October 21st, 2011 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “radical”

  1. Radical people make the world a better place. Without radicals we would all think and dress the same way and have the same point of view. We would be extremely afraid of everything and nothing would be satisfactory.

    By Laura on 10.21.2011

  2. I have potential, as do you. There is potential to have a radical lifestyle, there are no chains given, we only decide to apply the chains to ourselves by free will.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 10.21.2011

  3. Let’s do something radical. Let’s put our hair up and iron our clothes and wear matching socks. Let’s put on a tie and a hat. Let’s be really different. Game changers. Radicals.

    By Ashley Mills on 10.21.2011

  4. radical when you tellme i’m a bossy person and i cant keep doing my things because im thinking wht you justa said about it. so lest’s stpo saying such a stupid thing about us, dont you think? because i love you

    By Denn on 10.21.2011

  5. radical thinking is always good. It makes people second guess what is going on around them and hopefully make the right decision based on the situation going on around them. Radical thinking is likely what is holding our world together. This is a very good quality to have in a person, cherish it if you have it. If you don’t understand radical thinking, then I guess you have a serious problem. You are the only one that can make yourself think radically. No one else can control your thoughts. There’s no way anyone else can make you a radical thinker. It’s all self-made.

    By Sammy Grace on 10.21.2011

  6. Amazing. Beautiful. He best time of my life was when I was watching you. It seemed that time would never stop. I had you in my life and I felt complete. I was fufilled. Needed. Wanted. You made everything seem possible and nothing was too out of reach or impossible! Everything was fun! Everything was great!!

    By Amber on 10.21.2011

  7. far out
    kick ass
    world changing
    its a challenge to face head on.

    By Gail URL on 10.21.2011

  8. What’s the meaning of radical? Changing. Always shifting. Willing to try new things and push boundaries to the utmost. Radical invidividuals are able to change the world, for better or for worse (when it comes to politics, it’s usually for worse). But when it comes to other things like art and music, the radicals are the innovators, the ones that will shift the paradigms of human thought to the next point in the timeline.

    By Noah on 10.21.2011

  9. It’s strange and it’s terrifying and boomboomblast in your face change but that’s why it’s excellent. That’s why it’s amazing. It’s radical and new and special and it’s never been done before: happiness on a grand scale. Why didn’t we think of it before? They ask and exclaim as people smile at each other in the street and shake hands and not fists and just exist. Together.

    By Rachel URL on 10.21.2011

  10. raiding your defense to advance an individual expression of opinion; non-linear directive of thought regarding the subject matter, often thought to be extremely irr-directional but can be circumventive to near center

    By Mortoni URL on 10.21.2011

  11. radical. the radical acceptance of the fanatics flies over the lips of flaming. he speaks so fluently with a smile in his eyes and appealing swoon worthy diction.

    By Nicole URL on 10.21.2011

  12. It’s the most radical idea. Somewhat small, but still there, so raw with power that it’s stronger than even the biggest, most complex idea. It’s enough to put anyone in awe.

    By Caty on 10.21.2011

  13. “You’ve dived off the deep end.” she said with a trembled tear in her eye, “Society will beat you down & won’t let you stand back up. Why can you not just keep quiet and live a simple life like grandpa did, he took care of his family well?” But I couldn’t give in, not even to my crying grandma. I can’t live in the past, the future comes faster than it once did, & with it, change. To take care of the family we must expand on its definition – family is Humanity. We have to take care of the whole. I don’t fear prison or worse, I fear living & not being able to look in the mirror.

    By drew URL on 10.21.2011

  14. This is the way it feels to
    find you in the thoughts of
    an other woman. it just
    makes no sense this
    radical sense of loss-of
    nothingness, arising
    inside my thoughts. it goes
    to being inside my head when
    you turn your face away from

    By ari on 10.21.2011

  15. Like the sun. Like the moon. The stars, the planets, the galaxies. Bright, shining, radical. Forever something new and exciting. Out there. Waiting.

    By carolyn URL on 10.21.2011

  16. fun. a proponent of change. but it can also be the contrary of this. one very firm in a set of beliefs, ways, or systems. seems that our world is at the hands of these various opposing parties, coexisting to gain the upper standing for themselves. radical is a great way of getting a point across, accomplishing the nearly impossible. but as an ongoing method, very unprogressive and counterproductive. what we need is to learn to compromise so that we may live prosperously among ourselves. though, in our traditions and principles may we not forget our occassional need for extremism as a way of moving ourselves forward, getting ourselves unstuck when obstacles are in our way.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.21.2011

  17. Radicals? Those are political nuts, yes? Or in chemistry, my field, we use them to describe charged species. We just took a test over those. I don’t think I did so hot, even though Olesen gave me like an extra fifteen minutes. He seems to like me better this semester. Maybe I can get a letter from him for grad school? I’m afraid to ask. Help! The future is scary!

    By Jessica on 10.21.2011

  18. Radical means the square root of a number. The number is usually x. You can do lots of things with radicals, but they’re a pain. To get rid of them, you have to square them, and square everything else in the equation, because that’s how math works. Math always works. The symbol for a radical looks like a little checkmark. I got marks off a test just because my radical sign was 1 mm too short.

    By an octopus URL on 10.21.2011

  19. OFWGKTA has a genius song called Radical. Their music makes the listener want to rebel. It’s almost as if their music seeps its way into the brains of the youth.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.21.2011

  20. “Radical,” I muttered, as I stared out the car window with my peers, all balancing red spiked hair and black leather clothing on their thin frames. I smiled, despite the fact I was feeling anything but radical. They’d just believe anything I said, even the ridiculous aged slang they always seemed to like using. Interesting, and yet utterly excruciating. I smiled once more, unsure of what else I might be able to do.

