May 3rd, 2013 | 116 Entries

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116 Entries for “rating”

  1. You rate her
    on things
    so insignificant

    What day
    she went

    What shoe
    she wore
    with what
    fancy dress
    the other day

    how she
    acts around
    she knows
    nothing of

    why she
    to Musique
    about things
    other than

    you rate her
    on things
    so insignificant

    By Noufita on 05.03.2013

  2. Ratings are evil creations. Yes, some say they may help you grow or learn or some other bullshit lie they feed you in school, but those that say such things are vile liars. Yes, ratings help the artist to know what they need to improve on, and they let consumers know what is ‘good’ and what is bad. I mean, they’re generally good for society overall, but they tend to shatter the fragile wings that inspiration flies on: confidence. Every new rating, each lower than the last, plucks the feathers one by one from the delicate body, with it’s wings carefully grafted on, leaving nothing but a cheap, plastic skeleton in its wake.

    By Caddie on 05.03.2013

  3. Rating her:

    what day’d
    you go Ombre?

    what’d he say?

    you look tired


    Gucci, s’it

    Her rating:

    are you
    or both?


    you look

    God, s’he

    By Noufita URL on 05.03.2013

  4. movie rating, job maybe? book reviews. I like books. I think we should have ratings and reviews of books and apps to practice writing skills in real life.




    By Amy URL on 05.03.2013

  5. The ratings went up, the ratings went down…but ratings have absolutely nothing to do with how much you will like a product. It just illustrates how much other people liked the product, and that has nothing to do with you, unless you want to be exactly the average of every human being who bought the product, in which case you are the most boring human being that has ever existed.

    By Isis on 05.03.2013

  6. a rate of something it can be how good something is or how bad it is. It is usually about

    By Ms. Rockwell URL on 05.03.2013

  7. The rating on the movie was okay she figured, although not great. She could have done better. She looked back down at the newspaper and the ratings but still couldn’t muster a smile.

    By Vann URL on 05.03.2013

  8. “How would you like to visit our A section” the usher prompted her. It was the first time she had been asked to change seating. The situps must really be paying off.
    “Sure.,” she answered. “You don’t think anyone would mind?”
    He spun her around to look at her backside. His eyes traveled up and down her body before spending a long time studying her face.
    “I think your ready,” he replied. As she moved toward the stairs, leaving her fat friends behind, she thought, “man it feels good moving up in the world.”

    By Talyn Marie URL on 05.03.2013

  9. i can’t keep up with the ratio of rotting. these foods like animals waiting in the dusk to bite our fingernails. come all to the tent of sacrifice and leave us with stars or chili peppers. i fall into the whey and why is the youth a zoo of cherries? i keep the rhythm flaking.

    By JP URL on 05.03.2013

  10. she looked at the list
    her rating had tumbled
    fallen through the floor
    he makeup smeared
    eyes dilated
    she tried to pick up
    the pieces of herself
    found in everyone else

    By ahrima URL on 05.03.2013

  11. I rate you. You rate me. We all rate eachother. An endless rating rating war. Just just. No unjust. Judgemental world of perfection and uglies. Rate rate rate. One word from rape. Raping of natural beauty that’s what. Rate rate rate. Like gate but rate. I hate rates. Rate this. Rate that. 1/10! 5/10! Actually I’m

    By lucy kehoe on 05.03.2013

  12. highest/lowest rank, people popularity, restaurant quality, business companies prestige, grades at the university, future of the world, safest countries rating, all you know about math

    By penkovsky on 05.03.2013

  13. Movies, good or bad, businesses, money, judge, opinion of a judge.

    By Mitchell Wise on 05.03.2013

  14. Ratings are overrated. People base too many of their thoughts and opinions on ratings that are put together by some motherfucker taking a shit and blogging about it. Rate this bitch.

    By Warhol Avenue on 05.03.2013

  15. Nerves, panic, open mouth but no voice. This can’t be happening. “Miss Chase?” This is the end, all the dreams and hopes down to one moment. Everyone who prepared her for this is sitting in the crowd, disappointed.
    “You will never be able to do it. You are nothing”. Lies and she knows it. Fuck him.
    A deep breath and it all erupts from her very soul. Sweet, melodic, and painful words. Tears running down her face as the rating continues. A sudden end to the song and it is over, but really it is just beginning.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.03.2013

  16. She gave it a good rating, and that made me so happy. I felt as if I had accomplished something, making her feel like my work was worthy and good. I was so happy, that I even sang a little song and smiled as I walked down to the kitchen, the sun beating down on my refreshed face as I poured myself a bowl of cereal.

    By Kayla URL on 05.03.2013

  17. Everything, everyone always, rated. Keeps me stretching, keeps me busy dying. The books I love, rated. The movies, shows and music. Rated. The one I love, rated.

    By Violeta Violeta URL on 05.03.2013

  18. Ratings are through the roof!
    Ratings don’t mean anything at this point…
    Are you mad?! Ratings mean EVERYTHING in this business! Without the ratings we are as good as out. Don’t be stupid and sentimental now. We’ve come too far to get caught. Things are going well. Just keep your mouth shut and let me handle the ratings.
    Whatever you say. But don’t ask me for my rating….

