July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. theres a railroad track near me. No train though. Its dark and the moon isnt shining. The stars are covered by the clouds. I cant really see anything, not even my hands that I know are infront of my face. But I can see the tracts. They have an inner glow.

    By Angelica on 07.04.2012

  2. I think about Andrew Carnegie and my amazing teacher, Mr. Ireson. Railroads are so difficult to make, and I’m sure lot’s of sweat and blood was put into them. I think of all the easterners that were mistreated its construction.

    By Nigel on 07.04.2012

  3. it takes tracks to find a place where grass will grow next to graffiti stains and loose jeans, looser grins. it takes tracks to find places i’ve already been or maybe only dreamt of. there were days when the sun would beat down bright on mica slivers in the rocks between ties, or maybe i was tied up between rocks? I don’t know but a world opens up when you look from where you came and where you will go

    By M. Susman on 07.04.2012

  4. That’s where he first talked to Tyler. The tracks were so cold, his legs stuck to them painfully. Suicide was so boring, waiting for a stupid train to come and trying to ignore the stoner kid sitting nearby.

    By AZ on 07.04.2012

  5. on the train tracks. that is where her life had led her to. there was no cowboy with a lasso ready to save her now. it was just her. and maybe, just maybe, that was not a bad way to go after all.
    it isint like anyone cared in the first place. so why would she be a burden to anyone? and as the lights approached her, she closed her eyes, and smiled one last time. maybe this short life was enough for her.
    the next morning, when the conductor approached the railroads, he saw a perfect example of what happens when you just cannot be good enough.

    By arshee on 07.04.2012

  6. Rail road is a road for trains. Trains are very useful medium of transport now a days. Every country in the world have trains. Its subway system or travelling from one city to another or from one country to another. So we need rail roads now-a-days.

    By Chaudhary Talha URL on 07.04.2012

  7. I was sitting on the railroad track, just thinking about my life. All the things I’ve done… none of them have made much sense. They haven’t added up to anything. I’m an odd person. “Maybe I should just wait for the train to come hit me.” I thought to myself.

    By Jeimi URL on 07.04.2012

  8. a railroad reminds me of my railway station and the journeys I started there. The railroad stretches out in the wilderness , inviting and alluring me with the prospect of adventure and fun.

    By ketan on 07.04.2012

  9. rail road railroad train rollinf with a load
    freight train on the line got off fast and you’ll be fine wheels spinning backwas
    on the movie fells stretched out underneath. hoboes on the go going everywhere for free

    puffin’ huffin steamin snortin blowin wistle on the wind . just my train of trainy thought
    end of journey.

    By oozer URL on 07.04.2012

  10. A means of transportation. Connecting state to state. Transportation of people and food. A noise made that is unique and special. A feeling of freedom. Distance, short or long. Very fast. Free.

    By Kristine on 07.04.2012

  11. A railroad is something that carries a train, to far off destinations. Who knows where the train is going, nobody but the driver really knows the answer to that. Or maybe the man who’s about to hijack the train knows, he definitely knows where this train is headed.

    By Brooklyn on 07.04.2012

  12. railroad is not realroad. Railroad is newroad. Invention for the running of a train on tarcks.
    Real roads came themselves when nobody thought of inventing them. They were mere
    tracks that invented themselves accidentally and noone could stop them. In this case it was very true tha necessity was Mother to invention.

    By oozer URL on 07.04.2012

  13. I fell over the railroad tracks, scraping my knees on the pebbles that where scattered on the other side. A bit of a bruise, nothing much. I could handle it, I was young and foolish. Off in the distance, I could hear the train screaming loudly. I’d heard of people playing ‘chicken’ and I thought to myself that maybe I’d play the game too, how long could I stay in front of the train?

    By Idiocy URL on 07.04.2012

  14. The train sped; faster and faster. It suddenly attained a speed larger than any existing vehicle had gone. The civil engineer stood there in arms with the mechanical engineer, their heads held high; today they had created history.

    By shehzaad on 07.04.2012

  15. the cross bearing track road between the two halled river bend of my heart
    went before my eyes and through my subjective consciousness like a knife through the heart of a sacrificial lamb

    By Matt on 07.04.2012

  16. life is like a railroad, it has its ups and downs, there are also times when it has to bend and adjust its movement according to its path. In this journey, on a railroad, there is also a beautiful view, which one enjoys, but at times, the view may not be very pleasant, but it does gives us a message that nothing lasts forever. In the end i would like to say that the deep satisfying sigh is only taken by the traveler when he finally reaches his destination.

    By Asma Hauqe URL on 07.04.2012

  17. I need an escape.

    Here to Portsmouth. By railroad: trains, not planes or automobiles.
    Megatrain. Virgin Trains Best Fare Finder. TheTrainLine Best Fare Finder. MoneySavingExpert.com forum. Ticket splitting. iPhone apps. Tickety Split. Bargains. Clasped. Grabbed. Booked.

    All for the 8-ball to then tell me the outlook of me making my solo excursion is “not so good”.

    By innards URL on 07.04.2012

  18. Die Eisenbahnlinie führte geradeaus nach Nordwesten. Kilian wanderte auf den Bohlen, die die Gleise hielten. Der Himmel war bewölkt und ein lauer Wind machte das Laufen erträglich.

