December 22nd, 2013 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “quest”

  1. The quest of many people is actually to have one in life. They spend their whole like looking for a reason to launch themselves in a valuable question. Actually I believe that we need to consider our already preoccupying daily concerns as our real quests.

    By a on 12.23.2013

  2. “So this…quest of yours,”
    “What about it?” she asked, squinting up at her through the hazy sunlight.
    “What’s the point of it all? I mean, why go? Why now?”
    She sighed, offering the other girl a slight shrug. “To me, it’s more like, why not go? Why NOT now?” she shook her head. “I mean, I’m not like you, Ylena. There’s nothing keeping ME here, not little orphan Selene,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.23.2013

  3. Why no quest a job?

    By Orlando Sanchez URL on 12.23.2013

  4. Te long forgotten journey towards life itself. And the happiness that is a company on the road not at the end. He may seem gone in miserable times but will always walk in your foot steps.

    By joy on 12.23.2013

  5. What do you quest?

    By Orlando Sanchez URL on 12.23.2013

  6. MMmmmm – quest! Reaching a healthy and happy old age with lots of fun before I get there is my quest.

    By Alexandra URL on 12.23.2013

  7. i’m searching for answers
    all over your face
    your eyes lead me on
    your texts make me stop
    show me the way, dear friend
    i’m on a quest
    of finding love
    in you.

    By Julia Dormon on 12.23.2013

  8. The way she walked into the bar might make someone think she’s on a quest. Her long, sure strides, boots beating the sticky wooden floor in time, chin high and eyes fixed on something toward the back. A woman sure of herself.

    By lauren on 12.23.2013

  9. The girl gathered her things and put them all in a satchel. Never looking back to say goodbye, she threw it over her shoulder and walked out the door, into the world she has always wanted to explore. This was it, this was her chance to make a name for herself and her family. She wasn’t giving up; not now and not ever. (Resubmission).

    By Vanda URL on 12.23.2013

  10. Mission impossible. The holy grail. It’s what you base your life on, where you’re going, what your ultimate goal is. It can change, it is not deadset. Usually with companions. best. test. A testament to your strength.

    By Chantastique URL on 12.23.2013

  11. I pushed my way through the throngs of holiday shoppers, focused on my quest to find the perfect gift. With only six hours left before the shops closed, I had little hope of achieving my goal and was already cudgeling myself for waiting so late.

    By mrsmig URL on 12.23.2013

  12. We began in the Irish pub. A haven for expats who want to pass through the fluid of a life and culture foreign to them without rubbing too much upon them. Later that night, as we glided through the ether, Antony would meet the girl he would eventually marry.

    By J on 12.23.2013

  13. The quest was the first one he’d ever undertaken. It was a difficult one to prepare for, a personal journey across the country. But he told himself that he would try, and that he would come back a bigger and a better man. He was afraid, but every change and transition in life would cause as much. He wanted to take a companion, but he knew that he would never shake his shyness.

    By Celyn URL on 12.23.2013

  14. It wasn’t any kind of divine mission, or quest, or whatever you wanted to call it. It was a simple demand. “Can you go to the store and pick up the order for me?”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.23.2013

  15. Quests often begin with a question. That was the thing Henry had acquired the most of in his lifetime: questions. He had so many, about all the ways of the world.

    By Houston Zemanski on 12.23.2013

  16. I was on my way. Like that one Hercules song, I can/could go the distance. I know where I’m going. I know why, and I have a purpose. I’m ready to conquer. My life and existence, my entire purpose is to make it back. To get back. I can.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 12.23.2013

  17. Life is a quest. But it’s a farce.
    You see, like those countless sailors and poor men who dedicated their lives, lost themselves in this world for a hidden treasure that would surely change their fate, we too lose ourselves, get lost in this labyrinth of madness for a hidden treasure.
    But just like the poor men and soldiers, who don’t very often find their treasure, we rarely find ours too.
    Simply because this treasure does not exist.
    We think we’re heading somewhere, but we’re not. All this hard work, all those nights spent studying for a final exam, trying to gather as many snippets of information as possible before the rise of the sun, all those hot summer days spent working at a construction site, trying to make enough money for yourself and your family, for your kid’s future….
    The future is our treasure. But this future never comes.
    What comes is death.
    And all that struggle, the agitations to make a future, to find the treasure of happiness, it’s a farce. It never happens.
    You die. And you have nothing, nothing.

    By Batul URL on 12.23.2013

  18. The books leaned on each other, making shadowy tents that hid piles of dust and lost bookmarks. Books lay on the floor, half open, and their pages seemed to breathe. Harold walked carefully over them, lest the wind from his footsteps inadvertently turn a page too soon.

    “Which one will you choose?” the librarian asked.

    “How long does it take?” Harold asked, glancing at the open books, the disappeared readers. One of the pages turned.

    “You never know with quests,” the librarian said, “it might be a day, it might be…” he pointed to a leather tome on the table, open to the middle, its pages sun-faded. “That one hasn’t moved yet since I arrived.”

    Harold glanced at the bookshelf. So many, so silent.

    By Holden URL on 12.23.2013

  19. A long and perilous journey, an epic and source of story. The path well-traveled is not for you, my dear quester, and I ask that you stay off the road.

    By Becca URL on 12.23.2013

  20. And off I went, a bag in my hand, a town behind me. A town I would never seen again. This was what I had to do then. I might be scared, and I might be alone, but this was my task. It was what I had to do, and I was going to do it. I would see my dad again though, if the island really existed, and if I could actually reach it. Then everything would be okay.

