November 23rd, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “railroad”

  1. Slow, tedious work results in fast, exciting travel. Building a railroad. I think I can.

    By sallysix URL on 11.23.2010

  2. I totally got railroaded once by a coworker. Really threw me off track.

    By Lizette URL on 11.23.2010

  3. The trouble with living by the railroad was that you always found things down along it. Most of the time they were nothing, just discarded pieces of trash or animals that were hit by the trains. But sometimes, every so often, you would find a dead body. Why were there always dead bodies along the railroad tracks?

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.23.2010

  4. Going to North Carolina with my mom. Pizza was gross. Paid seventy dollars for a taxi? I forgot. Railroads remind me of history with Mr. Jackson. They are essential. They are annoying and scary. Thomas.

    By Nathaly on 11.23.2010

  5. long, it connects from place to place, born under the sweat, blood, longing of many who were never thanked. it is forgotten, long stretches of rails lead through woods, meadows, gray ghettos. sometimes, the bells toll and the cars stretch in long lines, the drivers counting cars, counting minutes. graffiti litters, colors the side of the cars, autographs of its witnesses.

    By Lydia on 11.23.2010

  6. Railroads are built, but never made.
    The intention of them is to clear all paths that seperates us.

    By Dennis on 11.23.2010

  7. my sentence is already up I just didn’ have an account before. Just look above for my passage.

    By Anon182118 URL on 11.23.2010

  8. it’s where the trains go. it’s the whole system, i guess. it must have been a very hard system to come up with actually. we should use it more. it was be way more efficient than everyone driving their own cars. people were fine with it years ago, why not now?

    By JohnSue on 11.23.2010

  9. I finally left the buildings of the city behind and came upon railroad tracks. Had they ever been here before? I couldn’t remember. I decided to follow the tracks; they would have to lead to another town eventually.

    By mimimanderly URL on 11.23.2010

  10. I sat waiting. My life was going to change. I was going to change. The light came through the fog. The sound pierced through my ears. I was at the railroad, and i was going home.

    By Jim URL on 11.23.2010

  11. Smoke filled the engine car when the bridge collapsed on the smokestack. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, and I had to find my phone or we’d all suffocate.

    By John Miller URL on 11.23.2010

  12. You take , take me, take me to another place I was never meant to go. That’s how much I love you so.

    By Elea Andrea Almazora URL on 11.23.2010

  13. There was once a girl who lived on the railroad tracks. She was very pretty but sad because she lost the boy of her dreams. At least she was sure that she lost him. Now she tried to hate him but she wasn’t sure how to hate him because she had loved him for so long. She stood on the edge of the tracks, waiting to hear a train. She wanted to hear the wonderful sound of an approaching train, to feel it rush

    By Ricky on 11.23.2010

  14. when i think railroad, i think monopoly. like the reading and the other ones. railroads are an important for movement of goods and all kinds of things; they employ many people

    By shannon on 11.23.2010

  15. I’ve never walked along a railroad. I suppose I’ve had many chances, but I’m not one to take chances. Maybe I should live more on the edge. More willingly. More, on the railroad.

    By Cailee on 11.23.2010

  16. The train runs by the house each and everyday. I used to notice it, but now it is just background noise. It’s as constant and unchanging as the noise that astronomers record of the big bang’s remnant noise. It is a comfort when I do notice, but mostly it is just taken for granted.

    By Claire B. Curley on 11.23.2010

  17. Railroad schmailroad she quipped, stepping hard off the tree branch. It was the last we saw of her, “she’s in a better place” he said.

    By mike dismukes on 11.23.2010

  18. trains are all I really think about. My father worked for the cotton belt in early 60’s when he was murdered on trip to St louis. Every night I can hear his whistle blowing as I fall asleep.

    By brandon williams URL on 11.23.2010

  19. A railroad crossing… that’s what I’ve come to. I can either drive uncaringly across, or sit on the tracks and wait for the train. Why is it that I want to choose the latter? Why can’t I just roll on across, oblivious to the world with only a minor bump? Why can’t I just let things go the way they should? Why can’t I let go?

    By Abbey on 11.23.2010

  20. Railroad stations are pretty cool. I rode trains in france and Belgium. I ride the subway more often. When I go to new york or also in paris and when i went to england. That’s cool. too many people though. I don’t like that. Trains are cool though; I wish i rode them more often

    By India on 11.23.2010

  21. Once I walked next to the railroad track along the creek. It was an old track, made out of cracked ties and rusty rails. I hopped over the rail to the inside of the tracks and skipped from tie to tie.

    By lisa on 11.23.2010

  22. railroad tracks leading on. Who knows where, leafy grassy field either side. No train, no noise, just the railroads.

