February 14th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “sanctity”

  1. They tell me that if I marry him it’ll take away the sanctity of marriage.

    I don’t really understand that myself. What’s so sacred about any marriage? The fact that it’s presided over by a religious figure? You can get married by a guy dressed up as Elvis in under fifteen minutes. The fact that it produces children? I could do that if I wanted to, and I wouldn’t even need to consult the wannabe Elvis. So really, I’m curious, what is so sacred about marriage as it exists in your country today?

    Don’t come to me with your arguments about sanctity. All they’ll convince me of is that I understand the nature true love better than you ever will.

    By Julia A. URL on 02.14.2013

  2. i am currently ruining the sanctity of empiricism. i am the worst research assistant ever. this literature review is killing me and my mind is everywhere other than these articles.

    By sarah marie URL on 02.14.2013

  3. “You have no common decency.” The woman said. I found this quite humorous as debris from the chicken salad sandwich she was eating came flying from her mouth. “I would agree with you ma’am, as I consider my decency to be quite uncommon. And it is quite a shame too, as I feel this whole incident could have been avoided had you any regard for the sanctity of a person. Uncommon decency indeed.”

    By Casual Fridays URL on 02.14.2013

  4. I literally already wrote about this so it’s really annoying and now I am bored. AHHHH if anyone ever reads this, I am now obsessed with danisnotonfire on youtube. please watch, now.

    By Sophie Wand URL on 02.14.2013

  5. You keep in within the white walls,
    The golden alter,
    Sinners and saints.
    I keep it in the sunlight,
    and the ridges of my fingernails and
    The sky.
    I keep it in myself.

    By letusbelennon URL on 02.14.2013

  6. Its crazy how Know one really appreciates the sanctity of marriage anymore. It’s like now a days having five or six divorces is completely normal.

    By Haley on 02.14.2013

  7. Fellatio? And Steak??

    Yes Please!

    By nateetan URL on 02.14.2013

  8. Pierdo la santidad cada díá. No encuentro la solución aunque creo que la conozco. El miedo la esfuma y desespero. Encierro y torturo casi por voluntad. Todo por miedo. Soy cobarde.

    By Meditabundo on 02.14.2013

  9. The sanctity of marriage was one something held so sacred. Generations before us held it in their hearts as a precious and joyous thing. Now even those younger than me know the foolishness and lack of sanctity in this. Broken into pieces of what we once were, we stand and fall.

    By Joshua Barbieri URL on 02.14.2013

  10. The sanctity of marriage. What does it even mean? Cheating, lying, all of the cliche bullshit associated with eternal love. It means nothing anymore.

    By Poopy on 02.14.2013

  11. the sanctity of marriiage has no place in my affair. we met three weeks ago and fell madly in love. never before have i permitted myself to engage with a taken man. i have never been “the other woman.” until now.

    By l on 02.14.2013

  12. I don’t even know what this word means exactly. I believe in something that is private. Something you keep between you and a lover or something like that. I’m probably wrong, but I guess that’s what I see and think about. I feel like its something sacred.. something beautiful and worth keeping sacred.

    By MollyRose Morgan URL on 02.14.2013

  13. i dont know what the hell does that mean
    sn is like san fran sisco and i des agree with every onbe that knows better tan me , it has titty in it , good enouh , e5laso ba2a , a7a
    i dont want to still write this crap sanctity im listening to abba and this is not even half as gay as what i am doing i wont w

    By zeby on 02.14.2013

  14. The sanctity of the american people falls on the people and not the government. The government is ruining our nation and we need to keep what our founders wanted. The sanctity of one nation cannot be replaced by tyrants or dictators and we cannot allow our government to become dictators or tyrants.

    By Autumn on 02.14.2013

  15. Closer to the Earth, look how the Sun never shine on you; think how the moon is always calm; while some of us lose life, while for some others just start.

    By Maj on 02.14.2013

  16. i don’t know. the sanctity of…something in your eyes. something in your innocence, something i don’t want to break, let loose, set free, wreak havoc on the world. just do me a favor and stay a child.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 02.14.2013

  17. Sanctity–a word so bold and entwined in her bones like dry leather, she carried. With pride, and remorse, and sensibility.

    By RK URL on 02.14.2013

  18. The sanctity of the place is beyond question, but not beyond manipulation for political purposes. People who have never even been to the site claim it is the center of their universe.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.14.2013

  19. It’s something I don’t know. Never heard the word before. But it makes me think of a city full of sanctuaries. Maybe because I’m a rapper and like wordplays. Whatever. Sanctity. Reminds me of titties.

    By Ibrahim URL on 02.14.2013

  20. the sanctity of life and purpose lies in the willingness to give up all things hindering the fulfillment of such. it is the sanctity of sacrifice. this sends a message to the universe that you are will to give—not for the sake of getting—but to simply give.

    By Safon URL on 02.14.2013

  21. the safe place someone can go to. feeling safe. having a safe haven. having your own space. somewhere to go.

    By Brandy kitty on 02.14.2013

  22. This made me smile.

    My home is my sanctity. Away from the city, even away from the town. Everyday I can leave the hustle and bustle and stress from my day and drive to my sanctity. It is fortified by the Ashley River, meaning physically, I have a barrier that protects me from the world.

