June 10th, 2011 | 482 Entries

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482 Entries for “rise”

  1. He lay asleep on his bed, the sunlight trickled over his eyes. He vaguely heard the sound of a door opening behind him and the soft footsteps that followed. A hand pushed his shoulder, “Uhm, Kyouya-sempai?” A familiar voice called, “Please wake up..?” He heard her loud and clear, deciding instantly not to agree, so, he grabbed the intruders arm pulling her down next to him with a faint smile on his lips as he drifted back to sleep.

    By Rain URL on 06.10.2011

  2. The sun rises over the trees. Orange and pink paint the sky. The air is still, the silence soft and drowsy. It is early and the world is still sleeping.

    By AbbieLou URL on 06.10.2011

  3. To rise from the ashes is a verb that no one enjoys to think of. To literally pull yourself from the deepest depths of what you have ever been is a feat that some find impossible. You must know that the ashes that we fear we fall into are the ones that make us who we are.

    By Lyric Moonstruck on 06.10.2011

  4. many have risen to the apex of their careers and lives, but when rising one must not take advantage of those around them and appreciate the people and things that have helped them get to where they are now. the rise may be slow for some and quick for others, but with effort and perseverance one can rise to the top.

    By maxie thao on 06.10.2011

  5. the sun may laugh
    and the moon may taunt–
    but rise
    and stay

    By Cole URL on 06.10.2011

  6. Time to wake up and get moving. Better to awaken the sense than sit in the dull monotony of daytime TV. Rise – up and at them. Get that brain moving and the mind flowing. No more dull mindless nothingness as my TV lulls me back to sleep.

    By Kristen Micetic on 06.10.2011

  7. rise above all of the things that are holding you down. rise to every opportunity. rise to the occasion. Beat your own expectations. Rise above hostility. Rise above revenge. Rise above anything that isn’t true to who you want to be. Just rise above this world.

    By Samantha Ashlin on 06.10.2011

  8. When think of this word, I think of the morning. This is a time that I dread 100%. There are sayings such as, rise and shine or others that make it sound enjoyable when it’s not.

    By Meggie on 06.10.2011

  9. “Rise to your feet, servant”, he exclaimed suddenly and furrowed his brows as if he was angry at something.
    “Yes, My Lord”, I answered humbly and bowed slightly as I rose up and lifted my gaze up to meet the yes of my king. The eyes, with the darkest black and the most shimmering blue in the world, in them.

    By piitou URL on 06.10.2011

  10. Rise and Shine! It’s that time now when everyone blinks open their eyes in disgust…it’s time to face the day. Of course the day isn’t so bad, it might even be great, but until you get that first cup of coffee you’re subject to believe it’s going to be crap. Don’t rise to the notion that life is boring, rise and shine and make your life what you want it to be!

    By Jennifer Whitcomb on 06.10.2011

  11. rise up from the horizon. See everything the world has to offer and see the beauty in it. the world is a complexity of facts. nothing is actually illogical it’s only what you make it to be that messes it up. there are many colours, just like from the sunrise. it can all be a collage if you wish

    By Alexandra Ciupahina on 06.10.2011

  12. i rise in the morning. well it’s really like a slow grinding uphill climb.

    By albusd URL on 06.10.2011

  13. rise above the hurt. rise above the worry. transcend. break through those barriers of doubt and RISE. no one will stop you but yourself. just rise.

    By Jenna Fraser on 06.10.2011

  14. and say hello to all the crap you’re about to face. It’s better than denying it’s there. Accept it.

    By Olivia on 06.10.2011

  15. rise up she said. rise up and seize the day. grab it and run through the clouds. through the sun. feel the sun on your cheeks. the laughter in your throat. the light in your eyes. rise up against the dying of your dreams and live them. be them.

    By Aurora on 06.10.2011

  16. Tonight at 5 o clock pacific time the Boston Bruins will rise above the Vancouver Canucks going 3-2 up in the series and getting one step closer to placing their hands on the Stanley Cup they deserve.

    By Pete on 06.10.2011

  17. hello

    By ailen on 06.10.2011

  18. The Fall of Rise was a book my brother read when I was younger. I always thought the title was funny, but I suppose that was the intention. Rise reminds me of raise which is the opposite of raze. Al Silverman is an amazing human being. He is the funniest man alive and he loves Bob Dylan.

    By Devin on 06.10.2011

  19. once upon a time there was a balloon that rose above the rest it was nice and pretty and peaceful. then, the gorilla took a bite out of the star and the world spotaneously combusted, which displeased the li

    By gfd on 06.10.2011

  20. Rise and shine, my darling. The morning is here, another day to tackle head on. New ideas, ambitions, thoughts, and problems arise with this day.

    By Jessica on 06.10.2011

  21. Rise above. Overcome current surroundings. Float and soar above the rest. Take upon a different view of the world you live in. You are no longer bound by the chains you’ve known. So rise, soar up and see what awaits you in the stars.

