May 16th, 2012 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “romance”

  1. I haven’t read a romance novel in forever, because I’ve been writing my own. Living my dreams vicariously through the fantasy love life I live in my head.

    By Sheila Good URL on 05.16.2012

  2. I love romance. It’s kind of surprising, really. If I hadn’t gone to a chastity talk a while ago I probably would have been fine with having all the women I could grab. I want a woman who would match my interests and perhaps even I might match hers… but that might not happen for a long while, so I’m perfectly fine with living life and waiting as I work towards building a better life for myself and my children.

    By Julie URL on 05.16.2012

  3. romance is a 7 letter word
    belongs not to me
    will i ever find it
    will it find me
    have faith, they say
    too tired
    no queda esperanza
    i’m too young to feel like this

    By Karla URL on 05.16.2012

  4. Recently I’ve come to examine, personally, the impact of electrifying, primal, and often violent sex life on an authentic romance. To reconcile the idea of wanting to destroy, or love by destroying, tearing, rending, as any kind of love at all.

    By Jack URL on 05.16.2012

  5. I was sitting at the bar — for all the world like one of those girls you see sitting at bars in movies, in the short black dress and the high black heels and the hose with the seam up the back.

    By Jen Sullivan on 05.16.2012

  6. It was the need to feel loved himself more than a mutual feeling. A need to have purpose. To have sway over another, to constantly be in their thoughts.
    The daydreams, the quick intake of breath at her touch, or the blush to his cheeks when she smiled – no such menial emotions were felt. He knew it, as well, which was the only factor which really made him feel guilty. He led her on, and the end, what she saw as a budding, enchanting romance was really a self-validation for him.

    By T. on 05.16.2012

  7. I can’t say I dressed for the occasion. If I had been planning anything, I would have gone for something scant. Something black and lace. Something with sparkles.

    By Vat URL on 05.16.2012

  8. lovers laughing, red heart stalking, a smile on her lips and I’m sure it’s a show, the smile on my face. Romance chocolates and names, dropping, clothes dropping, everything dropping.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.16.2012

  9. Romance is for the weak.
    It’s a grateful debt that one pays to the other,
    He pays with dinner
    I pay with sex
    He pays with intimacy
    and I pay my own way out of the predicament
    that his love has indebted me with.

    By Abby on 05.16.2012

  10. Romance had always been my strongest card in the deck. I was good a romancing a woman. Bringing her flowers, sending her texts to let her know I was thinking about her. I never made a move for sex until I knew that she was completly ready, and I loved bathing her in complements and small little gifts. When I fell in love it was always aparent because I would romance the hell out of the girl.

    By Chelsea URL on 05.16.2012

  11. Timmy the dragon had never been one for romance. He never even believed in love until the day he saw Gloria. She was a golden dragon with eyes like the glistening sea. He just had to have her. His heart belonged to her and the fire in his breath grew hotter.

    By Kaylee on 05.16.2012

  12. Love :3 Romance movies :D I love those. But they kinda gets to lovey dovey if you know what i mean :P

    I dont really have much to say.. about romance. :D

    By Min on 05.16.2012

  13. Their romance wasn’t easy. He was always gone for work and she was left home alone to run the little jewelry shop she had opened. She had responsibilities too, and with a baby on the way things had become twice as complicated. She often found herself wonder if maybe, just maybe, they weren’t really meant to be. This brought tears to her eyes every time. How could she think something like that.

    By Tiffy URL on 05.16.2012

  14. I want an eternal romance. The heart-pounding, song writing, crazy and passionate romance. lets make all the poets jealous. You and me, forever. Living the dream.

    By Beatrice Amaro URL on 05.16.2012

  15. they stare into each others eyes, trying to hold on to every last second together.

    yes you can see love in a hug, kiss or touch.

    but true love is something you can feel as they exchange a simple glance through the review mirror as they say “see you soon”.

