November 20th, 2012 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “received”

  1. amassed, got, bills, invitations, notice, gave, better, word, letter, candy, gave, giver, accept, finally, warnings, raise, demotions,

    by klsqtrs on 11.20.2012
  2. I received a letter in the mail the other day from my friend. She was checking to see how I was doing in college. And rather than telling me of her experiences, she complained about how different college is from back home. Unlike her, I like the differences: I’m away from my demanding parents, and have more freedom to do what I want in life.

    by Lauren on 11.20.2012
  3. I got something from someone. I received an email.

  4. I’m a happy, little, baby bumble bee and I love my mommy and daddy so so much I wanna hop like a baby bunny and sing like a baby kitty.Mew! Meeew! Meeeeew! Mew! I love it when mommy and daddy takes me to see the choo choo train at the choo choo tracks and daddy goes chooooooo choooooo too and mommy combs my hair and takes off my socks grabbing my little warm piggies and says, “Tis little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home. Oink! Oink! Oink!” 

  5. i think about how upon seeing this word, my mind shuts down to all forms of input and i suddenly am locked in a self referential spiral that cannot end until the little blue bar at the bottom runs all the way to the right. oh got its almost there. i

    by G V on 11.20.2012
  6. “I haven’t received anything,” I tell him stubbornly. I chance a look at him, then hastily add, “At least, not yet.”

  7. I received a present in the mail today it was pink and rainbow colored not one in particular just something that I wasn’t expecting to come to me on that day I love the way the wind rustles my face and it was a very nice present don’t come and attack it.

    by Sophie on 11.20.2012
  8. i once received a letter from a man and he told me that it was the best thing i would ever get. i ended up making a lot of money off it. but really what does it mean to receive something when a gift is nothing more than an expression of the ideas behind someones heart and soul. i ask you this, dear reader from the bottom of my heart because i truly request that you spread the message along. allow someone to receive a gift this holiday season because love is in the air, music is in our hearts, and the gift of life and the gift of giving are the things we must cherish the most♥.

    by Greg on 11.20.2012
  9. oblong curiousity shapless youet it had me glancing to the midnight for advice in my way was nothing how many fools had asked before am i alone who is listening if my thoughts could only be carried in the wind id tell you i love you and in every cloud youll see me im undone by your wonder my smile can cast light on this moonless quarter of you mind shape me night gaze

    by dylan on 11.20.2012
  10. I’ve received so much, i couldn’t stop myself from giving back as much as my being would allow. But it’s too much and my existence may fade into it.

    by on 11.20.2012
  11. She received the package in a black box on Wednesday. She couldn’t understand who could’ve sent it or why, but she felt a deep anxiety over it. She unwrapped the red ribbon and lifted the lid to see a dozen dead flowers, rotted and sad. Who could’ve sent this?

    She died Friday under mysterious circumstances.

  12. i received a letter in the mail today. it was telling me that i am invited to a kids bar mitzvah this following month and i dont know the kid. it confused me because he’s in one of my classes but were not really friends. and theres this girl in the same class, who hes friends with, but she was not invited. and her feelings are hurt but im not going to the bar mitzvah.

    by casey jacobson on 11.20.2012
  13. the package was sent many days ago and still no news of it being received came. what would she say? what would she do?

  14. That which I have received spans so much that those I have met are measured, and well, by the wealth. In that lies both the an innate positivity – the plenty, though superficial – and an inane negativity – the plentiful superficial. It is the good and bad of my inward eye – like different lenses in a pair of glasses and they blur my vision immensely.

    by leo on 11.20.2012
  15. i received the letter weeks later. i had been checking my mailbox almost neurotically, day after day. sadly, what the little envelope held was nowhere near as exciting as what i had been hoping for. still, just the thought of her holding it made my wait almost worthwhile.

  16. I received a package today.

  17. one day i received a gift from my dear sweet child. a long lost rabbit toy i once had and forgot about long long ago. it meant more to me than i could express with words. i sat holding it and crying. silent sobs wracked my body and i hugged my child close, thanking her silently.

    by Olivia on 11.20.2012
  18. Your request has been received and will be processed in due order. Please check backwhen the next cycle of the Mayan calendar elapses.

    by tonykeyesjapan on 11.20.2012
  19. She placed it in my palm. A small, gold token; I could use it for one game. It clinked through the slot and the lights beeped — let’s go!

  20. gifted welcomed returning sun light casting shadows in the glow of radience recieved and beloved brought onto time and life and light – beginnings that grow into godhood.

    by mk on 11.20.2012
  21. i just recieved a text messgae that we werent going anywhere
    did you reieve the letter i sent no you didnt because i didnt send you one

  22. Once I recieved a package. I love recieving anything really compliments packages presents, I don’t necessarily like recieving bad things but they happen and that’s life and you don’t recieve life it just happens. Y’know? ‘