    By Louise on 11.23.2010

  23. I got these tracks surfin below me. Followin my feet steps, runnin far a head and even farther behind. This railroad is leadin me away from something big. I can feel it pressing on the back of my neck with the wind and the snow. I can feel it swirling all around me. It’s there and it’s gonna get me. It’s gonna eat me up and swallow me whole. But all I gotta do is follow these metal tracks. I gotta follow them till i can’t feel it no more. And then maybe i can go back…

    By Ananda URL on 11.23.2010

  24. I see my past and present and future. I see of things that make me happy, sad, and angry. I see a long journey ahead and yet also one behind. I see things left undone and unsaid. I something that seems to never end. Ever.

    By Becca URL on 11.23.2010

  25. One time I read about a mother and her three year-old kid who were killed because they stopped the car at a railroad crossing and the train came. And she got out of the car but the kid’s seatbelt was stuck, and so she stayed behind trying to free him when she could have run and lived, and somehow that struck me as both sad and beautiful. I wish she had lived.

    By Jay on 11.23.2010

  26. I sat by the railroad this afternoon. Just sat. I was about three feet from the track. I needed to have alone time. Out of nowhere, a train comes blasting by at 120 miles per hour. I was never the same. I go to the railroad three time a week.

    By Abby on 11.23.2010

  27. Derailed
    Cross roads

    Where are you?

    By Amiee URL on 11.23.2010

  28. Yearly trip across the country to visit Grandma Mable
    Always, the graham cracker sandwiches
    hard backed seats
    long, cold trip over Nebraska
    layover in Chicago

    By thinkink URL on 11.23.2010

  29. And so there it was, the final leg of his journey; the railroad. All he had to do was get on the train and it would take him away, away from his troubles, his past. Lost and foreign he stumbled on.

    By Neil on 11.23.2010

  30. The railroad was the only way to freedom now. Many leather tramps have travelled this road before, but this, this was his chance. His chance to break free. His one shot to get away from all that he wished to leave. This railroad. Freedom.

    By Katriana Garcia on 11.23.2010

  31. You didn’t even tell me, so I waited at the railroad crossing. High noon, the sun beating down on my back, my phone sweating in my palm. The street was empty and the crows were cawing. You didn’t even tell me, so I waited for your call, that you had found a better way out of this place.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.23.2010

  32. My dad used to take me to watch the trains down at the railroad station near our neighborhood. WE didn’t live close enought to a station for me to go by myselv, and as a kid, the walk seemed to be about a thousand miles. Uphill. But, I later learned that it was a fraction of that.. a quarter of a mile? I learned the sort of distance when the traions stopped running, and the tracks became a jogging path for the chubby neighbors that sprouted all around our neighborhood.

    By Hal URL on 11.23.2010

  33. The intersecting moldings of hot metal and rickety deep brown wood progress across the forest, interrupting pure, lush nature with the intensity of human mechanism. Interruption.

    By kelsey URL on 11.23.2010

  34. i’ve been working on the railroad, all the live long day. i’ve been working on the railroad just to pass the time away. can’t you hear the whistle blowing rise up so early in the morn’? can’t you hear the captain shouting ‘dinah blow your horn’? dinah won’t you blow, dinah won’t you blow, dinah won’t you blow your hooooorn? dinah won’t you blow, dinah won’t you blow, dinah won’t you blow your horn?

    By M on 11.23.2010

  35. My great-grandfather was an Irishman who worked on the railroad. He was very proud of a few things in his life…his family, the fact that he retired from the railroad and that he had read the bible from front to back seven times in his life. My grandmother said he was the funniest person she ever met. I wish I had of met him. His name was John Henry Stewart, a fine Irish name!

    By Peaceable on 11.23.2010

  36. Jimmy’s favorite place to explore was the old abandoned railroad depot on the north side of town. It was full of nothing but towering hulks of rusted out train cars that rested on the gravel lots that stretched out as far as the eye could see; an ancient monument to the times where the town had been prosperous and powerful. Most people left the place alone, but to a boy like Jimmy, the depot was full of secret places waiting to be explored one after another.

    By T on 11.23.2010

  37. and then the man would walk across the dark empty park and over to the railroad tracks, lay down, and close his eyes. maybe i wouldnt mind so much if a train came right now to swallow me whole, he thought.

    By Sydney URL on 11.23.2010

  38. When I see this word I think about McDonald’s Monopoly game. I’ve never gotten all the railroad pieces. Of course, I’ve never gotten all of ANY of the pieces, or won ANYTHING. I think the whole thing is a scam. Meh. Speaking of scams, uhhh, oh no. I… forgot… uhmm… dang.

    By Fake Faker on 11.23.2010

  39. Sin slidk darkness sky sliding by mesas purple on the black backdrop. Orange ember of my Marlboro as i lean stare out the window. Singing a song, “She railroaded me into the poorhouse.” Gliding down the Sante Fe alone again.

    By Drew URL on 11.23.2010

  40. railroads
    intersecting paths of life
    of existences
    all a piece of the railroad of each individuals life

    By Angel on 11.23.2010