November 21st, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “hall”

  1. Halls flooded with sunset light. The sky filled with the color orange. Quiet, still trees waiting for answers to pass through their leaves.

    By Kristina on 11.22.2012

  2. I was walking in the hall when I saw him. “What are you doing here?” he asked me curiously. “Nothing..” I mumbled back and looked down. Everyone else was already in their classes.

    By Ashley on 11.22.2012

  3. I can hear her crying down the hall. Despite feeling the need to do something, I have to remind myself what Karl keeps telling me: if I try to reach out she’ll just somehow make me feel bad about myself and I’ll regret it. I think I’m the only one who possesses compassion around here sometimes. I thought that every human was supposed to have that, but over and over I am proven wrong.

    By A on 11.22.2012

  4. The hall of memories contained the history of the world.

    By Jerri URL on 11.22.2012

  5. I walked down the hall where he always was. As usual, he was standing by his locker. As i approached him, I second guessed my emotions. Should i tell him? Could I trust him? What if he doesn’t feel the same way?

    By Hannah on 11.22.2012

  6. I saw him standing by his locker in the hall. Where he always was. As I approached him, i second guessed my emotions. Should I tell him? What if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if he laughs? I really don’t think I could face that. So, I turned around, and walked the other way.

    By Hannahlovely URL on 11.22.2012

  7. I met him in one of the halls. The one everyone is familiar with but no one really goes to. We talked for a while then he left. I couldn’t stop the tears from coming, I could feel them burning, as I stood against the wall. My eyes wandered to the vandalisms, the creaks, the chipped paint.

    How many relationships have ended, in that hall?

    By Dee URL on 11.22.2012

  8. I was in a big hall that was empty.I could hear footsteps from afar. It clicked eerily on the polished wooden floor. I dare not turn around as I was sure I knew who was coming

    By Salina Safian on 11.22.2012

  9. Deck the halls…. except no, Christmas isn’t here yet. Stores all over the nation have been decking out with Christmas decor…somehow forgetting about this little, special day, called Thanksgiving day…. “Thanks giving”- a day when we are challenged to give thanks to God for the things that He has bestowed upon us.

    By Danette on 11.22.2012

  10. One day when I was walking down the hall, I noticed a particular face glaring my way way. It had a look of innocence and also a look of rebellion. I have never noticed this face before. His eyes were of a child but face sculpted like a man. He walked such force but a little grace. I noticed he was going into the same class as I was going to. I was trying not to smile but I ran to the nearest restroom to try and make sure that I looked presentable. As I walked into the classroom, the teacher had sat him in the desk behind me. I was happy but I knew that if he stayed there for the rest of the year that I would be self conscience for the remainder of the year.

    I tried not to make eye contact with him on the way to my desk. “Eyes stay down, whatever you do, don’t look up” I told myself. It worked. I didn’t look. But, wait. What if he thinks I’m rude or not interested? What if he thinks I am just a nerd that is only here to go to class? Oh, my. I can’t do an…. “Hey, can I borrow a pencil?” An unfamiliar but almost recognizable voice. I turn around to see if it was who I had hoped it was. “I can’t seem to find a pencil.” His english accent told me he wasn’t from around here.

    By Ariel Penson on 11.22.2012

  11. we were at the hall.It was cold and dark. she was crying, he was holding her and I just watched the whole thing and they did’nt even noticed. She said she missed me, i told her i was right there but she didn’t hear me. I screamed at him “look at me, i haven’t go anywhere” but they didn’t seem to care. Suddenly the coffin appeared. I looked inside, it was me.

    By maria martínez on 11.22.2012

  12. There is nothing in the hall but the bang of the post flap rattling is disturbing. I wish that I was not alone and that I knew that the family were safely inside. Listening for the flap again but it only happens when I am distracted.

    By BlondesTwo URL on 11.22.2012

  13. The hall is empty. The floor is cleanly polished, The lights that run along the ceiling are florescent and cast a glow along the corridor that is artificial. Clearly man-made. No sunlight touches this subterranean passageway.

    By dan URL on 11.22.2012

  14. i saw heaven at the end of the tunnel,
    and i swerved.

    (it wasn’t for me)

    By h. b. URL on 11.22.2012

  15. I waited in the dark
    The power had failed again
    This hall reached deep down
    Into my nightmarish domain
    Is that footsteps I hear
    My aching ears warping strain
    My heart is thumping louder
    I have finally gone insane

    By recogirl URL on 11.22.2012

  16. There’s one in my house and it’s really short. It has pictures all over it that remind me of my family and friends. Halls, randomly, can mean a lot when writing about them in a story. They can represent things to the character’s in your stories and you can use the pictures in them as a flashback scene, relatively easily.

    By Maggie V on 11.22.2012

  17. He looked down the hall, soon realizing the darkness would come no matter what he did.
    He stopped only for a moment to regain himself, then turned on his heel and continued running from the shadows.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 11.22.2012

  18. it was the first place that he actually talked. there’d been that thing, when he was younger, and I remember thinking that he’d lost his voice for good, for real. but when he’d pulled me aside into the corridor that day, it was like nothing else existed; when he spoke, three words, it was like that voice was only meant for me.

    By Peach URL on 11.22.2012

  19. dark is my hall
    I look inside but
    I can’t see nothing at all!

    By Jude on 11.22.2012

  20. long strides took him down a darkened hall. the concrete that lay before him was worn and damp, an ominous looking place.

    By ardent bowel URL on 11.22.2012

  21. she walked down the hall and found that the floors were just washed. she slid for about 1foot then stopped and turned around. she saw about 5 other people didn’t read the “caution:wet floor” sign.

    By Katie on 11.22.2012

  22. she raced down the hall and found maggie was still at her locker. “you’re still here? what time is it?” “8.”maggie answered. “CLASS STARTED NOW LET’S GO!!” They raced together down the hall.

    By Katie on 11.22.2012

  23. School hall is massive. Sometimes the curtains are across and sometimes they are not.

    By Gavin Smart on 11.22.2012

  24. Red, yellow streams adorned the walls of Gryfindor tower. Harry, Ron and Hermione cheered down the winning Quiddich teaM, AS THEY ENTERED THE GREAT HALL TO CELEBRATE CEELBREATE GOOD TIMES COME ONE!

    By GIGVVGVGJ on 11.22.2012