    By Candace on 06.10.2011

  22. “Rise and shine porcupine” is what my mother use to say. She was one of those psychotic morning people, forever happy and roaring to go at the butt crack of dawn. “Its a possabiliday we must be on our way” she would cheer as she coached me along to the the breakfast table. It use to drive me insane because I, a normal sane person, understood the value of sleep. But now that I have my own children I understand where she was coming from, perhaps she wasn’t so keen on the idea of the morning either, perhaps she was just being a great mum… so with a sigh, “Rise and shine my little porcupines”

    By Trista URL on 06.10.2011

  23. I rise with the sun
    the moon and the stars
    with my lover before he gets out of bed
    and with the heartbeat that increases when our bodies entwine.
    I rise like fear
    in the child filled with wonderment
    and I rise like the tides,
    always aiming for the shore.
    I rise like the fists of rebellion and like the hope of the people.

    By Robyn Johnson on 06.10.2011

  24. The sun rises everyday, constant. The bread rises in the oven. I rise every morning, a bit disheveled.

    By Sowji URL on 06.10.2011

  25. I will rise again! It’s always good to know that no matter how bad things get, that I will rise again! Sometimes I forget that, and feel filled with despair — I usually remember that rising part in my journal, or in a caring person’s loving reassurances.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 06.10.2011

  26. as i rise to the top of this emontional rollarcoaster i realize. its about to drop. and down i will fall. just how i feel with every experiance i have in my life. but once again i will rise up to the top of another occasion just to go thro it all over agin. the best way is to just keep hoping one day i will rise up and stay there at the peek of my life and stay happy forver.

    By kelly on 06.10.2011

  27. As the moon slipped beyond the horizon, a new light took its place. Where once there had been the soft glow of the night, there was now, pulsing in, the warmth and radiance of the rising sun.

    By torin URL on 06.10.2011

  28. Rise against the things people say that are not truthful to what you believe because in the end, you never want to regret the feelings you couldn’t express. Everyday is a moment in our life to implore our thoughts. Never forget to rise.

    By Rachel on 06.10.2011

  29. As I rise in the east and you die in the west, we will find the way. The way to what? you ask, with courage in your eyes. To the place we need to be, I reply. So why wait? Let us go, until we can go no more. That is my plan, and it shall be all we need for now…

    By Joswa URL on 06.10.2011

  30. Now I’m ready to rise again. I love Gabrielle, she reminds me of sitting in the back of the car with my sister on the way to school, singing along with the music at full blast, childhood was true beauty

    By http://the-rubber-necker.tumblr.com/ URL on 06.10.2011

  31. I rise to the occasion. I see the sun and rise just as if I were the sun for each day knowing that I am in perfect harmony with the universe and all there is. I rise each day and I rise to make a difference each day.

    As a school teacher I do rise each day to make a difference.

    By dan URL on 06.10.2011

  32. Rise. What exactly does that mean even? Rise above? Rise against? Rise towards? Rise within? There are so many opportunities, so many different meanings for this one word. Maybe the way we automatically associate it, reveals some deep meaning about our subconscious, the way we think, the way we are. Maybe everything is just a matter of association.

    By Angela URL on 06.10.2011

  33. i was laying down. the last thing i wanted to do was RISE.
    i called the ocean loud, soon enough the water began to RISE.
    i fell, the sun and moon disappeared and soon the stars began to RISE.

    By sadie on 06.10.2011

  34. Awake. They day has begun. Life continues. Live through the hurt. This melancholy will pass. I love you.

    By Marie-Ange Zoghaib on 06.10.2011

  35. When I think of rising. I think of rising to a monumental occasion. Something that is going to change your life forever either for the bad or the worse. There is no way to tell how it is going to turn out. But the rising to the challenge is the most significant part. It shows character and the strength of the individual.

    By Kayla URL on 06.10.2011

  36. Rise up, rise up. The words to the inspiring song are calling me to rise up to the challenge of living life. Of really living life. I am tempted by insecurity and not enoughness to stay small, to stay on the couch. To leave little mess behind me as I whisper through life. But no, I will rise.

    By Tanya on 06.10.2011

  37. Rise above the crowd and make a diffierence, be something and go somewhere. Life is too beautiful to live underneath your potential.. l

    By Kassandra on 06.10.2011

  38. Rise seems like a real power word, don’t you think? It makes me think of GNC billboards or energy drinks. I’d rather have rice with a nice saucy sauce, personally.

    By Michelle on 06.10.2011

  39. I rise to see the sun and the ocean in front of me. A beautiful morning. I rise to live everyday. Live life to its fullest. To my fullest potential. I don’t always know how but thats what I want.

    By Tiffany Jimenez on 06.10.2011

  40. nothing really. all i saw was ONE WORD. I guess I can say…that in reality one word, can describe a feeling or a sense of being. One Word, is sometimes all you need to say.

    By Nothing on 06.10.2011