August 23rd, 2010 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “rustling”

  1. a few tremors, just a few
    but enough to shake the feathers
    out of the looser pores;
    coated in sweat,
    cold, shivering sweat.
    my eyelids shot up like
    the teacher’s drop down
    projector screen when you let
    go to soon & I found myself
    looking into a stalled ceiling fan.

    By doc. URL on 08.23.2010

  2. When the leaves rustle in the wind, I think of fall. I think of you and I walking, holding hands and breathing in that crisp air. I think of what I felt, and I am starting to think I won’t be able to feel that way ever again.

    By leah URL on 08.23.2010

  3. Rustling through my desk drawer I find an old picture of us at the beach, with the ocean bright blue behind us and the day crystal clear, and I cant help but wonder… What went wrong?

    By Dante Eli URL on 08.23.2010

  4. the leaves were rustling in the trees, the same kind of rustling made by shiny foil wrappers on your favorite candy bars when you were five.

    By Savannah on 08.23.2010

  5. it’s not a word. someone tried to make up a word to describe a small thing that was rusted. and then we got rustling. poor little thing. it doesn’t have a name.

    By lily on 08.23.2010

  6. The sound of her taffeta skirt rustled as she walked, and to most it would have been a rather normal sound, but for me, I who knew what was under that skirt, it was the most erotic noise in the world.

    By Shirley on 08.23.2010

  7. Leaves rustle on the path as you make your way to the bus stop. That’s a distinct part of the first day of school, and the only one I particularly care for. The rest of it is quite devoid of pleasant rustling.

    By Sarah Tea on 08.23.2010

  8. There was a rustling behind her as she walked through the woods. She turned and saw a deer peering at her.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.23.2010

  9. Caw! Caw! Sitting here in my tree is so embracing to a bird like me. CAW! Just rustling my feathers and being a pimp, this is how it is done. All the cawing I does is for the world and I am me, huzzaw.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.23.2010

  10. the leaves rustle in the trees. this us strange, because it is winter. it seems like everything is a step behind. the whether, the sun in the sky, even though it is nighttime, the way you feel. could this life really be yours?

    By weiruihai on 08.23.2010

  11. The leaves rustled in the trees nearby. She sat, silent, waiting for him to come back, knowing he never would. After a few minutes, she sighed and turned back to find a new home.

    By kelly URL on 08.23.2010

  12. Everyone is going to post something about leaves rustling in trees. I’d like to be different, and write about something else, but I can’t think of anything else. I guess we all think the same way. Oh, humans.

    By kelly URL on 08.23.2010

  13. Autumn’s soundtrack; wind and decay that smells not really like the bad kind of death, but the kind people can accept and even admire. Autumn is a good thing.

    By LaneD URL on 08.23.2010

  14. The rustling of pages as they turn is gone. I miss that noise. ebooks should have that noise when you turn the electronic pages.

    By John URL on 08.23.2010

  15. there is a rustling.
    a rustling deep within me.
    to be better than myself.
    to achieve the impossible.
    to love like no other.
    to have children,
    and help them achieve.
    a rustling within my soul.
    the rustling is passionate,
    it is deep,
    it is neverending.
    as an old lady i know i shall hear it.
    but sigh contently.
    when i die, and the rustling is over.

    By randi on 08.23.2010

  16. There was the leaves, the sky, the falling sun. We were nestled in those autumnal piles, wet and crawling with unwanted critters but the two of us. The wind rushed by, rustling the leaves along our skin.

    By Angela URL on 08.23.2010

  17. I;m a successful being and always will be i possess infinite intelligence, divine beauty , ONE WITH THE earth. Love life life loves me

    By Miriam Guillen on 08.23.2010

  18. leaves falling off trees int he fall. red, orange, yellow, turn to brown when they are on the ground. walking through leaves, crunching, fall is a beautiful season. sounds of wind in the background of life.

    By Bethany on 08.23.2010

  19. the leaves fell perfectly on the pavement. The most beautiful comors you could imagine. As i walked to work i made sure i stepped on the crunchy ristling le

    By Liz on 08.23.2010

  20. the leaves sat high on the branches…they were ready to fall. They let go one by one rustling through the thick branches. Until it hit the soft ground.

