March 11th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “recycle”

  1. Recycling, thats all that life had given me, not as in working at a recycling plant, but because my entire life had been molded from something else.

    By S. Prakash on 03.11.2012

  2. The recycled life is one that is refreshing and anew
    Recycling is about caring, love and consideration
    In the recycled life, not everything is recyclable
    Because some things can’t be re-acquired

    By Abi Harper URL on 03.11.2012

  3. i have been recycling all my live, only to find out that they put back all the garbage in one heap.

    By kim on 03.11.2012

  4. It was an old bike. So old that no one wanted it any more, but there was really nothing wrong with it. I could fix it up. I knew I could. It would be rideable by next month easily.

    By Ellie URL on 03.11.2012

  5. reuse. Go back. do it all again. there is so much to do, but do everything only once? Do it again, experience it again. See what comes, what changes. One thing can become another in the blink of an eye, dont waste it. Give it another life.

    By Alison URL on 03.11.2012

  6. recycling made me sick, everything about my life had been done in the same manner. My whole life, I have fallen beneath people’s expectations, my mother wanted a girl. They wanted me to be a doctor, not a simple librarian. It was lie something getting stuck in my throat. I couldn’t cough or swallow down the feeling. So I left, now I don’t even know who I am anymore, I suppose thats been recycled as well…

    By Slytherin URL on 03.11.2012

  7. She stood relentlessly, picket sign in hand. Her head was red, filled with the rage that comes with protesting against an evil corporation. One that goes against recycling.

    By Brandon on 03.11.2012

  8. The recycle is tomorrow and I don’t have anything ready for it yet. Oh well there is always next month.

    By teeda URL on 03.11.2012

  9. Buy. Use. Recycle. Buy. Use. Recycle. Since she had started her new routine, she was saving a lot of money and had much less garbage to throw out. Whatever she couldn’t use, she’d trade with other recyclers.

    By Susan URL on 03.11.2012

  10. Have I gotten to the point in life where I have to recycle old boyfriends? Aren’t there enough men in NY for me to find new ones? She couldn’t believe she was back with Mark. And the second time around, she was remembering all the things that made her dump him the first time. Recyle, my ass! He’s used!

    By Susan URL on 03.11.2012

  11. Three bins. Why is it so hard. I see them all around me, after they’ve done slurping their drinks in their terrible paper cups, they chuck them out in the bin that was meant for everything else. They don’t care and why would they? They have nothing to look forward to, nothing to want. I do. I have the audacity to dream, and to throw out the paper cup in the bin it belongs to.

    By Kshemani URL on 03.11.2012

  12. rethink redo rewrite review renew rework renew recycle

    By aly URL on 03.11.2012

  13. cyko

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.11.2012

  14. Ever since Cas had disappeared into that lake, Dean had been wearing the coat that the angel once wore. He would catch Sam looking at him, Disapprovingly, and all he would say was “Hey…It’s recycling.” Noone saw how sad he really was.

    By Sami URL on 03.11.2012

  15. “Why are you throwing that away?”

    Bean glanced up at Otto, unaccustomed to the edge his voice had attained.


    “Why are you throwing that away?”

    “Because it’s empty.”

    “So put it in the recycling bin.”

    “Wh – oh.” Bean blushed, having forgotten about the taller boy’s personal connection with the preservation of nature, what with his being a dryad and all. “Sorry.” He tossed his empty soda can into the recycling bin and was rewarded with a huge, toothy smile.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.11.2012

  16. i finally get the inside joke of “recycle”

    yup, i am in on the joke.

    but it turns out it’s not really joke.

    so recycle yourself! i think it was something like that.

    By the_armada URL on 03.11.2012

  17. We have spent so long destroying in order to create, we have to remember we can save what we have and turn it into something just as new.

    By Jocelyn URL on 03.11.2012

  18. recycling is good i guess but not recycling people that’s bad. sometimes it happens though. we all get recycled eventually, it’s kind of beautiful if you think about it. i’m just a recycled part of someone or something else, and someday my bones will be dust and you’ll be breathing them in and out. it’s like i’m giving you life.

    By hannah on 03.11.2012

  19. Would This Work Now?

    By Maya Mansour on 03.11.2012

  20. Recycling is so easy that it’s shameful if people don’t do it. At any grocery store there are always places to return bottles and cans, even plastic bags! There’s so much information on organic recycling as well that people who don’t take advantage of that are, to me, plain lazy. How hard is it to toss the bottle or can in the back of your car and return it to the store next time you go? And bonus: You get 5 cents back.

