November 20th, 2012 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “received”

  1. i received nothing but pain and sorrow for the last few days and i’m really really getting sick of it. i know that i deserve better but i keep on going back and back until i cry and hurt my own feelings again. i don’t know what to do and it feels like i’m stuck in a loophole i can’t get out of… :(

    By denise on 11.20.2012

  2. “Are you alright?” I ask, smiling slightly and laying a hand on her shoulder.

    “Don’t,” She spits. She pushes my hand away, her eyes boring into mine. “I told you I don’t need your pity. I thought I made that loud and clear.”

    The smile freezes on my face. “Message received,” I say.

    By Abbey URL on 11.20.2012

  3. I received a letter in the mail today. It was from my grandma. I thought she was dead. I thought she had died when I was ten. I am now twenty. But it was definitely in her handwriting. I opened it up. Inside, it read, “just know I am proud of you”. I was standing on the sidewalk where I’d picked up the mail and I started tearing up. It was embarrassing really, people were staring.

    By Ze'eva on 11.20.2012

  4. There was something on my doorstep. It wasn’t large, but it was big enough to be seen from the mouth of my subdivision. I thought it might be some kind of box, but as I came closer it’s edges came into focus. It was curved and strange. For some reason, from someone, I had received a toaster.

    By Marlisa URL on 11.20.2012

  5. it was the firs thing he’d ever gotten. it was strange. he’d never really thought of how it would feel to live like this, be like this, but here he was and there she was, and she was smiling and pointing very fondly at the the thing before him.

    “you can sleep here”, she said.

    By Peach URL on 11.20.2012

  6. To get something. I received a package. Receiving and giving. Which is better? We all secretly like receiving don’t we?
    I know that I do. But is that wrong? Or is it just me? How do you know

    By Kirby on 11.20.2012

  7. She cared. She really cared. She gave it to me to remind me how much I meant to this world. Even in the darkest times, I mattered. Not matter how horrible the depression and anxieties got, I meant something to this world, and to the people in it. And I received it.

    By Grace URL on 11.20.2012

  8. It’s enough to know that you received a smile from the one you love best. It doesn’t matter that he’s gone off the deep end for your friend, it doesn’t matter that he’s got enough emotional issues to supply a small army. His smile is all that really counts.

    By marengo URL on 11.20.2012

  9. i will always remember receiving my first thing. Recieved is the past tense of recieve which means to accept something from someone or something else. I am recieving a loot of spelling mistakes from this.

    By Adam on 11.20.2012

  10. i received some interesting news today,so i guess my work is closing down in a month. just my luck. ive been more stressed then ever lately and i don’t know what to do about it, my mom hold on to jesus for

    By stephanie URL on 11.20.2012

  11. I received news today. The kind I was expecting. It was frustrating in many ways. I have become accustomed to disappointing news of late, but I have not loss hope. It is what I believe in. Our indomitable spirit.

    By Sheila Good URL on 11.20.2012

  12. i am a selfish little girl. my hands are dry and cold and small. i’ve been leeching your warmth for years, waiting for you to realize this.

    my letters to you are copied from ballads and greeting cards. i can’t write about revolutions, or the sun rising. i can’t write about love or the beauty of kindness. i can’t even write about your smile.

    there is nothing i can give you.

    my poems will always be about myself. they are apology after apology, with newer, brighter words to cover up the same sorry sorries.

    and i am a selfish little girl. you won’t want to hold my hands; they are the hands of a corpse, smeared in makeup. these apologies, i will never let you hear them.

    By invinculis URL on 11.20.2012

  13. Yes, I received your warnings. I received them just like I received your rejection. But this was an accident, I swear! And I didn’t expect there to be so much blood…

    By aura.rayne URL on 11.20.2012

  14. a cup of orange juice and used it to clean the screen of my computer, it didnt end up too well but left a great fragrance in the room i was staying in. on the other hand i dont appreciate the pet ants i have now aquired as a result of my new chosen cleaning agent

    By ash URL on 11.20.2012

  15. i received information

    that you are satisfied

    and give me 90

    i don’t know

    should i believe you this time

    i’d better thinking of my friends

    they believe in me

    they love me

    and you’re


    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.20.2012

  16. wind-waft through tall cedars set like chess pieces on gravity packed earth, flat, low, ecstatic: some monk doing ablutions by an old unused river mill. creaking.

    By mason barlow on 11.20.2012

  17. I wanted only a home, to be warmly received, a dark red housemat, a collared dog with a wagging tail, the sight of stairs in front of the doorway, the smell of kitchen spices. But his arms were good enough.

    By Myona on 11.20.2012

  18. i received the letter. the final letter he would ever send me. this is the end. the end of my husband. so many years and memories and all that he left me was this one letter, left on my bed for me after work.

    By megan on 11.20.2012

  19. One day I looked in my mailbox and notice I had received an odd red envelope with my name scrawled on the front. There was no return address on it.

    By Riley P on 11.20.2012

  20. When something is given, one must receive it. The past of “Receive”.

    By Victor on 11.20.2012

  21. I received a letter from the dean. I wasn’t sure if it was for what I did, or if she knew what I was about to do. What would my friends say? Had I gone too far? It was only a matter of time.

