March 11th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “recycle”

  1. She was obsessed with recycling, but also a hoarder, so she hoarded items that were meant to be recycled but never were. Plastics went in the kitchen, paper in the bedroom, glass in the living room and anything that could be composted went in the bathroom. She just shat in the corner and called it “green living”.

    By Olesya URL on 03.11.2012

  2. Recycling is good the the planet. Once something is used, it shall be recycled into something else. It’s quite amazing what everything could of once been..

    By Tamara on 03.11.2012

  3. garbage can, metal, trash, plastic, paper, ideas, souls, body parts, dirt, lovers, vapored, resin, dollar bills.

    By Zachery Inkley on 03.11.2012

  4. recycle is reusing you things to do other things with them for example a carton of milk could be used as a cute pencilholder .. your homeworks could be used to draw in the back of the paper and things like that.

    By Fer on 03.11.2012

  5. I love to recycle my treasurers, the thought that other people will enjoy my treasurer after I’m done is a great feeling i get.

    By meagan URL on 03.11.2012

  6. I threw my water bottle into the recycling bin and just stared at the green plastic for a few minutes. With one swoop, I had made a difference. I had saved our Earth if not only a little bit. The wheels in my head began to churn and with that I turned on my heels and marched back into my economics classroom.
    “I can make a difference,” I said slowly to my teacher, “I can, and I will. And you know what else I’m going to do? I’m going to prove you wrong.”
    And with that I marched out of his class, out of that school, and into my life.

    By Kennedy URL on 03.11.2012

  7. Sherlock is about to tug John away from the Bart’s end-of-semester party when John wanders off suddenly. Sherlock follows him with his eyes, where he sees John approach one of the young female grad students, who maybe isn’t as young as she ought to be, for a student. Working mother returning to school, by the looks of it. John is chatting her up quite nicely, Their conversation takes a turn, “So what are you doing tomorrow night?”
    Sherlock rolls his eyes and he approaches John from behind. “John, please. You’ve recycled that line how many times now? No wait, don’t guess, this will make the eighth time. And that’s just in the three months that I’ve known you.”
    John sighs exasperatedly as his female-of-interest looks up at Sherlock, quite taken aback. “Yes, Sherlock, thank you for your input. Now if you don’t mind?”
    Sherlock continues, uninterrupted, “Really, John, you would have so much more success if you tried something original. For instance,” Sherlock turns to the grad student, who is by now quite frazzled by the two men, obviously VERY familiar with each other, fighting in her company, “I notice that your current conditioner isn’t quite working out for you. Would you like to come try some of mine?” Sherlock flashes a cheeky wink for good measure, and the young mother can’t help but blush at his brazenness.

    John, seeing this, slumps his shoulders and hustles off, tugging Sherlock along by the sleeve behind him. The young woman gives them both a small wave goodbye.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.11.2012

  8. Recyled. He had replaced the same person so many times it felt like a routine. Same same same. Tasted the same, fucked the same, same girl a thousand times over. A recycled person. He went in cycles, when one was about a month behind he would reuse her just to see if she tasted the same, fucked the same, then he’d throw her away.

    By AV on 03.11.2012

  9. I thought recycling was good for the environment, but now I’m not so sure. I think recycling is good, but what about the process of recycling? How bad is it? Or is it bad at all? I don’t recycle much, just aluminum cans. I’ve tried to recycle paper, but nah.

    By Danny on 03.11.2012

  10. what everyone should start getting into. It could really save the planet. I feel like people overuse this word though. What really is recycling? There needs to be a new intervention about recycling very soon and get everyone really involved in what’s going on in the world and what we can do to help save it. I have a recycle button, it’s nice.

    By Emily URL on 03.11.2012

  11. I picked up the old doll the child had left in the store, her hair was half gone and her dress had been made from scraps. She was well loved, but not loved enough. I put her in my bag and headed home. I think I could go for some tea. And biscuits.

    By B Tichvinsky URL on 03.11.2012

  12. if that is a house then i have already lived in it and done my scrubbing of tiles in the bathroom and watched the rain fall outside and answered.

