January 24th, 2011 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rocket”

  1. He makes my heart race like a rocket, and when I’m near him I can feel the heat as if the flames are pouring out of each of us.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.24.2011

  2. we shot rockets at my school once. My friend was talking and she spit on me. And while I was shrieking about it there was someone laughing at us out of the corner of my eye.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 01.24.2011

  3. Rockets are big missiles that shoot through the sky. They bring destruction and death to all of those in their path. A rocket can bring people to space, and teach us of the things we do not know. Without rockets, we will not know things about the moon, nor will we defend our borders.

    By Davii on 01.24.2011

  4. Everyone is watching you from the distance, watching you escape this planet. They don’t try to stop you, but watch you with fascination. And then you’re gone, into the stratosphere, up, up and away…

    By Electric URL on 01.24.2011

  5. He put on his helmet and his goggles. His gloves were in his mouth while he strapped himself to the rocket. He put the gloves on, took a long, deep breath, and then he screamed. He never stopped; it just got to a point where he was so far away I couldn’t hear him anymore.

    By large marge URL on 01.24.2011

  6. It’s a destructive weapon to ruin places. Couldn’t be used for good.

    By ayesha URL on 01.24.2011

  7. from far away you look like the mystic thing i need to fly among the starz i so wish i could be. but closer up you are nothing but hard metal and burning flames – a materialistic shell of scientific means. do all of my dreams crumble under realistic schemes to make the ims possible and the moons beam?

    sew it seams…

    By lizzibug URL on 01.24.2011

  8. The rocket flew into the sky
    like a piano player
    lightly tapping her fingers
    up the scale,
    to the flat five
    and the sharp eleventh,
    and downward
    into the blues scale
    and the tom-tom of the drums
    bringing it back into reality,
    into rhythm,
    in time with the earth.

    By Scythe42 URL on 01.24.2011

  9. it was unusual to say the lest. the first time i step foot into a rocket not one that goes up to space but one that would kill hundreds maybe 1,000’s of civilians. by my hands i was creating this death machine for a country i was not siding with but war was not my idea.

    By Brandon L. on 01.24.2011

  10. Rockets aren’t just a figment of imagination anymore. They can symbolize the celebration of an extraordinary moment, a great achievement, or just be a rocket to the moon where we can lie down and figure the world out.

    Perhaps its best to live life just under the skies.

    By George C URL on 01.24.2011

  11. the rocket was glimmering in the sunlight, it was launched and into the atmosphere it went. something that was there once now has disappeared. I sit and wonder what it looks like once it leaves the earth, I wonder the feelings the passengers have once they bust the seems of the world they know.

    By Tasha Figueroa on 01.24.2011

  12. And it took off into the sky. Shining with the reflections of the stars, everyone’s eyes stayed fixed on my rocket.

    By Josh on 01.24.2011

  13. the rocket fizzled and fell. lower
    lower, lower. lower.
    Down. gone
    Dreams falling.
    Dispersed among the stars.

    By jill on 01.24.2011

  14. Maybe it’s not something that we thought about often enough, human capability. Just some sixty years after we were able to fly, we reached the moon. That says something about us. Will we be able to free ourselves of the horrors we ourselfs caused?

    By Martin on 01.24.2011

  15. Like a rocket ship blasting towards the sky, feelings rise and soar above everything we know.
    Up,up, and away into the unknown they can carry us.
    It might be scary.
    It might be hard.
    But the view…..the view is worth it.

    By blakkhawkk on 01.24.2011

  16. There was a rocket that went flying into space. And on its way it saw martians, comets, stars, and so many planets. But it was lonely up there with all these foreign objects. So lonely in fact that it pleaded to come back to earth. But it couldn’t land because it had a mission. And on it went into the wilderness of space. Always in need of another rocket.

    By Me on 01.24.2011

  17. i was fourteen the first time i saw a rocket launch. my father took drove me out to the beach so we could sit on top old ford taurus and just be silent for a while. i remember everything from that moment- the feel of the cold metal against my palms, the sound of the waves washing up before us. the tears that slid down my father’s cheeks with such delicate grace i almost think he couldn’t have made them.

    By allie on 01.24.2011

  18. The leaf came upon my knee as I sat on the ground. I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger and observed it for a second. I then put it to my lips and rocketed it up with a gust of air.

    By Daniel URL on 01.24.2011

  19. Tex rode in on his rocket-powered horse. He pulled off his atomic ten-gallon hat and gleamed at The Double-Blaster Kid along the main street of Sirius Gulch. A crowd gathered.

