March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. What is my purpose?
    Is it to live and let live?
    To achieve all that I can?
    To create or inspire?
    Who decides my purpose?
    Do I have one at all?
    And what is yours?
    What is the relevance of our existence.

    Does anything even matter?

    By Debi URL on 03.31.2011

  2. My little brother likes to make us mad on purpose. Some people push others on purpose. They’re called bullies. I wonder why people do things on purpose?

    By Chata97 URL on 03.31.2011

  3. Purpose, what is our purpose? What is the purpose of life? The purpose of death, is there even a purpose or is that some delusion derived from a desperate man trying to figure out his own tragic life. Purpose.

    By Patricia on 03.31.2011

  4. my purpose is to be the best in the multimedia business. the best rapper i can be, bringing good music and entertainment value that cannot be beaten. As an added feature, i also would like to venture more into other forms of media.
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    By Stereomanic URL on 03.31.2011

  5. What is the purpose of writing this? What is the purpose of the word purpose? I am asking myself all the time what the purpose is of life. Because at the first place I didn’t asked to be born and then I certainly don’t ask to die. But is this the purpose of life?

    By Koji on 03.31.2011

  6. We all have a purpose in life. Some are different than others. Some peoples purpose is to be with their loved one or to be loved or to work at their job. But mine is to just carry on and live my life the way I intend it to be. But most of all to be a Dreamer.

    By Emilie <3 URL on 03.31.2011

  7. I keep wondering what my purpose in this life is. Am I destined to do something great, to change the course of history forever? Or am I only a part of the shaping of a greater person than I, a momentary brush with fate used to lead the true hero along his path into the future?

    By Clarasaurus URL on 03.31.2011

  8. there is a purpose to every action a purpose to every thought and a purpose to every feeling being aware of the purpose behind the things that happen in your life can only strengthen the outcome of every conversation and activity you have and perform on a daily, weekly, annual basis

    By Linerd on 03.31.2011

  9. I am driven to do something. I have reason, motive, and meaning. It is not just an action or thought that is spur of the moment. It is what drives you or anyone. It is someone’s dreams and hopes and meaning in a sense.

    By Caitlyn URL on 03.31.2011

  10. Purpose means to do something for a reason. If you have a purpose, then you have something to do that you want to do. I have a purpose that someone set for me- to finish school. If you have a purpose it doesn’t have to be set by you- someone can give you a purpose.

    By nikki URL on 03.31.2011

  11. Purpose, means to want something, I guess. Or like you have a purpose in life!

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 03.31.2011

  12. the purpose in life is something that needs to be decided by each individual, most people maybe even everyone won;t ever know that their puporse in life is because we all live such small lives that revolve around routine and we dont ever branch out as much as we should in life to discover new purpose

    By alanna on 03.31.2011

  13. the purpose of the thing is wierd I am not sure why poeple would come on to he site just to sit here and write about a word that the see. maybe there lives have no purpose maybe their friends left them maybe

    By shane on 03.31.2011

  14. I’ve never understood the purpose. It was not fun for everyone as promised and everyone hated it.

    By Kait URL on 03.31.2011

  15. i have a purpose in life, im still not sure what it is but i hope to achieve it someday. I suppose as a Christian my purpose if to promote the world of God around the world but I am a bit unsure about all that stuff these days. I mean, purpose can lead to a lot of things, love, jobs, achievements, all I know is we will get there one day.

    By Andrew McClean on 03.31.2011

  16. Purpose? What is our purpose in life? To live A good life? To do what we want when we want?

    I dunno, its such a small word with a big purpose. Perhaps our purpose, no, our purpose is to live for God.

    By Matthew on 03.31.2011

  17. in life is to be the happiest person you can be. Don’t let anybody destract you from you’re divine purpose in life. You are the only one who knows what that purpose is. You are the only one that can figure it out. It lies within you not around you.

    By Marguerite on 03.31.2011

  18. Sometimes I wish I knew what my true purpose in life is. Is it writing? I’ve only recently discovered my muse, have I totally missed my calling all this time? Or did I have to reach this ripe old age of such-and-such before I could write? Live to write, or write to live–which comes first?

    By lil_nail URL on 03.31.2011

  19. his purpose was clear
    he strayed with the dogs
    she followed his lead
    his direction was off
    he wandered away
    into the fog
    she was his shadow
    nothing but lost

    By roya URL on 03.31.2011

  20. what has a purpose in life? I have no idea what my purpose is. maybe its little and maybe its great maybe we all have a purpose to influence others and to live in harmony with one another I have no idea whether or not this is true but taking into account that our lives are short, probably..

    By marija on 03.31.2011

  21. Find it. Do everithing for it to find yours. Sooner the better.

    By Gergo on 03.31.2011

  22. The purpose of life is never real. You know. Like when do you know it’s real? Im not sure it ever is. And I dont think there is a purpose to anything to be honest. Its all just you know like… there! And sometimes we should just stop.

