January 5th, 2014 | 101 Entries

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101 Entries for “revenue”

  1. Do we have enough revenue
    to go on the avenue?
    Is there enough money for gas?

    By emma URL on 01.05.2014

  2. The revenue smied at him though I don’t tihnk that revenues can actually smile.

    I’m actually trying to figure out the definition of this word before I go off into a spiel of something that isn’t actually a revenue…

    and yeah, I can’t think of it. It comes from the French re-venue… whech basically means ‘to come again,’ I’m guessing. A venue is a place you go that provides a service.
    And then a revenue I’m guessing would be somehting that… this makes no sense. what am I doing?

    By Maria URL on 01.05.2014

  3. A collection of things which enhance my life.

    By Robin Wilkes on 01.05.2014

  4. we weren’t making enough money! this is what i wanted to do, this is my life dream! and it’s failing, it wont work, i can’t make a living. I want to do this we need to keep going. This is all I’ve got.

    By Ben on 01.05.2014

  5. Income.

    By Robin Wilkes on 01.05.2014

  6. sometimes i think that you
    are as dull as tax revenue
    and i wish i could escape
    the mundane of you.
    you drain me.

    By Kate URL on 01.05.2014

  7. The tax revenue was falling drastically, there was nothing more the government could do. There was no income, no source of wealth anywhere. The country had been bled dry.

    All around there were people dying, starving and crying. Fighting was now the norm and any sense of humanity had left with the last few coins. It was a strange world to live in.

    We rely so heavily on our revenues as a country, that if they were to be taken away, the whole place would cease.

    By Zoey URL on 01.05.2014

  8. Everything he was given, was earned.

    By Dale URL on 01.05.2014

  9. No.

    By cheshirekitt URL on 01.05.2014

  10. “I’m not sure if you can get your money back.” Stacy proclaimed. “The revenue that you would lose would be astronomical!”

    By LimeGrenade URL on 01.05.2014

  11. Families don’t know what to do without it. Celebrities don’t know what to do with it. I’m not sure if I even need it. Did you know there is someone who’s lived on his own island somewhere and doesn’t need money at all?

    As the words fall from my mouth, the man across from me looks more and more bored.

    I mean, it’s not like it’s all that important, money. I suppose it is to some people, but you know it’l never buy you what you really need. There are so many things you can do with it, and it seems so important sometimes, but I wonder if we’d be better with a barter system or something.

    His finger nails must be intriguing.

    Did you hear that thing about how people who are set up on dates by their friends almost always are disappointed?

    He looks up at that.

    Yeah. I think that’s true.

    By Beth A URL on 01.05.2014

  12. revenue canoe loaded with bass cash. oiling folded green. gills on washington’s stoic face. impossible to duplicate. A stack so high the boat dips down, meets the edge of the water.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.05.2014

  13. We collected revenue quickly with our new idea. People seemed to like it, though I don’t know why. It was, in truth, a pretty stupid idea but I guess that’s how these things work.

    By Hannah on 01.05.2014

  14. Revenue, how is it that one simple word could make me feel like I was stepping in quicksand. It pulled me down into its dark, uncaring depths. It promised to wrap me in soft darkness but I knew that in the end it would mean nothing. Just colorful slips of paper. Paper that had the power to bring a smile to my son’s face or leave the dinner table empty. Suddenly it meant a whole lot more.

    By Hannah on 01.05.2014

  15. Sounds like avenue but is more about money than residences. reminds of taxes and the government .

    By Aoife on 01.05.2014

  16. the mass amounts
    collect in pools
    shiny poles
    empty glasses
    pungent alcoholic residue

    By Emma on 01.05.2014

  17. Revise be wise reject be fecked revenue messes you what am i saying giraffe kindle

    By Aoife on 01.05.2014

  18. she gained a revenue
    of riches
    that did nothing
    but weigh
    her tender soul
    happiness is never in
    what you can gain,
    she learned,
    but in what you can give.

    By alexxus hall URL on 01.05.2014

  19. she gained a revenue
    of riches
    that did nothing
    but weigh
    her tender soul
    happiness is never in
    what you can gain,
    she learned,
    but in what you can give.

    By AK. URL on 01.05.2014

  20. i think that when people think of money they think either evil or good, something you earn. thats not true for me. i dont like to think about money. because im always afraid i’ll have more. and that makes me dirty. i didnt earn it, probably. i didnt earn any of it.

    By Lena on 01.05.2014

  21. The biggest challenge with revenue is having any at all. The line between success and failure can be rather firm. Just making enough to cover overhead costs is simply not enough. You also need to have a profit.

    By Holly on 01.05.2014

  22. And I’ve never really cared about the money you give me month after month, I barely even ever check to see if its there, if you do what the judge told you to. But when I got home today to see the for-closer sign on the front door I realized just how glad I am to have that revenue waiting. Safe and sound. I never thought I’d say this to you after the 15 years of hell you put me through, but thank you for saving me. This time.

