October 21st, 2011 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “radical”

  1. radical, like dude speak of many years ago. Many meanings, though, can mean a very unusual way of dressing; a new hairstyle, something wild and fun. or could be a change in landscaping design. or a new hat. or a different method of preparing food. or acting in a new manner. say you win the lottery, your life would change radically.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.21.2011

  2. radical, like dude speak of many years ago. Many meanings, though, can mean a very unusual way of dressing; a new hairstyle, something wild and fun. or could be a change in landscaping design. or a new hat. or a different method of preparing food. or acting in a new manner. say you win the lottery, your life would change radically.
    something happened, i pressed sent and got a message that I already repeated that. this is a good example of being radical .quite daring, I continue to type and to correct my outrageous spelling and radical keystrokes. looking forward to being outside.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.21.2011

  3. We try to eliminate radicals from the denominator, but it’s absolutely acceptable to have radicals in our denominators. As long as the base is sane, we can sprinkle some excitement on top to give our lives meaning.

    By A mere cephalopod URL on 10.21.2011

  4. The 60s were the shit. Despite the fact that war was raging in much of South America, Cuba was about to blow our brains out, and The Beatles broke up. I still wish I lived back then though, cause those were radical times. And smoking pot was basically socially acceptable.

    By Amy on 10.21.2011

  5. Kindness, compassion, and care. With an element of submissiveness to the wants and needs of others that in truth is actually only respect. Forgetting one’s own needs is never the way to go, but it is a reminder that ego sometimes speaks to us in ways that not only do we not understand but as well as those around us.

    Find a way to communicate your needs in a way that firmly says what they are. Regardless of the clash it will have with the environment that surrounds you.

    By Jason URL on 10.21.2011

  6. He was slightly radical, promiscuous in a way such a small, provincial town knew not how to handle.
    He was not to be tampered with; you could not lick a finger and extinguish him like a flame, nor assist him in becoming a proper civillian he had once spewed.
    He was intimate with the wonders of proximity to a human, and how it could both alarm them and unnerve them.
    He was not to be touched; he did not know how to touch.

    By Caitlin on 10.21.2011

  7. Radical is a word that really isn’t used anymore because no one thinks radical is cool anymore. it resembles something a surfer dude would say which is ironic. Well actually not really but that’s okay. But it means cool even though it alone isn’t cool at all.

    By Kattie Parker URL on 10.21.2011

  8. Give me a long division problem – I can do it. Give me radicals, no sweat. Derivatives? First grade. But you, you I can’t seem to figure out. You’re the anomaly of my paradigm.

    By Haley URL on 10.21.2011

  9. “You’ve dived off the deep end, you’re too radical” she said to me with a tear trembling in her eye, “Society will beat you to your knees and won’t let you stand back up. You can’t change the world, those controlling it have too much power. Can’t you just keep quiet and live a simple life like grandpa did, he took care of his family well?” But I couldn’t give in, not even to my crying grandma. I can’t live in the past, the future comes faster than it once did and to take care of my family i must expand on it definition – my family is humanity. I don’t fear imprisonment or worse, I fear living and being silent with what solutions I know.

    By drew URL on 10.21.2011

  10. Are my beliefs radical?
    not in relativity
    when compared to Ayn Rand
    yet i never claim modesty
    i never remain neutral
    if you don’t form your own opinions
    someone else will form them for you
    no one dare tell me what to think
    i am radically independent
    and radically me

    By jillmjacobs URL on 10.21.2011

  11. “Radical!” Josh exclaimed, as he watched his favourite skateboarding hero unveil his latest gnarly trick. Josh adored skateboarding, always has, and has always aspired to pulling off some of the tricks that he’s seen his idols pull off; jumps reaching insane heights as they pull of mind-blowing tricks and stunts, amazing flips in spins in mid-air, almost defying gravity.

    By Ian Ryan URL on 10.21.2011

  12. Radical sounds like a word surfers use! “Dude , that wave is so radical!” I went to the beach once, and I heard surfers really saying that! I was right! Radical!

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 10.21.2011

  13. Radical DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By cmonster URL on 10.21.2011

  14. Crush is totally radical dude!! ya’ know, the sea turtle on Finding Nemo??Duhh, its an amazing movie.

    By McInelly URL on 10.21.2011

  15. radical means it that something is cool or

    By vans URL on 10.21.2011

  16. when a person is in trouble he will say radical dude

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 10.21.2011

  17. It isn’t really such a new idea, but the way they stared at her, you would have thought she had proposed televised bear baiting. She just tried to convince them of the radical notion that people are worth saving.

