August 29th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “salvation”

  1. If one could only dream of the horrors we had experienced, then we might have had something believable; but it was no dream, and we are experiencing it. Right. Now. You see, my fellow colleague Dr. Hubert Steingraber devised this clever mechanism that could with-tract all feelings from a persons mind…

    By poxto on 08.29.2012

  2. you are my salvation; you’re my fountain of water in a desert. bathe me in pure, angelic light, just as my days get dark. your winning smile. your amazing charm. and i’m the one you chose to save

    By Kim on 08.29.2012

  3. If one could only dream of the horrors we had experienced, then we might have had something believable; but it was no dream, and we are experiencing it. Right. Now. You see, my fellow colleague Dr. Hubert Steingraber devised this clever mechanism that could with-tract all feelings from a persons mind, and it just so happened to cause the entire planet into a worldwide war that obliterated the entire human species, except for me, a teenage girl, a professor of literature from Russia, and my fellow Colleague, Dr. Huber Steingraber.

    By Li Poxto on 08.29.2012

  4. At the end of the road, there is said to be salvation. I don’t know if I believe if it is true or not, but I would like to think that there is something better waiting for me after all of this. Some people might think that is naive, but it is comforting to me anyway.

    By Goodies on 08.29.2012

  5. Salvation…please save me from all the Christianity dripping from my Facebook newsfeed. I’ve been able to stop the goofy emails for the most part, but posting photos is all the rage now on FB. I would say a third of them are about religion.

    By Jean on 08.29.2012

  6. She met with me for just a short time. I believe it was only two minutes. She had sweaty palms and her glance never rested in one place for more than a second. I heard a beeper go off. Her salvation.

    By Karen on 08.29.2012

  7. Salvation doesn’t always show up when you want it to. There is no fashionably late with saving grace. It needs to come sooner than later.

    By dan URL on 08.29.2012

  8. see at first I think of saliva when i see this word but of course saliva has very little to do with salvation. I find my salvation in the love of friends and family and knowing i don’t need another person to love me romantically to complete me. I’m happy.

    By Michelle on 08.29.2012

  9. salvation is something that is important to me in my religion because I mean, salvation is one of my favourite words. God gives us salvation everyday.

    By Alyssa on 08.29.2012

  10. Her feet hammered on the ground as she scrambled through the corridor, looking hastily from right to left, for any sign of the young man she had come to love, the only man who would grant her salvation. She lowered her gaze, while feeling the taste of copper—her blood on her taste buds. Realization hit her, she slowly and hesitantly uplifted her trembling hand towards her forehead, then she lowered her hand, whilst heart beat furiously. Her eyes enlarged as she gazed at her her pale and quivering hands, from her fingers leaked blood, blood that was heavily pouring down from her forehead.

    She was dying. The man had struck a blow to her head, it was a miracle how she had survived it for this long. She closed her eyes, “I’m so—sorry, m’Lord. I couldn’t save you…” She knew she was going to collapse any moment now…

    By Aisha on 08.29.2012

  11. mnjjk

    By Carmen448 on 08.29.2012

  12. I read once that religion has monopolized powerful, powerful words. It has taken them and forced man to become self deprecating in order to attain some sense of fulfillment.

    But there lies a deeper existence, a more human experience that allows man to succeed in all that he does. There lies the human ideal that worships man’s potential. Salvation? You don’t need Church for that.

    By ankni on 08.29.2012

  13. I didn’t ask for salvation. I was quite fine being what they called Devil Spawn. I was perfectly happy being evil. I was glad to be full of hatred. That wasn’t the problem…

    By Iam Me on 08.29.2012

  14. It’s never what you expect it to be. Like falling in love, or falling down stairs.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.29.2012

  15. I have it. I got it free from a man who died for me. He will give it to you to if you just give Him your life.

    By jan chapman on 08.29.2012

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    By burt b on 08.29.2012

  17. Save us. Please, we’ve gone on like this for long enough. We can’t take it anymore. We’ll do anything, just please relieve us from this hell! We need salvation!

    By Sammy on 08.29.2012

  18. It feels pitiful that I’m begging for salvation on the third day back. It feels absolutely pathetic. It must be me. There’s no other explanation behind how every single person I’ve ever interacted with has invariably become basically a CHORE in my mind by the time I’ve known them six months. There must be something the matter with me.

    By Julia A. URL on 08.29.2012

  19. It was my salvation, on that hot steamy day, to find an ice cold bottle of lemonade. It was glass, like they used to make all bottles, and it had drips of ice rolling down the side. I sat in the shade and sipped it. For once not caring that I only had seven days to live.

    By alias on 08.29.2012

  20. The amazing days that one will soon find freedom. No one is free. no one is free at all. I think that this word ‘salvation’ will one day be useful to the civilized and that you will no longer need to fear anyone being. Be you and freedom will be shown.

    By Nexia Williams on 08.29.2012

  21. The time and moment where everyone is alive. “RUN! We are free! Finally FREEDOM IS ON OUR SIDE!!!” The words you will scream when you feel that piece of you cry out happiness.

    By Nexia on 08.29.2012

  22. Salvation, my grandma was just that to me and more. She saved me from harm everyday. Now I’m on my on and I have to figure out how to do it myself, but how can I do that with no training? It’s impossible right? Wrong. I’ll show every person that I’m strong enough to make it on my own. Look out world, here I come.

    By Miss on 08.29.2012

  23. You hear it in the tinny ring of muted trumpets, in a dark corner of a darker bar, as her voice rings out over the rumble of distant conversation. Here, you are home. She’s got a microphone, everything smells like beer, but for tonight it doesn’t matter, because in the timbre of her voice lies your ———.