    By Kailey URL on 05.16.2012

  16. Oh man, I love being romantic. When I asked my girlfriend to prom, I took her to this very nice restaurant and gave her a single rose to ask her. It was really romantic in my opinion. Romance in general is something great, I think. I like being romantic and its a very lively thing to keep up. Romance is worth the effort.

    By Matt URL on 05.16.2012

  17. Romance. Romance is the most beautiful gift in life. Love. Companionship. Desire. I’m thankful for this each day. Yeah.

    By KristalDawnO on 05.16.2012

  18. To her, love never seemed real. It was merely an evolutionary response, a mental state designed to ensure the survival of the human race. A chemical reaction.
    Until, of course, she made the mistake of letting her guard down around him. Now she’s nothing more than a red-faced stammering mess stuck in an unrequited platonic nightmare.
    And she misses her days of wise ambivalence.
    So far, love (or whatever that dizzy, dry-mouthed feeling is she experiences every time his lovely blue eyes are on her) has turned out to be completely contrary to what she expected.
    She wonders what’s so potent about it that leaves her secretly teary-eyed every time she sees him with his girlfriend, that makes her want to listen to sad songs on repeat and watch cheesy romantic comedies while sobbing her eyes out, reminding herself that she will never have a happy ending like the characters on the screen.
    Which is, to her, strange.
    When she was little, all of the romantic fairy tales told her that love was a wonderful feeling of completion that comes when you finally meet the right person—your Prince Charming.
    But…nobody every told her that love was going to hurt this much.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.16.2012

  19. Romance is a dream,
    a lovely poison permeating the very fibre of our beings from the inception of our awareness of its illusory delusion, yet a potent motivator for much of life’s more meaningful endeavors…
    an insidious irony, romance.

    By Aniron URL on 05.16.2012

  20. experiences form expectations

    By Adrienne Skinner URL on 05.16.2012

  21. romance, ah, how beautiful. imagine me speaking in that spongebob voice (i.e. “three hours later”) Yes. romance is between any two beings, humans or not, and is the wonderful bond of lust and emotion- perfectly fused and prepared on a platter.

    By Haley on 05.16.2012

  22. To love is romance.
    I’m too young for romance.
    Its kind of gross.
    Romance happens when someone is older.
    Romance could lead to marriage.
    Being married might be cool.
    I think romance happens at different ages.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.16.2012

  23. She looked across the books, admiring the light gleaming off the perfect, unbent, cover of the 321 separate bindings that she’d published over the years. The Fabio cover years, the remergence of superheroes and pirates with the popularity of those movies, her career ebbing and flowing in both quantity and quality over the 35-year-span she’d been writing. Looking at the section which housed her life’s work, she ruefully admitted to her editor that seeing the words ‘Romance Section’ brought one predominant and persistent thought to mind…

    “Rah-ah-ahahahahah, Roma-romama! Gaga, oo lala, WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE!”

    Still in denial to all but herself, she thought “Damn, but it is catchy.”

    By Molly URL on 05.16.2012

  24. Oh, ouch. You really knew what to do say this time, eh?
    I don’t know much about romance. Never experienced it much. Yeah, there was a time. It was short, I was too dazzled to notice it in any other way than being hopelessly dazzled. After that it was just so…forced. Draining. I forgot who I was. I’m free now. This is for the better.
    And of course it hurts. It’s always going to hurt to inject that I put so much energy into a mix that was simply doomed to fall stale. Now when I look back on our time together, I see my tightly-woven facade looking grim on a face that was weary of trying, too entranced to see. I took every neutral reaction as a challenge to try harder. I was harder on myself, never acknowledging the reason for the damage I was doing. The heartaches, the stomach aches, the earthquakes tearing holes into my brain, allowing the anxiety, the chemical of destruction, to leak in to my perceptions.
    I needed approval from a boy who was too good to ever lie and dellude me further.
    I cleaned and dressed up just to go to bed but
    he’s yet to make any promises.