    “This spaceport ain’t big enough for the two of us,” he declared, “draw or be vaporized.” The Kid went to draw his blasters but a piece of a neutrino had lodged in one of the barrels from his last run-in with a cosmic ranger. When he pulled the trigger, the backfire gave him a hangnail. He ran to mount his tachyon pony, and cried all the way back to Betelgeuse.

    By richpee URL on 01.24.2011

  20. you were always kind to me. kissing the blotches that never really there when i fell down running.

    By allie URL on 01.24.2011

  21. …….. blah. I cant think about rockets. I need to be studying kinesiology. Its hard to make it fun when everything is working against me. My teacher, who is really just a chiropractor, doesn’t know how to teach and the book sucks too.

    Yeah! for positivity.

    By Amber Rene URL on 01.24.2011

  22. Ground control to Major Tom – take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

    By jvmediadesign URL on 01.24.2011

  23. Rocket Power. Rocket propelled grenade. Rocket launcher. Rocket to the moon. The Rocket Summer.

    By Stefanie Myr URL on 01.24.2011

  24. Boom goes the dynamite! Rockets are incredibly important in the general evolution of society, giving way to political and cultural revolutions as well as competitive tension between nations during the Space Age. Not only did they advance the world scientifically, but politically as well.

    By Jack McGrath on 01.24.2011

  25. One day a rocket landed in my bathroom and the little aliens that stepped out demanded a stool sample. Why I asked and they just repeated their request. I gave them what they wanted and they got back into their rocket and were never seen again.

    By Donald on 01.24.2011

  26. A Bakery that I hold dear to my heart.

    By Dani on 01.24.2011

  27. There once was a little boy named Brian. Brain loved rockets! They were his favourite things in the whole wide world! Brain would spend his weekends building model rockets instead of playing with other kids. His dream was to one day, fly his own rocket to the moon! He loved the idea of that adventure.

    By Lucerny Guo on 01.24.2011

  28. taking a rocket ship tot eh moon, time travel, explosives, riding on missle. cats

    By lachy URL on 01.24.2011

  29. She took off, just jumped up from the chair and shot up the steps like a rocket! I never knew she had so much speed but that was all it took.

    By Cindy McKenzie URL on 01.25.2011

  30. Rockets can be heavy or light. Rockets can be funny r uptight. Actually, fuck that rockets do not have a personality. Oh wait, now i am being insensitive to all those lovely machines out there constructed from metal, steel, and stuff.

    By jake on 01.25.2011

  31. A flurry fluttering of color that speeds off into the distance. A scientific dragon with a brief booming roar. Transport to the stars: the age-old symbol for the future.

    By jenpen URL on 01.25.2011

  32. wish i could shoot up as i you do. Up above the clouds and even above ..Give me the fire that burns you

    By aswathy on 01.25.2011

  33. shoot me up into the sky like ia rocket i wanna fly no not fly i just wanna feel free i wanna feel loved i wanna be happy, happy like a rocket shooting up up up up into the forever can i have that…….i guess not! :-(

    By Ariel URL on 01.25.2011

  34. 1rocket=Restained Oversight Creates Knowedge encounberting Doust

    By Gar... Mem ,... Others on 01.25.2011

  35. There once was a rocket called Trey, he was the coolest rocket in the world he had all the cooliset girl rockets, and all the guys wanted to be hime, he was awesome.

    By lachy URL on 01.25.2011

  36. rocket…up up here we go….fly away…away from all this sadness…away from all this pain…to endless a new life

    By cherri3pie on 01.25.2011

  37. rocket…
    i always wanted to be in a rocket
    traverse the universe in my imagination
    meeting aliens and shooting lazers
    then i grew up
    and found out thats not possible

    By jmiller291 URL on 01.25.2011

  38. i am in love with him. it feels like the fourth of july when i am around him. when he kisses me i see colors. fireworks. rockets. those little bees that you light off. he makes me feel like a celebration. i love him. i really love him. i want to kiss him now.

    By Becks on 01.25.2011

  39. sky atmosphere space spaceship stars moon sun jupiter saturn venus uranus pluto full moon half moon crescent moon n.a.s.a launch pad milky way plane fire speed fast astronaut death aliens gravity food earth world

    By maddy on 01.25.2011

  40. as the rocket launches into the sky, i say goodbye to life as i know it, smoke fills the air around me, and while i dont know if this will be the last day i spend on earth, i know that there is something more out there and i am interested in fnding out what exactly that is.

    By maddy on 01.25.2011