March 23rd, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “residue”

  1. residue is left on my shirt, my car, my table, and many other places. residue is the left-overs of the things we use every day. many advertise “no residue”, but how do you know? how do you really know? can you see it? can you touch it? i believe it’s a trick. they want us to trick our minds into believing it.

    By Jessica Walker on 03.23.2012

  2. water droplets on a window, drinking from a bottle leaving bits behind, after towelling off, after sex, mark from years ago you forgot about, mug of tea leaving a ring on the table, spilling milk, sticky patch left over

    By steve on 03.23.2012

  3. The acidic residue clung to the interior of the driver side window. A haze filled the car as silence once again permeated that retched space. He finally spoke, “Shouldn’t have fucked around with my wife”.

    By jon on 03.23.2012

  4. In the bottom of the bottle some residue, but otherwise a fine wine for a home made elderberry wine

    By kim on 03.23.2012

  5. Dripping on the side of my temple is the residue of of nervous laughter. My mind can’t stop racing when I’m with you.

    By Sarah URL on 03.23.2012

  6. the. end. finish ALREADY!

    By steve on 03.23.2012

  7. you leave a residue on me
    that is sometimes hard to see
    but even worse it is to feel it
    the grainy softness of it
    rolling in between my fingers
    the space between my hipbone and
    the elastic of my jeans
    the residue snakes under my toenails
    and i pick at it ferociously
    flicking you farther and farther

    By Elizabeth on 03.23.2012

  8. There you were captured so elegantly on my bed. It isn’t you, but your formation–actually your residue. It was what you were. Your smell is still laying on my bed, your strength and your love. Though you aren’t here, but residing in the grave everything that you were is laying beautiful forever on my bed.

    By Ari URL on 03.23.2012

  9. the residue left from my past keeps sticking to everything i touch. I rinse and rinse but it always stays. I keep searching for something to wash it off but i cant find it. Residue is something we need to try to rid ourselves of.

    By Emily on 03.23.2012

  10. dirt
    due to clean
    needs cleaning
    face wash
    house cleaning
    trying to clean something from a table
    hard to take off

    By rina magsombol on 03.23.2012

  11. It was barely noticeable on my fingertips, that soft oiliness left over from a gently touched plant or a swipe across the lips. A residue I could barely detect but knew was there, reminding me of what had happened, what was to come and how little time there really was left for me.

    By laurapacker URL on 03.23.2012

  12. Residue is the reminder of the past, the things that leave behind their mark. It is the smudge of ketchup on the counter from your sandwich, the bit of semen on the sheets, the dust on your finger after wiping down the countertops. Residue is the residual. The leftovers.

    By Chloe Thompson on 03.23.2012

  13. the past lays like a residue on my soul. it films me up and clouds my vision. the things i think i see aren’t in focus because this haze razes my judgement.

    i need the windex. awareness, liquid blue. that is the only thing that will do.

    By Jenna Whitman URL on 03.23.2012

  14. the leftover crap on anything. Can be used meteorically to describe people that don’t belong. A negative connotation. Can be like rust or gunk. I think of nasty we hair at water parks. It makes me want to puke. The scraps from your body

    By Natalia on 03.23.2012

  15. My heart beats like a withering plant. The residue of melancholy seeps off of the edges and drips onto myself. I live like a slug, but better yet the slugs are better than me. The slugs know where they go, yet my own path is unrevealed and hidden.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 03.23.2012

  16. The chalk left a harsh green residue on Shelly’s fingers as she scraped at the gray pavement, shoulders stiff and sore as she hunched over her work. To her right, street artists had all gathered to make their creations, their borders clearly drawn in stark, hostile white. Lifting her head for a split second, Shelly spotted Jerry drawing the remains of a horseman of death with red and gold.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.23.2012

  17. the gunk left behind
    The words forrgotten,
    The people who don’t fit in
    The nasty stuff
    left over

    By Natalia on 03.23.2012

  18. Residue? I believe is a small amount of somthing…? or some part of another? Though I am unsure of the exact definition I believe it to be something along those line? But I may be wrong it may just be somthing very different… it may be the end of somthing or the essence of it??? or a scraping of it….

