August 29th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “salvation”

  1. She would talk about hope, but that one little word was dynamite, loaded with all the fear and anxiety that she had endured over seven years in hell. She hoped that her brother would find salvation. She hoped that Helen Luscombe would get her comeuppance.

    By sharon london on 08.29.2012

  2. Salvation… Yep, that’s something I need, salvation from this rutt I’m in. I have to go to work because I need the money, but if I go to work I have no time to go anywhere else so the money is meaningless. Is there any salvation from this repetitive monotony?

    By BekahCat URL on 08.29.2012

  3. no heaven. no hell. nothing to be saved from. we all must live our lives without the fear of a divine being. life is precious. live a full life. have no regrets

    By Nick on 08.29.2012

  4. I understand the meaning of salvation. It’s like being saved. I am Agnostic, so I don’t know if I BELIEVE in salvation. Maybe it exists, maybe it doesn’t. Salvation… It’s complicated. It has so many different meanings and interpretations that can’t be simply explained.

    By Afton URL on 08.29.2012

  5. Salvation. We all look to it. It is the master of all things in this world. Salvation is what leads us to destroy ourselves, in the ironic attempt to better ourselves. We will never reach salvation, because it does not, nor will it ever, truly exist. We are alone.

    By Alex Crocker on 08.29.2012

  6. Salvation…all I can think of is religious salvation. The kind where someone “saves” someone else from the corruption in the world. Half the time I think its BS. Salvation from our societies constraints is more like it. That’s my kind of salvation.

    By Hannah Jonas URL on 08.29.2012

  7. Salvation.. the next word that comes to mind is Army. Although, in my state the salvation army is a profit organization, I don’t know if it’s like that everywhere. I believe it shouldn’t be though. I think it should just be donation and helpful to people who need it. Why should the company profit off donated belongings? That doesn’t seem fair.

    By RachaelMuch URL on 08.29.2012

  8. A man is stranded on an island, for days with no one but himself for company. He has no way of contact, and no way to get off. Until one day a boat passes by and saves him from his loneliness and despair. Salvation

    By Nick on 08.29.2012

  9. The flames lashed licked around his legs, burning and sizzling the hair upon his flesh. His screams went unheard, that is except for Lucifer, himself.
    “I can offer you salvation,” he laughed.
    “Anything,” replied Rondare
    “You must do my bidding upon the earth. That’s my price.”
    “I will,” breathed the boy.

    By Helen URL on 08.29.2012

  10. what i can receive from a sense of saving. i am saved. maybe not always better forever, but something has changed, whether circumstance or in my head or heart . an occurance hthat has made me feel better.

    By Melissa Dawn on 08.29.2012

  11. please be my salvation
    salvation from what?
    from me mostly.
    I am my biggest disappointment, my biggest hurdle…
    I have to overcome Me all by myself but that doesn’t mean you can’t help…
    just take my hand and support me when I’m ready to fall
    and, most importantly, remind me to keep fighting
    and I know I can do this.

    By Samira URL on 08.29.2012

  12. to stop the people and things from being malnourished. to help all living things. to be fed when hungry in all senses of the term not just literally.

    By Carly Tomko on 08.29.2012

  13. The salvation of man kind was brought about through Christ our savior, after the fall of Adam which was necessary for the plan of salvation.

    By Margaret on 08.29.2012

  14. I watched his face bypass pink in favor of scarlet as the loud words clattered loose from his mouth like rotten teeth, each making an empty echo in the massive room. All he talked about these days were fire and brimstone and how we must prostrate ourselves before our god in order to achieve salvation.
    I wished he’d stop making so much noise. The pews are far from comfortable, but I want to sleep.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.29.2012

  15. They say I’ll find salvation when I atone for my sins. They say I’ll find salvation when my life with Christ begins. They say I’ll find salvation when I finally see the truth. They say I’ll find salvation even when I’ve lost my youth. They twirl around their crosses and they pat me on the head, and they tell me Hell’s no place to go when at long last I’m dead. But if salvation comes and asks me to then hate myself, then I’d rather be lost from God than be somebody else.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.29.2012

  16. Fighting, Fighting for salvation.
    That’s all they wanted.
    Fire burning, skies falling, echoing screams.
    All war.
    But the smog,
    the smog,
    the smog.
    It filled the air,
    burned my lungs.
    Make it go, make it go.
    It was like the nagging of my father when I was little.
    “Wash your hands for dinner you dirty little rat!”
    Bam, bam against my head. Oh, father, please don’t hurt me.
    But wait, that was the gunshot.

    By Lily on 08.29.2012

  17. Sigh save me from writing about this, what did I do to deserve this terrible fate. I hate writing, my grammar sucks, it will be long month of training with this website.

    By Devin on 08.29.2012

  18. Wine is my salvation. From water to wine. The warm fuzzy feeling I get after a glass of pinot noir cannot be rivaled.

