March 11th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “recycle”

  1. once again. a cleaner type of trash and a premonition to the fact that i was well on my way to becoming an environmentally sound drunk. “that’s okay by me,” i told bobby.

    By Fiona URL on 03.11.2012

  2. I like recycling. It’s cool.
    I guess most people don’t do it. I dunno why. People need to care more about our planet. Most people just continue using their electronics and that upsets me a lot. Please just care about the earth. It’s not gonna be here much longer if you treat it poorly. Stupid teenagers at my school. I hate them all. Ugh.

    By Alyssa on 03.11.2012

  3. Breathe. He wasn’t your first and he won’t be your last. Be. He won’t always be yours and you won’t always be his. His seemingly sharp memory will fade and his memories of you will do the same and eventually, you both will meet people with faded memories of people past. It’s how the heart is recycled and it is how you will live on.

    By Preston on 03.11.2012

  4. printers, manufacturers
    swallow the skies, the creeks
    the muddy banks, the forests
    they take nature and destroy
    creating plastic people
    that can never be recycled

    By Skäila URL on 03.11.2012

  5. They say that recycling will save the planet, but it never will. The percentage of people in the us that recycle is tiny, much less compared to the rest of the world. We won’t make a difference.

    By Rachel on 03.11.2012

  6. Du nimmst eine Flasche, einen Haufen alter Korken, drei Plastikbecher von Quark oder Joghurt oder so. Butterpapier macht sich auch immer gut, aber du musst aufpassen, dass du dich nicht fettig machst damit. Alte Zeitungen. Das Butterpapier konnte man früher trennen, es war auf einer Seite mit Alu beschichtet und das Metall konnte man abziehen. Ich weiß gar nicht mehr, warum wir das gemacht haben in Zeiten vor der Mülltrennung.

    By Eli URL on 03.11.2012

  7. She was a member of the environmental club. All she ever talked about was reducing, reusing, and recycle. Protect the forest. Save the animals. But that’s not what he wanted. He wanted to carry around leather Givenchy briefcases. She wanted to live in Vancouver but he wanted to live in New York. Although they were a couple, they live in individual bubbles.

    By Annie URL on 03.11.2012

  8. Recycling is very important to the planet to avoiding using up all of our natural resources. Not only that, but recycling an an book can do more than just save trees, it can feel loved the moment you buy it. Recycling clothes can save a family.

    By Genevra on 03.11.2012

  9. i don’t know what to say. can’t just re-tumble yesterday’s words together to patchwork back a story. can’t just recycle the same old lines and the same old feelings you used on the last one… love don’t work like that, babe.

    By smileandcry on 03.11.2012

  10. I am the green queen. You don’t even understand how environmental I am. Bla-bla-recycle-bla-energy-bla-bla-compost-bla-bla.

    By carly on 03.11.2012

  11. “You always say that.”

    “No, I don’t.”

    “You recycle that line so much. Over and over and over again. I always hear it.”

    “No, you don’t.”

    “When we were having that picnic? When you forgot to go to my concert? When you were too tired to go out dancing? Or were you actually tired?”

    “Look, I…”

    “Don’t say it again. Just throw it out. I don’t want to hear it, not one more time. Barkeep, ‘nother Blue Moon.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.11.2012

  12. recyclic cycler

    By Tyler Parker on 03.11.2012

  13. I don’t recycle properly. I don’t remove labels or wash things out or even recycle consistently. But despite all these, every time I DO recycle, I feel incredibly satisfied. Look at the little white republican go.

    By Melissa on 03.11.2012

  14. How was I going to get rid of it? I quickly glanced around. There was a trash can, but that was too obvious. I heard the footsteps getting closer. I had to get rid of it and fast! I drug the bag around the corner and frantically looked around for somewhere to dump it. As the door to the lab opened, I spotted the recycle bin and crammed the bag inside.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 03.11.2012

  15. I do believe in recyling and actually when I grow up I would like to create a publishing company that solely uses discarded books to print on . Like recycling paper. That would be ideal. Actually I think I will look for such a palce over the summer, it would be super cool to work there.

    By Veronica on 03.11.2012

  16. Let us take the card, the plastic, the tin
    The milk bottle tops we threw in the bin
    The boxes, the trays, the lids and the scraps
    Til the men in their green suits open their traps

    By gsk URL on 03.11.2012

  17. recycle this heart into a basket
    this basket has rats in it
    i cant get rid of this venom
    this poison i hold in my hands

    lets be free and recycle our love
    we can keep it in our memory
    on the contrary who are we?

    By Kyn Lauren on 03.11.2012

  18. a recyclable box went to town to fetch a pale of water but because the world has hiit its apocolyptic end their is no water because no one would recycle the end

    By sophia on 03.11.2012

  19. i used to recycle all my things. I used to make sure that they were placed within the confinds of the plastic bins and make sure that they were sorted correctly. Then i realized there was no point. We don’t know where they went. We don’t know where they go. Is there a need to recycle? i still think so.

