August 16th, 2011 | 1,002 Entries

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1,002 Entries for “repeat”

  1. repeat repeat repeat pete and repeat are sitting in a boat or something like that…that’s how the joke begins but I don’t really remember how it ends which either means its a bad joke or i’m getting old and can’t remember the simplist things anymore which is probably more accurate. i sound more and more like my grandma every day.

    By Rachel on 08.17.2011

  2. amazing remind me of song lyrics..
    one word right now tired, loose end
    wordless more like, need to write something sentimental.
    didnt think id have anything to say

    now, im done!

    By Holly on 08.17.2011

  3. Do it. Then repeat it. Again and again and again, but don’t stop, you really shouldn’t.

    By K on 08.17.2011

  4. It’s everyday.
    It’s life.
    We repeat everything everyone says.
    Nothing original.
    Nothing new.
    And we try to escape and repeat another’s struggle for freedom.
    You have not felt anything that hasn’t been felt before.
    (Repeat to fade.)

    By Beck on 08.17.2011

  5. Rinse, wash, repeat. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Ditto. Again. One more time now.

    By Melony on 08.17.2011

  6. It was almost like yesterday that it had happened. The memory repeats, and repeats itself over and over in my mind as if looking for someway to change it. I wanted to change it, but it was too late and now hes gone. Now a part of me is gone.

    By Gabby URL on 08.17.2011

  7. On repeat. It feels as if my entire life is set on repeat. I do the same things day and day out, with not a single change. The trouble with this is that I always expect different results. Isn’t that a sign of insanity? Doing the same things and expecting different results? Perhaps.

    By Lina Bean URL on 08.17.2011

  8. on and on and on and on. I repeat myself everyday. Good thing my memory is short; I have a hard time getting bored with books, food, friends, the outdoors, sleeping and (favorite of all) pooping.

    By dandandannnn on 08.17.2011

  9. lather rinse repeat… condemned to repeat the past. But not condemned, gifted. We learn and sometimes we get it right. lesson review is a blessing. learn live love. repeat. We see with eyes anew and the lesson is fresh or further ingrained. etched in our being. until it is all

    By Jennifer on 08.17.2011

  10. to keep on doing something. repetition. in many it can quite awful. yet it can be great. for example in a relationship. or if you are the spunky one. repeat can be bad, like for those sexually active ones, the same position in bed! yet everyone likes repetition.

    By diana on 08.17.2011

  11. Over and over and over. Again and again and again. Love lost, love won, what have I done? Once over and once again, it will only be me alone in the end.

    By KCMcNabb on 08.17.2011

  12. I just want to repeat the years that I missed due to my misunderstanding about what life can offer. I want to repeat the times that I did things that were not so cleaver. I want to repeat having my children and keep the one I have and bring in more.

    By Lynda on 08.17.2011

  13. Excuse me!
    you said what?

    By Megan URL on 08.17.2011

  14. Repeat and repetition sound redundant.. Like a pattern or a rhythm, it just keeps going, non-stop without thinking. But what exactly keeps going>? Life? A cycle? A form of subconscious thinking

    By Maya on 08.17.2011

  15. repeating things is often a mistake i make. for why should we ever repeat anything when life is so short. we should always be aspiring to find things new and exciting. so we can really live.

    By Kristin URL on 08.17.2011

  16. repeating day after day after day the same old story i just want to break out of this circle that entraps my mind. just a hamster on it wheel.

    By tara Holland on 08.17.2011

  17. twitter phone movie voicemail boring hearing deaf dull teacher school french english classroom music song lyrics radio mp4 ipod shuffle listening loud bar disco clubbing dj error record

    By mink on 08.17.2011

  18. When I was younger REPEAT used to be my nickname. I would repeat everything to anyone and I always was looking for attention. I’ve continued to do this through my adulthood but I’ve now realized that it is more or less due to the fact that I cannot remember who or what I told a story too so REPEAT still stays with me. :)

    By Lindsey on 08.17.2011

  19. over and over again. do it. no stop. say again, over. field artillery–do not use this word because it means fire again

    By copgrrl on 08.17.2011

  20. Repetition is something I can’t stand, in my eyes it’s almost a stagnation of life in that I’m running in circles while I watch others tip-toe about my worn path and proceed on their life without a second though.

    By Audrey on 08.17.2011

  21. There was never a time when repeating would be interesting except now. Here, in the tunnelless, expansive void of the cosmos, repeating was all there was. Repeating darkness, repeating silence, repeating sadness from Chris, repeating nothingness from everything else. Repeating. Chris floated, or was he constantly falling, or was he ascending at a rate unknown to even light, but all that he was sure of was that he was either in the centre of a void universe, or had closed his eyes.
    The latter, of course, was not true.
    Chris waved his arms and nothing happened. Or, it should be said, Chris thought and felt like he waved his arms. In reality, Chris was nothing. Chris was a speck of dust. Chris was a used tissue.
    Chris was dead and he almost figured it out before it killed him.

