November 23rd, 2010 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “railroad”

  1. I came to a railroad crossing yesterday. This was the first time i had seen one. What happens if I cross the tracks? What happens if I stand on them? Does a train come? Will it wipe me away Will it wipe me away from this earth with nothing left behind? I’m not sure what’s going to happen. All i know is that they’re beautiful. intricate. Exhausting.

    By Karina on 11.23.2010

  2. There’s railroad tracks near the house in which I grew up. When I was younger I used to walk for hours back and forth on those tracks…walk and think…think and talk to God. I used to wonder where in the world those tracks led, where I would end up if I just kept walking and never looked back.

    By Kit URL on 11.23.2010

  3. “I’ve been working on the railroad all the live day…” The song filled the room and slowly began to work at my insides. Repeated, over and over. so annoying. I was going to break or kick something. Holy mother of god that’s awful.

    By Sophia on 11.23.2010

  4. Tracks my brother laid.
    Calloused hands not yet tired
    Promises of road yet to travel
    Horizons left to unravel
    signs and guards not yet crossed
    Rail road tracks I’ve yet to cross

    By Maria on 11.23.2010

  5. The iron goat is very majestic the way it winds up the steep pass in a time long forgotten.

    By Andy on 11.23.2010

  6. The railroad tracks looked so lonely to her in the pale light of the dawn, dustmotes falling in the light of the sunlight to meet the cold metal that built the abandoned tracks. She sat there, simply staring, mind caught up into memories that she could not make herself cast away.

    For so long had she been living in the past.

    By Kristin on 11.23.2010

  7. Eine Eisenbahnstrecke führte außerhalb der Stadt über einen Bahndamm. Sie war verlassen, Züge fuhren schon seit Jahrzehnten nicht mehr. Die Gleise waren überwuchert, an den Hängen beidseits des Dammes standen Birken und jedes Mal, wenn ich im Herbst dort herumkletterte, hoffte ich auf Birkenpilze.

    By Eli URL on 11.23.2010

  8. Railroads offer oppertunities. An endless line leading into the horizon, offering so many promises and dreams, perhaps never to be fufilled. Perhaps they are the ultimate symbol of optimism. And escape.

    By Rebecca on 11.23.2010

  9. The desperadoes raced against the railroads, awaiting the opportune time to swing aboard the train and loot it for its worth.

    By all-shook-up URL on 11.23.2010

  10. The long steel rail road lasted for about 12 miles until it came to its last stop, once it reached its final destination everyone on the train dies, this train is called the suicied train and its for all of you who hate life. The train goes on for 12 miles so you can decide whether you want another chance at life or not. But you only have one chance so pick wisely? What will you’re destiny be?

    By Emma Hearling on 11.23.2010

  11. railroads are like the path of life.
    they go on for what seems like forever.
    and the trains that travel along are like a metaphor for life.
    if you get on the wrong train, there’s no going back.

    By Rayne URL on 11.23.2010

  12. theres been a terrible collision on the railway line
    the poor cow didnt see the red light shine
    it happened long ago and they’re working on it now
    sorting out the engine from the poor old cow
    poor old cow
    poor old cow

    to be sung as a round.

    By Becstar URL on 11.23.2010

  13. She slowly stepped onto the railroad tracks, and then sat down cross-legged wearily. Her blonde hair whipped back and forth in the wind as she contemplated if she truly wanted to go through with this. She heard the train’s whistle coming closer and closer. And as it came upon her, she jumped away.

    By Kari-Rose URL on 11.23.2010

  14. The Blues train is a comin’! All the folks who sold their soul are gathering by the tracks for the most incredible journey of thier lives!

    By Dylan Greene URL on 11.23.2010

  15. When i was younger i rode a train to oregon. The bad news is when i was younger i also had a friend who got there shoe lace caught in the railroad tracks it was scary trying to untie them while the train grew closer. Little boys love train tracks.

    By hadassah URL on 11.23.2010

  16. There was an empty railroad that strolled down the vast pathway leading up to the horizon. i wanted to follow it, but i knew it was never-ending. Instead, I turned around to head home, kicking stones while my head hung low. Little did I know the train was already heading straight for me. If only i hadn’t been born deaf.

    By laura on 11.23.2010

  17. i love railroads. reminds me of the one in boothbay harbor. i used to go nthat when i was younger. railroads ilke thomas the train? i wonder if he went on a railroad. how am i thinking about this right now? railroads like the coal mine. are there still coal mines? still workers getting paid cents? I don’t know and doubt it but really though, who knows. It is america. railroads, roads of rails. that sounds kind of cool. Don’t walk on a railroad, you’ll get hit by a train.

    By Bailey on 11.23.2010

  18. The railroad was so quiet. Silence swathed the tracks, the gravel, and the vast forest surrounding it. Only the curdled moans from the mangled train carriages shivered through the silence.

    By Scarlet URL on 11.23.2010

  19. She stood motionless beside the railroad. A suitcase in one hand and a battered traveling hat in the other. She blew out a deep breath, the warmth of it mixing with the frigid air. Snow began to fall silently, tickling her nose as she waited for the train. Her departure was eminent, and she was ready.

    By Charlotte URL on 11.23.2010

  20. I ran down the tracks, step, hop. Step, hop. I could hear a train in the distance, I didn’t mean to get caught up here on the tressel. Just keep going, he’s too far away to scare, just keep moving. I reach the far end just as the train comes around the corner, and I back well away from the tracks. He comes blasting across the little bridge, horn screaming at me to stay away from the tracks you idiot! The engineer’s face is white and his eyes wide as he flies by…I think I scared him as much as myself! Never. Again.

