October 24th, 2012 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “sail”

  1. I want to sail away. To a place where I don’t have to think anymore, where the waters are blue and it is warm, with a cool breeze every so often just to wake you up a little. There would be my gentle mother there and everyone I love. There would be no judgement, there would be no cares. Everyone would know honesty. I would have what I want and not have to settle. I do love him, but am I in love? Confusion of the heart is confusion of the worst kind. I wore my heart on my sleeve but it seems to have fallen off, and is now getting trodden into the ground. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to cry as it is selfish. I don’t want to hurt him… listen to what your heart tells you was always my philosophy, what if my heart isn’t telling me anything? What if I am suffocating its cries for me and for him? Can I live like this forever, always wondering?

    By selimatopea on 10.24.2012

  2. Through the sky they sailed the day
    In a cardboard box of myrtle leaves
    Spanning wide the starry seas
    As homeward bound, they made their way.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 10.24.2012

  3. He loved to sail. He recently took a trip to Florida to sail. Drove the mini Cadillac there. It wasn’t a really trusted car. But his sailboat was all set up. All he had to do was unfurl the sails and go. There was a new mechanism to help unleash the sails. It took a lot of thought and effort to install. But, he loved to sail, and his friends were waiting for him down there.

    By Suz URL on 10.24.2012

  4. i have to sail to iceland
    we put a sail on the boat
    sail is weird

    By Sam URL on 10.24.2012

  5. we sail on a boat to narnia and we will be in a unrelistic place

    By ocean URL on 10.24.2012

  6. the man was sailing on the clouds.
    the sail wiped out of the pole when the wind picked up.
    the sail was white.

    By kyle URL on 10.24.2012

  7. We have to sail across the ocean to get to Spain. We are going to slow, sail faster!

    By Reagan URL on 10.24.2012

  8. i set sail into the sun set for the next year.

    By ashlee URL on 10.24.2012

  9. A sail is something that goes on a boat.It helps it glide along.Sailing is another form of the word.It is to sail in the water.

    By amandac URL on 10.24.2012

  10. wind powered to rid sour glimpse of bland land that stands between you and a plan to be grand. flowing over blue canvases., on course to bore through the core of a day full of snores. what’s more, land versus sail, in comparison pales.

    By apollo on 10.24.2012

  11. sailing on a bpoat in the sea is soothing
    it is relieving to sail on a boat
    my bed feels like a boat that is sailing

    By daisy URL on 10.24.2012

  12. i sailed on the boat. your arrow sailed through dales head

    By Cash URL on 10.24.2012

  13. When you go sail boating you use a big sail.

    By Benji URL on 10.24.2012

  14. i like to sail across the ocean with my friends but not cash…

    By Dale URL on 10.24.2012

  15. I wish I could just sail away for months, years, days, maybe just hours, but frequently I do feel the need to escape. It’s something scary not knowing why but I guess there’s something I’m not seeing or feeling.

    By Alexandra Serrano URL on 10.24.2012

  16. “that boat has a really cool sail on it”he said as they strolled down the boardwalk.

    By taylark URL on 10.24.2012

  17. I know this song called Sail, it’s by AWOLNATION. I think they’re some kind of Indie group or something. It’s a really good song. Don’t really know what it’s about though. Come to think of it, I think it might just simply be about wanting to sail away somewhere… Just kind of escape… ’cause we all want to do that sometimes, don’t we? It’s just human nature.

    By rhea vk URL on 10.24.2012

  18. i like to sail on a boat across the ocean with my buddies just pull something like jaw and catch a shark like jaws

    By tanner URL on 10.24.2012

  19. sailing sailing sailing christopher cross sailing hahahaha. sailing in a sailboat at 6am and then you get stranded. hahahahaha with nothing but a godforsaken christopher cross cd. and then you eat. because you are hungry. but dammit you have to save some food. because you are stranded. i am scared of water.