    By Laura URL on 11.20.2012

  22. I received a ring from the man I love in February of 2011. I don’t think I will ever be as happy as I was that day until I steal his last name (:

    By Miranda on 11.20.2012

  23. I received a gift,
    It was something I did not recognize.
    I did not know what to do with what I was given
    But something about it gave me hope
    That maybe one day I would use this
    And it would change something inside of me
    So I kept it in my shirt pocket
    Your heart close to mine
    So that one day, I would realize
    I love you as much as you love me.

    By Silvercchile URL on 11.20.2012

  24. Standing beside the mailbox, cold and lonely, Gerald thought about life, love, and, of course, kittens. There was no particular reason for him to stand there for as long as he did, but he was riveted to the spot with curiosity about the mysterious package that had just arrived with his name on it.

    By Grace URL on 11.20.2012

  25. With Christmas coming I find my mind consumed with ideas for Christmas presents. Not for me, but for the people I care about. There is nothing so rewarding as supplying someone with just the right present. It’s a special moment when you see their face and know you got it right.

    By gfunk URL on 11.20.2012

  26. I was tired of the attention I always received from my older sister, it was never positive and almost felt like she hated me for finding out she was pregnant but I knew there was nothing I could do about it. That’s why I write. I write to get away from reality and into a fictional wonderland.

    By Strawberrry on 11.20.2012

  27. Richard cast a suspicious glance at the brown-wrapped package lying on the kitchen table that he had just received in the afternoon mail. It was lumpy, foul-smelling, and had no return address, with a postmark from what he presumed to be Italy.

    By Grace on 11.20.2012

  28. i received a present from the moose the other day. he bestowed upon my head a golden hoop that was tacky to the eye. yet something astonishing about this golden hoop was the warm pulse that slowly vibrated a magical glow.

    By janelle URL on 11.20.2012

  29. It was a present like no other. Not to big, not to tiny; a perfect size and structure for a perfect kind of present. I couldn’t believed what it was, but i had a clue. But how? I don’t know, i just don’t. One day i would have to repay him.

    By kate on 11.20.2012

  30. According to my sister I receive to much. I get whatever I want, it’s like I’m an angel or something but she has no idea what she’s talking about. I’m no angel and I’ve never received anything that should make her think that.

    By Strawberry URL on 11.20.2012

  31. The students of the go one first fat dog lets run play seek find and run away and find a home less place and build it ip[ until we reach the world and we can spin dance run jump hide and seek just like we do when we were little kids and here in this marvelous world and lets take this time to show it forever

    By Katherine on 11.20.2012

  32. Cake. The best present ever. No girl wants underwear or laundry baskets for Christmas. Give her something she wants and craves. It makes her HAPPY.

    By kate on 11.20.2012

  33. I got something. A gift of sorts.
    I got it from someone I know, though
    they barely know me, not that doing so
    all that much matters. But
    I received this thing and that’s all I can give.

    By Schligdog URL on 11.20.2012

  34. I received as much torture as my body could endure until I died. I then went on to become not one but many cells. Cells of the entire universe. I was the entire universe and everything. One cannot explain this but it is true.

    By Francesca on 11.20.2012

  35. waiting for a box
    disappointed with the gift
    bad end to the day

    By Sam URL on 11.20.2012

  36. it was a long day. we were looking through every truck for the girl. we thought for sure she was lost. we thought that we would never find her. but then we got a message. the captain said that girl was on west broadway. so we went as fast as we could. we all piled into one car to save time. we found her. she was fine. and asking for her mom. we called her and said the girl had been recieved.

    By austin bessey on 11.20.2012

  37. I was home. I was supposed to feel happy.

    But I was more confused than ever.

    I couldn’t just walk to him; I couldn’t just feel his presence alongside my body. I had to wait. I was too scared to confront him, so it was my only option. How could I lay out my feelings so easily? I went through the motions; I woke up and got out of bed. But the whole time, my mind was on him and when I would receive the answer I so desperately hoped for.

    By Marissa URL on 11.20.2012

  38. More than anything, she wanted to be well-received. Well cared for. Well interpreted. Well, perhaps received wasn’t the right word. She wanted the words she worked to be the ones she meant, and she wanted those who heard to know exactly how she felt.
    See, that’s why she was a writer.

    By kloperslegend URL on 11.20.2012

  39. I took the peanut out of it’s shell. The roundness of it. The soft curve of the thing in my hand was soft, even in the hazy of the honey lager I’d been sipping for hours. I hate shelling peanuts. I hate it because it’s a lot of work for a little…..nut. This stupid, salty, chalky thing in my hand now. I bit down and chewed. It was alright, but when I thought back to the effort it only made me swallow. I reached for another. Rough…smooth inside but rough now. I knew it was a metaphor for something. But what? Fuck…I had no idea. The air was humid- drunkenly humid. The seedy bar lights seemed to swing but I had no idea if that was just my blundered mind making things wobbly. Peanuts….my dad liked peanuts. Liked to buy those big plastic jars and go fishing amongst them through the other variations: wal, chest, pine….myself? I liked the macademia. So little peeling for so much…nut.

    By Jayda URL on 11.20.2012

  40. The gift was quite beautiful to look at. It was wrapped in shimmering, pear-white wrapping paper, and wrapped with a bubblegum pink bow. It was almost too pretty to open, honestly. Isii stared at it with wide eyes. It wasn’t even her birthday!

    “Who’s it for, Mama?” she asked eagerly, turning her big blue eyes up to her mother’s confused face. She already knew the answer.

    By hannah URL on 11.20.2012