February 14th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “sanctity”

  1. I have nothing left, nothing to show. I am left with nothing when they breeched this sancity. Destroying my safe haven.

    By Lindsey Rich on 02.14.2013

  2. Protecting the sanctity of sanity, he lets go of his amity with immortality.

    By Marianne URL on 02.14.2013

  3. This place was in ruins. it was a city long forgotten or cast to the side. it was beautiful it was in a natural state after so many year. it used to be a sanctified temple of man but now it was once again surrounded in the ever growing life of nature

    By Hisoka URL on 02.14.2013

  4. The sanctity of the human mind lies somewhere between truth and reality. There can never be full truth in your reality, nor sound reality on your truth. Even what I am writing is not fully true. The mind is doomed.

    By Laura J on 02.14.2013

  5. i have no idea, which happens a lot i suppose, nothing, blank and time ticks ticks ticks nothing. silence

    By CheyenneDrew URL on 02.14.2013

  6. “He has instilled in me the pureness and sanctity of this blessed ritual; these beautiful, hopeful words that girth the whole of this town. I await for his call—his next instruction will surely be one for peace, and not as you all say, destruction.” The man places the sword on top of the lifeless body and took a step back, held his hands together up front. He is looking down on the ground, quietly, patiently anticipating. One by one, the rest of the townsfolk did the same, and all but the sound of crickets filled the air. The man who is from the city, the same one who crash-landed his plane and had no other choice but to play along with this strange, cannibalistic society is about to make his great escape. He crawls ever so silently into the woods while their eyes were still closed and makes a run for it.

    By Tricia URL on 02.14.2013

  7. Purity.

    Stay Clean.

    Valentine’s Day.

    By myu URL on 02.14.2013

  8. As he entered, he felt calm. The shrine before him possessed a deep spirit, a place where thousands of his ancestors before him had sought peace. The betrayal that was to come, known only by his uncle, would shock this culture to its core.

    By Cashmoney URL on 02.14.2013

  9. The sanctity of marriage is calculated by the high amount of testosterone that regulates the weight and length of facial and armpit hair on a pseudo-macho man who compensates for his little needle and spools with the level of alcohol he imbibes on a nightly basis; and the BMI of a woman who models for the sake of dominant affirmation in a world full of cheap department clothes, cologne, and saved tears in a bottle after gaining three more bruises.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.14.2013

  10. By the time the sun sets, she’s crawling. Her hands and knees are torn and bloody beyond belief. If only they could see her now, disgraced and nearly unrecognizable in the half-light. She knows she can’t allow herself to rest until she reaches the sanctity of the inner rooms, far away from the potential of prying eyes.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.14.2013

  11. Do we have a bond? Something holier than what we’ve been taught? Do we value it? Just because our bodies touch and we’ve created, it doesn’t mean we know what Sanctity really means. You give me a cheap thrill physically. You take my emotions on a ride. You make me want things. I wish to know the meaning. The purpose. I want to understand the sanctity of us. The sanctity of love. Of marriage. Don’t deprive me of it.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.14.2013

  12. Oooms and prayers echo. Lotus sitting position. On my knees. Meditation to reach a higher place. I feel the presence. The divinity. My senses pulsate. I’m riding on a religious high. I feel holy. Saint like. I give thanks. I shed silent tears in prayer. I kiss the temple floors. Holy holy holy. Silent saints. Booming Gods. Life is precious. Sacred. The sanctity of life is never to be understated.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.14.2013

  13. Sanctity of my sanity is a fragile place, one threatened by challenges. I love school, I know and have decided to take a class for the rest of my life. Yet here I sit and type, avoiding yet another paper that brings me so to the edge of insanity.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 02.14.2013

  14. All that is good.That we will never reach but should all try our very best to strive for such safe
    place to land.

    By Traychelle on 02.14.2013

  15. Tell the church bells to stop ringing. It’s an annoying way to tell time, but hey, if you grew up in or around a church, it’s easy to freak someone out by telling them the time without looking at a watch. Most people don’t notice church bells, or even know what they mean.

    I never really cared much for the sanctity of it all.

    Not to mention those hideous uniforms.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 02.15.2013

  16. Tell the church bells to stop ringing. It’s an annoying way to tell time, but hey, if you grew up in or around a church, it’s easy to freak someone out by telling them the time without looking at a watch. Most people don’t notice church bells, or even know what they mean.

    I never really cared much for the sanctity of it all.

    Not to mention those hideous uniforms.

    But hey, at least we didn’t have to worry about much.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 02.15.2013

  17. There’s none left, said the priest. All the crackers were gone. Gone. You’re only supposed to eat one, you know, to symbolize the body of Christ and all that. But some little rapscallion ate the whole thing. Was this some sort of message from God? How could his savior be defeated by a little boy? For Heaven’s sake, he can’t even keep his nose clean.

    By Jesse URL on 02.15.2013

  18. what does it mean to have sanctity
    how do you reach such a level of purity
    how can i fix myself to be as perfect as possible
    to be holy
    to be whole
    what can i do

    By celeste cervantes URL on 02.15.2013

  19. i don’t know what sanctity means, it sounds nice when i say it in my head, almost like the sound of a tranquil triangle or chim. i feel like it is a peaceful word with nice meaning, or a god given right. i dont know what else to say.

    By sam on 02.15.2013

  20. Sanctus, holy, sacred. But what is the difference between holiness and sanctity? Is there one?

    Sanctity and sanctimonious. Cleanliness. Purity of truth?