    By Madison on 01.05.2014

  23. i don’t want to talk
    about how much
    it’ll cost
    just to see you
    because i know that price
    i want to talk
    about how much it hurts
    when i don’t
    when i feel like the price
    i pay
    for not seeing you
    is far worse than when i do.
    you could make millions
    if you could only charge

    By liz on 01.05.2014

  24. Revenue, tax increase, health care, as a child these words were like a foreign language, bouncing around inside my head, now I see such heated debates over them, I wish I still none the wiser.

    By Tathar URL on 01.05.2014

  25. I would like to some day make it.
    re ve nu: a product name
    renue renew
    new nue
    vereneu (french) (probably)
    eunever (unlike euthanasia) (forever)

    By Mia on 01.05.2014

  26. I was taught to love money
    After all, it’s what would sustain me
    and bring me happiness
    If I didn’t have it
    then I couldn’t have happiness
    It simply didn’t make sense to them
    how someone could not want to “be happy”

    By Liz URL on 01.05.2014

  27. Mom brought in a lot of revenue doing the nasty with the 6th fleet.

    By Lynn URL on 01.05.2014

  28. The Bureau of Internal Revenue….it sounds so officious…so full of themselves.
    But when you meet the folks that work there, they could be your neighbor. Perhaps a cranky neighbor, but still just like you.

    By Chana on 01.05.2014

  29. sometimes you don;t know what a word means. i thkn i’m gpoing to revenue this haunted house into a marirage parlo because that mkes loads of sense. reinvention isi intenresting because ow much of that thing it maintained and how much is lost when you change it. kind of like artists, too, when they come out with new art. interesting.

    By Ines on 01.05.2014

  30. Revenue; such a word of seemingly mundane proportions, overly boring daily bills, costs, fiances, yadda yadda…
    Such seemingly droning things that support our socioeconomic world. The cause for love to rift and arguments to take hold of sweet words stopped in the mouths of men and women without enough…

    By MorganLovell URL on 01.05.2014

  31. “I’m sorry, Ms. Havenaugh,” Mayor Richards murmured. “Given the scope of the budget required to revive the theater, I’m afraid we just don’t have the revenue to accommodate your needs.”

    “So maybe you should dump the huge galas and extra benefits for your little throne, Mrs. Mayor,” Chelsea replied, hands on her hips. “Have you ever considered that?”

    The look on the mayor’s face at the thought of reducing her one percent extravaganzas was priceless.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.05.2014

  32. Working is all that I know. I work myself up until I can’t fall back down, this ladder has raised me too high.

    By KT URL on 01.05.2014

  33. I want to make money. That’s why you’re here. Now sit down, and tell me, are you going to make me money. That shouldn’t be a hard question, the answer is either yes or no isn’t it?

    By .Theo URL on 01.05.2014

  34. “Revenue,” she spit the word at me like a curse. “You tore us apart and what for, for money?” She was like a storm raging on and on throwing debris at me. I ducked my head. I couldn’t even argue with her because I knew it was true. I had wrecked everything I hated myself for it, but at the same time I knew that if I could go back I would do it all again.

    By Emily on 01.05.2014

  35. The club’s owner was in desperate need of revenue. He knew that he needed to do something or else he was going to lose his club, the thing he worked so hard for. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to get it or from where but he would do anything in his power to get it. After all, he just needed a little push in the right direction.

    By Giselle on 01.05.2014

  36. He was a talker this one. I rocked back and forth on top of him, he was fully inside me now. Between moans I could make out a few words.
    “Why,” he groaned, “Why do you do this?” I thought for a moment before responding.
    “Money,” I panted. We changed positions until he was on top of me. The bed creaked moaning with us in a strange unison.

    By because I said so on 01.05.2014

  37. So I make minimum wage
    And I’ve started to realize
    What money really is.
    You know how when you’re young
    And it’s just like “oooh my parents
    give this to me, then I give it to a
    store and get cool stuff”?
    When you get older it’s a
    whole new ball game!

    By Ellie on 01.05.2014

  38. I don’t know what’s the meaning of ”revenue” but it sounds like new or something like that. new and fresh like a new book, that smells of a new book compared with the old one.

    By Marcos sanchez on 01.05.2014

  39. “Barry, how’s it coming with those quarterlies?”
    I turned around and my boss’s face lay behind a steam of smoke from his mug. He was looking at me?
    “I thought that was going to be Mark who was supposed to handle that.”
    “Change of pace, you’ll be doing it. You mean you haven’t even started yet then?”
    “This is the first time I’ve heard about it, sir.”
    “Well,” he said, lowering his cup, “make sure you get it done by tomorrow in any case. Can’t have the company falling apart because of one cog, you know what I mean?”

    By James Bouletaire URL on 01.05.2014

  40. having money come even when I am not working- passive income.
    Having my money work for me.
    Having unlimited earning potential. Working on commission. Having an abundance of money. Not having to stress over money or lack thereof.

    By Vickie Hodgdon on 01.05.2014