December 6th, 2012 | 291 Entries

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291 Entries for “roof”

  1. dmTAHRlOJcLeggfwuX 2175

    by uHiSbqvlRLhuSTR on 12.08.2012
  2. roof under our backs
    slants us forward- an offering.
    if we push off,
    a bemused moon
    will catch us.

  3. My dad had to fix the vent on the roof. My brother said DAD CAN I GO ON THE ROOF WITH YOU? my dad said NO YOU CANT GO ON THE ROOF! I laughed and when my dad went off the roof he was scared that my brother didnt listen.

  4. the rooftop was so explosive it flew off and hit the three little pigs in the head and they never forgave the rooftop but they did get a benefit out of it the got to keep it and make a house out of it then the big bad wolf came and he tried to blow the roof top down and couldn’t so he just left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  5. i wus on the roof cring

  6. i was on the roof we are working on the roof .

  7. i sat on the roof and watched the stars. i wonder if God likes us watching them. it something else, isn’t it. i know that God put them there for us, to give us light and hope. things we may not get enough of during the day.

    by starshine on 12.07.2012
  8. the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
    it’s a red roof, I think.
    no chimney, so fuck santa cuz he can’t get in.
    even if he could, though, he wouldn’t because it’d be on fire.
    burn. burn, baby. burn.
    is the time up yet?
    guess not.
    roof. roofie. uh oh…

    by @ZiggMatic on 12.07.2012
  9. dont see the roof that someone else has designed as a barrier, see it as a renovation waiting to happen.

  10. I went to the store and later found myself on the roof. How I got there I will not know, how I will get down I do not know. When I get off this roof, I will be free. Free of all the yelling, the screaming, the indifference. What will become of my things? My treasures. My notes. The roof.

    by Henri on 12.07.2012
  11. its the top of a house
    and its the sounds a dog makes
    when it barks. its short for roofus and speels
    FOOR backwards
    you make
    mix it upand spell rofor

    by Zachary Schlener on 12.07.2012