    By tamara.b URL on 02.14.2013

  23. Marriage. Though there is seemingly little left of true sanctity in the traditional sense of marriage. Does there need to be? Does sanctity mean being completely and utterly faithful to your significant other?

    By Laura on 02.14.2013

  24. a refraction of light across the ceiling
    smooth like prayers in a language you
    don’t know how to speak.

    laying in the dark, hands still on your chest
    pull loose threads until they give.

    breathe it in, the taste of tears
    again in your saliva.

    (you could be looking at stars.
    these are your stars.)

    By invinculis URL on 02.14.2013

  25. Sanctity is what draws us closer to sin, imperfection. In our quest to achieve sanctity we always end up on its opposite end, the unholy.

    By Belle de jour on 02.14.2013

  26. I see this word and for some reason I think of that Disney movie, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, where the creepy evil priest guy violates any religious belief he may have ever had or that he promotes. He violates the sanctity of the religion and for what he signed up for. Oh, and he also kills a lot of people, thinks of our main character as a freak and a slave (but thankfully somehow brings him up right) and then wants the gypsy girl to burn in hell for making him all crazy and wont let anyone else have her. …this IS a kids movie, right?

    By Julie URL on 02.14.2013

  27. the sacredness of profanity. my sanctity, my sweet holiness, only found in the baptismal of the gutter, the confirmation of trash, and the forgiveness of toxic fumes.

    By dominguez URL on 02.14.2013

  28. the priest lifted his arms
    the white robes ruffled in the stale air
    the congregation sat in silence
    From the seventeenth row I stared straight ahead
    my brain exploding
    and before i knew it I opened my mouth
    and the great glass windows behind him
    shattered into a million rainbow pieces

    By Aidan on 02.14.2013

  29. Sanctity…doesn’t that mean sanctuary, or something that’s sacred and should be untouched? I feel that way about poetry. I used to be a short story writer, and loved it. Now, the general apathy I feel towards the genre guilt trips me.

    I feel that poetry is sacred, a thing I shouldn’t touch, less I rape it with my horrible miscarriages I dare to call “poems”.

    By Alexia on 02.14.2013

  30. Its homeward
    Protection, being cloistered within the loving arms of family
    the singing dilapidated sunbaked house where Ive never felt sad
    The only emotions allowed here are peace and her sisters.

    By jonathon URL on 02.14.2013

  31. Crazy

    By Hem URL on 02.14.2013

  32. The green doors opened and we expected a beauty inside. Instead of that sanctity, we discovered a black hole. The scarred edges of the architecture told us that someone had been here long ago, and let too many enter their doorstep.

    By Kairn URL on 02.14.2013

  33. I have no idea what this word means, and I just wrote this but I didnt sign up and so when i findished it said there was an error. So I signed up and now I am back to the same word, oh no what if you can only do one word once a day that would just kill me I need moer inspriation than that. writers block lasts longer than one word come on people so whos going to tell me what sancitiy means. I cant even spell it apprantly

    By Svetlana URL on 02.14.2013

  34. Private place for me only. Piece of mind. Righteousness. Perfection.

    By Deryk on 02.14.2013

  35. Dazed and confused, he searched on. Where would he find it? Did it lie amongst the chaos of this unfamiliar world, the faces of those who surrounded him? He ran through the glistening streets, rain pouring, as he looked for life.

    By Archori URL on 02.14.2013

  36. Sanctity. I just can’t reach it. It is not like I cannot deal with quitting all earthly pleasures, I can go days without being sinful at all, yet there is one tiny little problem about reaching sanctity for me: I am the Devil, Satan himself.

    By gagalosh on 02.14.2013

  37. Sanctity=something that is sacred. Every person has a different sanctity in their life, and every person needs one. Or maybe more than one. I have one. I have a place, an activity that is sacred to me. It is my sanctity.

    By AnnieB URL on 02.14.2013

  38. The sancitity of our home.

    I looked at him. “Do you even know what that means?”

    He blinked. “What?”

    “Do. You. Even. Know, what that means?” I tried not to roll my eyes. “You blockheaded idiot. Don’t use words that you can’t properly fit together.”

    “I’m not trying to do what you think I am!”

    “And what do I think you’re doing?”


    “I rather thought so. Do you mind?”

    “As a matter of fact, I do. I would much rather prefer that you were able to-”

    “Shut up. Just shut up and sit down. We’ll discuss this later. In the meantime, say hello to my ridiculously helpful friend.”

    “Wikipedia?” He snorted.

    “Miriam Webster!” I threw the dictionary at his head.

    He dodged it.

    The Iphone hit him.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.14.2013

  39. 1+1= something that was once special.
    Not anymore.
    Sanctity no longer something important.
    1+ many partners = something that now a days,
    Is what people usually strive for.

    By hellohaleyxo URL on 02.14.2013

  40. I lay here, nothing is safe, nothing is left. I have no where left to turn, no one left to trust. Nothing remains when the sanctity of ones mind is tainted.

    By Lindsey Rich on 02.14.2013