November 20th, 2012 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “received”

  1. I am going to receive a package in the mail in a few days. My friend from home is sending it to me to cure my homesickness. Maybe the contents of the package will make me feel better, but chances are they will only hurt worse.

    By Lyndsay on 11.20.2012

  2. I don’t know how many things I’ve received in life, and how many of those things actually matter. All I know is that receiving you did matter, and I’ll pity anyone that ever has or will reject you.

    By Maddie on 11.20.2012

  3. She opened her eyes and accepted the fact that she was ready. She was ready for this life. Ready to receive and embrace the beauties that it brings. She was not afraid anymore. Little did she know, that it was not her life that was about to change. What truly shifted in this very moment, was the way she saw the world. To him, this was all that matters.

    By Hilyann URL on 11.20.2012

  4. Received. Understood. You’re coming in loud and clear.
    You’re leaving. For good. Unless I go to you.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.20.2012

  5. gum car cat rain internet tv table sour cream ice cream joke knee bad

    By irakli on 11.20.2012

  6. if i can think of nothing
    it means I must be on the
    other side of this
    more than not

    By arc on 11.20.2012

  7. The letter he recieved on a perfectly four-fold piece of loose leaf in his mailbox said five words. “I watch you and love.” Boggled by this odd combination of words, his curiousity had overcome him. Hours later he realized he was still sitting on his porch analyzing every neighbor on his immediate block narrowing down who could of wrote this simple, yet perplexing letter. How could so few words hold a meaning strong enough to leave him suspended in time, literally?

    By Kimberly Brooks on 11.20.2012

  8. the most beautiful gift of life, came to me. i could write about how i cherish it forever, but i won’t last forever. but i recieved it. without asking, without knowing how to live. it’s almost a river. i recieved a river and now i must learn how to swim along with the course, not against it. the gift of life was given to me.

    By natalia URL on 11.20.2012

  9. I received the letter you sent me. I love receiveing your letters, even more when I do not expect them… I like to think that the time you take to write them means that you believe that spending time with me matters and is important to you… love you!

    By nuno on 11.20.2012

  10. I sat in the living room and watched mama. She slit open the letter carefully so`s not to rip the precious paper. As she took out the letter, her eyes widened.
    “Oh, Glory Be!” she exclamed,” A letter from yer papa little gurl. Ain`t you excited now?”
    Well, no, i was not. I had never seen my papa. Nor my brother. Nor my sister. They had all moved away when i was just bout born. Mama put her foot down and told papa that he didnt care bout a pregnant woman and an unborn child. She said that he either stayed and waited for her to drop me or he would never see her face again. Well, he left; with my sister and brother and all the money my mama had ever owned. So no. I was not excited to recieve a letter from my papa.

    By Chickadee URL on 11.20.2012

  11. The letter was normal, big and white with a stamp and address. Nothing unusual. But something was different. It gave me a sense of foreboding that I did not like, and I was admittedly afraid to open it. I had received this strange letter in the mail, but I didn’t think it was worth it.

    By Meridian Pierce on 11.20.2012

  12. I just recently received a very cryptic deleted message on Facebook and I wANT TO KNOW WHAT IT SIAD OH MY GDO??????

    I don’t need the rest of the time no I’m done just stop so I can submit this garbage I don’t have any highly intellectual and inspirational words in me today come again tomorrow no one gets in to see the wizard not nobody not no how.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.20.2012

  13. Geneva could see nothing through the boarded up windows but the yellow flicker of the lighthouse in the cove. She sat and waited for the tea kettle to boil, hoping the chamomile would calm her nerves. Why not use the china? I never do. She grinned and reached for a cup. It rocked from her hand and shattered on the floor when the shore received the waves and all went dark.

    By penny dreadful URL on 11.20.2012

  14. i recieved a letter the other day from my friend david. He joined the airforce recently. Im so proud of him, but i miss the hell outta him and i wish he’d come home. i wish he could watch me writing this, he would laugh his ass off at my boredom. lol sixty seconds is longer than i thought.

    By S. K. Murdock on 11.20.2012

  15. I received a hug today from a hug giver I dont know why I tell you this. I feel like being bold. o(*.*)o

    By Kyra on 11.20.2012

  16. I received three sweaters today. Receiving something is just getting something. Somebody gives you something, when you take it you are receiving it. Receive. Feel the word in your bloooodddddd. Ya dig? Yeah. You dig. Dig your grave so that your body can be received into it.

    By Brooklyn on 11.20.2012

  17. I received some stuff. I want to receive more stuff. It is better to give than it is to receive. Accounts receivable. Receive. Misspelled received. Need to work on that. I am too dependent on spell check. I would like to receive a thoughtful present.

    By Cynthia on 11.20.2012

  18. She didn’t know what it was but it was calling to her, That strange box she received was sitting on the table as if mocking her. Telling her to open it silently. She didn’t know who it was from or why they sent it but she knew she would have to open it. Someday. She peeked through the small hole in the box but all she saw was darkness. Cold, bitter, mocking, darkness.

    By Kyra on 11.20.2012

  19. i recieved the letter that i was hoping to get. it was fro you. i could tell by the handwriting. it was heartbreaking. seeing you say all those nice thing about me. it made me miss you even more.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.20.2012

  20. I received the invitation about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there. I guess it was my own fault for never checking the mail. But hey, who sends letters anymore anyway? Anyway, that’s why I showed up to your party with my hair a mess and my dress covered in mud and wearing sneakers instead of heels. It’s not that I don’t respect you or like you. I was just out of time. That’s all.

