December 6th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “roof”

  1. I remember the first night we spent together all alone since we had become “official.” I thought it was the sweetest, most wonderful thing that you didn’t want to just sit inside, even though it was chilly out. So we set off on an adventure. We snuck up onto your rooftop and even with my immense fear of heights, I remember thinking how incredible it felt to just be there, above everything with your arms around me, watching the world go by in perfect solitude.

    By Jodi URL on 12.06.2012

  2. I’ve never sat on top of a roof
    Only in my fantasies
    I escape from my world and stare up at the sky
    Hair snagging on shingles and wind blowing my face
    Eyes glued to wisps of clouds or pinpricks of stars
    No glasses adorn my face so I squint
    But not as much as I have to when I am

    By Tarryn URL on 12.06.2012

  3. The roof is the place I go to to think.
    It’s where the other Sam went to with me
    And he told me what I needed to hear.
    To help me.

    The roof is where I daydreamed.
    And watched the sunset.
    The roof will forever be mine .

    By AngelDuCiel URL on 12.06.2012

  4. It was twilight and she was wondering what he was doing. What she was doing. She wondered if she was aching over her as much as she was for her. Oklahoma hadn’t seemed so far back then, and even now when she was sad things had ended and they’d fallen out of place, she didn’t resent her friend. She still wanted to go there, though…Now it seemed too far.

    By Daniella URL on 12.06.2012

  5. roof is that object you place with your walls are down on your house.
    comparing it to life.
    once your foundation of your life begins to crumble, so does your walls and the roofs…you crash down. Hard.
    Sometimes without that roof, we dont know how else we would react.

    By ashaa URL on 12.06.2012

  6. A roof over my head is a roof over yours.

    when my dog barks it goes aroof aroof lol literally. shes adorable love her.

    By Cupcake URL on 12.06.2012

  7. Over my head. Now.
    But tomorrow?
    They promise me, unanimously, that the golden days are ending, and soon their will be bills to pay and questions to invent my own answers to.
    But I do not feel golden.
    All I feel is lost.

    By Rachel URL on 12.06.2012

  8. it’s on the top of a house. pitter patter pitter patter. rain drops falling down. shingles. laid over one another. shelter. no rain falls into the house. protection. hail. weather proof. leaks.

    By Eva on 12.06.2012

  9. on the roof there are the stars.
    they must be there.
    no closer,
    no further.
    the roof is the edge of our universe.
    the boundary of our hearth.
    stars are painted there,
    to shine upon us as we sleep.

    on the roof there are the stars.
    and they keep us company.

    By Barebriar URL on 12.06.2012

  10. the roof over our house is what keeps us warm. it is important to have a good family life. somewhere where you feel safe. it is also something that can be broken or need repairs. it is good in the time if you dont get too upset about it and just try to figure out the problem at hand. some roofs our pointy others flat.

    By grace on 12.06.2012

  11. The roof of my mouth was burning, cutting into my nasal passages. My tongue felt like electricity was flowing through it, my throat as if scalded by acid. Damn, this curry was good!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.06.2012

  12. I think of the hunger games immediately, with Peeta and Katniss on the roof the night before the games, it represents thoughts and intensity to me. Lots of books and movies have intense experiences on the roof. I can’t tell you I have ever had one. I guess you could say I live inside the books.

    By Boo! on 12.06.2012

  13. there is one on the top of my house. it keeps me safe. it also gives me shelter, that I am thankful for. It comes in handy when there are storms outside. Dogs also make this noise.

    By amanda on 12.06.2012

  14. SO simple yet so hard to obtain

    By Cupcake URL on 12.06.2012

  15. his name is hey baby
    he’s a rockstah with the ladies
    he has a black belt in my body,
    I love his super sex karate
    those evil minded robots, they want to destroy us
    but I know what you mean
    when you say it’s demandind
    to be a **** eatin machine

    By Kristina on 12.06.2012

  16. Laying her, looking up towards the sky, I thought. My mind jumped from one topic to another, from that nice person I met at school to how I was excited about the weekend. Up here, on the roof, my mind liked to run on overdrive. I didn’t mind though. It was relaxing.

    By RadioactiveFoxx URL on 12.06.2012

  17. I like to sit on the roof of my house on a hot summer’s
    night and watch the stars and listen to the creatures of the night
    talking to each other as a cool breezy moves past me followed by
    warm summer air, left over from the heat of the day.

    By paulie aragon on 12.06.2012

  18. I look out over the neighborhood. I see the little girl who lives on Third Avenue, playing with her new poodle puppy. I turn my head and Miranda with her boyfriend. They are saying good bye to each other. He gives her a quick kiss, them climbs into his car and leaves. Miranda walks back into the house smiling. I giggle see her happiness. I move my stare to the lady across the street glaring at me. I wave down to her, and she shakes her head. She turns back to her house. I smile, knowing I must look silly. I hear crying from behind the house. I shift my gaze and see Melissa, Miranda’s friend. The back door opens and Miranda rushes out. My attention tears away, when I realise I’m eavesdropping. I walk to the edge an dclimb down the ladder. I look bcak at the ladder and yearn to be on the roof again. I love the feeling of seeing everything.