    By Jasmine on 03.23.2012

  19. the nastiness
    the ugly crap
    the leftovers
    all nast things
    all over everywhere

    By Natalia URL on 03.23.2012

  20. ilk akla gelen arkeolojik olsada anıların kalıntıları ya da yemek kalıntısıda olabilir bugunku tutmadi pek

    By cagkanyuksel URL on 03.23.2012

  21. As she sat at the table the spot stared back at her. There was still a residue left from the soap making the splotch look like the blood she had mopped up. Her fingers were still raw and aching from scrubbing the dark stain. The residue of the life she had only a few hours ago.

    By EliseV URL on 03.23.2012

  22. The stuff that is left behind of larger parts… it is unwanted and is unnoticed most of the time…

    By Jasmine URL on 03.23.2012

  23. i can’t see it
    only feel it
    it’s what you left behind
    on the outer reaches of my heart

    scrub as i may
    it won’t go away
    what have you done
    you’re here to stay

    neither a blessing or a curse
    nothing could be better
    that couldn’t be worse
    you are a part of me

    By Isabelle on 03.23.2012

  24. I don’t like the residue that builds up on my dishes above the stove. How does that even happen? I don’t fry food and yet the dishes are all covered in an oily dust. I wash them, replace them, and within a month, they are all the same. Perhaps I should get rid of them since obviously I’m not using them anyway.

    By mamafeelgood URL on 03.23.2012

  25. It’s stuck to my shoes and foolishly filling up my lungs. It needs to be washed away. Is there anything that can cleanse the tar of the past. Is there anyone who can pry the gunk from under my fingernails? Is there enough water in the world?

    By RMF on 03.23.2012

  26. Residues are normally though of as sticky and bad. However, in Biochemistry and Biology, residues are very impotant as they are amino acids that make up the protiens that casue everything to happen in your body. They are cooll

    By iz on 03.23.2012

  27. part of the residue stayed on her hand. it was invisible but as her passion were detective stories, she knew it. with clean hands no one would ever suspect her for murder.

    By corinnele on 03.23.2012

  28. What will the world do
    When there’s no longer any residue
    To cleanse ourselves of our own demise
    In a desperate clutch at that final prize

    By RMF URL on 03.23.2012

  29. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tastes like tar, looks like tar, …is tar, but it still gets the job done. Time to float.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 03.23.2012

  30. residue, that gum on my shoe is stopping me from catching you!. just wait, i’m coming hombre!

    By Dinah B =] URL on 03.23.2012

  31. slimy ants running around not dying. soap scum dripping down the shower.

    By Jennifer on 03.23.2012

  32. Residue is something left after a part is removed.

    By Damaris URL on 03.23.2012

  33. I was walking in the forest when I came upon a rather odd sort of residue. Weather it was left there or just sort of appeared, I had no knowledge. I stared at the odd residue for a few minutes before I started to determine what it just might mean. My mind wondered but all my thoughts seemed to travel to one place-maybe it just was. It was, you see. It just was. I looked at the residue a bit longer before I turned away. That would be my answer-It just was.

    By sid on 03.23.2012

  34. The residue left at the bottom of the glass is 80% backwash or something. At least that’s what a friend used to say. I believe her. And just like that, we got in the habit of not drinking/finishing off other people’s drinks. Well, except for each others. I miss her.

    By Mikey URL on 03.23.2012

  35. i lightly brushed the tear away, leaving a residue of ash smeared over her cheek. It looked so out of place there, that streak of black jarring against her cold, pale skin; a jagged scream of emptiness dug lightly into the snow.

    By vhee URL on 03.23.2012

  36. i don’t know what this word is. it sounds kind of like another word for dirty. i feel dumb for not knowing what it means because i have heard this word before, but i can’t think of where!

    By Lydia on 03.23.2012

  37. Residue. The dew on a flower petal, on the green spring grass. The drips from a freshly painted wall. The glistening leftovers of what is beautiful, the peaceful aftermath in the quiet after-minutes of art, of rain, of sex.

    By natalierose URL on 03.23.2012

  38. I took my eyes away from the road for a split second. The next thing I remember is the dark red residue of the child’s blood on her lips. If only I could go back now, I would never take my eyes off the road.

    By greg on 03.23.2012

  39. The residue…the remnants.
    What’s left behind. The last sprinklings of memory haunt me. They haunt me, they haunt me. I cannot clean it up. The wind will not carry it away.
    They haunt me.

    By Raneem URL on 03.23.2012

  40. the suff on the bathroom walls after a fight. you clean it with bleach and apologies, youmust be vigelent or it will pop up when you really don’t need it

    By Natalie on 03.23.2012