    By Ines harel on 03.11.2012

  13. “Recycle?” Brian eyed her skeptically. “I don’t know.”

    “Sure you do.” She bopped him on the head with the empty plastic water bottle. “You practically inhale these things, all I”m asking is that you stuff ’em in a bag and give ’em to me later. I’ll turn them for you. No worries.”

    “No worries? And you just rake in the cash, huh?”

    She rolled her eyes. “It’s not about money, you birdbrain! It’s about saving the earth, the environment and other green stuff.”

    “Green stuff?”

    “Yeah. You know. Things that grow.”

    He snorted. “Don’t ever become an environmentalist spokesperson. You suck at it.”

    She laughed. “Just put your bottles in a baggie for me, ‘kay? I’ll have Pops grab ’em when we come by next weekend.”

    He fired off a snappy salute. “Yes ma’am!”

    She bopped him with the bottle again.

    By Sara H. URL on 03.11.2012

  14. What are we recycling here now? Do people even know how to properly recycle? No no. They really don’t. I often question what I’m putting into what bin. And I’m recycling words and feelings constantly like it’s my day job. We need to recycle. We all know that. But what do I know about recycling words? Sometimes I find that I’ll say the same thing to a whole lot of different people, is that really recycling because I know they’re all perceiving it differently?

    By Leanne on 03.11.2012

  15. green, blue bins
    not plastic
    good for earth
    no global warming
    money saving
    all around
    save us all
    makes old to new
    can be hard
    its good
    helps save trees, and resources

    By amit on 03.11.2012

  16. I walked to the recycling bin and thought of what happens when I drop my piece of paper in it. It goes to a special factory that changes it into something different, something other people can use. Recycling saves our planet from unneccassary destruction. It is a very good thing.

    By Hannah on 03.11.2012

  17. garbage bottle pet again circle cycle reuse organic paper

    By fer URL on 03.11.2012

  18. I’d had these feelings before. It was just like every other time something like this had happened. I never learned. But then again, things were different, too. Feelings come and go and change and come back again, and I can make my peace with that.

    By Tappanoff URL on 03.11.2012

  19. boxes of recycling, bottles and cups and glass and good for the environment with the recylcling index of numbers 1-5 and put them in the blue boxes with paper and paperboxes and cardboard. good for the environment. dont recycle garbage.

    By Dee on 03.11.2012

  20. recycle, recycle, recycle
    even recycling the word recycle is important
    wanna help the world and your fellow earth
    save the trees and recycle
    your not regret it

    By adfasdf on 03.11.2012

  21. The earth isn’t ours. We don’t own the animals, the land, and the seas. We have to respect the beauty, respect the wonderful way with which nature created our world. It’s important to remember to reuse the things nature grants us and the things we make ourselves. It’s important to love the Earth as our own mother and treat it as we would treat God. There is no other way to peace.

    By Kate on 03.11.2012

  22. i fucking hate ryccling i never know what to recycle because recycling sucks i always get confused about paper and what kind of paper to recycle i kind of just throw everything away and i dont know like i think the garbage people hate me for it bbecase i dont recycle properly and i’m pretty sure they’re going to fucking kill me one day because i destroyed hte enviroment and i contribute to those turtles who are stuck in the recycling cans i’m a really awful recycler i should take re cycling classes and my words are really fucked up right now and i’m spelling

    By timsational URL on 03.11.2012

  23. because the world will fall to pieces, and we will all be hurt. There will be no future. What will come from this?
    Who will live, who will die?
    Who gets the chance to survive?
    Save the world
    stay green, ponyboy

    By olivia on 03.11.2012

  24. recycled paper pours down from the trash cans loading the rubbish truck with a flutter of white shards.. as the clouds loom over the scene the truck drives onto the next street, on and on all day long with no sight of beauty

    By Kassi URL on 03.11.2012

  25. Recycling is the way to go.. recycling paper, plastic, ideas, articles of clothing, feelings. Feelings. I’m feeling.. I’m good.. better than I’ve been in a long time.. genuinely happy.. that’s one emotion id gladly recycle. Id gladly use it over and over again.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 03.11.2012

  26. paper fluttering through endless cityscapes, as office workers huddle into cafes, filling the trashcans with cups and disposable cutlery, moving on and on to the next destination creating more and more for the earth to deal with and breathe in

    By Kassi URL on 03.11.2012

  27. Reduce, recycle, reuse. How many times can it be repeated? I look at my manager sitting in the row in front of me. He’s typing away on his phone which sits on his lap under the desk. Texting his newest fling?
    The speakers words bring me back to where I should be.

