February 20th, 2011 | 499 Entries

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499 Entries for “sage”

  1. Sage: delicious herb. Put it in your salad, soups, and breadsticks! **ENDLESS SOUP SALAD AND BREADSTICKS AT OLIVE GARDEN! I like this. My math teacher is Mrs. Sage. Well she isn’t MY math teacher, but she does teach at my school. I hear she’s mean. I have Mr. B. I have no idea what his last name is. Something long and Indian I’m pretty sure.

    By Erin on 02.20.2011

  2. minde? live hear old

    By alex URL on 02.20.2011

  3. A wise person. A shade of green. A herb. Mostly I think of a wise person. I wonder what the origin is that this word is associated with a wise person and an herb? There has to be login behind the correlation. I think of an older person with life experience. Maya Angelou, the grandfather on “The Waltons”, and others.

    By Krista on 02.20.2011

  4. when I see you cooking in my kitchen, making me something that you know I will love, your ingredients displayed all over the counter. then I’ll think about how much I love you. you, mystery in the shadows of my mind.

    By lexichelle URL on 02.20.2011

  5. He told me that I was a very ‘sage’ young lady. Having only taken half a year of French class up to that point, I hadn’t known what he meant, and was trying to figure out what he could’ve meant by relating me to an herb.

    By Sarah URL on 02.20.2011

  6. “So what sage advice do you have for me, then? If all this is an illusion, then what do I do? Does it even matter?”

    “Of course it matters!” he cried. “Yes, this is an illusion! So is life! EVERYTHING is an illusion! That doesn’t make it meaningless!”

    By mimimanderly URL on 02.20.2011

  7. The sage tasted bitter in her mouth. It came from the garden where the man grew his concoctions, the concoctions that put her into a fitful sleep fraught with nightmares and torturous music. The agonizing sounds of children screaming would haunt her throughout the night when the man gave her and all the little children the poison.

    By Susan on 02.20.2011

  8. food, east,china,restoran, spice, m

    By alex URL on 02.20.2011

  9. and onion stuffing. With Mum’s roast. My mum makes the best roast dinners. She’s a good cook. I like the colour sage, too. And the scent is quite nice. Renowned for being relaxing.

    By Diane on 02.20.2011

  10. Parsley. Sage. Rosemary & Thyme.

    As a kid, I had absolutely NO IDEA why that guy was singing about spices.

    I guess, I still don’t.

    And I really don’t care for sage.

    Hmmm. Not a very interesting piece here, huh?

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 02.20.2011

  11. Age. Get older but wisers not the right word. Get older, know more and understand less. Is that wisdom? A life peppered with sage.

    By fionars URL on 02.20.2011

  12. This is the third time I’ve had to write about this word. Let’s see. Delicious. It is an herb, in which I cannot describe the taste due to the fact I forget what it tastes like. Green, sprinkly when dried, and evidently the name of a less than hospitable Algebra teacher at my school. I don’t have her, luckily. Let’s make today a good one!

    By Erin URL on 02.20.2011

  13. i think of an old guy who’s smart and wise and he’s sitting in front of a fireplace and he’s bald and has a white beard and a smoking jacket on and it’s velvet and red and he’s smoking a cigar and sitting in a big red chair and the room is a study and he kknows just about everything you could ever want to know and he’s got a smirk on his face but not like a cocky smirk like a nice kind of smirk if that even really exists but it’s like he wants to help you and knows he can but he’s not being a jerk about it and you wanna go talk to him cause he looks so smart and you could learn so much from him and you can’t help but wonder what he would say to you if you did talk to him and it’s just really like

    By sarina on 02.20.2011

  14. i have no idea what this word means but it reminds me of a sash like a beauty pageant which in my opinion are quite depressing for young girls to watch hmph i know a guy named sage too, its his nickname though

    By Noha on 02.20.2011

  15. I don’t know if there’s another meaning for sage, except that it’s a shade of green. A darker shade of green, maybe dark like the darkest kind of grass, or even darker. It reminds me of Brightvale from neopets, the armor the one guy wears.

    By Kelsey on 02.20.2011

  16. Is it the smell that brings me back to you? I often wander, but every time I cook with it I can stop thinking of the last time I saw you.

    By Yael on 02.20.2011

  17. She closed the circle and stepped into her post-ritual robes. The heavy scent of sage and meadowsweet filled the air. She focused on grounding her energies, a radiant sphere of golden light sinking into the floor.

    By J.E. Baum URL on 02.20.2011

  18. what is this so called, “sage” you ask? really im not sure. does this mean i am not intelligent. hmm, what a quandary. ah the clock has run out. now im going to go look up the word sage.

    By bubbletea URL on 02.20.2011

  19. Sage is slightly upsetting. I don’t understand it. Without you I’m scared, Sage Blossom Girl I don’t understand you I don’t understand anything… please help me sage girl green and sad and simple? Do you have a purpose in this world? Do I? Does anyone, for that matter? Or do we all just grow in the garden of the universe and never understand our own souls?
    I pretend to understand you, sage, as I grow old and withering beside you.

    By Seneca on 02.20.2011

  20. I learned how to play scarborough fair on an electric keyboard when I was nine or ten. It reminded me of the smells of the farmers market and of travel and somehow of my mothers shampoo. I wanted to lean down into the garden of notes and deeply inhale. But then the last key was hit.

