October 24th, 2012 | 97 Entries

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97 Entries for “sail”

  1. I set sail today. To do the unthinkable. To make things happen. No longer to sit inside myself. I am new. I am different. I am beautiful, and I set out to make beauty live on.

    By ralphiegoesgrrr on 10.24.2012

  2. I’ve always wanted to go sailing. There is something about the open water that I love. I think it represents vast and endless possibilities. There is so much out there that I have yet to explore.

    By Taylor on 10.24.2012

  3. Yellow boat, blue water. Wind. A hand on my back. Time is only imagined, a human creation. We could sail for a lifetime.

    By Luna on 10.24.2012

  4. Sair de onde estou, abandonar o trabalho, voltar para minha terra, ficar com meus pais.
    Meus pensamentos sempre me levam para esse dia. Não quero pensar no dia em que eles irão embora.

    By Helena on 10.24.2012

  5. I want to sail with some one i like, but don’t know how to sail. Sail as much as like.

    By shagufta on 10.24.2012

  6. I always think of how nice it would be to sail away on a clear day on clear blue water with no cares in the world.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.24.2012

  7. I just don’t have it in me today. The idea of sailing makes me sea sick and just confirms I don’t have it in me today. Did I mention it also makes me think of men in ugly boat shoes? What is that supposed to accomplish?

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 10.24.2012

  8. I set sail across the Pacific many months ago. It was a spontaneous decision, something I thought of after I left my parents’ house in a huff after a heated argument. I never look back. Through the turmoil my crew and I have faced along this ocean, we have discovered things that no man could have ever dreamed of.

    By Lindsey URL on 10.24.2012

  9. Sailing through the clear blue ocean, she lifted her head to look at the sun. The sun not only gave her warmth but also indelible strength to sail on the rough waters of her life.

    By tannysierra on 10.24.2012

  10. Sail. A word of freedom. A word of sea. Beautiful really. Awolnation didn’t get it right completely. The aesthetic is gorgeous really. Oh to sail and love the sea.

    By Brookes on 10.24.2012

  11. use the sail to go fishing

    By santos URL on 10.24.2012

  12. lets sail to the bermuada triangle n the bahamas.

    By luis on 10.24.2012

  13. the pirate set sail so they can begin their journey to find treasure at a secret island.

    By Alesha on 10.24.2012

  14. The apple boat sailed to mexico to give everyone apples for .50 cents each.

    By tylerw URL on 10.24.2012

  15. the man sailed to africa to deliver bannanas.

    By Jakub on 10.24.2012

  16. In the lushness of that first rain ushering in the winters, with that first smell of the fresh wet earth, with the realisation that festivals were in the cool refreshing air, in that moment, she knew. She’d sail through all of this, too. It wouldn’t be easy. Neither did she know how she’d do it but, from that point on, she has set sail into the unknown with a swing in her gait and joy in her feet.

    By nayantara on 10.24.2012

  17. im on a bout. yo ho yo ho pirates life for my

    By Charles on 10.24.2012

  18. I want to sail the seven seas, walk on beaches and feel the ocean breeze, smell the surf and bask beneath the southern stars, follow the path of the full moon sparkling across the waves. Sunrise to sunset, clear and stormy, the lure of the ocean pulls at my heart.

    By Katherine on 10.24.2012

  19. sail is something whereu sail

    By jeff102081 on 10.24.2012

  20. I was watching the sail on the boat, blowing back and forth. We were in the middle of the ocean

    By florence on 10.24.2012

  21. to set sail and get in a boat or something i dont know stuff like that is to sail. haha yeah

    By coltenr on 10.24.2012

  22. i sail across the river.

    By xavier URL on 10.24.2012

  23. this is how i show my love.
    blame it in my mind because.
    blame it on my ADD baby.
    this is how an angel cries.
    blame it on my own supply.
    blame it on my ADD baby.