    By Tracy Whitt URL on 03.11.2012

  28. Reduce, reuse, recycle. A series pounded into the youth of today’s world so many times it’s hard to count. Is that what we have become? Instead of making more for everyone, we make less so it’s okay that so and so has nothing, now we only have a little. After all, it’s okay that he doesn’t have a coat, because this one’s old and I’ve had it for ten years- why give it to him off his back, I’m sure someone else, someone kinder and better will give him a new one. Why start over when we can create something from slightly old things? She’ll never know that her journal is made out of someone else’s memories from long ago.

    No one will ever know.

    By Julia M URL on 03.11.2012

  29. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The three words i have heard everyone for the past couple of years. Programs and organizations making more people recycle. I don’t see a change around me from it, does anyone else? Getting to think it’s all just a bunch of crap.

    By Audra Benish URL on 03.11.2012

  30. I’ve always recycled. i don’t understand why some people don’t. I learned growing up that if you want to save money and energy and the earth you need to recycle. It is the most efficient way to save the environment.

    By Christine on 03.11.2012

  31. i dont really think people care much about it, though its unfortunately. But really, what difference is there any ways? I dont think its gonna save the world that much, man these 60 seconds go by real slow

    By Rani Messias on 03.11.2012

  32. Recycle- its something that we do on a daily basis without even realizing it. We recycle our friends, we recycle our clothes, we recycle out food-in a not so lovely way. Recycling is such an important thing, yet it can also be used for evil. It is a hurtful thing when it is defined in terms of people, yet it can be such a powerful thing when it comes to helping the environment. We must all take action in defining properly what recycling means. We must spread awarness to the importance of it, and we must put our information into action, changing the world for the better one step and one person at a time.

    By Katie Anderson on 03.11.2012

  33. always try to recycle everything…

    By emfran URL on 03.11.2012

  34. You stood there at the bus stop that day look for all the world like you didn’t care about anything–not your darkening purple eye, nor the cigarette burning precariously close to your fingers, nor your ratty, recycled sweater that did nothing to fight the cold wind.
    You looked beautiful, in a damaged, dangerous sort of way. Like you either needed therapy or a hug to warm the frigid confines of your chest cavity.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.11.2012

  35. Everything is recycled. Whether we put it in the recycling bin or not, everything is recycled. My breath is recycled by the earth into oxygen which is recycled by me into carbon dioxide. Fallen leaves recycle themselves in the ground. But yet people still think recycling is only for hippies.

    By Kenny Madrid URL on 03.11.2012

  36. RE: this cycle has no end

    You seem to know me no matter which form I take. I can’t escape because you follow me as much as I follow you. How are we to break that which we cannot forsake?

    By The Old Way on 03.11.2012

  37. Recycle. Cycle. Bicycle. Tricycle. Icicle. Popsicle. Whimsical. Musical.

    By Ana on 03.11.2012

  38. hit that button
    those feelings, you know them?
    back and forth they toyed
    a recycled memory that refuses to die
    tied by time and a slow demise
    to burn forever in the fire of your mind.

    By Wetterhound on 03.11.2012

  39. En la vida hay muchas cosas que podemos reciclar plástico,papel, metal, entre muchas cosas más pero podremos reciclar el amor o los momentos q no aprovechamos con nuestros seres queridos? Tenemos que pensar q la vida es mucho más que vivir, es saber donde vives pues Lo que los momentos que se pierden se pierden para siempre.

    By Wilfredo URL on 03.11.2012

  40. Do people recycle themselves?

    I am the speed demon.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 03.11.2012