    By leelee on 08.29.2012

  19. The crusade took them over mountains and away from the fighting that ravaged their home lands – and threatened their very existance

    By Sarah on 08.29.2012

  20. My salvation, my goddess. She came to me like a vision. Like a mirage. Yet she was real, and I no longer was. I was a part of her for the first time.

    By Emily URL on 08.29.2012

  21. That’s all I need. A hand reaching down from above to pull me up to where I can see. A low branch on a tree, to help me climb, climb, climb, up to the top, so I can see. I can’t see without it. I can’t see.

    By Raneem URL on 08.29.2012

  22. The crusade took them over mountains and away from the fighting that ravaged their home land – and threatened their very existence

    By Sarah on 08.29.2012

  23. strength courage safty love humanity god need courage need want what you really nead the end of the road the meaning of life

    By kyle on 08.29.2012

  24. Fires. Fires in the sky,
    kind of like clouds.
    But instead the color of my brother’s hair.
    Flaming red, on the tips turning light orange from the sun.
    The Fires. What are they from?
    From the mills,
    from the grass,
    from the bodies.
    But the Fires aren’t the worst of it.
    The War’s what caused it.
    What caused it all,
    what caused them to throw his body in the ditch.
    Now his hair’s in the sky.

    By The_Monster_Creation URL on 08.29.2012

  25. To the world, he may just be an ordinary kid, but when I look at him, I see my salvation, the answer to my desperate prayers. He gave me brighter days and made me believe that this time, love might actually be mine.

    By Sanrey URL on 08.29.2012

  26. My salvation was in my blood. I sliced the knife down carving a trail for the blood to run down. I licked my arm as the flavor of blood swelled on my tongue. I savored it felling the blood slowly trickle down my arm.

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.29.2012

  27. Salvation is the place where my life resides and rests off from anarchy and judgement that sad shadows attempt to get me in, involved in high lights I can only watch my feet get through a mass of sweet harmony and songs that mom used to sing

    By Libelle URL on 08.29.2012

  28. I Had a dream where melting faces screamed used old names of
    nice high mountains where the voice of someone spoke slowly against
    the beat of my senses.
    Now I’m growth enough to understand where my scream resides
    melts inside your face.

    By Libelle URL on 08.29.2012

  29. I don’t know what salvation means i think it has something to do with religion but i don’t exactly know how to put that into a story so im just going to write as much as i can until time runs out bleeeeehhhh too much time and not enough ideas im screwed but this site is cool

    By Agramon on 08.29.2012

  30. ‘Salvation. It’s something everyone wants. Thing is, most people don’t realize they’re the only one who can save themselves. They look to their friends, family, Jesus, maybe even the government. But ain’t no body looking out for them.’

    He spit out his tobacco and walked away into the dimly lit mist.

    By Adam URL on 08.29.2012

  31. My failure was my salvation. It was only when I had been beaten, past the point of redemption, that I no longer had to play by their rules. I was free, saved from a live of monotony.

    By Mike on 08.29.2012

  32. This is a word that I can not say I truly understand, perhaps I need more time before the meaning will be revealed to me.

    By paulie aragon on 08.29.2012

  33. I always like to think I’m saved. Like the pastors always said, the Savior brings salvation…right? Sometimes I worry God is too mad or disappointed with me to save me. Like I’m letting everyone in heaven down. And that scares me, because someday I want to know I am just loved and saved for being me.

    By Faith URL on 08.29.2012

  34. And we saw him. There he was, standing atop the mighty red hill, tired and hungry from fighting and carrying on. He stood proud next to his flag. They had won. But he had not. He dropped to the grouch and slouched over. His eyelids hung open and he sat there. Just sitting. Protecting the flag for all eternity.

    By Autumn Hayley on 08.29.2012

  35. is not something that anyone needs anymore. The world needs unity. It is mankind that needs salvation, not individuals. That era is gone, past, done, over, end, period. The salve of self is appeased. The world needs saving, if there’s any saving to be done.

    By Bruce Filson on 08.29.2012

  36. salvation is what everyone wants and needs and few get. in all kinds of ways mankind is looking for salvation. the need to be saved is in every depressed teenage girls soul every single mom…

    By Dawn on 08.29.2012

  37. The only hope is salvation. Or so they say. I don’t personally believe in it. I believe we’re all just dust in the wind. There’s nothing watching over us except the sun and the moon, dictating our lives.

    By Brandi on 08.29.2012

  38. He had become her salvation.
    In the short amount of time it took for him to completely win her over she realized that she had never been so struck by a person. She wasn’t a saint, she wasn’t perfect, and neither was he, but together, maybe, they could become a little better.
    Maybe that’s all she could hope for.

    By alindy URL on 08.29.2012

  39. Friday.
    3:30 pm.

    By Bea on 08.29.2012

  40. There is no salvation, only recompense. Those were the thoughts that rushed through my head as I went over the wall in search of the next great opportunity. Stop and think? Never. That would only soften the impact.

    By TJN on 08.29.2012