    By Nadia URL on 05.03.2013

  19. The rating of girls. “2… 7…. 10!” A shallow, ugly practice. There is so much more to a person than their looks. Really.

    By Tally on 05.03.2013

  20. I couldn’t watch the play with a straight face. The lead actor swept too close to the edge of the stage and from then on out, I was completely aware that I was watching a play. Suspension of disbelief was ruined.

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.03.2013

  21. lots of people rate others, judge others. it isn’t very fair. this person is 5 star the other is 2 star. wow. seriously?

    By super potato yus URL on 05.03.2013

  22. I like potato chips. They are high in sodium and crunchy too. I’d give chips an A plus rating.

    By marylee on 05.03.2013

  23. My rating was a 6. 6 out of 10. Most of the girls in the class gave me a 6. What exactly was a 6 anyway? Good, but not great? A little over average? Almost near being good enough? I didn’t know how to take it. Kelly was a 10. I guess that means she’s out of my league. Because 10’s don’t date 6’s.

    By Rachel URL on 05.03.2013

  24. the greatest rating system ever developed was at the advent of Google’s technological surge to primacy in the information world. Its importance to the future cannot be understated.

    By Johnathan on 05.03.2013

  25. Movie reviews often come secondary when a rating comes into picture. A movie could have exceptional reviews, but one toss at the ratings on IMDb, could pretty much ruin it’s chances. I’ve often found my opinions

    By Lili on 05.03.2013

  26. Rating. I actually hate this word. It implies judgement. Like getting a bad grade on a test. Testing. Another thing I absolutely hate. It measures your worth. Like your best isn’t good enough. Rating.

    By Emily Drucker on 05.03.2013

  27. Sara starred at the screen in disbelief and stillness. 2 Stars. Again. She had no words and no real surprise, and yet, the realization of truth was the most painful of it all.

    By Quinlan Green URL on 05.03.2013

  28. My credit rating is nonexistent.

    By Jason URL on 05.03.2013

  29. jude me
    rub me
    chafe my skin
    I care about what you are saying
    So say away
    Rate me
    Bake me
    Serve me up
    Show me off
    Silver Platter

    By andie URL on 05.03.2013

  30. The rating on the movie was top-notch, 5 star. That was why were going to see it, because it was good. Not because movies didn’t involve talking to each other. Not because we didn’t want to face each other and think about what happened. Not because we didn’t want to.

    By Kristina URL on 05.03.2013

  31. “Well, there’s a movie I want to see at the Movie Hut,” she suggested after a moment.
    “What’s the rating?”
    She blinked. “What do you care?” I looked over at her, my expression bored, and she sighed before returning her eyes to the app screen. “PG-13,”
    I sat back in my seat. “Not interested,”
    “Why not?” she asked, her brow scrunching adorably. “You don’t know anything about it!”
    “I don’t watch anything less than R on principle,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.03.2013

  32. Rating. Tv ratings, like American Idol have gone down over the past few years because it’s increasingly sucked and lost credibility. It is unfortunate because it used to be more legitimate; it used to have more magnetism. I think that the larger-scale, the flashier, it’s gotten, the less appealing it’s been.

    By Eve on 05.03.2013

  33. Rating, the basic judgment of certain things such as people , life and such. I wonder how easy can it be to judge when i believe we are all equal on this earth , whether or not we have different skin colors or ideas, or even religions we have the same beating heart .The same intellectual brain.

    By Christian Morales on 05.03.2013

  34. I can see Jones over there screaming at the printer, hoping for his anger to have some magical effect on the toner levels. Poor Jones, doesn’t know today is rating day. The new ones never know, though. Once a month the clipboards are drawn out and the supervisors begin their painstaking reviews.

    By Archori URL on 05.03.2013

  35. The words were scathing. The rating abysmal. Yet, the public had been waiting for the movie for year, an epic in the making they said. Like nothing else our generation has seen, they swooned. But the critics, the ever present and vocal critics were more than viciously vocal in their critique.

    By Amimee URL on 05.03.2013

  36. If you keep rating the stars on how brightly they shine, you’ll miss all the beauty of the moon.

    By Ebony Bird URL on 05.03.2013

  37. Rating reminds me of when I used to go to school. It seems like wherever you go there will always be a rating assigned to you and everyone around you. I unfortunately let my rating stop me from following through with my goals and aspirations. I miss my violin that I gave away, I miss the education I threw away because I was too afraid. And now I have nothing to rate myself to except my own thoughts and perceived truths.

    By Ammar on 05.03.2013

  38. to give the night a rating?
    i’m rating, waiting
    until every last thing has happened
    that could ever happen
    and i know
    that this is all there is.

    By VB on 05.03.2013

  39. rate my depression on a 1-10 scale
    rate my hair on a 1-10 scale
    rate my eyes on a 1-10 scale
    rate my body on a 1-10 scale
    i crave your approval

    By kylie URL on 05.03.2013

  40. rate my personality on a 1-10 scale
    rate my face on a 1-10 scale
    rate my body on a 1-10 scale
    rate my writing on a 1-10 scale
    rate my likes and dislikes on a 1-10 scale
    i crave your opinion,
    your approval
    your love

    By kylie URL on 05.03.2013