    By Swilltastic URL on 10.24.2012

  20. When I first started, I hated sailing. It was compulsory for me to do and I hated the water. It’s ironic because I now have a real yearning for it. Just to be on one of those all white sailing boats in the bay on a summers day. To go anywhere. To sail to France and even Australia would be a dream. The possibilty of going into the distance to the never ending sea and to simply

    By lelowi URL on 10.24.2012

  21. when i was little i told my pa i wanted to sail around the world. but it never happened. shortly after i told my grandpa i wanted to sail from place to place or go place to place by sailing he passed away

    By desiree URL on 10.24.2012

  22. One day i want to sail away with my friends from Canyon Day and Holbrook because we don’t want to be near our parents or anyone.

    By siena URL on 10.24.2012

  23. I sailed to the island yesterday.

    By andrewk URL on 10.24.2012

  24. The sail of a ship is a beautiful thing. It brings images of the sea and the colour blue to mind. Warm days, basking on the deck of a small fishing boat doing nothing but looking up at the white sail. This is bliss.

    By Rebecca on 10.24.2012

  25. on the ocean sailing blue sun and wind

    By Melissa on 10.24.2012

  26. I sailed on my new boat to the island yesterday.

    By andrewk URL on 10.24.2012

  27. She sailed slowly down the mountain, arms outstretched, eyes firmly closed. After all, perhaps if she saw that she was really, truly flying it would stop working! Better to not see and just feel. And what a feel it was…the wind tangled in her hair and ran lightly down her back on little feet as she bobbed downwards.

    By Mairead URL on 10.24.2012

  28. Sail, sail, sail away with me. The salty air fills our lungs with every breath when we come up for air. Why cant it be this forever?

    By Alexandra on 10.24.2012

  29. The Swan could sail through chaos without a scratch. The Ugly Duckling licked her wounds, watched and waited.

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.24.2012

  30. we will not sail into the sexual sunset tonight cause she worked too hard in the yard. maybe, tomorrow night we will set sail into the sexual wonderland which is provided for us by cialis.

    By joe URL on 10.24.2012

  31. The breeze whipped through her hair as she climbed towards the edge of the small sailboat. Her father sang an off key sea chanty behind her, as she leaned over the side and watched the small waves rolling by.

    By Jillian URL on 10.24.2012

  32. to feel the water and to feel the sun beating on your back…it is a feeling of being infinite.

    By Carly on 10.24.2012

  33. I sailed through the ocean, endless endless.
    I sailed through my past, present, then future.
    The wind is soft, then harsh, then soft again, and stops.
    I sailed through the ocean, endless endless.
    I counted the sea gulls.
    They outnumbered my love.

    By Mimizaurus on 10.24.2012

  34. Big, white, billowing, the promise of freedom like a tiny white feather to take you away at any given moment in time from that point on, from that point to anywhere possible. Unafraid, merciless, free.

    By Maggie on 10.24.2012

  35. I’m setting sail now. I’ve been so tired, for so long. I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I can only hope it’ll be somewhere peaceful, where the rain on my roof finally lulls me to my rest.

    By revolverzanbolt on 10.24.2012

  36. sailing away on the open sea I hope he finds me.

    By mallory on 10.24.2012

  37. Mark layed down on his back, relaxing his body into the soft, damp earth. His hands loosely fisted the grass, and he slowly uncurled his toes.
    Exhaling, he looked up at the cloudy sky and prayed for rain.
    It was days like these that Mark wished he could just sail away.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 10.24.2012

  38. My hair whipped in the roaring wind and my sail flapped uncontrollably. I glanced at the dark clouds gathering in the distance. Looking back, I could see my sister in her little Opti, sailing as best she could.

    By Lucy on 10.24.2012

  39. Freedom. Freedom to go anywhere. To be anyone. Just for once. All alone, out in the middle of the ocean, on top of the world, the sea breeze spraying your hair. It’s your one chance to be whoever you want.

    By Audrey on 10.24.2012

  40. The ocean sea sprayed my face. No, the dolphin sprayed my face. It sucked in water, spat it out. I would yell, NO! Bad Carbon! Carbon would laugh, gulp more up and spat it out again. I was glad to see him in such a good mood, he hadn’t been laughing since before we went sailing, when he was still…him.

    By Nicetomeetyouiamaduck on 10.24.2012