December 23rd, 2013 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “leveled”

  1. Zachary stared curiously at the girl inching down below him, her face timid, shoulders hunched. He stooped down slightly so their eyes were leveled. Her frightened brown eyes stared into his own blue ones, mirroring those of a deer; symbolizing only innocence. “Are you scared?” Zachary whispered. His words brushed her ear and her shoulders only hunched farther. She gave a meek nod. “Don’t be.” Zachary replied, smiling. Despite her obvious fear, Zachary couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. It wasn’t an artificial, plastered-on sort of false beauty, it was authentic and classic and Zachary realized it. It was strange; he’d never noticed her before. Perhaps that was why he decided to spare her. “I won’t hurt you, okay?” He stared deep into her eyes, and then there seemed to be a click – an understanding – between the two. “Okay.” She said. “Okay.”

    By luna on 12.24.2013