December 6th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “roof”

  1. “Where is the roof my dear? The mansard roof?” Her question was still echoing in my ear, because I knew it was too late. She did it. The wind floated her away and as soon as I was about to stop it from taking her, she was gone. That roof, it’s no good. It must be fixed…it must be fixed…no…please…fix it…

    By Equality URL on 12.06.2012

  2. I am lying in bed staring at the ceiling. It is fall, or late summer, and we are at your grandmother’s house in Red Deer, Alberta. Your father’s childhood room is in the attic, and that’s where we sleep. Your grandmother lets us sleep in the same bed. Your parents, my parents, wouldn’t even let us sleep alone in their own houses. Not once they found out.

    By Benjie on 12.06.2012

  3. I was sitting on the roof, gazing up at the stars wondering how much longer we would be around. You say apocalypse I say awakening. Either way things are going to change whether we like it or not. I choose to awaken, to like it , to embrace it , to love every moment like no other.

    By Noem on 12.06.2012

  4. no one ever looks at the roof, you forget it’s there til something goes wrong, but it is really important because it keeps you dry and it keeps you warm.

    By not rachel on 12.06.2012

  5. a roof protects a family and their house. It protects you from a storm where the rain pours down like it’s a shower. A cold, windy shower. The roof can else be on a hut in the middle f a beach in aruba and protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

    By Katy on 12.06.2012

  6. I’m at the top, way high above everything else. Everything looks so small and inferior. It’s frightening how high up I am. On a roof with no exit. A place for my final life to live. Lonely exiled, away from the rest of the world.

    By Eris on 12.06.2012

  7. I was sitting on the roof, gazing up at the stars wondering how much longer we would be around. You say apocalypse I say awakening. Either way things are going to change whether we like it or not. I choose to awake, to like it , to embrace it , to love every moment like no other.

    By Noemmy on 12.06.2012

  8. Up on the rooftop, she dreamt of escaped realities, of those wishes she could never fulfill. It was only up there that she felt truly alone, safe to think, feel, and wonder about what could’ve been.

    By Alejandra URL on 12.06.2012

  9. Up on the rooftop, she dreamt of escaped realities, of those wishes she could never fulfill. It was only up there that she felt truly alone, safe to think, feel, and wonder about what could’ve been.

    By Dark-Masque on 12.06.2012

  10. i think of santa claus and how the song says he goes from roof to roof top and i also think of mary poppins and the chimney sweep guy. I always wished i could be like the children in there because it looked like they were having so much fun back in the”olden days”

    By george on 12.06.2012

  11. China looked up at the mansion curiously.
    He was dragged here by an exuberant America and wanted to go home. The only reason he went was in case Japan also came by.

    China looked at the mansion.
    He only came here because the stupid American dragged him over, right when he was talking to Japan, too! He frowned and looked around the grounds. It was very desolate, it was really creepy!

    China gave the mansion a cursory glance. The place was old and gross! The only reason he came here was to find Japan. He looked over his shoulder with a frown. Italy was fidgeting, clinging desperately to Germany.
    China sigh. ‘How annoying, aru.’

    China looked up at the mansion…

    A small figure perched herself on the roof, hidden from people on the ground.
    She let out a small giggle, her eyes glowing a deep red.
    “Let’s see how you do this time! Then we can play again and again and again!”
    A twisted smirk pulled her lips as they all entered the mansion.

    By Tanya on 12.06.2012

  12. On the roof. That’s where they heard it. The careful pattering of many hooves. An then. The soft thump of something heavy landing on the softest layer of snow. “It’s him”, they whispered, “it’s santa!”

    By Laurel on 12.06.2012

  13. the cat was on the roof, he wasn’t fond of this roof, so he decided to jump off the roof into the pool, were he died. not so happy but that’s ok, life isn’t happy, we all must accept that, move on, and have the best life possible, because one day, you will be a cat on a roof, and will jump.

    By megan URL on 12.06.2012

  14. have you ever stood on the roof of a parking garage and looked down and imagined what it would be like to fall…. Not to die but to fall. what a beautiful feeling it must be that falling though I’m sure few can tell you but i want to feel that. I know that’s morbid maybe even suicidal but i want to fall!

    By misha on 12.06.2012

  15. it covers the real world and keeps me in my safety zone. Without it destruction would literally rain chaos on the lives we have today. It is such a neccesary thing that we need.

    By Feeble Aquatic Mammoth on 12.06.2012

  16. I sat on the roof, chin tucked into my knees. You laid a hand on my back, and pointed to the stars, then you smiled that warm grin. As I looked harder at you, you went up into the clouds, into the night. Dissipated. You used to say “When you pass, you lead the way for who you left behind.” and I raised my head to the sky, staring at you, or the being of you as that star. Then I smiled for the first time in a long time.

    By Katelin Woods on 12.06.2012

  17. You are my roof, love.
    You keep me from troubles,
    as small as rain
    or strong like lightning,
    and when I put flame to you,
    you stay a skeleton of what I have done
    you leave
    but scar the earth were we
    Smoke strangles my
    And all I can think about.
    Is your open doors
    and the way you
    the blinds open
    for me to look in.
    But I locked all my
    and shut the curtains.
    You could never really love me
    because I didn’t let you
    know me.
    You are my roof, love.

    By Katelin Woods on 12.06.2012

  18. superhydrophobic project
    science fair
    water droplets
    glad to have a roof over my head
    stuff that covers me
    i dont know what else to say
    i think thats it

    By loco coco on 12.06.2012

  19. On top of the roof, we watched the sun rise. My eyes blinked in pain from being awake since yesterday’s dawn. But I smiled anyway; I felt his warm hand touch my cold one, and breaking my gaze from the horizon, I stared into his bright blue eyes. He tiredly smiled back, and I said all I could say after learning to feel again.