    By Liz on 08.23.2010

  21. He walked through the park, the leaves on the trees rustling in an eerie way. It was eerie because he could only hear the rustling. That it was so silent that he noticed something that he would never notice at another time…

    By Ricardo URL on 08.23.2010

  22. The leaves sat high on the branches…they were ready to fall. They let go one by one rustling through the old rotting tree. Until they peacefully hit the soft ground.

    By Elizabeth on 08.23.2010

  23. She heard the rustling of the leaves behind her;
    but paid it no attention.
    Boy, was she surprised
    by the engagement

    By Tom on 08.23.2010

  24. as i heard a rusting in the leaves, i dicided to check it out. wallowing in the leaves, was my dear friend Russel. he tends to do this when he’s bored. i think he’s mad he has no arms and legs.

    By Kyle on 08.23.2010

  25. The papers rustled as they clumsily moved around her room, ignoring the mess that was everywhere. There could have been a sea monster in the middle of her room and they wouldn’t have cared less.

    By H! URL on 08.23.2010

  26. as i stared out the window i could feel the wind rustling through my hair. in that moment, it was as if i knew everything was going to be ok. it was the calm.

    By fae on 08.23.2010

  27. There was a sound above me in the trees. a clicking, whirring sound that rustled the leaves. i could see tiny beams of light filtering through the branches, and could hear tiny breaths

    By Breet on 08.23.2010

  28. 3 baby foxes rustlingin the nearby pines

    By virginia on 08.23.2010

  29. my eyelids move all funny up and down and i drink a lot to make them slow down and beat a normal rhythm. i don’t know. i’m hurting, and i wish i heard some rustling outside my window and i wish i’d look out and see you there but i know better, so i drink. i slow my eyes.

    By mandy on 08.23.2010

  30. The tree’s were rustling with anticipation as she held the crumpled paper. Resisting the temptation to read it.

    By Jax URL on 08.23.2010

  31. the leaves were rustling around the dirt floor. They sounded like someone digging their hands in a bag of lays potato chips. The sky was so blue it almost hurt my eyes.

    By Jessica Bowland on 08.23.2010

  32. The baby raccoon was underneath the bush, causing a slight rustling noise. It filled the damp night air and sent a shiver down my spine. Derp derp depr derp derp. Garbage bags rustling in the winddddddddddddddddddddddddd yep. WEEGEE!

    By Meganne on 08.23.2010

  33. Rustling in the moment….before we kissed goodbye.

    By Jax URL on 08.23.2010

  34. rustling leaves signal the coming of autumn. the wind blows a new start, a new season, a new reality. the wind blows away the past, the old leaves of summer. who knew such wonders could arise….the sadness lets go to a new beginning. i don’t need you anymore, though a part of me still wants you more than anything. but i will live. a new chapter has started

    By Amber on 08.23.2010

  35. The couple was rusting underneath the covers. A small child walked in the room, gasped, then ran away. BOW CHIKKA BOW WOW!

    By Spaghetti on 08.23.2010

  36. When I hear this word all I can do is think about the fall. Then that makes me think about the fall semester of school, and how that turns into winter. And how my Junior year will be over before I know it. I am ready, I am ready to learn.

    By Hannah Christine on 08.23.2010

  37. I heard a sound from the bushes. What was this? A small animal or an alien or a large man? I could not be sure until I checked. I peeked in but couldn’t see.
    I’d have to get my hands dirty.
    I grabbed a shovel.
    That bush is not here anymore and neither is that rabbit.

    By cralls URL on 08.23.2010

  38. RUSTLING. I FELT IT. IN MY PANTS. Then I realized. oh. it was a mouse. That mouse was was pure white. How did it get there? What..I don’t work in a laboratory. I ain’t no scientist. EXPLAIN.

    By Derp URL on 08.23.2010

  39. Rustling. It’s an annoying word. It keeps popping up when I don’t want it to. ARRR I’M A PIRATE. AHHOY DER. I BE SITTIN. I be pip.

    By Derp URL on 08.23.2010

  40. There was a soft rustling noise as I slid across the couch. Putting my arm around his shoulder I murmured, “I’m so sorry. It happened last night. It just-”
    “No.” He looked at me full on in the face. I was surprised with the dedication and vehemence he spoke- his eyes were unsure, but I could see no start of tears.

    By Coral URL on 08.23.2010