    By Toria on 08.29.2012

  24. Like a gentle salve put on to my wounded soul,
    From dark company of your faithlessness,
    I look into the night, at the twinkling starlight,
    For a salvation that is amber poured numbness…

    By Mahatma on 08.29.2012

  25. our father in heaven,
    hallowed be your name.
    i’d love a place beside you
    and walk on pearls every day
    who wants hellfire 
    when there’s golden bathtubs
    and eternal pain
    when you can eat perfect apples
    i wish i could befriend your angels
    and make them teach me harp
    i’d sing all the songs you want
    i’d have forever to practice
    but as long as your preachers
    give me their dirtiest/most pitying
    while i’m sitting in the pews
    as long as your people mock me
    for my hair,  for my clothes
    for holding hands in the street
    as long as i fear being disinherited
    by the family who raised me
    as long as i’m told i’m wrong
    for praying at the wrong altar
    as long as i do right by you
    and still be seen unclean
    no, thanks.
    forgive me for not accepting
    your gift of blood and splintered wood
    there’s flesh i need to touch
    and it’s not the kind everyone else wants
    so long, salvation,
    i like to kiss girls who like other girls
    and there’s a girl in particular whose lips
    will taste like sin and gravity,
    forever and ever, 
    as long as i’ll know her, 

    By isa on 08.29.2012

  26. Salvation is achieved through our own efforts of ignoring ignorance and embrace what’s good for our soul, throwing away the thought of not wanting to know even if its bad.

    By Andre Martins on 08.29.2012

  27. Simple salvation is something that not many seek properly. Too many are caressed by the images and the concerns of ancient apostles, and for that they are left without a proper place to seek. This, I think, is the core conundrum of modern society; many who are are without a fundamental grounding in their own selves, and what we, as society, are left with is simple detritus.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.29.2012

  28. Salvation is probably never attainable, just a goal that can never be reached. Not even biblical or religious salvation, but our personal salvation from our personal hell. Once we understand that we are saved.

    By Leonardo URL on 08.29.2012

  29. i went to a christian high school and they defined salvation in religious ways. I don’t believe in any particular religion but i do believe in the power of language. salvation is one of those powerful words. in today’s society, it’s not good deeds that govern our actions but rather our words, our mastery of language.

    By Morgan on 08.29.2012

  30. Save me from who I am.

    By Amris on 08.29.2012

  31. Salvation has definitelly a Christian taste, like be-good-boys-and-girls-and-do-as-you-are-told-or. Or. God forbid we dont behave ourselves! But truth be told, you’re my salvation. For I know my safe spot is in your arms, you’re my life jacket, tou push me up, you save me from drawning in everyday desperation, in anesthetic pain and numbness, and routine and profitably well-counted minutes: you are timeless solace, bliss… The only salvation seems to be love.

    By Sunray on 08.29.2012

  32. Saving grace, the one thing left to hold you up. or hold you down in the case of some. religiously salvation can mean many things pertaining to your certain god or deity but in my book salvation is whatever can keep me alive and caring, because the sporadic turns in life are enough to make the heartiest of us fall.

    By Jenna URL on 08.29.2012

  33. Where is it? Salvation. I guess I have to find it for myself, get used to here and grow up in it or go back. The first is the lesser of the two evils and quite frankly the only way I can live.

    By Danaé on 08.29.2012

  34. When you walk
    Through the storm
    Hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of the storm
    There’s a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of the lark
    Walk on, through the wind
    Walk on, through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown
    Walk on, walk on
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone

    By YNWA on 08.29.2012

  35. I glanced into the eternal brightness beckoning me forward. Tugging at my being, it’s effervescent light guiding me to the great beyond. Is that what I wanted? A life of purity, and conformity. To be salvaged from the wreckage of mankind. That’s what salvation was wasn’t it. Just salvage. The few scraps you can save from an otherwise doomed mess.

    By Max Ryder Thompson on 08.29.2012

  36. Salvation.

    By Jason on 08.29.2012

  37. freedom love money success love cry openness happiness together hand holding crying sharing sleeping holding eye contact emotions love friendship

    By alec on 08.29.2012

  38. Something everyone wants in the end is salvation, whether they care to admit it. Some believe that we are reborn into a better place, some think of reincarnation, and some believe they will have a glorified orgy with 74 virgins. Whatever the case may be, when we think about our loved ones that have passed on to a better place, do we really think that? What if Hell is real, what if reincarnation really fucks us over, and regardless of doing good all your life, you come back as a fly in some homeless man’s steaming pile of turd. To be honest, I’d hate to think of there being a Hell for where all the sinful people go. If the creator of man loves his creations so much, how could he bear to watch anyone go to such a desolate and insufferable realm. Does even God’s love have boundaries? Does he only love us until we are judged and then casts us away into an abyss never to be seen, or heard from again? All these questions will be answered in due time, even if they are terrifying answers.

    By stimjim on 08.29.2012

  39. What or who will be my salvation? As much as I would like it to be someone outside myself, I will find the purest source for “help” in the wisdom that dwells near me at all times. If I can depend on that, there is always salvation in the vicinity. Help from others also always welcome!

    By Deborah Drake URL on 08.29.2012

  40. hold onto the edge of the boat
    Never let salt-ridden splinter loosen your grip
    Your grip will keep you out of his locker
    Keep you one horizon away from her arms

    By gsk URL on 08.29.2012