    By Iam Me URL on 11.20.2012

  21. “Did you receive the letter?”
    “What letter?”
    “You didn’t see it?”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Oh no….THEY’VE FOUND ME!”

    By Bizzle URL on 11.20.2012

  22. Olivia waited and waited for something she thought she would never receive, A package that her grandma was supposed to be sending all the way from Paris, France. As she was sitting in the grass outside her back door then she, suddenly heard a knock at the door. Olivia jumped up and ran down the hallway right to the old wooden door. She jerked open the door and saw a man standing there. He didn’t look like a salesman. He wasn’t exactly charming. She greeted him sweetly and told him to take a seat. “I’m here for a very important thing.he said “I need something from you. something you will not give up easily. The one thing I need from you is… ” “Yes, move on.” The thing I need from you is, YOUR SOUL!!!! Mwwahhhaaa!!!” “Just kidding. now in all seriousness, would you like to buy our new product; The Snuggy Blanket?” “Uh… yeah sure I guess.” responded Olivia. Then she carried on with her day. She got the package from her grandma a few days later.
    DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!! :-P

    By Kyra on 11.20.2012

  23. I received the letter in the mail today. It was from an old piano student of mine. How could I know, when I took the first step to being a piano teacher, that it would result in such wonderful relationships with young people? It is a bounty beyond expressions.

    By ariel4thou on 11.20.2012

  24. I received a gift

    By josephfo URL on 11.20.2012

  25. I received the best thing yesterday. It was a memory. It sounds corny, but it was wonderful. You can never lose memories, and they will never break. It was the perfect present, something that I will treasure always. You know me well, I love you. Thank you for the memory.

    By Kristina URL on 11.20.2012

  26. I received a letter from a well known oil and gas firm in kuala lumpur saying i have been accepted for a job as a manager at dubai for a high profile job.

    By Hurairah muhamad on 11.20.2012

  27. I think I received the wrong package said the man. The man looks him dead in the eye and says, not this time motha-fucka in his best samuel L Jackson Voice.

    By Marcellus Wallace on 11.20.2012

  28. I received roses. Psha. I wish I received roses. I wish I received roses from you. Red ones. Pink ones. I think orange ones are my favorite. Kinda like you. haha you are my favorite. My favorite poem. My favorite song. My favorite everything. All I want is to spend forever with you.

    By Megan on 11.20.2012

  29. I have received love almost every day of my entire life. But truly, I´d never had stop to think about it and just enjoy it. Received , one word

    By marcela on 11.20.2012

  30. She received the package, not knowing what was inside. She brought into her house, with great difficulty, and opened it carefully. She wasn’t quite sure what could be lying beneath the newfound bubblewrap and styrofoam found upon opening the package.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 11.20.2012

  31. She had never received so much, never in her entire life. She was thankful, yes, but overwhelmed. She had no idea what to do with all of the stuff people had given to her! It seemed like nothing she did would seem logical or make any kind of sense.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 11.20.2012

  32. The word “received” suggests many different things – the reception of a gift, a grade, a pay check, anything. It suggests being given something – not necessarily something earned, but the subject of the verb comes to possess something they did not have prior to the action. It could refer to an emotional or metaphysical something, not just an object.

    By Aurelie on 11.20.2012

  33. One day I received a call from my doctor, I had been tested the week befor and new it was coming but what I would hear next would chill me to the bone.

    By Reeds URL on 11.20.2012

  34. One time I received a great award. It was the Highest Academic Excellence award for all four years of middle school. There were two awards given: one to the most achieved girl and one to the most achieved boy. It was a great honor to receive. I felt so proud of myself and all the hard work I had put into my academic career in middle school. I still have the

    By erika on 11.20.2012

  35. I just received a letter in the mail. It was from a dear old friend. She was reminding me of our childhood and how we use to play and laugh. And now she is informing me that she is weeks away from dying. Her one wish is to be a child again. For US to be children again.

    By Courtney Childers on 11.20.2012

  36. Gifts can be received by anyone. A gift can be a tangible item, a hug, something untouchable, or simply a smile. The best thing to receive is a small portion of happiness from someone. I can’t even explain how good I feel when I can make someone smile, even if it’s just for a moment. It means I’ve given them a moment of happiness, and they have received it.

    By Michaela on 11.20.2012

  37. When she received his letter, it wasn’t from him. She stood on her doorstep, watching as the officer with the white cap handed her his letter and an American flag. His medals would be received later, but to her they didn’t matter. What was the point of receiving them if she couldn’t have him?

    By Eliza5 on 11.20.2012

  38. I laid my phone back on the pillow as my eyes filled with tears. I wasn’t sure how to process the news I had just received. I stood myself up, brushed off my jeans, and took the few steps to the door before collapsing in a sobbing, disheveled heap. I’m not sure how long it was before I finally stood up again.

    By Zoe on 11.20.2012

  39. I recieved a gift today. It was very surprising. I was so surprised I forgot to say thank you. When I opened it a hobo popped out. I told the hobo we were going to be best friends and so we did. The hobos name was Steve and he came and lived in my apartment with me.

    By Bob on 11.20.2012

  40. I can’t think of the greatest gift I’ve ever received. A great gift must take the recipient by surprise. An item that they didn’t know how badly they needed. It can be anything, small or extravagant, it all depends on the person.

    By dan URL on 11.20.2012