    By Don on 08.17.2011

  22. music my fav song again :-? love? kiss :) dancing late night dancing alcohol happiness :) M. samba? me and you….that’s it i gue

    By alexandra on 08.17.2011

  23. In music I see that word too often. I always hated it as a kid, I hated having to repeat the whole part of the song again. Now that I have stopped playing saxophone I only see it in itunes.

    By Aaron on 08.17.2011

  24. Repeat myself is all I seem to do lately. Every conversation I have to be sure to repeat myself so he feels like he’s been heard. I feel at times like I’m dealing with a senior or child, but being that its a developmental disorder I suppose it makes sense. I do love him so endlessly, I have no clue how we’re going to afford everything. But I have to be committed to do anything.

    By Kitty URL on 08.17.2011

  25. Every time you think about the wotrd repeat you want to repeat yoursrlf I have a hard time not repeatintg myselt

    By Lisa Kihlstadius on 08.17.2011

  26. Her brain is thinking, thinking, thinking.
    His eyes are blinking, blinking, blinking.
    Her heart is beating, beating, beating.
    His lungs are breathing, breathing, breathing.
    Life keeps repeating, repeating, repeating…

    When will it stop?

    By Anonymous URL on 08.17.2011

  27. when you constantly say the same thing over and over again. Just like Hot Chips song over and over. I like Hot Chip although they haven’t released anything new for quite a long time so unless they bring something new to the table I think they will remain a thing of the past. There are alot of good albums out at the moment. I have just downloaded quite a few.

    By Lola on 08.17.2011

  28. i shall constantly repeat everything i have ever thought because of you. Only you, are the reason. i eternally Repeat. never knowing indifference. its agony.over and over

    By Belle on 08.17.2011

  29. When you get up every morning, this word seems to creep in on your day.

    Don’t let it. Repetition is for the lost, the uninterested and the confused.


    Seek the new. Seek the different. That should be your repeat.

    By Carpe URL on 08.17.2011

  30. No matter how many times life goes your way, we always find something to repeat. It’s never good enough as it is. If the good is good, then it has to be better. If the bad is bad, we have to change it. No one is happy with what they have. Never. We always thrive for more.

    By Megan on 08.17.2011

  31. Do something over again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and again… like so…

    By Lola on 08.17.2011

  32. I repeated that word so many times i couldnt think anymore. I was so tired my body wasnt futionoing. I can stand it any more, i refuse to repeat another time, i absouletelly and totallyrefuse.

    By Savanna Wick on 08.17.2011

  33. repeat that please.
    say it again
    let me hear
    the beauty of
    your voice.

    By repeat on 08.17.2011

  34. everything repeaated on and on and on.. drives me crazy,.,, reapeating everything yet i do it all the time. repeat myself over and over!1 no one listens thats why!! if they listen then i wouldnt need to repeat myself anymore !! ooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn woooooo dance until the world ends… love that song

    By gina on 08.17.2011

  35. again, the same,
    listen to the radio,
    watch tv
    they always do it

    By Bewley on 08.17.2011

  36. repeat is when you say something that someone else has said. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT like a game of copycat .. thats why you need patents. like in here be monsters. DONT REPEAT WHAT I SAID… AAHHH …AAAHh . Im done.

    By .. URL on 08.17.2011

  37. the thing i say over again, i try to think of different words but I cannot. I keep saying the same thing over again i do not do this on purpose it just comes out.

    By Tom Velanovich URL on 08.17.2011

  38. I seem to repeat my mistakes a lot. Its a trend I’m trying to stop. I want to change something drastically. This is also something I repeat in my life. I’m often irrational and quick to make crazy decisions but rational things take me years to accomplish. I don’t want to repeat the past, but sometimes I feel like the past worked and I was just looking for change so I left it…Maybe thats my biggest fault of all.

    By R URL on 08.17.2011

  39. I love the story about Pete and Repeat. Here it goes: “Pete and Repeat are standing on a bridge. Pete jumps off. Who’s left on the bridge?”
    “Ok, Pete and Repeat are standing on a bridge. Pete jumps off. Who’s left on the bridge?”
    That story seriously makes me laugh everytime!!

    By Kati URL on 08.17.2011

  40. Repeat your words of love to me, darling. I need to hear them right now. I need to know that you love me. I’m so fragile. And see, I know you love me. But I just need to hear it sometimes. I just want to hear your voice telling me that I’m beautiful and that I cannot be replaced. I want to hear again and again and again, your voice, on repeat, telling me that you’ll never let me go.

    By J. URL on 08.17.2011