    By narratorofsnark URL on 10.21.2011

  21. Radical change and radical thinking and mohawks like the one paolo should grow I wonder if he’ll ask me to formal I wonder if it’ll be romantic like balconies or Ryan’s roof or sitting alone at night on the bench thinking about how Vinny isn’t next to me or wondering if Mark still thinks about me or maybe it’ll be disappointing like realizing he doesn’t and listening to love songs alone on a Tuesday night

    By Kate on 10.21.2011

  22. The touch of your hand on my skin caught my breath, a wave of longing flushed out the feeling in my insides. I was glowing, I was nuclear, I was a radical transformation of everything I had thought I was and was capable of being. With the thought that you might love me, I became a person I did not know.

    By cmsiena URL on 10.21.2011

  23. It is a radical concept, stepping up to the plate to show the world what you’ve got. It is utterly frightening and exciting at the same time. I will accept this challenge wholeheartedly, but accepting and doing are two very different things. Time management is the key. Now if I just find the damn lock!

    By Fender2010 URL on 10.21.2011

  24. Radical makes me think of when i was in sunday school and we would sing songs about God. One song was about “he was a radical god” blah blah. im not sure what else to type but this is a pretty cool site :)
    <3 morgan

    By Morgan on 10.21.2011

  25. your new ideas aren’t new. not even here, not even for you. you heard them, once, before, and half-remembered and remade them. i know they are not new, because they are mine.

    By biscuitmensch on 10.21.2011

  26. The expectations for a night out in the 90’s. its usually disapointing because it never turns out to be ass “radical” as you hoped it would be.

    By lbp on 10.21.2011

  27. What are free radicals? Because i always thought that radical was something that surfers said and surfers seem pretty cool and chill. So wouldn’t radical be a good word? But free radicals are bad right? I AM SO CONFUSED.

    By kstru0125 URL on 10.21.2011

  28. Don’t do anything radical. Like fall in love, or stand up for yourself, or speak out against injustice when you see it, or educate yourself for reasons other than monetary gain, or do the right thing even when it’s an unpopular idea. Just keep your head down and try to blend in.

    By YourFriendDave URL on 10.21.2011

  29. Radical. Radical man. Totally cool. Yo.

    I suck at this.

    By Kerrin URL on 10.21.2011

  30. The radical flow of energy between you and me.
    They cross our path and bow,
    We smile and wave,
    Stumble through the crowd.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.21.2011

  31. Radical
    I’m reading a book that talks about being an “everyday radical.” It’s interesting stuff … the jist of which is that by living the gospel life of service, it seems like a crazy radical thing to do in our American society. But the book is written by an ordinary guy doing what feels are ordinary good works. It’s the perception of OTHER PEOPLE that what he is doing is radical.

    By CameoRoze URL on 10.21.2011

  32. different. change. extreme. chemistry. neutrons, free radicals. blowing your mind with the awesomeness of something…whether an idea or object…anything

    By Milea on 10.21.2011

  33. it was a radical change moving across the country. moving from london over to a small town by the name of summersville missouri, it seemed almost a waste, almost stupid. thats why it was so radical. it was weird, but it was a job, one that she would neve rforgot all the time remaining on her days. but, radical wasn’t so bad afteralll…. or so she found.

    By Anne Harlow on 10.21.2011

  34. I’m not saying it was a clever thing to do but it was certainly different. There were those who, slightly stoned and very stupid, said it was the maddest thing they’d ever seen. Others said it was ‘radical, man’. They were idiots. All I did was add the vodka to the bong water, the bong water to the punch and the punch to the kiddies soda. Result!

    By Santa Monious URL on 10.21.2011

  35. The radical part about the sun is the fact that it rises and sets. What a phenomenon. Who could believe that it is not the sun moving, but the Earth rotating in a slow circle around it’s axis?

    By Brianna on 10.21.2011

  36. The idea that any life beyond this one existed was radical. I couldn’t form any sort of image about what it would look like. But Isaac was keen on it.

    “There’s a life beyond Holding. And Porter and his father and this house,” he’d say. Repeating it again and again while he kissed my hairline and cupped my cheek.

    And I really wanted to believe him.

    By Krista-Lyn URL on 10.21.2011

  37. Our country needs to be more radical in my opinion. More passionate. More feeling about everything.
    That’s the thing. We all contain our emotions so much. It’s no wonder everyone is so unhappy all the time.
    Radical though. We should all be more radical.

    By Sydney URL on 10.21.2011

  38. ♫ “I said watch what ya say, they’ll be calling you a radical. A liberal. Oh a fanatical criminal. Won’t you sign up your name, we’d like to feel you’re acceptable. Respectable. Oh presentable a vegetable. Oh, take take it take it yeah! ♫

    ♫ There are nights when all the world’s asleep. The questions run too deep, for such a simple man. Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned. I know it sounds absurd. But please tell me who I ammmm…. who I ammmm… who I ammmmm…. who I ammm…….!” ♫

    (Sixty seconds actually ended in the musical interlude, but I couldn’t stop there!)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.21.2011

  39. Radical thoughts today!
    Lose it all to gain something higher or more meaningful…
    Perhaps tomorrow the sun will shine more colorful if I do so!
    I’ll never know until I do it…

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.21.2011

  40. i like to say radical but i don’t want preople to think i’m a stoner or anything. because im not. i just like the way it rolls off of the toung. plus i cant say cool every time, can i?

    By Hannah on 10.21.2011