    But, I’m free now.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 05.16.2012

  25. Romance is a way to cover up that ‘love’ is a four-letter word.

    Romance is a chemical reaction in the brain intended to further the species.

    Romance is a dirty trick, played by a selfish brain.

    By elegy URL on 05.16.2012

  26. This romance formed between us. nothing more than occasional kisses stolen behind the oak tree, but it was more than I ever wanted. I wanted to go off on my own adventures. I didn’t want a man to stop me from this.

    But now I want him.

    I never signed up for a romance.

    By Serafina URL on 05.16.2012

  27. Romance and love comes hand in hand with pain and suffering. You cannot feel one without the other. It tears you apart while keeping you together. It shows you the brightest light and the darkest hour. You feel euphoria, you feel deterioration. You feel sane, you feel insane. It builds you up and crushes you down. Love …
    There is nothing so bitter sweet.

    By Anya URL on 05.16.2012

  28. The most beautiful thing in the world, and before consumption.

    By Jaenya on 05.16.2012

  29. romance is about caring about the other person, longing to see them. Have someone care for you. Its about being spontaneous and fun. About sharing the best moments of your life. About looking forward to each day knowing there is someone to share it with

    By Sydney on 05.16.2012

  30. Romance is dancing in the kitchen,or someone telling you you look beautiful when youve just crawled out of a bush. Then again, it’s also completely objective and the most over marketed commodity.

    By Mu on 05.16.2012

  31. Cliched yet eternal. Somehow, despite the degradation of modernity, it exists. Reality TV, divorce, and yet love.

    By Sam B URL on 05.16.2012

  32. Romance, huh? Beautiful, ideal thing. But not always what I really want from a partner. Romance is nice, is lovely really, but I’d rather have friendship. Easy companionship and laughter. And, yes, good sex. Because that matters too. I suppose most people would disagree with me, but what can you do?

    By AkoyaMizuno URL on 05.16.2012

  33. beautiful , lust , temporary

    By dilmans on 05.16.2012

  34. Really? I used to think that romance was dead, that what we needed was stability, but stability’s the farthest thing from my mind. I thought I needed what they said we did, what they said we were doing wrong. But I just need a little less Wuthering Heights and a little more anything else. Emily love me like a rose.

    By KelseyPR URL on 05.16.2012

  35. The two people kissed on the edge of the cliff. Roxanne gripped her boyfriend passionately and they rolled around on the ground. Unfortunately, they accidentally fell off. As they were falling, Derek thought that maybe this was a really stupid idea. Then they went splat.

    By yugimew URL on 05.17.2012

  36. I never thought I would need romance again. The companshionship of somebody maybe, but does anyone actually need roses and chocolates. Then I met Paul.

    By kirsty booth URL on 05.17.2012

  37. i wish my life could have it. i wish my life was like that of a romance novel. or romantic like the streets of paris. something interesting and new and adventurous. something romantic. i wish i had some romance.

    By S4L33N4 on 05.17.2012

  38. romance. funny it is not even a four letter word. why are we so obsessed with it ?
    what has romance given so far except pain ?

    By Galaxy URL on 05.17.2012

  39. Even strangers romance in the moonlight, and under bed sheets, it’s not about names or where you’re from, but who you are and the way you smile that I couldn’t help but want to keep you by my side forever, I won’t ask for much except your care, I’ll give you the rest.

    By unkitjc URL on 05.17.2012

  40. “He caught her had as she tried to run off, pulled her in and kissed her once. She couldn’t react for a moment, but when she could she tried to slap him, but then gave in to thoughts that made no sense and kissed him back…”

    Edd: Wait, it’s too cliched.

    Me: That’s what sells! Feed em crap of the perfect love, what romance is, and there you’ll make money on everyone’s crashed expectations and misery. (Laughs)

    By unkitjc URL on 05.17.2012