    By Tanja Teresa Leifsdóttir on 03.31.2011

  23. what is the purpose of life? is it to find the purpose to your life? is there no purpose? are we all just full of our selves when we ask this? how will we ever know? i think the purpose of life is to live… but thats just me.

    By Carol Elizabeth on 03.31.2011

  24. The purpose of life can seem vague sometimes. A lot of the times actually. I haven’t thought of cutting myself in over a year now. But today, that changed. What am I supposed to do? This is not my fault. You weren’t fair. You weren’t there. And now neither is he.

    By Samantha URL on 03.31.2011

  25. what is my purpose? what am I here to do? no one can tell me this answer. its up to me to find out why. I don’t know, but I try.

    By Lyric on 03.31.2011

  26. What is my purpose in life? Was i meant to be a grade A dancer like my sister? Or a rebel skateboarder like my brother? Sometimes i just dont know…

    By Michaela on 03.31.2011

  27. I swear, it wasn’t on purpose!!! Okay, so maybe it was. But I didn’t know it would result in this particular effect. I swear. I didn’t MEAN to. We never know what will result when we originally intend something else… the world kind of takes ahold of your action and the rest is history. Okay, I’m being irresponsible again. I apologize. It was my purpose, on purpose.

    By Kendra on 03.31.2011

  28. In the search for purpose, one may find that their purpose is the search.

    By Alex Ander URL on 03.31.2011

  29. The purpose of life is to find those who you love and make you happy. That is the true reason that we live and breathe and have our being. Once you find those you love and make you happy, surround yourself with those kind of people. It’s as easy as that.

    By Karissa on 03.31.2011

  30. my purpose in life is to help as many people as i can while still helping myself. we have to do our best to bring heaven to earth everyday and fight the hell that exists around us. by making these changes, we can change the world to a better place and open doors for others.

    By Emily on 03.31.2011

  31. “Everyone is here for a purpose, even if we don’t know it yet”.

    Sometimes I hate being dyslexic. This whole time, I’ve been searching for my porpoise.

    By oiseaubleu URL on 03.31.2011

  32. The purpose of this life right here is to live. Isn’t that purpose enough? Not to be the richest or the prettiest, but just to live. To live life in all it’s glory and happiness. Nothing, but just living. that’s purpose enough.

    By Jazzy URL on 03.31.2011

  33. everything has a purpose. its not always clear at first i suppose what that purpose is but rest assured there definitely is one. sometimes people think stuff has a different purpose than what it actually does. when that happens it can often lead to misunderstandings.

    By jennie on 03.31.2011

  34. what is my purpose. is it to be a doctor or an astronaut or what? why do we think about purpose so much. purrrrpose is what cats look for in their nine lives. cats are nasty! my mom discriminates against cat people

    By Leah on 03.31.2011

  35. purpose. the purpose of life? the purpose of existence? of walking down the street with a smile on your face? purpose. perhaps we all need one. or perhaps we just need to FEEL as if we have one.
    soldier on. you have a purpose. I promis e.

    By Paige. on 03.31.2011

  36. The porpoise spent his whole life in the sea. Each day, his nose pressed right up against the break wall near the town he wished he could walk in. Why, oh why, he thought, had that sea witch ignored his appointment? He was supposed to be living a better life than one muffled under the waves and getting tangled in fishing nets and seaweed.

    By wulfcade URL on 03.31.2011

  37. purpose? what is my purpose? why am i here? i used to feel like my purpose was to be a dnacer but now i honestly dont know. so yah im a little confused. Cuz i know im never gonna make it in the dance world most likely. so WHAt is my purpose in life? i just need to pray! i guess hahaha

    By Luz Peredo-muniz URL on 03.31.2011

  38. We go through hell to reach a destination that keeps on moving. What is the purpose of living, if not beating the hell out of all that hell? Keep moving forward.

    By Silvia Lupuianu URL on 03.31.2011

  39. rain streaked windows and a cold, harsh wind outside and i’m tap tapping at my keyboard, trying to put some thoughts in a document and figure how i should face the day and the week and then fill in the missing gaps and round out the edges and give it all more purpose…

    By b. on 03.31.2011

  40. Today was the day, no more procrastination, no more fear, today Ken would overcome the task that had had him quivering for nigh on a fortnight… taking a fat slug of whiskey, he made his way into the kitchen, and with trepidation opened the cupboard under the sink- there he found the tools for the job. With the slightest hesitation, he slapped the marigolds into place and grasped the plunger like a man possessed. With furious motions, he managed to unblock the hairmat that had been haunting him through the lonely nights. Amazing what you can acheive with a sense of purpose, he gloated to himself as the alcohol warmed his dwindling soul.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 03.31.2011