    By Secret URL on 12.06.2012

  19. The roof. I read on the roof. It’s very comforting. A book, the sun, and quiet on a summer’s day provide the perfect afternoon for reading on the roof. For those who live in cities and cannot gain access to a roof. Move. You need a roof now.

    By Matt Smith on 12.06.2012

  20. The roof was wet. It wasn’t raining, so the little girl wondered what was making it wet. She climbed atop the fence to look closer. She sees the neighbor’s sprinkler, and has a great idea. She wanders next door to make new friends.

    By terra on 12.06.2012

  21. They say you can’t tickle yourself. Not true, I tell them!
    Just run the tip of your tongue
    Lightly and carefully across the roof of your mouth.
    Feel yourself be surprised
    When you realize just how
    Sensitive you are to your own touch.

    By Genevieve on 12.06.2012

  22. it is on top of a house, shingles??? or tile??? i don’t know. terra cotta or that weird sand papery material how gross. what if you don’t have a roof then you will get wet

    By lizbeth on 12.06.2012

  23. covering for the building . used to protect the human things from rain , winter, and another seasonal conditions

    By navin on 12.06.2012

  24. a place of shelter, something that provides a sense of security, we need it, and we work for it…. a home.

    By Josh on 12.06.2012

  25. The red roof sat on top an old house with paint chipped white walls and dirty windows. That house always reminded me of where dreams were sent when they were no longer obtainable.

    By Bryan on 12.06.2012

  26. The roof is the top of the building. Lots of things fall on the roof. It protects the house. Roofs are covered with various types of shingles, primarily determined by what type of region one lives in.

    By Denny Utter URL on 12.06.2012

  27. It is what covers myself from the rain above. It keeps me warm at night. At the end of the day I know i have a home when a roof is over it. People make fun of me for saying roof like a dog. I don’t understand why they don’t get my pronunciation. It sounds perfectly fine to me.

    By Laura on 12.06.2012

  28. The rooftops of the city glistened under a layer of acidic
    rain residue. That was its beauty. All the crummy stuff got flipped
    on its head when we beamed it to the world via the conglomeration
    of media. boy we know how to lie. It’s a most charming

    By Meagam on 12.06.2012

  29. what do i do when there’s no more hope? i sit, and i wait for the roof to cave in. there’s nothing else to do, i’m content with what i have accomplished. now it is time for the roof to cave in, and my new life to begin.

    By Cassidy on 12.06.2012

  30. Remember a moment when you thought you had a good idea, but it turned out not be such a good idea? Yeah, that is the moment I just had. As I lay here on the ground looking at the roof above me. What possessed me to think that surfing off the roof would be a good idea is beyond me.

    By Catherine URL on 12.06.2012

  31. Once upon a time there were three little pigs. hey wanted to own a house but they had no money. So, they went to the black bear in the village, the local financial broker, who helped them negotiate a low finance loan. It was super convenient for them and they moved into the home. 3 days later, they burned it down! NOw standing among the ashes of their newly purchased home, the pigs began to tell the story of how they got there. You see, the story does not begin with a horrendous fire engulfing the piggy’s home. No, friends, this is the end.

    By R on 12.06.2012

  32. He should have known that it was already more than enough–having a roof over my head for the night was a luxury in itself.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.06.2012

  33. The space between my roof and your’s is getting to be far too much anymore. Why did I ever agree to stay living with our parents until after we got married? Why couldn’t we just go ahead and get a house together already? Oh, that’s right. Because your mother is psychotic.

    By Amanda on 12.06.2012

  34. Up on that roof, brick by brick, climbing endlessly to get up there. That building had far too many floors, but I ventured on and on. I reached the top and there I saw the world. The sun was my day, the stars were my night.

    By Meghan URL on 12.06.2012

  35. I know better than to be up here but my lazy husband will not fix this roof. Of course it would be better if I had a new address altogether but that is another story

    By Terri on 12.06.2012

  36. It’s cold outside. Sitting on the roof wasn’t my idea, but once I heard it I couldn’t avoid it. It seemed so obvious a thing to do. A bat flies by, nearly grazing my head. I hardly ever see bats.

    By Larissa on 12.06.2012

  37. is on fire. Great lyrics, very repetitive, adding to its charm and memorable status as a song.

    By Hadena James on 12.06.2012

  38. okay so like this thing just holds up all these houses and you have a roof over your head and yet people complain a lot and just where does that word even come from okay and that phrase “youre so lucky to have a house” and “to have a roof over your head” but you know what roofs break and burn sometimes and they get built again and wow this doesnt make any sense and just wow ok i dont have much to say about roofs i would totally love to be on a roof one day and just watch the moon

    By vicky on 12.06.2012

  39. Standing on the roof I looked up and say the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, the night sky and all its wonder and glory. I knew standing there I was just a small piece of something greater than I could ever understand.

    By Estefania URL on 12.06.2012

  40. It was magnificent, but deadly. It represented all I wanted to reach, but so high that it was out of touch. It captured all my thoughts inside this little room, and did not let them escape. They would bounce around, circling but never penetrating. No matter what I tried, I could never break that celling. The roof was always in place.

    By Corinne on 12.06.2012