    By Marissa URL on 12.06.2012

  20. I sit sometimes, in a space where no one can see me and no one would want to if ever they knew; from my perch there, I can see, I can see, the world is it is to a painter, an alien, an abstract sound wave. People, dots and digits, swerving and linking like a pattern of something that is essentially all alike.

    By Saudade on 12.06.2012

  21. I felt I could jump and jump, and never stop. The sky seemed endless, as did the energy that was coursing through my veins, my skin, my brain. As my mind touched each rooftop as I leap, it was as though me, my real body, was there along with it.

    By charmed on 12.06.2012

  22. Roofs are the basis of all protection, they keep us safe from the rain, keep us sheltered from the harmful rays of the sun, even keep us safe at night from all of the creature of the night. Roofs are safe.

    By Brenden on 12.06.2012

  23. The roof was tin, like what is normally found on an old barn. The cat strolled along the apex, toward the end of the house, then sat in the sun.

    By Amanda on 12.06.2012

  24. A cat on a hot tin roof burned the pads of his feet. They blend on the roof, and he made sloppy blood spots all over the roof, window sills and everywhere he stepped.

    By Kathy on 12.06.2012

  25. I wish the roof was aware of the horrors it was caging. I wish it could know what it’s preventing the rest of the world from seeing. I wish the roof could cave in. I wish the caved-in roof could expose the horrors. I wish the horrors could have escaped into the world, freed from the cage I’m in. Then they would know. Then they would help.

    By Grace on 12.06.2012

  26. I sat on the roof of my lonely home, looking out at the world. The stars gazed down condescendingly, mocking my insignificance in the universe. I stuck my tongue out, then turned to face the grass. When the infinite number of blades also reminded me of my place, I closed my eyes and leaned back.
    It always came back to this. I was always alone.
    No one ever cared about my problems.
    After all, they were small, unimportant.
    I was just another speck in the universe, fated to go unnoticed amongst trillions of others.

    By Kelly Anne on 12.06.2012

  27. The very thing that protects the ones we love and care about from storms and horrible weather. Something that reminds us we are all together and safe.

    By Lindsey on 12.06.2012

  28. It is freezing out on the rooftops at night, but it is my haven. I can lie for hours looking up at the infinite sky. The stars twinkle benificently down at me and I cannot help but to marvel at how tiny we are in existence. All of our triumphs and despairs are nothing more than a blip in this tiny star system, which really is only a small part of this vast, vast universe. It is humbling. It is humanizing. Some nights I wonder if anyone else stares up at the stars and feels the same way that I do. Other nights, I think of absolutely nothing at all and drift away while the stars continue shining down on me as they always have.

    By Alyss on 12.06.2012

  29. I used to climb on the roof as a child and my parents told me not to. I did anyway and thought I could get away with it. One day they saw me from a half a mile away driving home. I never did it again. God see’s everything.

    By Joshua McFarlane on 12.06.2012

  30. all I see are stars
    stars in galaxies far above me
    and i feel small
    smaller than the tiniest grain of sand on a beach
    a white beach where the waves roll and sway
    and never crash
    but all i see are stars
    and i am so small.

    By Cat on 12.06.2012

  31. That’s really what she said, that someone was up there, living under the roof.

    It was delusional, of course. I mean, no one could live in that attic, under the roof, freezing cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer.

    She heard the voices, though, heard them talking, and what they had to say wasn’t good.

    By chipschap on 12.06.2012

  32. The object that holds me down. keeps me from where i want to be. Keeps me below everyone else. It is above me, and i cant reach it. I cant get to that level.

    By Shawn URL on 12.06.2012

  33. Sobre el techo se esconden las nubes que tienen miedo de la luz que emana la lámpara del pequeño Miguel. Los fantasmas creen que ese amarillo es un portal a la no-vida.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 12.06.2012

  34. A roof is like a hat or is it like hair? Covering your head or accentuating it? The shingles are like each strand protecting you from the wind. The roof has no mind beneath it, the hat only hair. The Moral – the hair has the brain beneath it – you hair brain!

    By Mr. Chauncy on 12.06.2012

  35. There was always a crack in that roof. Whenever it would rain, it would leak on me as I sat at the table. My Mom always said someone should fix that hole in the roof, but every since my dad died no one had the heart to do it. he was always the handy man who would fix everything when it was broken.

    By Mikey Mendoza URL on 12.06.2012

  36. I sat on the roof and watch the stars. Summer’s crickets chirped and not a single cloud dusted the sky. In my pocket, my phone buzzed. I took it out and its small illuminated a new text message. I swore to myself.

    By Clairako on 12.06.2012

  37. the roof is leaking again. yixing sighs at the ceiling, closing his manga with a flap.

    “luhan!” he calls, frowning. he’d told him to call a repairman, someone, even kris, to help, but luhan doesn’t like to listen. he’d probably say the leaky roof gave the place ‘character.’

    By amanda on 12.06.2012

  38. She was sitting on the roof, watch the cars speed by on the interstate. She was thinking about all that had happened and wondering about everything that would start happening. She shouldn’t have let Sheiann talk her into sneaking their friend along for the ride. She knew it was bad news…

    By Daniella URL on 12.06.2012

  39. sitting on your roof, you dropped your phone
    it was still in one piece, so we came to the conclusion
    that anything that fell off would be ok
    we went up there more often after that

    By Emma on 12.06.2012

  40. on a house , keeps me safe, no water drippingg on my head , unless its leaking. such a wierd word when i think about it roof. like the sound a dog makes, kinnda but not really, its more like ruff not roof.. the double oo’s look like eyes.

    By me on 12.06.2012