November 24th, 2010 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “juice”

  1. delcious orange juice is so refreshing i really enjoy it but one of my worst fears is drinking spoiled orange juice one time when i was little i had it at my grandmas house and it tasted so gross i almost puked even now i try and smell the orange juice and make sure others take a sip before i do. damn but it tastes so good….

    By Lizgirl on 11.25.2010

  2. sweet as ever. tasty and jusicy oozing out.gets your tastebuds tingeling.runs smoothly down you throat.it like snow running down a mountain.

    By kirsten URL on 11.25.2010

  3. i like it alot it makes me feel nice i like it fresh.i imagen everyone dose it so nice i want some now.

    By manas URL on 11.25.2010

  4. Apple juice is the best juice in the world!

    By Patricia on 11.25.2010

  5. juice wanted to paint it but he just couldnt. he didnt know that the face woudnt show up on it. juice hoped he would never have to paint again… he

    By Isobel Latta URL on 11.25.2010

  6. It’s sweet, with a little bit of bitterness into it. Orange, the fruit of winter, so comforting with that little sting that travels down one’s throat in one of those cold days that never stop coming and yet they are so lovely.

    By Mariana on 11.25.2010

  7. juice is used everyday
    i drink it at breakfast
    also at lunch
    maybe even at dinner
    juice is expensive use wisely!

    By Grace Ashwell URL on 11.25.2010

  8. juice come in different colours orange red and ple orange it also has a variaty with flavours.

    By lambidemetriou URL on 11.25.2010

  9. Juice of life, please come and spill over me. I feel lost without the nectar of joy. Let me rejoice and have a wonderful dream with you and the taste of life. The one I had lost within this trees and rocks that had pull me down.
    Oh, the elixir of your love. I need that to be hydrated and full of you.

    By Pablo Caceres. URL on 11.25.2010

  10. This juice is warm. Im not going to drink this juice. It also tastes like tomatoes. I HATE TOMATO JUICE! Who ever thought of that? Its just dumb. V8 deserves a smack on ITS head. Jeeeeeeez.

    By Hannah on 11.25.2010

  11. The half full cup what just asking for it, she’d justify herself with. After all, a chemist as obsessed as her, would test her doubt inducing experiments on any random person at any random bar.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.25.2010

  12. i like juice becuase it tastes good n ting
    and i like sex juice sometimes
    but it makes a big mess

    i like orange juice when i have a hangover and bacon butty :)

    but i do not like

    ummmmmm i like all juice actually.. :)

    that must have been a minute -___-

    By Lexy on 11.25.2010

  13. orange sunset sat fizzing in a glass. No heat but cold steam frosts the sides. my fingers stick like velcro to the icy wall. i gulp, quenched i relax

    By john on 11.25.2010

  14. whats upon a time i had i breakfast, it was juice! we all had juice! then we started sellling out excess juice and we made juicy cash. then we bought a juicy castle and it had a pool filled with juice!!!

    By jordan on 11.25.2010

  15. one of the most refreshing tasty treats i enjoy. my favorite being passionfruit. i would drink it every day it it didnt give me the worst gas ever, so horrid.

    By alannah campion on 11.25.2010

  16. Juice fresh juice but this little girl went to buy some juice she picked it up fruity her mouth watering!!!
    she drunk it and then started coughing she choked !!!!!!! ddddddd !!!

    By Ruby URL on 11.25.2010