    By CJClaire URL on 12.23.2013

  21. Jessamine Harker wiped the sweat from her brow and scanned the horizon laid out before her. The setting sun cast an impressive glow over the rocky mountains and the distant river. She smiled remembering t=her past journey and looked back towards her hilltop goal.

    By missjackson URL on 12.23.2013

  22. And the one thing that we all face: a quest. Not to free a princess or slay a dragon but the quest of existence. Everyone can be alive, but only a free learn how to exist. Full potential is the ultimate quest.

    By Anamarie Gundersen on 12.23.2013

  23. The wind stings against my cheeks. There’s no refuge from it in this barren landscape – rolling hills and crags, cascading into the horizon until it blurs into oblivion. I was promised a quest. This is a death sentence.

    By asavas URL on 12.23.2013

  24. I was rummaging through a chest in the attic and it was a delicate search for what I wanted. I was set to leave soon, on a quest… a quest of mystery. I needed to put the puzzle pieces back together, who was my mother?

    By Michelle URL on 12.23.2013

  25. There was a man who had to go on a quest. This particular task would end up saving him, and those dearest to him. What he had to do was difficult, and not easily done by any other average person you could see walking down the street. Fortunately, he was not average.

    By Daniela on 12.23.2013

  26. He set out on his quest to find out what happened to his mother. He always knew that something was amiss and that her behavior was not normal. He didn’t know why. It plagued him trying to understand what made her the way she was, why she was so short tempered and lashed out at everybody.

    By Martin URL on 12.23.2013

  27. “you guys on that quest or something?” the skinny man drones. we both look up. “quest?” we both ask in union.

    the man raises his eyebrow ever so slightly. “i don’t know. some other kids were here just yesterday asking for the same old thing – same code too. guess not the same thing though.” will and i lock eyes. i turn back to the man, the counter cold against my palms. “what did they look like?”

    he pauses then shrugs. “ehh ’bout your age, what are you fourteen? fifteen?” i immediately answer, “seventeen.” the man waves a hand at me, “same thing. had dark hair like you two too. but uhh less blue.” he squints at me and i pull away. will and i look at each other. emile and kate.

    By Alibay on 12.23.2013

  28. She was on a quest for many things.
    For love
    For shelter
    For passion and fire
    For wonders
    For stars
    For things to admire

    By rokstarbabe URL on 12.23.2013

  29. The quest is for heroes. Even heroes have to be nobody at first then they will know that they could save the world and anything that needed saving.

    Quests are hard to do. You will lose faith first, but eventually with inspiration, people that guide them, they will do their quest.

    Everybody has quest. It just different for everybody. Not just heroes.

    By roze_princess URL on 12.23.2013

  30. I was never this way – until lately. Lately, the quest had changed from something of a mild habit to something more significant and determined. It had become…something close to the color orange for her…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 12.23.2013

  31. quest stagnant flowers lily bud bend. a whiff of wind tallies the more. peaceful insects traipsing about, growling their protest, surrounding a great big mount of sugar.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 12.23.2013

  32. It’s not that it’s his planned mission in life, but finding others has become something of a quest for him. the loneliness of the world making him crave the closeness of another individual.

    By Roo on 12.23.2013

  33. I almost went on one today. I was driving in silence, and I felt moved to do so. I almost drove to the airport with my wallet and phone, and bought a ticket to somewhere. Anywhere really. I don’t know where I would stay, or what I would do, but there’s the fun in it. Why didn’t I?

    By scholar URL on 12.23.2013

  34. Im on a quest to save the world with my companion cube lets see how i do

    By master foldose URL on 12.23.2013

  35. Im on a quest to save the world with my companion cube lets see how i do. I hope i can save the world and be the very best. Ive done it ive won i truely am a good warrior my specelty is archery and using my specelty ive completed my quest.

    By dark foldose URL on 12.23.2013

  36. His quest was to reach the top of the mountain before the storm came in. There had already been some thunder int he distance and he was afraid that the lightening would come close to his location. If that happened it would be too dangerous to continue to the top because there was always a risk that the lightening would strike him!

    By Collette on 12.23.2013

  37. “A quest” he thought. “A stupid, long drawn out journey. i am not doing this. i don’t believe in true love, i don’t want a princess, and i don’t do dragons. if this crazy, bizarre old man thinks i am going on an adventure with him, he is even crazier and more stupid than i thought. i’m not even a knight.” That’s what he thought. What he said was “Sure, yeah, sounds…exciting”

    By Abigail W on 12.23.2013

  38. it wasn’t like the fairy tales made it out to be.

    she’d raced through meadows of withered reeds
    scoured thorny memories
    clung to eroding footholds
    in hopes of finding
    some trace of her

    what she found only left her
    bloody and bruised

    By S URL on 12.23.2013

  39. Just when I’m close enough I think I’ve
    reached it
    got there
    obtained the checkpoint that translates into rest
    but then I fall back to start
    back to the beginning of this quest I gun so hard for
    only to watch other people succeed
    when they weren’t even trying

    By Rachel URL on 12.23.2013

  40. Going on the road, it’s dark, everything is a blur…I’m alone no one is here but there in the woods is a box with a key beside it. I open it and there in it is what I’ve always wanted…..

    By Ciara on 12.23.2013