November 22nd, 2010 | 289 Entries

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289 Entries for “flakes”

  1. flakes means something like that it very light and flakes

    By ardilla URL on 11.23.2010

  2. one day a for break feast a family enjoyed a bowl of corn flakes. then after words they had a plate of eggs and beacon. the end

    By yoda URL on 11.23.2010

  3. flakes are like snowflakes or hair flakes or skin flakes and things like that that is what i think of when someone says that.

    By random kid URL on 11.23.2010

  4. what i think flakes is, snow flakes like when it snows. There really hard to see cause there small, and they have different shapes on them.

    By bodoque URL on 11.23.2010

  5. flakes, frosted flakes, skin flakes, corn flakes they are the same in name, you thought i meant food, ha so ya flakes are good when theyre a cerea but also on youre skin, if you dont have skin flakes you would have no skin.bla bla bla

    By cmoney URL on 11.23.2010

  6. the snow flakes wher wer falling it was christmas eve we opend one present then we fell asleep the next morning we opend all our presints.

    By Mr.Smile URL on 11.23.2010

  7. Little drops of magic. Diamonds from the sky. Rarer than gold to the child longing for a blizzard. They can even make the wonder and majesty of Christmas a little brighter.

    By R Brown on 11.23.2010

  8. coming down this morning, cold and wet, waking up in the morning and looking outside my window instantly i become awake and exited. i leave the house in my underwear, taking only a few moments to throw on a scarf and shoes, and dance in the snow screaming like a maniac probably scaring the neighbors.

    By max on 11.23.2010

  9. cornflakes are tasty with milk but don’t fall for that brand shit, all the same recipe hmm corns. Snow tasty white. Flaky hair nits maggots. Cheese flakes. chocolate

    By Tara Huitson on 11.23.2010