December 22nd, 2013 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “quest”

  1. All her life she’d wanted to leave, staring out the tall window in her bedroom. A quest, she reasoned, would be just the thing to restore her faith in the world. The window did not reply.

    By Liv on 12.22.2013

  2. “Quest?” The Harbinger cocked his head to the left side, his hand slightly shaking where it gripped the handle of his tankard. “I have been on a great many quests, Mister Barkelee. But none of which have proven to be any more than futile. You see, the word quest seems more appropriate for those people who continually struggle to find something fruitful for the end of their days. That is why the word adventure seems far nicer.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.22.2013

  3. A journy, a outing, a adventure, a quest. A little exightment for once would be great but I’m stuck here of all places

    By Milly Greenol on 12.22.2013

  4. I was anemones. Unknown. Uncared about. And then I did this. A small thing in a big quest. I am known. I am important. I do not deserve it. I killed to get it. Now I miss being anemones.

    By Milly Greenol on 12.22.2013

  5. Quests are adventures. Journeys you go on to find yourself, and meet others. It helps you conquer your fears, whether they be spiders or what you might one day become. A quest can come in an old man at your door or a new place on a map. A quest can be finite, or infinite. It can end in a day or a year. The true meaning of a quest is what you do with it. You could let it change you forever, or add it to another memory, something to sit on a shelf and admire.

    By Milan on 12.22.2013

  6. All for one and one for all. Teams of two and were together. All for the grand prize. A Chocklet bunny of easter. To get it you need to complete a quest. let’s go

    By Milly Greenol on 12.22.2013

  7. The quest has begun. We set out heading north, our mission; to find a beer machine before they all closed down for the night. The future of our house party was resting on our shoulders, and we knew that failure would mean we could never come back. Failure would mean walking the backroads of Saitama until the first train of the morning rescued us from oblivion.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.22.2013

  8. It was a quest of epic proportions. Though not supposedly grand in nature the trip to him was full of discovery. No sight had been seen before, no smell was quite the same. The discoveries of the small woods just past that locked gate were wondrous indeed.

    By gab on 12.22.2013

  9. quest treebolt surgeon. rampaging hallywacks tumbling through the brush. slivers of shadowstreat glittering my eye bags. sleepless strangers turning away. scalywags, pirate nooks. a boat in the moat of my mansion gone to pot. swimming along the nautilus stretch, in swiggles of oil.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 12.22.2013

  10. Everyone has a quest in life, oftentimes they’re those suggested to you by society from the time of your birth; to be successful, to have a family, to be rich. But success has a different meaning to each individual, family means more than blood, and riches come in many forms other than money.

    By Bernadette on 12.22.2013

  11. You pick up the piece of paper on which your father has left instructions. You call your best friend. “a quest?” she exclaims “are you shitting me what even is that?”
    You try to explain to her your strange father and his eccentric ways.

    By lol on 12.22.2013

  12. I am definitely on a quest… to find my rightful place on this earth, to find my soul mate before my time on this planet is ended. Finally on a quest; most of my life has been waiting, treading water. Now I think I know the answer but I must find the courage to “verify”.

    By just a girl on 12.22.2013

  13. The girl gathered her things and put them all in a satchel. Never looking back to say goodbye, she threw it over her shoulder and walked out the door, into the world she has always wanted to explore. This was it, this was her chance to make a name for herself and her family. She wasn’t giving up; not now and not ever.

    By Vanda on 12.22.2013

  14. The Captain was on a treasure quest. He and his men had scanned the island several times, looked under every rock, uprooted every tree, but to no avail. This brought into light only two possibilities– either the map was a farce, or one of his men had duped him, found the treasure and kept it to himself. The Captain called Zouche, his only trusted man. The rest of the crew was alien to him, the Captain wasn’t a man who built relationships with those beneath him. ‘Search all of their rucksacks tonight, when everyone’s asleep,’ he whispered. Subserviently, such nodded and immediately left.

    By Batul on 12.22.2013

  15. It’s a journey they must go on. Her pilgramage to Mecca. Her mecca his him. She must find him. Whether it be through a bamboo forest or through a river filled with a thousand secrets, she must go. She ties her shoes and starts to travel, gripping the shaft of her walnut wood walking stick.

    By Katie F URL on 12.22.2013

  16. journey to reach an end. a goal to achieve the success you desire. an adventure to a desired destination. a goal of accomplishment.

    By Doug on 12.22.2013

  17. What is past is gone, now we journey on. That’s what they told her, over and over. Just go. It didn’t matter that it was a lyric from Les Miserables, it was her mantra. The voices inside her head told her to go and go and go and go. And go she did.

    By Katie on 12.22.2013

  18. The quest, something that is within us all, is rarely fulfilled as it should. Or by the right people.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.22.2013

  19. There was the movie years and years back they all went to see. Like a party. He thought about how he never had his own party that his parents never had the group of kids gathering at their own house or party center or movie theatre–that’s where they went to watch The Quest–and how it must have been odd for other parents to constantly invite him to their kids parties but that their kids never got invited to his parties since he didn’t have any.

    By DMM URL on 12.22.2013

  20. Quest… Johnny Quest, cool show. An adventure, mystery, challenge, shopping trip for the perfect gift, painting experiment, art mission, book plot.

    By JDwrites on 12.22.2013

  21. Searching, hunting, travelling. Lost memories and heartaches for something that was once there but now sits in an unattainable place.