    By Lauren URL on 03.11.2012

  20. I already typed about this but screwed up cause i didn’t enter my email, why does it want my email? that seems a little fishy, but I really want to find out what happens, and this is a good creative driver, just typing whatever pops in the head, oh it’s supposed to be about recycling…

    By Chelsea on 03.11.2012

  21. Recycling. That’s a good habit to start. It benefits the world, and you. Everyone should have a recycling plan.

    By Kristi on 03.11.2012

  22. Recycling is the art of making an old thing new. Using recycling methods to conserve electricity, energy and so on is what makes people proud. When we recycle we are helping the planet. We need to recycle! Recycling makes the world a better place! Don’t waste your time on throwing things out, conserve it, and RECYCLE!

    By Sanjana R on 03.11.2012

  23. I think that recycling will save the world. We should not be known as wasteful creatures. Instead, we should recycle what we do use. It would only be fair to the environment. This world isn’t even ours to destroy, so limiting trash is what is right and just. If everyone recycled the world would be better.

    By Emily URL on 03.11.2012

  24. Recycle and join the rubbish cycle. Re-use-re-cycle-re-fill-re-use-re-cycle. I don’t want to cycle. I hate cycling. I’m too tense to get on a bike. Believe me.

    By Hafada URL on 03.11.2012

  25. I’m just a recycled person, made out of broken, old, unused, bits and pieces of everyone else.

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.11.2012

  26. sustainable energy steel concrete primary secondary bin paper cans waste carbon downcycle study important wesley matthews gong.

    By Davis on 03.11.2012

  27. Never enough. Be creative. It is about an endless cycle, just keep trying. Reinvent everything, it gives you the sensation of re-birth as well. Creation is possible. It is not ony about earth and sustaintability.

    By Gustavo on 03.11.2012

  28. I wish I knew how to recycle. If it wasn`t for those bins with the pictures of what should go in there, I probably wouldn`t recycle at all. I wish I had learned. Why not? No one ever taught me. Recycling was never important before. If only we had known then what we know now.

    By Katelynn on 03.11.2012

  29. recycling is for the best of our environment. it is when our society recyles or reuses waste products that can be used for other purposes, for example, a newspaper can be made of recycled scrap paper. This process makes our a greener place and reduces pollution.

    By Saloni on 03.11.2012

  30. Last week, I saw guys which came to get my trash bins. I was always caring about environment, so I was recycling, looks like it doesn’t make sense. They came, and took all of the bins to the same car. YAY For recycling I shouted.

    By Omnix URL on 03.11.2012

  31. Recycle ideas? Recycle memories? When we remember our memories, they are remembered in a different way than how we felt when we experienced them. The safest memories are the ones you don’t remember. They are the least unaltered.

    By Ashleigh on 03.11.2012

  32. Recycle is what I do best. I recycle everything, and this is the worst word to write about. I just must get that out there. Oh, im listening to burlesque. Welcome to Burlesque!

    By phoenixloverful URL on 03.11.2012

  33. how were trying to not be bad to this earth because we make these synthetic things that don’t belong in the environment and can’t be naturally broken down by the environment just like that. by recycling we make less waste. it really sucks though because they’re so particular about it that sometimes it’s just worth it not to recycle.

    By Frankie on 03.11.2012

  34. Reuse stuff that is in the earth, in the planet. Make it like new again. Like is the key word here. It’s not really new. Nothing is. Like that quote from Ecclesiastes. There is nothing new under the sun.

    By marie on 03.11.2012

  35. I used to recycle. Now I don’t. Want to know why?

    Well, the other month, when I was taking my recycled-to-be goods out to the can, I found a dead raccoon in the bin! No doubt, it was my cat, Streusel’s, doing. I obey everything she wants. She doesn’t want me to recycle.

    By Eion Blanchard URL on 03.11.2012

  36. cleaning the earth and replenishing our environment can be done through the simple effort of recycling. If we can bring our environment back from destruction and devastation this is one way to begin. Live your life with purpuos and meaning. Make this a better world for tomorrows youth.

    By francine on 03.11.2012

  37. People should definitely recycle every chance they get. The world is becoming a huge dumpster and it’s gross and destroying our natural resources.

    By Lauren on 03.11.2012

  38. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

    Build, destroy, build again.

    Grow, compost, water, grow again.

    Eat, digest, shit. Eat again.

    Tempt, enjoy, emptiness. Seek enjoyment again.

    By Ian URL on 03.11.2012

  39. reduce reuse and recycle is a popular frase more people should recycle.

    By Kyky on 03.11.2012

  40. recycle! recycling can save the world. literally. my daddy’s job is to recycle. yeah yeah r-e-c-y-c-l-e. recycle. uh. uh. there should be a song about recycling.

    By Lulu on 03.11.2012