    By EllieG on 02.20.2011

  21. sage is a color, sort of a green one at that. it’s also an herb or a spice that can be used to cook with. I also believe that it’s a plant, like sage brush. i once knew a girl named Sage. She was crazy, but i found her kind of interesting and entertaining.

    By Brittney on 02.20.2011

  22. i’ve always liked ot throw basil around it smells good. i have neve rreally encountered sage but i would assume it would smell very good too. smelling is such a nice sense to have except when your neighbors smell like trash because of all the stuff they smoke. now i’m thinking wizards. dungeons and dragons!

    By Roboto-Lution URL on 02.20.2011

  23. a wonderful spice to add to cooking. it is also a way to give good advice, advice from a wise person…aka sage advice. I like to grow the herb, sage, as well. It is quite fragrant and fun to grow.

    By sott on 02.20.2011

  24. i believe its an herb of sorts green. probably very smelly. Italian? theres sage collgeg in albany. rachel is might go there. probably not cause she got a better scholarship from cazenovia.

    By emily URL on 02.20.2011

  25. Sage in my garden, sage in my head… your eyes are sage-colored, you are sage-girl to me when I’m asleep. I don’t remember the color of my own eyes (it’s been so long since I’ve had the courage to look in the mirror) but I have memorized yours. Sage-girl, I know you.

    Do I have a purpose in the world? Do any of us? Or are we all just here in a little garden of the universe, growing together, entwining and holding each others hands? As you grow old beside me, sage-girl, I understand you better than I’ll ever understand myself.

    By Seneca URL on 02.20.2011

  26. sage is a color that is sort of green. It reminds me of being in a forest of deciduous trees covered in moss. it is a very pretty color. it can be used decoratively. an interesting color to pair with others.

    By kristin on 02.20.2011

  27. Sage is a simple word in a simple song… your eyes are sage-colored; you are sage-girl to me when I’m asleep. I don’t remember the color of my own eyes (it’s been so long since I’ve had the courage to look in the mirror) but I have memorized yours. Sage-girl, I know you. Do I have a purpose in the world? Do any of us? Or are we all just here in a little garden of the universe, growing together, entwining and holding each others hands? I pretend to understand you, sage-girl, as you grow old beside me in the garden.

    By Seneca URL on 02.20.2011

  28. I smell sage. Relaxing, letting go, dry and brittle and yet, it brings me so much comfort.

    By daniel URL on 02.20.2011

  29. Sage, as a wise old man once told me, is a traditional herb used in cooking. It compliments bacon and onion, bacon, and onion, telling them: “You look lovely today.”

    By kineme on 02.20.2011

  30. I’m not really quite sure what sage is, all I know is that it’s a spice or something. i like it, probably. i like gnocci. in fact, im thinking of asking for gnocci for my birthday. my birthday. im getting really fucking old, and soon im going to die. im just waiting for that time. im going to fucking die.

    By lj on 02.20.2011

  31. One word was written in half. The colors were green and red. I like potatoes. I read the thing for a few minutes before I saw it. It was really weird, but I’m a psych major, so it was very cool to think about, you know?

    By B. P.L. on 02.20.2011

  32. She inhaled deeply, smelling the sweet fragrance of the sage. The smell sent her back into another time, with her mom pouring sage over the thanksgiving turkey.

    By kitkat URL on 02.20.2011

  33. I went to the garden to pick some fresh sage for the stuffing. I passed the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow that had taken me down only the night before. Okay. It wasn’t the wheelbarrow. It was my clumsiness. No! Not the alcohol.

    By Janelle on 02.20.2011

  34. The smell of sage makes me nauseous. Just like whenever I can smell the cologne you used to wear.

    By xkileyvanity URL on 02.20.2011

  35. It burned, smoke curling lazily up to the ceiling- whitish blue. She watched it twist and contort, shapes forming and separating before they could be recognized, like spectral thread.

    By Lyd Ia on 02.20.2011

  36. une image au passage d’un sage en mal de rasage, une brume un sage autant trouble l’un que lautre, est ce le sage qui est brumeux ou la brume qui reste sage en attendant un presage? autant faire du repas sage

    By Di on 02.20.2011

  37. herb, green, fragrent, earthy, spice, sage, oregano, tastes good, like rosemary, italian spices

    By lesle on 02.20.2011

  38. To be sage and wise is knowing all and all knowing, but no one is that not ever you can be 70 and still not know and understand everything in the world… people need to remember that before casting judgement and hate…

    By GG on 02.20.2011

  39. A little girl ran down a grassy hill, her long brown hair wicked up with the wind. She was laughing, and at the bottom, more children played. A little blonde boy rolled in the grass, his arms covered in mud. The brown-haired girl walked past him to meet her friend, a red-head who was very unusually smelling the ferns. The brown-haired girl, Lyla, asked the other, “Mary, what are you doing with that plant?”. Mary smiled, and handed her a leaf. “It’s an herb, I think. We should pick them and make it into something!” Lyla smelled it, and it was warm and sweet, a perfume of the grass. They gathered bushels of it and stomped it into shapes, little flowers, sweet perfume, and laid in the grass, smiling at the sun.
    (Btw, this is based on something that happened to me when I was a little kid).

    By Claire URL on 02.20.2011

  40. The sage waves his wand as if a single stroke can heal any wound. Only time heals wounds. But, age IS in “sage” and age IS time…

    By Lincoln G URL on 02.20.2011