    By nekofic on 12.22.2013

  22. I look for it every day. Sometimes it feels like it’s right in front of me, while other times I can’t even find a trace. But I’ll keep looking, because I know what waits for me at journey’s end will be worth all the trouble; progress.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.22.2013

  23. go.
    go fast
    go far
    go where the going is who you are
    and who you should have been who your
    fiends think
    and who your family wants undone
    the fun
    is all in the walk down the street
    in the moment the beach
    hits the see
    when you are almost in the salt
    when you are almost in the sea
    when you are almost a thing that can be free

    By Sarah on 12.22.2013

  24. Once, there was a boy named Leif who was sent on a quest to save… his little sister. How you may ask? that’s a secret i will never speak of. Now, let’s start from the end

    By maddy on 12.22.2013

  25. place and space
    and time
    thrown them all out the window
    in favor
    of nothing you know
    anything about
    you are learning
    and fine, so be it, you weren’t
    exactly what you had wanted to become
    not quite as fun
    as tomorrow

    By Sarah on 12.22.2013

  26. You find yourself, you find the holy grail of what your life means. You may meet the love of your life, you may meet your best friend, a dog, but whatever you find, it will be so worth it. A quest for your life, thats what it is.

    By Phoebe on 12.22.2013

  27. I am on a mighty quest, a journey of dragons, princesses, and horses. Lots of horses. I have a mission to stop the hate. My machine gun rests comfortably in one arm – recently emptied of the usual ammo of poison and angry thoughts – and feeling much lighter with its new bullets of kindness and gentle words. It takes a little getting used to, especially the part where I don’t turn the barrel towards myself, but I like it. Slowly, the hatred drains out of little holes cut along the bottom of the wineskin, and I feel its immense weight begin to lift.

    By aura.rayne on 12.22.2013

  28. Once, a long time ago, there was a princess. She had cascading long, blonde hair and a purple dress. One day, after sitting in the castle, behaving like she was taught, she decided that this wasn’t the life for her. She was bored and she wanted to go out. She wanted to go on a quest through the dark and dangerous forest. If she told her father or her chambermaids about this, however, they would refuse to let her go, for the forest was where all the crimes and murders happened. Just the thought of being in a place of danger, harm and adventure made the princess’s stomach flutter with excitement.

    By drew on 12.22.2013

  29. The wind on the sea was powerful, a roaring lion threatening the lives of the men on board. The storm was growing.

    By Bethany on 12.22.2013


    By nINA on 12.22.2013

  31. Salt spay filled the air. The land dropped off about a foot in front of her. The sign she’d mocked on the way in seemed somewhat more relevant now. She’d made it past the impossible boundaries one painstakingly constructs, beyond the self doubt and limits of what one can and cannot do. She was here.

    By Beth A on 12.22.2013

  32. I’m on quest to find myself. I want to find out who I am and where I belong in this world. What is my purpose here on this earth because right now I am so lost. I’m so caught up in my own head that it’s dangerous…extremely toxic at times. I’m on a quest to finding myself.

    By Donesha on 12.23.2013

  33. I wanted to get out. I wanted to be free. I had my mission, my duty, my quest. I had my inspiration. I was ready to go. I would no longer be held back like a leaf in the rain. I wouldn’t be told to slow down, or to stop. I would be me.

    By Sam on 12.23.2013

  34. I’m looking for something,
    You’re looking for something else.

    An eternal quest among frozen fields
    – the dead lilacs and the dry ground –
    ancient love ballads and forgotten melodies
    – where are the minstrels of the court now? –
    stained handwritten letters and foreign perfumes.

    We are walking on the earth,
    our mouths shut and our feet sore.

    we could
    at the end?

    Is it possible
    or am I

    By gargouillis on 12.23.2013

  35. Rain smelted his shield as he held it above his sweaty, matted hair.
    ‘We ain’t gonna last much longer, sir! We have to retreat!’
    ‘Perseverance, my friends! It will calm over, we just have to wait for the eye of the storm to look on our misfortune. She is more merciful that you would wish it.’ Grunts and groans combat the thuds on their armour.
    ‘Sire, I’m sorry, but we must-!’
    ‘Hold it, men, hold it! It’s always darkest before the dawn-‘

    By Mr. Sunflower on 12.23.2013

  36. They had expected it to be really quite simple but they now were on the quest of a life time. They were trudging across ice and snow desperately trying to reach the other side of the lake before the people following them caught up. It was a risky route, it left them visible and exposed, but it was the quickest way – and time was of the essence.

    By insanity rambles on 12.23.2013

  37. i went on a quest to a secret land it took me a thousand years to get there however i made it i found the most wonderful things indeed it was great i thought there was no tomorrow to the end ah ha !! I have almost completed everything. Yes .

    By Jemima on 12.23.2013

  38. I’m on a lifelong quest to find happiness. I find it on occasion, but it is fleeting. The first thing that came to mind was Johnny Quest. Was that a cartoon?

    By michaelbuzz on 12.23.2013

  39. Our primary quest in this life — any life, any person — is not about finding a vocation or finding riches. It is not outside ourselves. Our primary quest IS finding our true selves.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.23.2013

  40. I saw him in the lab. He was sitting on a stool, texting. He looked up and our eyes met. i didn’t know who he was or what the heck he was doing in our lab since he clearly wasn’t a student. 2 days later… voila! He was our teacher. And then I started noticing his eyes. What lovely eyes, as black as a raven’s feather with eyelashes that sweep down to his cheek. He was tall, he was smart and was a bit of a bad boy. He loved to tease his students mercilessly and he had a hearty laugh.I fell for the littlest details, it was the way he pouted his lips when he was playing a game, the way he shook his arm because his watch was askew, it was the way his eyebrows knit when he was thinking and then it became clear to me that I sought to make him notice me.

    By althea may pilapil on 12.23.2013