    By emmystrange URL on 10.21.2011

  18. extravigant, out of the blue,not nessesary,too much.. thats all i got :)

    By marmar URL on 10.21.2011

  19. I think that it mean amazing!! Like if you do something really cool you could be like that was totally radical!

    By garvin URL on 10.21.2011

  20. radical is a word that a surfer dude will use when applying to something that he thinks is really fun, or cool.

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 10.21.2011

  21. Oh that saying of hippies above,
    As they speak words of peace and love,
    And though we are urged to not follow their ways,
    If we do, we end up with better days,
    Radical thinking, this peace malarkey

    By Kait URL on 10.21.2011

  22. DUUUUUUUDDEE! Did you see my rdical pipe? Dude, it was legit. Dude we are lookin’ radical today. DUDE! Let’s go get ice cream.


    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 10.21.2011

  23. Radical is a term used for math

    By Samantha on 10.21.2011

  24. It was a radical thought that went through my mind. Then I grabbed his hand jumped into the lake, thinking ‘What the hell? It can’t hurt anything.’

    By Rebecca URL on 10.21.2011

  25. fast times at ridgemed high, out of control, out of left field, not boring, not plain, radical in shape and form, what a groovy word.

    By rita URL on 10.21.2011

  26. awesome.

    By Lydia on 10.21.2011

  27. Oh great, math class again.
    Having to go to that darn old symmetrical room, with the triangles as the ceiling and the squares as the walls.
    And all those numbers that don’t even make sense, don’t even fit into an odd or even number.
    Just forever going on, like pi.
    Watch as it stretches on for miles, unceasing in its length. The horizon cannot even cut it off.

    By Mary URL on 10.21.2011

  28. radical. i can say i’d describe myself using this word. or maybe while describing my hair.

    ra. di. cal.

    i like it.

    By oz URL on 10.21.2011

  29. It may seen radical in retrospect, but at the time it was a good idea.Yes. Yes, I know. Uh huh. Of course we didn’t plan to decimate the population, or to destroy all hope of future humans. What point are you trying to make with this, mother?

    By madowe URL on 10.21.2011

  30. Anything radical? Boo.

    Just boo.

    By vanhaydu URL on 10.21.2011

  31. radical she called it. the colors splattered across the page looked…something. they looked something. but radical, to me, was a word reserved for a deeper meaning. not simply art, but art that reached beyond the norm…but perhaps her meaning was lost on me.

    By Samira URL on 10.21.2011

  32. love

    By maribel on 10.21.2011

  33. its the new word. well technically its the old word, but its needs to be brought back. its real. shit, its radical. it means changing the things you thought were fact and taking control in a life that’s more or less uncontrollable. let yourself be radical person and let your life be interesting. you can be radical. you can be real. its just up to your thoughts.

    By adam on 10.21.2011

  34. “Radical, dude.” He said to me, but I couldn’t echo the sentiment. It was hard to keep a straight face. Selling the board was worse than death, in some ways. Surfing had been my life, my passion, for years. Giving up was the hardest thing I had to do.

    By Jordan URL on 10.21.2011

  35. When I think of Radical I think of a surfer saying “Hey that’s totally rad bro!” I think of waves on a beach and the wind in my hair. Total Bliss. Everything I could ever ask for.

    By Chelsea on 10.21.2011

  36. Radical is a funny word. Radical usually means out of the norm, but in today’s terms in means “cool” or “sick”, like “radical man!”… I wish I were radical. I always wanted to be in an adventure, with an adrenaline rush. Like Percy Jackson, or Thomas and the Maze Runner, or Harry Potter.

    By hudacheck on 10.21.2011

  37. I was thought of as radical by all of my friends when I was growing up, just because my dad imposed rules on me that no one else agreed with : I was expected to wear skirts and long dresses, no sleevless tops, i couldn’t eat food with hydrogenated vegetable oil, which cut out most processed foods, I could only have one friend over per month, and I couldn’t watch any TV.

    By Suz on 10.21.2011

  38. To be radical is to be of bliss,
    where warm breath does breathe,
    and great love doth kiss.

    From your radical eyes to my radical mind,
    I know you are truly one of a kind.

    By Kendra URL on 10.21.2011

  39. different from the rest, alike to their kind. radical – Tyler the Creator. Odd. Strange. Not the same. Drastic difference.

    By Micah on 10.21.2011

  40. why is the word radical why cant it be some other word? something more fun? easier to write about perhaps, the word radical perplexes me, it can mean so much. it can be a term used by many for something thats fun and risky or used to describe something like a radical muslim

    By mitch on 10.21.2011