    -Sail by awolnation

    By kathpine98 on 10.24.2012

  24. i’m on a boat yohoyohoyo the life of a pirate for me (;

    By hun236 on 10.24.2012

  25. i will sail the atlantic ocean

    By danielb on 10.24.2012

  26. like sailing on in the ocaen ……………….. THe chaSE!!!!1111111!!! $$$$$$$$$$ $$$

    By Christian on 10.24.2012

  27. Sail. Makes me think of (duh) the sea. But also freedom, leaving eeeeverything behind and hunting dragons, discovering secrets, meeting strangers! Getting salt in your hair and skin as well, and lots of wind, because everyone knows a ship won’t sail properly otherwise….
    I’d draw a picture of a stick man in a boat, holding a sword and wearing a plumed hat. And a massive sun oveheard, just to make it fun and non threatening.
    Rhymes with Fail.
    A lot of other stuff as well I suppose, but fail first, in my mind. I suppose disasters are inevitable during an adventure, but that probably just makes the idea much more exciting.
    This is my first entry, so I suppose it’s quite fitting to write about embarking (coincidentally a sailing reference) on something new.
    I pobably didn’t read the time parameters very well though, because the ‘time’s up!’ seems to be taking ages (60 minutes as opposed to 60 seconds?).
    Either way, just for this once,

    By olg on 10.24.2012

  28. i learned how to sail when i was a kid. I was in 8th grade when i learned how to sail. it was hard. i was afraid that i would capsize. I was afraid that if i capsized I wouldn’t be able to get my

    By dawn on 10.24.2012

  29. I Set Sail To My New Ship. Rosemary
    It Was Beautiful, It’s Sails Flapping In The Wind
    Uplifted, With It’s Canon-ness

    By Kate on 10.24.2012

  30. I want to sail away somewhere far from this headache. Unfortunately, I would just get sea sick. The sad truth is sailing would make the headache worse in a million ways. But the concept is nice. I will just have to sail away inside myself on oceans of thought or a still lake of pondering.

    By LailaLCR on 10.24.2012

  31. The waves meet me half-way. I laugh and dance in the boat as the sun glimmers on the bow of my wooden ship. This is the first day that my father let me leave the harbor alone and I am alive with the repsonsibility of this great ship beneath my hands. Never will I return to the pent up confinement of my father’s house. He has set me free from his harbor and I have the world to travel. Finally, the day has arrived and there is no turning back now. Let the wind raise my sails and the light guide me across the green glass of the bay.

    By Andy Flaherty on 10.24.2012

  32. Sail away, sail away
    The gentle breeze of the salty wind
    Blows in my face
    I stare out across the ocean
    And see my grandfather smiling back at me
    I wipe the tears from my eyes
    As I remember him,
    And his love for the water,
    Tears fall in the water,
    Salt to salt,
    Life to life.

    By jessilou on 10.24.2012

  33. to sail the clear blue warm waters. To feel the sun on my sholders. The warm sand between my toes. Shadows from the trees on the beach. The warn wind!

    By Lynda on 10.24.2012

  34. In a sail boat I am in. I am sailing down the ocean breeze. When suddenly my sail lets …

    By teeda URL on 10.24.2012

  35. Wind blows. My hair is in my eyes and faces but I don’t care. Waves crash. My shirt is drenched with lake water and sweat. Onward we sail.

    By Ari on 10.24.2012

  36. Every day my father would take his fishing boat out onto the sea. I wanted to sail with him. Now I have my own boat. Life is beautiful.

    By Beth on 10.24.2012

  37. I tried sailing this year. I really ejoyed it. I’m from part of country with lots of lakes, but I thought it is boring. I was wrong. I regret that I discovered it to late.

    By Zsuetam on 10.24.2012

  38. God, I hated sailing. Who voluntarily lives in an environment that’ll kill them if you make a mistake? I like my feet on solid ground, thanks.

    By serelloo on 10.24.2012

  39. sail away, sail away, sail away. stupid enya song stuck in my head constantly. someone stole our enya cd and it’s gone now. it’s the only cd the kids will listen to and fall asleep to sometimes. works every time to knock them out. now we’re listening to mystic rain, makes them sleepy too.

    By Sara on 10.24.2012

  40. I want to sail across to this craaaazy place where no one ever judges me for my descisions. ad and i’ll sail across without telling anyone and whithout my mobile phone so that people dont trouble me. i’ll need a camera though! And I’ll need an mp3 player or a keyboard. YAAAY! The idea sounds soooo kickass. Soooo much water and sooo much fun!

    By Veronica on 10.24.2012