    By Strophios URL on 02.15.2013

  21. sanctity, germ. Die Heiligkeit

    Wenn der Schein trügt, müsste im Grunde genommen aus der Scheinheiligkeit erst die Heiligkeit entstehen. Ein Paradox. Ist der Schein erst betrogen, heiligt die Nacktheit die MIttel?

    By Lukas URL on 02.15.2013

  22. The sanctity of her soul had been lost. Nowhere to be found. Her innocence had diminished, disappeared completely. She was never the same. Could never be herself again. Could never be happy.

    By Willow on 02.15.2013

  23. I dont know what thhis ord mean. Looks like it is some city.. oh no! it is not.. So, What probably it could mean.. I can divide it into two or more words.. like Sanc + tity.. May be it means loniliness..Noooo .. I guess I am wrong. What! I got another 60 seconds.. Yay! But agian .. I dont know the meaning.. Cant I get a different word may be. Why it has to be so tough.. May be it s my luck. I mean bad luck… :( i think it means I m stupid.

    By astha on 02.15.2013

  24. Why does my brain get tied when I write. It seems to go flat when the imagination leaks out through hidden cracks. There should be sanctity here, and calm in my writing space. If no-where else, here I should be in my prime. But I sit like a flaccid and wrung out character too feeble to carry the story forward.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.15.2013

  25. Holiness is no sanctuary from which to abuse children, Mr. Pope.

    By Thamus on 02.15.2013

  26. it’s a lovely place where I can unwind and not feel like I should be doing something else. I don’t know how else to add onto it. No wait, cheeseburgers. Definitely cheeseburgers can do that for me! Food, all in it’s greasey glory.

    By Megan on 02.15.2013

  27. Hellighed:

    Er noget jeg forbinder med at være hellig i den forstand, at man afholder sig fra at gøre forskellige ting ud fra forskellige normer og principper, som man har sat op for, hvordan man bør leve sit liv. Hellighed har i virkeligheden en negativ ladning i mine ører og jeg håber ikke, at jeg bliver betragttet som hellig :D

    By Sandra Jul Jensen URL on 02.15.2013

  28. At what point in the chain of life does sanctity of life cease to apply. Somewhere above the cockroach? Below the bacterium?

    By Thamus URL on 02.15.2013

  29. What I find in my everyday experience. It could be a form of sanctity, a certain kind of beauty. All the time, every second, moment, glimpse, all is encompassed by a smile, a never ending stream of happiness.

    By Jan2510 URL on 02.15.2013

  30. something fancy

    By m on 02.15.2013

  31. i dont know what this means. looks like sanity when you first look at it. insanity is freedom, but im am almost positive it is a freedom no one wants. its dangerous opens you up to thinks you didnt know were possible. possibilities that you could do or reach.

    By Nadie URL on 02.15.2013

  32. You can’t sanctity this word. Though I have no clue of what this word meaning is I can still try an write about it. Firstly I think it means to judge something or clear it up. I hope I am correct.

    By Kazon URL on 02.15.2013

  33. The place in my heart where I know it’s alright. My first thought upon waking from a good nights sleep. A child’s smile. My heart. My mom. Action taken towards my dreams.

    By Jt URL on 02.15.2013

  34. The sanctity of the church has been brought into question on more than one occasion. However the incident which occurred over the last month, where we see the head of the church giving permission to perform same sex marriages, have poured more condemnation at them, and have also cause many people to regret that they had anything to do with it and have with drawn they presence form it doors.

    By victor URL on 02.15.2013

  35. The box, a dry, wooden cube
    with missing knots and rust spreading screws
    was left behind, in the plastic shed at the end of the garden
    that had become a maze of weeds and broken branches

    A boy, no more than 5, roams the new wasteland,
    his twitching fingers and wandering eyes, spy
    the shed, then the box, then the truth

    By gsk URL on 02.15.2013

  36. Worlds apart
    From where my petals fell

    Tripping over my feet, there’s no place for me here
    I live in languages that I don’t understand

    I never understood why no one ever held my hand
    So I never learnt to stand

    By Perri URL on 02.15.2013

  37. He had sallow, dirty cheeks like fresh dug holes in the earth, and his skin was cold and wet. Yet he glowed despite his sickness. He smiled at me warmly and I noticed that his grass green eyes were still electric, as if his blood ran lightning. As long as I was by his side, I knew that I would be safe.

    By Perri URL on 02.15.2013

  38. I dont know what that word means. I know a building called sjr sanctity though. And I know some people who live their too. But I wouldnt want to live their. It looks kinda small. soo. What else? Um

    By Akanksha on 02.15.2013

  39. I asked for sanctity. I needed it, boy did I need it. A sake place a place to hide, a place to rest. A place to be safe. But no, they didn’t want me, didn’t want my problems. I couldn’t blame them really, I wouldn’t want me either. Still, sometimes you hope, you hope you have found somewhere, someone who can help you. I thought I had. I was wrong.

    It’s been a long time since I felt safe. The last time was one year ago. A year. It feels like so long. The time used to fly by, Christmas would come and Christmas would go and then it was Christmas again. Now each day is like a year in itself.

    By A. Black on 02.15.2013

  40. sanctity is real or is imaginated thing? de ce nu s-au salvat două texte de-ale mele: unul de ieri şi unul de azi?
    sfinţenia în înjruături
    şi sanctitatea în rugăciuni.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.15.2013