    By cleany URL on 11.23.2010

  21. Shuddup and run because you’ll get hit sooner or later and wouldn’t you rather go out with a fight than just float away like the seeds of a dandelion?

    By Lola Sparxx on 11.23.2010

  22. A railroad is a form of transportation made of steel rods. It measures about a metre in width.

    By modago URL on 11.23.2010

  23. jessie hated to leave david,but it was quickly getting dark and she doubted she would hear-let alone see-a helicopter now that the weather was getting bad.on one hand,she should camp here where she ‘may’ be found.On ther other hand,she remembered flying over a roalroad very close by..eventual it had to come to a road and then,perhaps,safety

    By The Fake Dann URL on 11.23.2010

  24. Monopoly. That game that sucked up hours of my childhood. And caused countless fights with brothers. Nobody wanted to be the banker. If you managed to buy all the railroads, the other players didn’t have a chance. All the railroads were better than Boardwalk and Park Place, though not better than owning those plus all the green properties.

    By Heather on 11.23.2010

  25. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with the railroad. I used to read all the time, and very often, in the books I would read, they would travel by railroad. I could always close my eyes and envision myself on a train, heading to destinations unknown and exciting. One time my grandparents took me on an actual steam train, just for about an hour long ride. What an experience for a young girl of about 11 or 12!

    By tdough1963 URL on 11.23.2010

  26. For the hobo’s of the early 20th century, the railroads were more than just transportation. They were a home. All of their hopes and dreams, riding on those tracks.

    By Cory URL on 11.23.2010

  27. I like to walk along the tracks and skim my feet across the wind. I like to run and try not to trip and fall into the cracks in the middle. When the train is coming I love the feeling of my heart exploding afterward. When isn’t there time to enjoy the train?

    By Emma on 11.23.2010

  28. the tracks stretched on in both directions as she sat silently on the rail. she looked up both ways and sighed. it was a stunning sight in the wayning sunlight and she only wished she had thought to bring her camera when she came out here to calm down.

    By Amber I URL on 11.23.2010

  29. The objects clattered against the hardwood as they rolled from the old man’s hand. They dully reflected the light cast from the overhead, fluorescent light as they slowed in their travel across the length of my desk. Railroad ties.

    “What am I supposed to do with these?” I asked.

    By J. F. Dodgington URL on 11.23.2010

  30. a railroad is a mad, mad place. It can take you somewhere interesting, it can take you to your death. Some stations are like death, too, like Sawbridgeworth and Leuchars. Railroads in the UK are oddly unaccustomed to inclement weather.

    By Alex on 11.23.2010

  31. railroad is what is needed for trains to get around. in trondheim they are building a new railway station, should be cool. when i think of the word railroads in english, or ameriica more specifically, i think of cowboys and how they robbed them in the movies. always looked kinda cool. i know cowboys like that were thugs, but they always looked cool. old school clint eastwood was cool, man. my dad used to like him. now my dad don’t watch movies anymore, i don’t know why. maybe he is sleepy from working so much. i’m sleepy now, could sleep for ages, but i can’t just yet. soon though, it’s gonna be awesome. just hope my cat leaves me alone.

    By hans petter haarsvaer on 11.23.2010

  32. He walked on the along the tracks everyday after school. Always counting how many steps he could take on the rails before he had to step down and start over. He made it to 313 that day. A new personal best. A small bit of happiness in the self achievement before having to return to the house that would bury his spirits. Physically.

    By Tyler Nothing URL on 11.23.2010

  33. The rail road was very snowy; it would be impossible to use it today.

    By poppy on 11.23.2010

  34. Railroad. It takes you where you need to go. Far away from here is where I’d like. We’ll take a train and go go go….. Far far away we’ll travel until there’s no railroad left. California. Sun, surf, home. This is where the railroad will take us. It will make our wildest dreams come true.

    By Ash URL on 11.23.2010

  35. I’ve been working on the railroad all the little long day
    I’ve been working on the railroad just to pass the time away
    Can’t you hear the whistle blowing

    By Haleigh on 11.23.2010

  36. the link between others, the iron between a nation, the tie that binds- or bounds, to the other side of the world. careful, fast, winding, straight, and trekking it brings people to places and things to people.

    By larissa on 11.23.2010

  37. I like railroads because trains are on them, train make me feel fonely, because it carries all of the vagabonds and shit, trains are fucking fast and incredibly huge, so i like railroads because in a car you can pass through em, and be in precaution of the train hittin you, if it hits you you are fucking dead, fucking gone. I like travelling o ntrain cause i feel older, lonelier, cooler.

    By Ganga on 11.23.2010

  38. A large train rumbles on by in the middle of town. My boyfriend always complains that they get in the way, make travelling hard and slow. You can never surpass them. It makes him late hanging out with me. A bunch of cargo is taken to the next station. I want to go to Chicago on one.

    By Alexandrea on 11.23.2010

  39. “I’ve been workin’ on the raiiiiilroad, all the live long daaaay,” Angelo sang as he snapped the toy railroad tracks together. “Hum, de dum de dum de raiiiiiilroad, something something, something, somethiiiing.”

    “You suck at singin’, I hope you know.” William said, not looking up from his side of the train tracks he was putting together.

    By Ninja URL on 11.23.2010

  40. sitting by the railroad tracks the boys began to wonder what would become of their lives. they had been best friends for as long as they could remember, but now everything was about to change. would they still know everything about one another once they went their separate ways? who know. They looked a one another and realized it simply didnt matter. this moment mattered. all of them together for the last time. Best friends.

    By Laura Duggan on 11.23.2010