    By Eli URL on 07.04.2012

  19. He walked along the tracks with his eyes closed and face flirting with the clouds. The railroad station had shut these tracks down several decades ago when the highway redirected traffic away from his little town and dried up the local industries. Yet even though the boy had never seen a train use them, he was still enthralled by the idea and often imagined what would happen if the leftover tracks he balanced upon suddenly began to vibrate back to life, revived by a magnificent monster from the past.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.04.2012

  20. Train is leaving the station a minute earlier than planned. Things like that only happen in India. That or we are late, nevertheless we try hard to catch this one. My girl is slower than me and didn’t make it, so i stopped the train.

    By jeroen schipper on 07.04.2012

  21. lourenço

    By mikas on 07.04.2012

  22. a railroad is many things a memory a nuisance or even a necessity. Many may remember the railroad children a classic tail. Many may use the beloved railway to get to work or see family but some also see it as a nuisance blocking our country side and acting as a safety hazard for young energetic children i am personally a fan!

    By maddie on 07.04.2012

  23. india is the county in which railroads are also the places where peple lives. and die. there has been no construction for the railway. old engines, railroads etc…

    By sheheryar on 07.04.2012

  24. Makes me thing of going places iron and old trainsportation. Seems like things were simpler at this time, and that the world was bigger. Railroads in America now are a symbol of death. No railroads exist in places people want to be. Do we still even use railroads?

    By Paddy McCourt on 07.04.2012

  25. Here’s my comment on railroad, I came to this site and was real intrigued by it and I even made an account but I keep getting the world railroad. Im going nowhere and its kind of frustrating, railroads are frustrating we want planes. Mail by railroads, I want e-mail. Packages by railroad I want Amazon to give it to me now

    By MCPADDY URL on 07.04.2012

  26. i crossed the railroad i always feared, from when i was only a child of 6 to now when i was a grown up teen at 15. thats when i realised it was not much of a big deal. suddenly, a blue light covered everywhere in front of my eyes. i turned back only to see that the road wasnt there behind me anymore, i was in a new place altogether. like they said, the railroad was something unbelievable.

    By Anmol Jhunjhunwala URL on 07.04.2012

  27. It was like one of those old time films where the damsel in distress was tried onto the railroad by the villain. This man was surely crazy because who did that in real life? She was going to die before my eyes because of the delusions of an insane man.

    By Rachel on 07.04.2012

  28. I’m not even sure the train comes this way, but we’ll tie Brendon up and leave him here anyway, and hope for the best. Sure, I know it seems sort of villainous, like something out of an old movie, but he was asking for it. Silly, foolish Brendon. He should know better than to steal my food and think he can get away with it. Goodness gracious me.

    By Melissa on 07.04.2012

  29. I JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO TO MAKE THIS WEBSITE WORK AND I THINK I WILL START CRYING IN A SECOND JAOIGEAOGIEGHELGEGHOI. But don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control. Follow the railroad until you find the place where the sky meets the earth, and then we’ll talk. About your feet. Your sore, sore feet.

    By Melissa on 07.04.2012

  30. the sound of a train passing over railroad tracks filled the room. the sound covered the screams of the people that resided in the small house now filled with blood.

    By Leie URL on 07.04.2012

  31. I was walking down a rusty railroad with only my guitar on my back and my shoes on my feet. Not knowing where I am going or what I will do when I get there but feeling that it was the right thing to do with my life. I left my friends and family and even my love behind for my love of music and the open road.

    By Claire on 07.04.2012

  32. We have a new railroad station in town, which will be open for service to Boston and points south very soon! I love riding on a train, I just wish the price would come down.

    By LHench on 07.04.2012

  33. Train tracks on a railroad leading to a better life. With the past left behind and regrets lingering, those train tracks are the closest thing to hope. Railroad

    By Char Adams URL on 07.04.2012

  34. there was once a railroad that came throught this town it split it right in half. It was as thought it had been planned. As thought somebody knew that there would be blood shed, and that blood would rott and run through two families. Her name was emily and his name roman. They both grew up in thee time when the town was happy and united and the two strongest familes the santino and damiel’s were good friends. Thats why they knew each other so well. So well that they fell in love and spetn most of their time together .

    By karla on 07.04.2012

  35. I should, I better, I have to, you should, you better, you have to. . .

    By essays35 on 07.04.2012

  36. A woman stood on the platform in a red dress that caught the wind. She waited. The 19:56 from Edinburgh was due to snake along the railroad and into London Eusten in ten minutes.

    By Natasha on 07.04.2012

  37. derailed
    en trailed
    dragged upon the
    of my life
    sure crisis
    left to no devices

    By Kyna URL on 07.04.2012

  38. The piercing whistle was the signal.
    The closing scene was approaching.
    A rebellious child, an elusive ball, and a stuck shoe were the chief actors.
    Light was shining, not too far off into the distance.
    An ominous shadow was looming over the players.
    And finally,
    a collision.

    By Rose URL on 07.04.2012

  39. The railroad had sixty men working on it. Sixty men. Breaking their backs for the good of the american continent. or at least that’s what their boss told them. they had all left their families at home so they could develop what everyone was soon to call the American legacy. Of course they weren’t as overworked as the miners in South Carolina, but they had their fair share of hard work to do everyday.

    By Olivia on 07.04.2012

  40. rumbling along the glistening tracks huffing and puffing the mighty red steam engine is the winding serpent along the rail road corridor.

    By Helena URL on 07.04.2012