01.09.2012

  25. Savage Garden’s music is pretty savage. It’s also savage how some people talk about Savage Garden. Savage backwards is egavas, which sounds like a spanish word.

    By Jillian URL on 01.09.2012

  26. The savage slaughterings in the bolivian forests never stopped haunting me. The time that had passed was enough to shroud most every other moment of my life in forgetfulness, but not those months in the jungle. I never expected to share my story of those times, but…well, recent turns in events have…/incentivized/ me.

    By SIggi on 01.09.2012

  27. oh I am a savage when I forget to control myself. I eat and eat and cannot stop. I kiss and kiss and cannot stop. I slap and slap and cannot stop. I write and write and cannot stop. I scream and scream and cannot stop.

    By Mal on 01.09.2012

  28. The mean unruly beast lumbers down the sewer
    It chomps on meat of bones
    horrible cannibalistic monster of the underworld

    By G URL on 01.09.2012

  29. The beast, no thought or feeling, cold blooded killer. Fear. Lurking in darkness, one without fear or logic.

    By Max on 01.09.2012

  30. A beast is savage, fierce, and wicked. He is raging with horror. He is a monster.

    By Emmet on 01.09.2012

  31. Savage
    ravaging reality
    criss-crossing her face
    like rivers ringing the planet
    savagely marking the moments
    seconds, minutes, days, years,
    tick, tick, tick,

    By tf on 01.09.2012

  32. A beast heads my way, growling and groaning like a engine on a boat. I duck and run past my home past my family past my life, and all my memories. It comes running after me. Chasing me away from my dreams. There has to be a way to get from my nightmares, there has to be a way. But there is not, the savage monster knocks down every thing in his way. Stomping on my life, yet even harder this time.

    By Lizzy on 01.09.2012

  33. Savage
    Like a cold
    blooded snake
    slithering through
    the cold and slimy


    By M on 01.09.2012

  34. Like a snake slithering through the dark and cavernous night.

    By M on 01.09.2012

  35. Savage is a bear
    Savage is someone lost in fear and broken hopes
    Being Savage is a disease
    I got that disease
    Only what is kindness can save me from the dark black water
    I am drowning in it
    Stay away you will become savage too
    I can not be saved
    I have slipped away

    I think that this show much depression and that is has gotten so bad you are drowning it reminds me of a book Mocking Bird.

    By EL on 01.09.2012

  36. He threw the blue orb
    Sending it hurdling
    Onto the brown bridge that
    Would lead to the destruction of a red and white
    It was a dance of will power
    The savage wrath
    Of Tango

    By ellie griffith on 01.09.2012

  37. I could see the savage smashing through the trees. He was a huge black man but he was not really a savage. He just lived in the jungle and hunted fish for his family.

    By Jeanette on 01.09.2012

  38. Savage is an means cruel or fierce. It can be an adjective, noun, or verb. For example, you can say, “She ate like a savage.”

    By Damaris URL on 01.09.2012

  39. Blood on my lips, tear into flesh, bitten to bone; crving more. I need it …teeth …fright …anger… rage ….hate. Release ….let go.

    By Sam URL on 01.09.2012

  40. Savagely, Sages. Remorse of the fallen, forgotten of the times. Savagely attacking, loving, burning, crying, laughing. We are the savages, away from all humanity and every race will never forget us.

    By Rainbow URL on 01.09.2012