    By CNou91 URL on 03.11.2012

  21. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..etc.

    By Mike on 03.11.2012

  22. i never recycle. i need to. my kids will never have a clean earth to call their own because i throw away endless amounts of plastic bags, trash, k-cups, and water bottles.

    By Holly Cabe on 03.11.2012

  23. Recycling. That’s what he was doing. He shifted her clothes from one box to another. Throw away. Keep. Charity shop. same way you might sort the cans and bottles before throwing the rubbish away. Recycle. Strange to think that in three weeks some stranger would be wearing her clothes. That one smells like a hospital. Throw away.

    By x on 03.11.2012

  24. something that you save to help the earth and not harm it, something reusable.something that helps helps keep the world cleaner and more resourceful.

    By sarah christian on 03.11.2012

  25. i feel like my mind is a recycle bin full of thoughts i keep running through over and over again.

    By kelsi on 03.11.2012

  26. The hot button topic at the moment. A way to take the high-ground in society by doing very little. A possible way to save the planet, and ultimate middle-class guilt salve.

    By Tom URL on 03.11.2012

  27. Recycle recycle thoughts ideas what is new? Not sure. How much of life is Shakespeare? Is any story real? All recycled. reinvented. Reanimated. New but old. Upcycled? Recycled, upcycled, reused, all again and again and again and again.

    By Violet on 03.11.2012

  28. It was a piece of paper with a list of things the previous owner wanted to accomplish last year. He or she had only crossed out two things from the list of twenty-three. They were things I had done last year as well. I sought out to accomplish the rest within this one.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 03.11.2012

  29. Recycling is good for your health, so shut up. Yeah, that’s all I have to say.

    By Freddy Trevino URL on 03.11.2012

  30. Reuse. Reduce. And Recycle. Go green, you guys. Recycle.
    I always recycle my useless paper. Because people can actually use it<3
    I mean, forreal. It's not that useless if someone else can use it, right?

    By BABOOSHKA on 03.11.2012

  31. the world would be a bettter place if global warning wasnt an issue or any other eco friendly talk as if its even ‘friendly” at all its more another excuse to scream ideas unto other peoples throughts i belive if it was thruth we wouldnt be discusing it.

    By brenda on 03.11.2012

  32. Every one should recycle. Some neighborhoods don’t and i think that that’s just plain dumb. who recycles cans but not cardboard? Its just not right. Also everyone suddenly thinks that its such a big deal. where was all this enthusiasm 15 years ago?

    By Amelie URL on 03.11.2012

  33. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Loving the Earth. Taking the time to care about the plant we live on is important. The Earth owes us nothing; it was here first.

    By Devon on 03.11.2012

  34. i like to recycle
    recycling is fun it helps the planet and stop world apocalypse from zombies

    By ELLA on 03.11.2012

  35. when you recycle things it is good for the earth. Not only can you recycle actual objects but i think the whole world is just a process of recycling, like people are recycled and everything is just a cycle of who meets who, who ends up where, which houses are recycles, life is just RECYCLING!

    By chloe on 03.11.2012

  36. He tossed the can in the trash without even a thought, but then he remembered her. The sparkle in the eyes as she teased him and plucked the cans he never gave a thought about right out of the trash. He choked back a sob thinking of that terrible day, and how she would never do that again. Not on this earth. Maybe in heaven.

    By Taylor URL on 03.11.2012

  37. you can say and do the same things over and over and hope that the results will change you can look at the world through the same window and close your eyes in hopes of seeing a new scene you can walk the same path and wear the same clothes and recycle your

    By C. Ritchie URL on 03.11.2012

  38. a cleaner type of trash and i premonition to the fact that i was well on my way to becoming an environmentally conscious drunk. that’s okay by me, i told bobby.

    By Fiona on 03.11.2012

  39. I fear that nothing I say or do is or will ever be original, that it’s all just recycled knowledge packaged slightly obscurely to be passed off as my own.

    By Aaron M. URL on 03.11.2012

  40. I decided to recycle today, it was rewording, i met a lady who changed my life forever she saw me for who i was, who i am. I’m not a good person….

    By Anne Walsh on 03.11.2012